Adam Schiff admitted one thing about coronavirus that no one ever thought they would hear

Democrats want to pin the blame for the coronavirus outbreak on Donald Trump.

Their focus for the next seven months will be trying to fool the American people into thinking Donald Trump was responsible for the death and misery that took place.

And Adam Schiff admitted one thing about coronavirus that no one ever thought they would hear.

A popular talking point on the Left has become that because of Donald Trump’s alleged “bumbling” America now leads the world in coronavirus cases.

Former Vice President Joe Biden made that case attacking Trump for allowing America to have the most confirmed coronavirus cases of any country on the globe.

But in an interview with MSNBC, none other than Adam Schiff undercut this talking point by admitting the numbers from China – which claimed only 80,000 coronavirus cases – were lies and could not be trusted.

“We can’t rely I think on the numbers that China’s giving out — both because I think the Chinese leadership probably wants to present their model as the successful model and given all the problems the United States is having, this is among other things, a propaganda coup for China to be sending medical equipment to the United States instead of the other way around, but also because historically when there have been viruses or other health or other problems in China, there are people that lie to the Chinese government, lie to their own government, lie to their own people because they are afraid of retribution by the officials higher up,” Schiff advised. “So, I don’t think we can rely on what we hear from China.”

The entire world’s to the pandemic was hamstrung by China’s lies.

As late as January, China was telling the world there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission for the coronavirus.

Had they come clean sooner the entire would have put in place far different procedures and plans to deal with this crisis.

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