Adam Schiff breathed a sigh of relief when the Chief Justice blocked this question

During the question and answer period of the Senate impeachment trial Adam Schiff found himself on the hot seat.

Republicans tried to expose Schiff’s lies and crimes in hopes of exonerating President Trump.

And Adam Schiff breathed a sigh of relief when the Chief Justice blocked this question.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is one of Adam Schiff’s fiercest critics.

Paul is one Republican Senator determined to get at the truth off the depth of the collusion between alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella and Adam Schiff.

Last fall, Schiff lied about Ciaramella conspiring with Schiff’s staff before filing his phony whistleblower complain that kicked off this impeachment hoax.

During the question and answer period Schiff denied that he knew who the whistleblower was or that his staff coordinated with Ciaramella on drafting his sham complaint.

But given that Schiff previously lied about Ciaramella reaching out to his staff few Republicans were willing to take Schiff at his word.

That’s why Paul directed a question at Schiff demanding to know who on Schiff’s staff coordinated with Ciaramella.

Chief Justice John Roberts – who had not weighed in on anything as the presiding judge in the trial – leapt into action and blocked Paul’s question.

This outraged Republicans.

By making this decision Roberts revealed he was a biased judge willing to stack the deck against the President by censoring his defenders’ chance to make their case.

Roberts’ outrageous decision to block a question with Ciaramella’s name in it also gave hopes to Democrats that Roberts would weigh in on witnesses.

Schiff and other Democrats contend that Roberts has the authority to break a 50-50 tie in the Senate on calling new witnesses.

Others maintain that is outside the Chief Justice’s jurisdiction.

But Roberts’ willingness to weigh in on the Democrats behalf in blocking Adam Schiff from having to answer questions about his collusion with Ciaramella let the Democrats know Roberts was on their side in this trial.

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