Adam Schiff did a double take when he saw the results of this new impeachment poll

Democrats jumped into the impeachment fight with both feet under the assumption it would be a political winner.

Either they would remove Trump from office or so damage the President that it would be impossible for Trump to win re-election.

And Adam Schiff did a double take when he saw the results of this new impeachment poll.

When the impeachment investigation kicked into high gear, the Fake News Media made a big show of national polls that showed an uptick in support for impeaching the President and removing Donald Trump from office.

But as usual, the Fake News Media was trying to mislead the public by painting a false picture that the country turned on the President and supporting impeachment is the only way Republicans can save their skins in 2020.

The truth of the matter is impeachment is very unpopular in the states Democrats need to win in order to win back the White House and the presidency.

Breitbart reports:

A New York Times Upshot/Siena College Poll released on Wednesday shows residents of six battleground states oppose impeaching and removing President Trump from office by a 52 percent to 44 percent margin, but support the House impeachment inquiry by a 51 percent to 44 percent margin.

Broken down even further, the poll’s results show that 42 percent of respondents oppose both the House impeachment inquiry and impeaching and removing the president, while 41 percent support both the House impeachment inquiry and impeaching and removing the president. Eight percent of respondents support the House impeachment inquiry but oppose impeaching and removing the president, while nine percent were categorized having “other” views.

Registered voters in six key battleground states–Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were surveyed in the poll.

By traveling down the impeachment road, Democrats made sure this will be the issue that dominates the 2020 campaign.

And this polling shows the Democrats will lose an election that is a referendum on impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • If this silly phone call is the supposed reason the democrats. Namely Schiff and Pelosi are secretively defaulting rules of impeachment. Just to fulfill their promises of impeachment. Promises They made almost three years prior to the phone call. This is nothing more or less than an attempted coo. Against our elected and extremely successful President Donald Trump.

  1. Schiff and company belong in prison for their treason against our potus. What they have done to our way of government and laws are not what is in our Constitution. They, including fake Pelosi pretend to quote the Constitution and our founding fathers to make themselves look so clean and pure when infact they are the devil themselves. They are evil and dirty, and down right liars. They need to be rounded up by our US Marshalls, hand cuffed and drug into the prisons where they will rot to death. No trial.
    Do to them what they have done to Trump and company. They are dangerous and are a national security risk and should be executed.

  2. MJ, it’s bad enough that you rag on President Trump are you
    also an Al Sharpton racist pig? It sounds like you are talking out of you butt because your head should km now better

  3. Article 2 Section 4 of the Constitution outlines the fact that Bribery is impeachable and cause for removal from office. I don’t see how Mr Trump is not guilty of bribery. He withheld funds from the Ukrain until they performed “favors” for him. However, the Constitution plays no role in our society today. Politicians will gladly turn a blind eye to the Constitution as long as their guy is winning. No one is above the law is horses**t.

      • Pam, I read the transcript myself don’t watch MSN on the regular. After the initial butt kissing the Ukranian President mentions that he is ready to purchase more Javelin missiles. IMO this translates into, “we need assistance (money) “. Immediately Mr Trump replied that I need you to do us a favor though. Translation, Before you get money I need you to investigate the Bidens.

      • Well Pam I cannot wait DOTARD tRUMP wants to have a fireside chat just like a great President by the name of FDR I am sure you have heard of him but you probably think he was a communist. Honey I am here to tell you tRUMP is not good enough to lick the sweat off of his balls.

    • …why does everyone insist he held out funding for the investigation, he DID NOT!!!…besides, if bribery is an impeachable offense then the entire dimwitted-o-crap party needs to go as well…F the lot of you prick bastards, you will get your come-up-ence, a very uncivil war is coming your way and I am betting on my side…

      • Who do you think you are going to fight if there is another civil war it will not be like the one our ancestors fought. Think Serbia Syria or Rwanda that’s what it will be like. No states are going to secede it will be roaming gangs both right/left killing people. One more thing do you think if we have a civil war that other countries wouldn’t join in you better think again.

        • MJ, Those that are itching for another Civil War seem to be Trump supporters. I served my country but I’m not anxious to kill my fellow countrymen.

          • The transcripts to not convict or exonerate the President. So in a real court, the prosecution wouldn’t ever consider taking this to court. But, for Congress they don’t need proof, they need the majority vote which they already have and if they don’t like the Presidents socks, they can impeach him at will. If Americans think this is about the President, we are fools. This is about welfare money for illegals, guaranteed votes by buying with taxpayer handouts, this is about a $5.5 Trillion dollar checkbook, this is about increased profits investing in Chinese and Mexican cheap labor, this is about controlling the population. President Trump just happens to be the sitting President.

          • Any civil war would be started by the commiecrats. If someone tries to harm me or mine, countrymen or not, I will do my damn best to protect us. I won’t let the fellow American thing get in the way.

          • I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. The fourth estate in DC(unelected officials that run washington, called the deep state) are the ones that need to be eliminated. This country had enough with brothers fighting brothers to go that road. They are the ones that consider the constitution less important than their whims.

        • MJ, there will be a final battle between God and His people and satan and his people. God wins. satan and all of his followers…dems, atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who reject God…will be thrown into Hell and we will never have to deal with them again. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell.

    • Apparently you have no idea what the transcript says and are simply following the dummyCrap marching orders. Joe Buffoon, on the other hand, bragged about withholding aid until the prosecutor going after his dope head son was removed.

    • J Conover, Ukraine was already investigating Bidens, their investigations started in March 2019, so you got that WRONG. Trump mentioned Crowd strike in the conversation, the company that the corrupt DNC used to start the frame up of Trump in the 1st place. You democrats do not want the truth to come out because it will implicate every single Obama and Clinton organized coup attempt which will eventually indict them for treason. You really need to research real investigative journalists Corys Digs and others instead of the script reading MSM that all use the exact same terms no matter which channel you watch. The democrats call people like you useful idiots for a reason.

    • Why do you lie when in fact Trump didn’t hold back any funds, but all were given prior to the biased, hating Shifty Schiff and the senile Nancy Pelosi’s illegal move to impeach??? At least tell the truth if you are going to try to hurt others!!! Honor and integrity are a great attribute, but envy and hate are dangerous and degrading!!! That is the main reason the demo party and the media are rated so low today!!! The demo party and the media have lost all credibility from the bottom to the top { unfortunately there is not top there, only the bottom}!!!

  4. All my life I have been flushing things better than Democrats, if you get my drift. Went to Vietnam to fight Communists, and now they are here. Its as simple as that.


  6. All of the people that voted back in 2016 are not stupid and we can not be fooled by these evil Democrat Politicians we can and do see exactly what they are doing and we will make sure the President will win in a landslide in 2020. When you Evil Democrats lose this month and in 2020 it will be of their own doing from being so very evil and Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Christian God.

      • No one is arguing for a theocracy. The truth is our country was founded on Christian principles. Whenthat goes away we are gone. It s on the way as seen in our culture where sin has been so accepted. Much like the Roman Empire.

          • Its pretty obvious MJ isn’t it? Up to birth abortions, adults trying to make children transgender, transvestite reading time in libraries, liberals trying to remove any religious symbol from society and remove Christmas nativity scenes, promoting radical sex education to elementary children, trying to legitimize pedophilia, Need more????

          • MJ, what Irene said is the TRUTH. But you have no concept at all of what truth is. You have rejected it and blindly believe the sick lies of the dem party.

  7. It funny that Adams Schiff keep changing his story! He should be removed and charge with TREASONS! When he was elect and sworn in. He place his hand on the BIBLE. SWEAR TO TELL THE TRUTH! But can’t seem to find the TRUTH! Don’t be surprised if something happens to him soon! Like it happens to Cummings!

  8. There is no cesspool deep enough to hold all the excrement the Dems drop daily in their quest to take DJT out but still, the polls show favor to DJT in all the places he must hold the line!
    Trump’s base grows daily because of the lies, false accusations, abuse and harassment coming from the Dems and their malignant impeachment process!
    #WalkAway – we want and need you!

    • God Almighty allowed Mr. Trump to win the election in 2016. So, until GOD says he needs to go, he’s not going anywhere. I wish He still struck people dead!

      • Sharon, you are correct. God gave us a reprieve. He knew that Hillary would have continued Obama’s destruction of this country. God is in control, not the evil dems, as much as they want to be.

  9. American people, make them pay. 2020 is coming! Let’s take the presidency and take the house back!!!! Blowback is hell dems.

  10. Isn’t pencil neck related to Soros by marriage? That could explain a lot. I am so sick of this corrupt democratic bunch and hope they will be held accountable. This president came at the right time and I am so grateful to him. Thank you Mr. President for your sacrifice.

  11. This is treason plain and simple. All peoples involved should face the penalty. This is the first coup in this country and should be dealt with harshly.

    • I’m inclined to think someone has something big on Pelosi. And that is why she is going full steam ahead with this sham impeachment effort. Never-mind her legacy is shot to smithereens from this debacle. She is being forced to be somebody’s puppet…for sure.

  12. When the IMPEACH horn sounded, even before ore just after his inauguration, most people knew this smelled to high heaven!
    All the DEMON-RAT’s scheming ever since proved there was nothing impeachable, but that did not stop these thieves from trying to steel the election did it?So what did QUEEN Nancy do? PUT PROVEN LIAR IN CHARGe with total control over who what and when> Trial by the USSR standards! All in the name of the Republic!
    YOU all make us sick!

  13. You have to admire their tenacity. They don’t seem to care that 1) There is nothing to impeach Mr. Trump on 2) The harder they try the greater the disaster becomes 3) They can’t seem to see the damage it is doing to them for the 2020 election. 4) Americans can’t help but see what a farce this is and what liars they are. Oh well we can once again be grateful that they won’t give up this losing position. Thank you Mr. Schiff

  14. I am FOR removing all Democrats from office and charging all whom actively have OBSTRUCTED the Executive from doing the job We the People sent him to do – DRAIN THE FRIGGIN’ SWAMP!

    President Donald J Trump ain’t perfect, but compared to the lying a-holes the Leftists are presenting and have placed in office, he is near perfect enough!

    • I agree, but President Trump was and is the best out there. I am being bombarded by mailers, and I throw EVERYONE of them that have a “D” on them! They have shown themselves as being for the party, no matter the consequences.

    • Jeff how are you going to do that legally as per the Constitution. I thought all of you DOTARD/tRUMP cultist so revere the Constitution don’t think that is written in you can just remove congress.

  15. Even the dems/libs have shared that impeachment of Trump isn’t worthy, at least not before the 2020 election. Thing is, the dems are losing support at a very rapid rate. They can see that nothing is getting done in legislating or working “for the people”. Instead, they are working for themselves, promoting those who still (altho just barely) support them and this huge distraction of building a platform or choosing a candidate they can get behind and push for their (weak) nominee! In my own mind, I have seen at least 20 people in the last 6 months who have left the democratic party and who now support Trump, and I know of one who registered as independent but will surely not vote for sanders or warren leaving only biden as that person’s choice. Bottom line is that they have failed in EVERYTHING! no legislating, no campaigning, no platform, no candidate that can even get elected, and not supporting their own voters, their disctricts, or their promises. They have FAILED! thanks to shiff, pelosi, the muslim squad, and best of all – the fake news! My lord, you’d think that the fake news were doing all the legislating! LOL* Good thing we’ve got our great President Trump, God sent and blessed with abilities to fulfill God’s Will.

    • Let’s take back the house and pass a law that all dems must live in Californification and poop in the streets with the homeless people. They actually deserve worse for this attempted coup!!!!

      • I think we should pass a law and send all Republitruds to Mississippi you can have your white ethno-nationalistic country live in a Christian theocracy and pick cotton.

        • MJ are you really that pathetically ignorant. I cant wait for trolls like you to be silenced of your pathetic comments, delusional minds and never ending defense of the true criminals when you start seeing indictments, military trials and hopefully executions of you beloved democrat criminals.

  16. Adam Schiff continues down the illegal impeachment road with the help of the lying liberal media. They are conspiring to commit am illegal act. How is this not a crime that would be punishable by law? It should demand an arrest and jail time for the entire closed door Democrats who have already created a false narrative as a premise for impeachment. Lock them up except for Pocahontus. Keep passing her the peace pipe and then pass it to me. I want whatever she’s smoking. I know 52 trillion reasons she can’t win.



    • If the Dem’s stick together they will all go down and burn together.. pretty dumb blind leading the blind.

      • MJ…YOU are extremely SICK!!!!!!! Please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that is treason. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! He has done nothing wrong. But your sick hatred is in charge of your life. Get help. Pres. Obama DID commit treason, but that is just fine with you. The muslim traitor lied his way into our White House and brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution which he hates with sharia law. You have no concept of the truth

  18. Well I assume m j is for mouth junk ! Yep. I’m all for dividing America 50/50 and watch the idiotic demoncratic party and the loser it “represents” (they tell you what to do and say)you can’t have your own opinions. Republicans will be living the good life while you all suffer in agony . I’ll pray for you in Jesus name amen.

    • When all is done and said it will be totally up to CONGRESS to decide. And if that doesn’t go quite well, look out! All hell will break loose with WE THE PEOPLE! We’re about to see the most dramatic and costly civil war in history!! 😥😪😞😰😗

        • MJ…????? There will not be a country left if the dems get their way. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government and us. No freedom. They have thrown God out and embrace satan and his hatred and lies. You are proof

  19. If tRUMP is so popular why was he booed at the World Series Game and then the crowd chanted lock him up on a World broadcast of a sporting event. I think it showed the world what quite a lot of citizens in the USA think of DOTARD.

    • MJ the district is made up of commie cocksuckers like you. But them fools don’t speak for America. Ok. Let’s have it. A shit for brain like you should have a comeback. Someone will have to post it for you while you drool and pick your nose, you retarded asswipe.

    • Well I assume m j is for mouth junk ! Yep. I’m all for dividing America 50/50 and watch the idiotic demoncratic party and the loser it “represents” (they tell you what to do and say)you can’t have your own opinions. Republicans will be living the good life while you all suffer in agony . I’ll pray for you in Jesus name amen.

      • Can I ask you what alternate reality do you live in he was booed and then they shouted “Lock Him Up” watch the tape again dumbass.

        • They were most likely bussed in by Soros just like the ones at Trump rallies.
          I believe that more are for our great president than the idiot CNN watchers.

          • Well SKS I guarantee you they were there were 6000 people out in front of his tower the other day letting him know he is not welcome here and I promise you no one was bussed in from Soros. So do not think that everybody in this country thinks like those in the Cult of tRUMP.

          • MJ, Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country. But your hatred is very sick. Since you hate it here so much, YOU are free to leave. Pres. Trump is very wanted.

    • Hello , Are you unaware of the fact that Washington is a pretty left leaning town? Thus many of the patrons attending this game were commies. Is it making anymore sense to you now? Funny how when the polls are against Trump the commies constantly refer to them and when they are for Trump the commies call them out for being wrong , bias or of course racist. Can’t have it both ways.

    • Trump was booed at the game because DC and Northern Virginia are both strong holds of extreme leftist voters. I didn’t hear ANY BOOOOS IN Dallas, Tennessee, NM and anywhere else he gave speeches in the last year. Any UNLIKE Democrap speakers, he brought in tens of thousands of followers to he rallies. NOT 3 OR 4 HUNDRED LIKE THE DEMOCRAPIC POLITICIANS. Yes, he was booed at the WS but the majority of the country love’s him!!!!

      • Yeah Steve I was with 6000 of my comrades out side his tower the other day to tell him he not welcome in our house we saw a couple of DOTARD tRUMP jockstraps but they ran the other way. Wonder why thought repubtruds were willing to die for DOTARD. Guess not.

        • You the reason dumbtard he’s president. You act like the animals needing to be caged and people don’t want that. This is America, if you don’t like it , LEAVE – AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT. You live in a fantasy land not in can’t see the truth because your blinded by hate.

          • Why should I my people helped found this country and if you hate the Democrat Party why did you not leave when President Obama was in office.

          • MJ, if your people helped found this country, you are a big disappointment to them and it is good they aren’t here to see what you are. Our founders were Christians who left us a country based on their Christian principles, one of which is your freedom.


    • Because DC is nothing but swamp creatures and not everyone booed him, so don’t make it sound like they did. I would be unhappy if the swamp creatures actually all applauded POTUS. I know that middle America wasn’t there, we don’t have 2,000 dollars just floating around to spend on the World Series. All I can say is democrat voters are walking away from the democrat party, they are waking up. I know I did and thank God I did.

    • If Obama was such a great president why did he hang out with terrorists, criminals, and racists before he was president? Please explain MJ.
      Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton.
      Obama’s past is so bad he couldn’t even serve on his own security detail.

      • That sounds like those of you on the red team you are willing to throw people in camps drag their children away from them sounds like the fascist scumbags you are.

        Impeach DOTARD tRUMP and remove him from office.

        • Go ahead and try it you goddamned asshole. And you must be talking about the wet backs. I don’t give a cluster f—k what they do to the ones coming in illegal. Bring them to your house. Maybe they can get you into MS13. You sound like a badass wannabe.

    • M J…he was booed yes…but if you read the whole story he was cheered as well. What do you expect??? The country was divided in the last administration. Now it’s up to this president to try to fix it. It’s a bit of a mountain for him…and he has some “clean up” regarding a swamp. But it will get there.

    • That is not what happened Conovor. The timing makes that impossible. What did Trump receive? It is Biden who admitted to a threat and bribe. Big money was involved. Why would Trump do anything wrong when a dozen people are listening in. Also intent must be proven.

      • Irene, I attempted to reply but was censored by RR. I did not use profanity or name calling or hanging anyone from the Capital Building. Not even a desire for another Civil War but it is what it is. In short, I respectfully disagree with your take.

    • Look at the city the game was in, then that’s your answer stupid. It’s self explanatory. You all live and act like animals, not taught well. No proper home teaching, all sheep.

  20. doesn’t matter. as lindsey graham said in 1999: if trump is deserving of impeachment he’s deserving of impeachment.

    • Why would you vote for a guy who is on camera bragging about doing the exact same thing you are accusing Trump of doing? If Trump deserves impeachment then what does Biden deserve?
      It would be nice if democrats would just be honest and tell the truth that they don’t care if one of their own does something illegal or immoral because they’re on the same team.

  21. It does not matter Schiff knows the snowflakes in Cali will re-elect him. He doesn’t have to do anything at all – just like Maxine Waters. Water’s has been in Congress for 30 years. What has she accomplished? Her district is a poverty stricken crime infested disgrace on her watch. So bad she won’t even live there. In her 30 years Maxine has had three – 3 – meaningless bills passed. An average of 1 meaningless bill every ten years. She has been named “The Most Corrupt Person in Congress” 5 times in m=her miserable career. The only real accomplishments she has had have been to funnel money to her family. Schiff likely has a long way to go.

      • MJ, the point is that the dems live on hate, lies, violence and corruption. They have thrown God out and satan has taken over. They have no morals and their goal is to have total control of our government. dems are very dangerous to our freedom

          • Cal sailor, I suggest you get a job with Orkin. I mean you always sound like you want to kill stuff…

          • MJ, no there must never be another holocaust. But there will be a final battle between God and His people and satan and his people. God wins. satan hates God and will take all he can get to Hell with him. You get to choose to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. The dem party has thrown God out and embraces satan and his sick hate and lies.

        • That sounds like those of you on the red team you are willing to throw people in camps drag their children away from them sounds like the fascist scumbags you are.

          Impeach DOTARD tRUMP and remove him from office.

          • MJ, you are very sick. Please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that he should be impeached for. YOU CAN’T!!!!!! He has done nothing wrong. Your sick hate is not a reason. And it is dems who are the fascists. FACT. You have no clue at all what a conservative is. You come on a Christian conservative site and show your ignorance.

      • His point MJ is that democrats are stupid and tribal, which means they will vote for anything with a “D” on it. Like Pelosi said, “this glass of water could have won in AOC’s district if it had a “D” on it”.

        • They are so condescending…even to their own people. It is disgusting. My mother was a democrat. My dad a republican. The republicans today still look a lot like my dad. The democrats look nothing like my mothers party. Not one iota similar. My mother would have been a #walkaway.

          • Did you ever stop to think maybe it’s because the country doesn’t look like it did haven’t you white folks figured that out.

          • MJ, you have no clue, only sick hate. That is what the dem party thrives on…hate and lies. You are proof. dems hate everything this country stands for. Since you hate it so much, you are free to move to the commie country of your choice. Or try a muslim country. No freedom in either.

          • MJ, your racism is very sick. It is white folks who founded this country and gave you your freedom. dems want to take away our freedom. Our founding fathers were Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian values. But the dems have thrown God out and embrace satan and his hate, lies, and violence. satan is your master

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