Adam Schiff dropped one coronavirus bombshell that will leave you speechless

Adam Schiff tried to get rid of Donald Trump with the Democrats’ partisan impeachment hoax.

But Schiff never let go of his desire to see President Trump driven from office.

And now Adam Schiff dropped one coronavirus bombshell that will leave you speechless.

Democrats and the Fake News Media’s strategy between now and November is clear: claim President Trump has blood on his hands for supposedly mismanaging the coronavirus outbreak.

Schiff previewed this new plan of attack in a Tweet where Schiff announced his intention to introduce legislation establishing a “9/11 commission” to study the administration’s pandemic response and supposedly “improve” the government’s plan for the next viral outbreak.

Many Trump supporters see right through the rigged game Schiff and his fellow collaborators in Congress and the media are trying to play.

The commission will be stacked with partisan Democrat attack dogs and Never-Trump RINOs determined to stick the knife in the President’s back.

Democrats want this commission up and running by the summer so it can hold high profile and nationally televised hearings where Deep State bureaucrats parade themselves before the cameras to attack the President while he is in the middle of a tough re-election campaign and works day and night to get the economy back on track.

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