Adam Schiff ended up with egg on his face after this leak backfired in one major way

Adam Schiff built momentum behind the impeachment witch hunt through a carefully-crafted process.

Schiff held testimony behind closed doors, spoon-fed friendly fake news reporters, and cherry picked tidbits to make it seem like the case against Donald Trump was overwhelming.

But then he ended up with egg on his face after this leak backfired in one major way.

Schiff’s latest impeachment move involved releasing transcripts of his closed-door depositions.

European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland caused a stir when he revised his testimony ahead of its public release to include the fact that it was his guess that the Trump administration withheld military aid to Ukraine until that country investigated Joe and Hunter Biden.

The Fake News Media could barely contain their glee.

But Republican Senators waived off Sondland’s testimony as a giant nothing burger.

Politico reports:

“Neither the president of Ukraine or the president of the United States says there’s a quid pro quo or that there was pressure applied. Does everybody else’s opinion matter if the supposed victim wasn’t victimized?” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said. “Zelensky doesn’t feel like he was pressured. I don’t know who the rest of the world is to feel victimized on his behalf.”

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) sought to cast doubt on practically the entire set of witnesses deposed by House Democrats behind closed doors when compared to the weight of Trump’s call with Zelensky.

“There’s been several folks that have testified that they think that it was not only inappropriate but that there was a quid pro quo,” Braun said. “And I’m going to base it upon, not someone’s opinion, but what I actually see. So far that is the transcript for me
. . .
What difference does it make? This is all out in the public, with the [summary] the president put out two or three months ago. It doesn’t make any difference what anybody else said,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said.

The dominant story the Fake News Media is trying to manufacture is that Senate Republicans are turning on Donald Trump.

So-called “journalists” hoped the Sondland testimony would be a tipping point.

But once again they were wrong.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



  1. We should all take note of the fact that the Whistle blowers Lawyer is on record of having said 17 minutes after DJT was inaugurated that the coup has begun and that CNN was going to provide a helpful platform to the Coup effort.

    Truly this is treason.

  2. DUHHHHH schitthead means just that doesn’t it–Wait until they investigate his surly background–Maybe we should ask what a is aan a–hole like this doing in intelligence anyway

    • Now that Adam Schiff has made his case, one thing that really stands out now is, i.e.,what I now believe is the truth! And that is Adam Schiff is the “person” who has just brought forth, and now pursing using the “Insurance Policy” that the Democrats had said they had all along! He laid the Ground work for this “Insurance Policy” back in July 2019 when he met with the snitch and whistle blower from Ukraine! Adam has also convinced Nancy that this incident would be the basis for Impeaching Donald Trump!

      Sincerely, Crystalpoint,

      • What I believe is what I’ve known all along, and that is that Adam dip Schitt is a purple unicorn loving coxsucker who deserves to have his skull used as a baseball in the World Series, though I’m a couple weeks late on that one. Like every other lying scumbag democrat, they all need a permanent cork in their mouths and dropped in the ocean with concrete boots for sharks to have some fun.

        • Hey, man. That’s a pretty horrible thing to do to the poor sharks. You trying to poison them all? That’s just awful. Hehehe

  3. Did this Democrat called Schiff change his name legally from what we use to call the stuff we stepped in when walking through the cow barn.It appears that he is misleading everyone and himself. Need mental help.

  4. Did this Democrat called Schiff change his name legally from what we use to call the stuff we stepped in when walking through the caw barn.It appears that he is misleading everyone and himself. Need mental help.

    • If “somebody” would just shoot every last dumbasscrat including geo soreass AND the little, illegal, halfbred, faggot lil porchmonkey, perhaps this country could move on. Dayuummm, where are all the highly trained SNIPERS when we really need them?? 😥😪😞😰

      • I love that idea!!!!!!! Bring on the revolution so we can implement that plan. However it might be a little more fun if we hang the SOB’s with a taller gallos and longer rope to see if their heads pop off when the rope reaches the end of slack. Love to see Turkey neck Pelosi and Waters have their necks stretched!

  5. Keep throwing out (leaking) baskets full of Schiff to the media…the willing accomplices in a Presidential Coup, let the MSM put it through a spin-cycle throw it under the tires of the impeachment bus and see if you can get any traction in the public realm. At this point, if the President is actually guilty of anything nobody will ever know because the Democrats of their own volition have completely compromised the process and there is no objectivity just a degenerate political hack job.

  6. It’s all about lost revenue created by the democrats.
    Polosi’s new pool, chucks home renovation,
    No more big business pay-offs or tax breaks.
    The President stopped all of the greed, and shady overseas deals. The clintons are losing millions as we speak, especially the domestic deals that haven’t come to light yet.
    It doesn’t matter about the outcome of the witch-hunt they will be scrutinized for the rest of their careers.
    Don’t forget the 12% of democratic voters that will vote for Trump in 20/20.

    • And even with 12% of dems voting for Trump, the left is still gonna win. Hillary already said the left will not make the same mistake again. So, watch. Theres gonna be some major league cheating going on next year. Watching for it.

  7. It does matter to the baby butchering party. What matters is the ability to get a few percentage points of voters to change over to the disgusting side. The diehard baby killers will never change sides because they have a conscience they are trying to clear and can’t do it with the conservatives. They try to change insanity into sanity and the MSM is making it happen. Take for instance I read an article talking about pro choice or women’s health. Then Governor Northam from North Carolina made the statement, “he endorsed killing newborns as long as they were kept comfortable”. So that is sanity? The Taliban are terrorists because of their views. When in Afghanistan they kill fellow Afghani’s who raise poppy plants and cultivate the opium for sale. The Taliban does not like what the drugs are doing to its population so, they get rid of the people who raise the drugs but they are the terrorist. Sanity has become insane!

  8. I think that Pelosi and shifty are having sex. No I didn’t see it but that’s what I think is happening. So should they resign from Congress. Lol what i think and what is happening are different things entirely.


    • Vince, that’s the most revolting unimaginable nasty thing I could ever conceive. You’re probably right and I bet that Puss gut Lard ass Nadless Jerry the ferry and Maxine muddy Waters are joining in making it a foursome

      • Dont forget the fearless, er queerless leader, Barack, and his husband, Big Mike, to round out the picture. They would be using their opposable thumbs to swing from vines hung from the ceiling. Barack would utter his famous phrase, “Michael and I”. He truly did that, not once not twice, but THREE times. That’s not a mistake.

  9. To anybody who replies to ” The RedMan “. Please just IGNORE him. He has nothing intelligent to say & just wants to get a response as childish as what he is posting.

  10. I’m glad this full blown assault on DJT has taken so long.
    More time for “non-believers” to realize that their party has been lying to them. Not just about DJT, but EVERYTHING! Reminds me how I felt when I found out that a person I knew for over a year was a pathological liar. Others tried telling me in the nicest way that he was less than truthful. One day I saw the light. Then I began to challenge his facts and saw the truth.
    Hopefully the longer this draws out more and more people will have that revelation about the Democratic party and ANY of their candidates. When in doubt, vote them out. Personally after the debacle of the last four years, I am praying for the complete and utter breakdown of the Democratic Party. They cannot be trusted with any power.

  11. Sondland DID NOT “confirm” anything. his “changed” testimony was based on his INFERENCE based on what someone ELSE had said. In other words, his testimony changed based on an ASSUMPTION which was based on what someone ELSE had testified…

    • It’s funny that the other day on TV, I watched Nancy Pelosi say that the impeachment case the Dem’s are trying to make against Trump was based on a ” Quid Pro Quo ” BUT she stated that the Pro Quo was not needed,only the Quid part was needed. Now what the hell does that mean?
      Quid Pro Quo is a favor for a favor & both parties have to execute their favors for it to be that. Asking for a favor but never “receiving ” any reciprocal favor, EVEN if you kept your part of the favor, JUST ISN’T QUID PRO QUO

  12. My goodness all you need to do is take a good look at Shifty Shifts eyes.
    Does he really look like an honest man???? Something about his eyes is very
    creepy. God have mercy on him, Pelosi,Schumer and all the rest who have lied. Do they realize one of the things God hates is a lying tongue.???

    • They really don’t seem to consider Him (God) at all and often blaspheme Him. A bigger crime and sadly one that forsakes forgiveness.

  13. Washington has been a hot bed for the Demos for decades whether in power or not. They have undermined the foundation of our country because their concepts differ from the Constitution and operation of government by the people, etc except for their twisted concepts. A phony guy like Obama comes along, speaks well and furthered the con job on the country. He either allowed or led the Intelligence community into becoming a harmful entity that has brought us to today

  14. What this amounts to is another try for a coup against a sitting President and that is treason. They should all be tried for treason and removed from office. Another witch hunt wasting taxpayers monies while they give themselves raises they do not and should not get.

    • This has nothing to do with race but I see a few race-baiters here! They’re like cockroaches!
      We all know that Schiff is a liar and can’t do anything without lying. The American people know this is a COUP and nothing else! Liberal Demoncrats say they want the impeachment to be open and transparent, but how do you do that when you have meetings behind closed doors without the other side being present and don’t allow the defendant’s attorney to be present or allow the public to see any? This is nothing more than a COUP!

  15. Those stupid Democrats are an embarrassment to our country!!! We have got to pull it together for Trump!! He needs us and we need to stand up for him cause after all most of us voted for him! We can’t let the Democrats win! Most of the Democrats should be in jail starting with Schiff! all of them are pieces of SHIT!

  16. He’s about the umpteenth “witness” who had that guess or in s discussion with someone else used the concept of “maybe, probably, or some other crap that they never heard directly from a principal!! Do we convict a person based on the surmising of some jacklegs? Or do we use evidence? Who really gives a flying flip what he “thought” if it was never articulated?

  17. I do believe the American citizens fully realize this is nothing more than a political hack job by crazed Democrats wallowing in obsessed hatred for DJT! President Trump came into office to do the job he was elected to do and to fulfill his campaign promises to the American people. He would not be controlled by the Dems and conduct “business as usual” in the Whitehouse and D.C.! Of course, THE DEMS SAID HE HAD TO GO! And, the Dems were never able to forget HRC was “supposed” to be President, not DJT!
    President Trump is not a perfect person but, he has done nothing that rises to the level of impeachment, he loves America and the American people, has done a wonderful job and we must not lose confidence in him! SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT!
    #WalkAway – we want and need you!

      • Just wondering how long Eric the whistler has been connected to Zaid? Where is Wikileaks when we need it! I also wonder whether Zaid drafted the complaint as it seemed too legalese sophisticated for a CIA lackey. Why don’t the republicans subpoena Zaid and Eric.

    • AMEN!
      Mist of America supports our AMAZING President, and more are waking up. Thank God for everything being done on our behalf.

  18. Their bodies were warm and inviting. Bodily fluids flowed in the bathhouse and intermingled. Baptized in blood their offspring became half breeds. Peace be upon them. Allah be praised in all His wisdom Amen!

    • Mr Zelensky has said there was NO quid pro quo and Donald Trump didn’t put any pressure on him. The only people whose opinions are being made relevant are Democrats stooges who only heard second and third hand stories.

      The American citizens should be demanding total transparency and the president and republicans have the same rules and procedures that the democrats are using.

      That will show the American citizens what is really going on.

      • Mr Trump has Zelensky under his thumb. The Ukrainian President will lose military assistance unless he agrees with everything that Mr Trump says and does. When he loses US support Putin the butcher will carve up the Ukrain like a Thanksgiving turkey.

          • Debbie Jonathan is a brain washed lib that wants to undo the election. It’s probably going to take watering the tree of liberty because the commiecrats want us to live under social ism so bad that they can taste it. When this coup fails they will start attacking us physically. Antifa is already stockpiling weapons. And they expect us to disarm? I don’t think so.

          • Debbie,I must confess that I believe Mr Trump is a bald face liar. If you believe otherwise, I respectfully disagree. If he were a Democrat I would have the same exact feeling that Mr Trump is a disgrace to the office.

        • Please provide the proof before you shoot off your mouth with your opinions. Opinions are irrelevant here and from the Democrats. The facts were put out to the public through the phone transcript, President Trump & the Ukraine President. That is all that matters!

      • I agree 100%. Adam Schiff is a real scumbag, and is very corrupt on top of everything else there is to dislike about him. I hope his ass ends up in jail, not just out of Congress!

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