Adam Schiff found out about this closed door meeting that destroyed impeachment

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt just hit a major speed bump.

House Democrats were blindsided by what they learned.

And that’s when Adam Schiff found out about this closed door meeting that destroyed impeachment.

Schiff’s impeachment witch hunt continues to belly flop with the American people.

Few Americans are watching and even fewer are saying the public spectacle is changing their minds on impeachment.

The latest data to confirm the disaster unfolding for the Democrats comes from focus groups conducted in key swing states by the pro-Trump group America First Policies.

This survey of Americans in battleground states showed the focus group participants thought the process was unfair and that the Democrats failed to make their case against the President.

Breitbart reports:

Those cities include Des Moines, Iowa, Orlando, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Phoenix, Arizona, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. America First Policies has gathered 36 total hours of focus group data from the participants, all of whom are independents or swing voters in their respective cities.

The biggest takeaway from all the groups, including one in Pittsburgh that was conducted after the first House Intelligence Committee public impeachment hearing last Wednesday that featured State Department officials Bill Taylor and George Kent, is that swing voters are not being moved in the slightest against Trump by the impeachment narrative Democrats are offering.

America First Policies screened footage from these focus groups for Breitbart News at their headquarters  just outside the nation’s capital on Monday afternoon, including the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, group that was filmed after that first Democrat impeachment hearing. When the moderator asked the room if anyone thinks Donald Trump should be impeached, not a single person in the room—all independents, most of whom do not like Trump’s personality—said they did.

These focus groups are further evidence that Democrats are stuck in a losing fight.

They can’t drop impeachment because their base and the Fake News Media will lose their minds.

But the public is not with the Democrats.

And that could come back to haunt the Democrats as the 2020 election approaches.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Adam Schiff is simply a three time political felon. He has resorted to many illegal and unconstitutional means of secret KGB Tribunals against the President of the United States even to the point of committing crimes against even international law.

  2. Trump will have schiff testify , and surely he’ll lie under oath , he can’t help himself , it’s prison time , and the inspector generals report will solve the mystery . The line will be a long one entering prison. Demoncrates beware we know for a fact that you’ll through each other under the bus

    • Adam Schiff is not a liar. He has certainly done a great job and if you are interested in one who deserves jail as he has broken all the rules that could have him impeached, of course, it is Pres. Trump. Those in Congress who call themselves Republican certainly have lost the character of the Republican party or they would have stood in the face of Trump and told him to leave. No honest person would want a president who has the close ties to the Russian Mafia (via) Putin. Trump is ruthless.

      • You should live on the borders! Take a tour of the coroner’s office, checkout the bodies, bones found by Law Enforcement and Border patrol in te desert. These are the bodies with a tag, no ID!!. They have been murdered by drug cartel. Drugs, human trafficking is big money. Clinton’s and Obama’s open borders has created a mess. Trump’s agenda is clean up the illegal issues, especially the gangs. The CA government not working with Trump. Sanctuary city and states don’t work. Liberal judges release criminals back on streets and Sanctuary hides them.
        We still need E-Verify and birth right Law. Our farm workers should be safe.
        The wall is perfect and working. Keeps the people on both sides safe. Our BP and Law Enforcement agencies safe. Glad our Military on borders.
        It’s getting better but not safe to be driving alone at night. If you break down, call law Enforcement right away, help you stay safe. Gangs everywhere.
        Trump 2020.

  3. I never finished. Adam Schiff never found out dick. He lives in a cesspool of Baby Butchering trash in his district so he doesn’t have to worry about America and it’s morality. All he has to remember is as long as he’s willing to speak some of the most disgusting and irrational disease ridden idea to life, he’s golden in the state that’s already started burning in hell. Burn Cali burn. Trump was already getting impeached in November of 2016. The liberal trash just had to wait until their manipulation of the districts kicked in to win this past No emended to ha e enough votes to impeach him just because they could. To show you what kind of trash the Repubs have, look at John McCains trashy little bitch daughter. Did I mention fat. Anyway, Trumps NAFTA renegotiation with Mehico pissed that trash and her mommy trash off. They liked making millions off NAFTA the way it was so they could peddle their beer without taxation coming across the border. See, all politicians are criminals and if you give me a couple minutes with each one, they deserve impeached more than President Trump. Go figure this crap. The negro entered office at $1.2 million net worth. He departed with at least a known $14 Million. So, after taxes on his $400,000 a year job and living expenses the Presidents don’t get for free how in the hell do you get that math and no liberal ask one question? Gotta love this damn place.

  4. Be prepared. Once the DemonicRATs realize the truth is rolling down the hill, in their direction, don’t be surprised if antifa and their ilk, step-up attacks all over America.

    • We have no idea how many people have been able to come here under Obama. Law Enforcement apprehended, at water dam in El Centro, 3 men from Middle Eastern countries. False Visas. Age 21-26. LE and BP booked them but ICE had them bused to Sanctuary cities and no one knows where they are.

  5. Must be humiliating when you cheat and still can’t win. They just figured that they cheat all the time and that’s how they got the House back and figured it would work again. BTW, so far: Russian collusion- nope, nope, nope; Racist – nope, nope, nope; Mentally unstable- nope, nope, nope. Stormy Daniels – nope, nope, nope;Tax fraud- nope, nope, nope; Emoluments clause- nope, nope, nope; Quid Pro Quo – nope, nope, nope. Guess they either have to try and ruin the economy or assassinate him or actually come up with better ideas…..ha,ha,ha….better ideas- I crack myself up.

    • And you obviously believe Trump, RR? Have you ever noticed Trump lies like a rug? He is also connected and not worried about being dishonest. He believes, as do you, if you say it over and over and often enough, whatever it is you want believed will be believed by anyone who hopes to believe you. Lies by Trump are many. And he does not care.

      • whart lies has he told. The only one I hear is what fake news claimed he said but he didn’t say. You should check your sources and dig for the truth. And you will never hear the truth from CNN, and those other stations.

  6. Trump is the ADULATED leader of the CULT of TRUMPSTERISM. Good luck with the DICTAORSHIP he and his acolytes are engendering at the behest and with the help of PUTIN.

      • Yes, and if Trump is the leaders of Trumpsterism…then Pelosi must be the ring leader of the Demon-cratism cult. At least the Trumpsters are true Patriots, wanting what is good and right for this nation. The Dems only know how to tear the nation apart by wasting our tax money on fantasy hearings and investigations and doing nothing to earn their keep. NOTHING! Wait and see who the REAL criminals are.

    • James Langham – put the crack pipe down. If he was Putin’s puppet, why did he give Javelin missles to the Ukraine instead of Obama blankets? Ukraine is one of Russia’s most hated enemies. If you want to live in a dictatorship, then vote for Bloomberg who will tell you what you can and can’t eat or Warren or Sanders who will take all of your hard earned money and make you pay for other people’s things. Schiff and Pelosi are the ones not allowing due process because it would hurt their narrative and they have the media and Antifa on their side and want to take our guns away. Hmmmmm, anything sounding like Hitler yet to you? Hitler had Brown Shirts spy on the populace and terrorize citizens- that would be Antifa. Then Hitler banned guns. Then Hitler took control of the media and used it as propaganda. The Dems illegally use judges to usurp Constitutionally given Executive power. You better wake up before you vote in your Democratic Hitleresque rule.

    • Wasn’t t it Obammie and killery the ones who gave their but buddy Ptin the material for tenukes. Wake up man it was drmocraps that ate friends with putin

    • James Langham, This is an interesting comment. Maybe you will find some other foreign influences to place in an impeachment complaint. Please hurry and add to the list; It is working well at the moment. Speaking of dictators; Remember to credit the Democrat Speaker of the House with the first edict that threw the Democrats into a tail spin. I fully expect a big crash landing regardless of what Democrats attempt next. The Democrats may be able to regain a few voters back from this FAILED COUP, if they hold Rep Schiff accountable for his blatent lies before the Intel Committee. This may also necessitate punishment for others, who conspired with him, as well. However, both all Yea or all Na votes on impeachemt with the circus performance of the past few weeks will prove costly. Some Democrat incumbents will lose their seats over this crude line of events.

      • David, regarding you do not feel you live under a dictatorship…You will if Trump is re-elected. Do you recall when the Washington-Post journalist was killed in Turkey? Did you see and hear when Trump met with the Prince of Saudi Arabia right after that? Did you hear the first words out of Trump’s mouth to the Prince? “You did a good job”. just saying, when you listen closely !

    • I guess you don’t know what a dictator is and you sure don’t have the right info about Putin.. He dealt with Hillary more than he did with Trump. Those are all lies that fake news put out there and you believed it hook line and sinker. Not very bright on your part.

  7. All of these liars will get what is coming to all of them just you wait and see. These Democrats are all headed in the direction of Diego Garcia and GITMO and they don’t even realize it because they are so stupid.

  8. The ONLY person that needs to be impeached is the “so-called” Speaker of the House Nancy ‘just crumbs’ Pelosi, for dereliction of duty to the American people. For not bringing USMC to the floor that will create new jobs for Americans and other legislation to lower drug prices and dealing with our border crisis

      • Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi, Newsom, Feinstein, Walter’s Schiff connected to Soros.
        I am in Nancy Pelosi District and she has never been for the American Citizens. She gave illegals drivers license and DMV has documents for their voting. DMV not allowed to ask if they are illegals. Sanctuary city or state is not working. The judges are liberals and some appointed by Clinton and Obama. They release the criminals back on the streets. CA government won’t work with ICE. Border patrol and Law Enforcement not allowed to back each other up. This puts everyone in danger.

  9. No grounds for impeachment and just another witch hunt using American taxpayers monies. The Democrats giving themselves rises for not doing their job all the while taking from the taxpayers monies to do so. They should not be able to give themselves rises and they should up hold the constitution and oath of office. Which is to protect the American citizens not illegals not foreign countries and not to try and DE-seat a elected American President because they don’t like him and can not control him. How can the Democrat party call themselves anything but communist.

      • Communists???!!! Carol? Can you prove or even explain what makes you think that Democrats are Communists? That is the statement of an idiot. I would not say that in front of a person who has a 3rd grade education. Just a bit of help for you. Anyway, one might be in style with Trump as he loves Putin and Putin runs Russia like the dictator he is with the help of his Russian Mafia. There is a friend of Putin who is high in the Russian Mafia, he also is close to Trump. His name is Mogalivich. Currently he is in jail.

  10. No grounds for impeachment and just another witch hunt using American taxpayers monies. The Democrats giving themselves rises for not doing their job all the while taking from the taxpayers monies to do so. They should not be able to give themselves rises and they should up hold the constitution and oath of office. Which is to protect the American citizens not illegals not foreign countries and not to try and DE-seat a elected American President because they don’t like him and can not control him.

    • Well, Mary, if you listened to the hearings your assessment must have been made when you were sleeping. A few years ago, Trump would have been run off just because he behaves like trash. He lies like a rug and he does not represent America on the international level very well at all. In fact, he seems to Europeans to be just stupid. Do you remember when he said that the Kurds did not go fight on the beaches of Normandy? The Kurds were not a nation during the second world war. His knowledge of history and other international matters is about as good as the rest of his abilities. Trump and his buddy Putin need to stay in Russia and let the rest of the civilized world be free. Did you know that Trump said he thought that he would be like China’s Pres. Xi, and be Pres. for life. He wants to have his kids who are about as smart as he to follow in his foot steps. Did you know that magnificent tax break that the Republicans put through and Trump encouraged and signed was for the richest 1% in America, not you nor me. He is not what Americans needs. He is a con-artist and he conned you and a lot of others.

  11. Let us not forget that the DNC is the party of hate, hypocrisy and hysteria. They will continue with this nonsense even after they lose the presidency by a landslide and the House and Nancy Pelosi loses and removed from her thrown and retires from politics or until these investigations bring out the truth and indict and convict these liberal dregs. This party has no ideas except to tax and spend.

    • Trump is the ADULATED leader of the CULT of TRUMPSTERISM. Good luck with the DICTAORSHIP he and his acolytes are engendering at the behest and with the help of PUTIN.

      • You keep repeating yourself. Just like Schiff. Putin was Obama’s controller and not Trump’s. Or have you forgotten; “Tell Vladimir I’ll be more flexible after my reelection”? And that Obama refused to send the Ukraine what they needed to fight the Russian tanks, Javelin missiles. Which Trump has sent. And by the way, your lefty Fiona Hill has been found out to be what many thought she was. A snobbish former Brit who had been involved with George Soros. She sat on the board of the Open Society Institute for a number of years. A group that is banned in the Ukraine and funded by George in a very large part. Now tell me, which of the Dem’s witnesses said that Trump had committed a crime? Not a single one would when directly questioned on it. They had better hope that the House drops this sham or there will be people going to jail. Adam Schiff will be the first. If the Dems are lucky, they might be able to salvage their skins by a vote for censure of Trump but if they go full idiot and impeach, they will all face repercussions in 2020.
        And by the way, in case you didn’t hear, Burisma Holdings’ chairman was indicted on Nov 20th by the Ukraine. And Hunter Biden was on the board when the criminal activities were taking place. Money from that activity was also traced to two funds in the US that shifty Schiff profited from.

  12. Even If the These Stupid Impeachments Were Over Tomorrow…It Won’t End There…The DemonRats Will Focus ALL Their ( OUR MONIES ) to Corrupt the 2020 Voters Ballets !!!

  13. Sadly things being done by Democraps is saying this FARCE will go on until after the 2020 election debates between Trump and whatever LIAR wins the Democrapic Nomination. Their only real goal is to make Trump and those who support him look bad and thus cost them seats in both houses of Congress. They know they have no hope of ousting Trump but they are trying a wing and a smear to steal Senate and House spots. They know they have 4 already gone over to Republicans. Those belong to the Squaddies. Two are Criminals, one is an Idiot and Criminal, the last is just all window dressing.

    • Jesse: This is not a farce. It is real. The best thing to do is to get some books that tell you all about Pres. Trump. Then it will not be so difficult to see why it is imperative that he be removed from office. He did commt the crime and he needs to do the time.

  14. I am seeing the stressed that is killing the inside of Adam Schiff. I think all the lies that he and others are creating is slowly eating his inside. I won’t be surprised, if he collapses where he sit, before this is over. The Lord said, “Thou shall not hold false witness against your brother!” I pray, that God be merciful on his soul, Amen!

      • Gee imagine that! The public feels the process is unfair!

        If impeachment was based on a real crime public opinion would not matter. The fact they are worried about public opinion tells you this is am attempt to influance the election.

      • I had a good laugh when Devin gave his closing remarks today. Telling everyone to send their kids away because the fairy tales were about to begin when Schiff starts his usual baloney.

        • Do you really think that any or all of the Democrat candidates put together can out lie Trump. He name calls, curses, smirks and disrespects his on audiences. I do wish he would talk what he wants to accomplish in a way that makes sense. He does what he say he will. He still has not built the fense. The rest of it I did not like. He forgot to tell he was going to try to withhold money that was already provided and allocated to the Ukrain to defend themselves against Russia until they dug up information against his opponent, Joe Biden. Like dig up dirt is his expression. He behaved with criminal behavior. He is not a good person and never a good president. He tried to “shake down” the president of Ukraine. He fired everyone around who tried to have the behavior explained. He had to send the money to the Ukraine when the office of finance who had held the payment reached the deadline and did no longer listened to Trump to hold the money. He behaved like a regular NY thug.

  15. iF the pOLLS in Wisconsin are RIGHT… nad there is no reason to believe tgat they are NOT…. INDEPENDENTS as well as Many Citizen there are FED UP with the SXCHIFFT CIRCUS nad believe that there is NO IMPEACHMENT THERE ….SO PELOSI get USMCA DONE along with a BUDGET ypu SLOW WALKING TDS DERANGED TURKEY

    • My sister, my brother in-law and I who reside in the Green Bay, WI area are against the Communist party 100% only mindless people vote for mindless people.

  16. I am sooo bored listening to Sadam Shitt and Nancy Pee-Loosi. All they know is ‘meee, meee’. They don’t give a shitt about the hardworking people’

    • Or the United States of America. Everyone in the Congress or in the Presidency or on the Supreme Court and others I presume take an oath to uphold the Constitution before they take office. When they do things that undermine the Constitution, they violate their oath. As far as I’m concerned, that is grounds to be ejected from office without benefits and being barred from ever again holding office. It doesn’t matter who you are or what office you hold.

      • I agree with your statement 100% !! Its time to arrest these scum suckers, and charge them with treason and un-American activities !!

      • Actually those are grounds for TREASON charges to be instituted and prosecuted, but I doubt that will come to play to much ass kissing from both sides…notice Hillary is still not in jail.

        • Any truly patriotic former Special Forces operative should have eliminated the Hildabeast years ago and the illegal alien Kenyan as well.

          • Military generals and higher-ranking politicians have a knack for sending operatives, who have vigilantism in their psychological profiles, onto missions that are effectively one-way trips. These politicians also have a knack for spotting constitutionalist high-brow ex operatives and anticonstitutional high-brow ex operatives alike from over a thousand miles away.

            Plus, attacks upon any facet of the headquarters of the government of the United States always have the effect of strengthening those headquarters, while egregious retaliation is focused upon the political parties “opposite of” the party to which a slain President of the United States belonged. Furthermore, with so many officials lined up, it is impossible to both eliminate enough of the line and “make it look like an accident”. Thinking all this through requires a true mastermind, rather than an impulsive “tool”.

            Hopefully the act of bothering to explain all this is everything but futile. We have to know that the most dangerous of our enemies are not easily spotted. It’s like a stage play. The audience can see the actors, but can the audience necessarily see the directors or the producers?

      • Yours is an OBJECTIVE opinion. False accusations deserve only one counter action:

      • WhiteFalcon: This is the reason for the investigation. I think that the people who are investigating Trump’s behavior could have put him under the jail much earlier. I understand he plans to change the constitution to suit his efforts to trade etc. He doesn’t like some of the laws that we have to live by. It is awful to hear his disrespect for the office of the president which he holds. There have been no false accusations made regarding Trump, unless he made them. Adam Schiff has been following the law. Trump will no be removed from office as he uses fear against those in congress who vote this impeachment and they want their jobs. That is unreal. I cannot believe this is America where people believe a con-artist and love his hate.

  17. The REAL whistleblowers are expected to testify, there is no point if they don’t as the whole purpose of a REAL whistleblower is to bring the case to court not to run and hide! MORONIC AND MINDLESS DEM-IMPOSTERS MUST STOP playing psychotic games with hard working and very busy Americans !!!

    • What you do not understand is that Trump has threatened to find out who he is and do what he does best…you figure. As it is the Whistle-blower has had all of what he told proven and validated by other witnesses. Seems it is covered. However, the lawyer for the guy in Ukraine who met with Guilliani is going to give testimony that Guiliani was given orders from Trump. New apples.

    • Hi Mr. Gunther: I think these people speak as they do everyday and never have a constructive thing to say (most-that is ). Anyway, There are some people who hate to love and there are some people who love to hate. I see that Trump must be one who loves to hate and it is very attractive to those of like minds.

  18. GOOD GRIEF! You people are pathetic. He is jerking your chains because its so damn easy to do. You all will bite at everything!

    If you truly want to get rid of the little pr-ck, IGNORE him. You are merely feeding his hunger, while he laughs his ass off.

    See you in the funny papers!

    • Your right ,!! But wrong about the comic, BOZO see after all the indictments are served , just come back and rewrite your message after April15th , good neighbor , not arguing , but truly let’s see , for real if I ‘m not right , I’ll promise to come back and make an apology to over this same site !!

    • It is clear CF from redmans comments his brain has been awash in alcohol and drugs for his whole life. He probably shakes all over and has had blood shot eyes for 30 years straight.


    • Red man got his WELFARE check today! He will hollow racist when it white people who put the money into it so he can survive! All the while he dies his dope, and sister!

    • Dick man. Black scum bag.But you already know that.New Jersey must be proud to have a scum bag like you.Your just a welfare prick.Get a job and help you self for a change.

    • Wow, it took you all of 3 words to get to “racist”. You just keep repeating the same garbage over and over and over. In fact, you have repeated the same wording twice in this one article. Do you not have anything new in your one brain cell? Are you trying to convince other people or are you trying to convince yourself????? You know what they say about democrats and democratic trolls – they keep repeating the same lies hoping that they will begin to believe them, themselves. Good luck with that.
      You are sooooooo stupid and sooooooooooooooooooo boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Trump has always been a threat to the crooked politicians in DC.
    Impeachment is all they have left at ANY chance in 2020! He’s seen their corrupt games and Trumps draining the Swamp by changing all their corrupt rules and games. Every one of these political hang on’s do one of 3 things. Start a Foundation, Non-Profit or Consulting Firm with their children or wives and other family members or close friends. All three of these enterprises is how politicians siphon money for their campaigns, or donate to other politicians campaigns. As soon as they’re out of office, the become the controlling directors of the enterprises. Hunter Biden has his consulting firm, and no doubt if you use it, he can tell you how much to bid to WIN a govt. contract a business wants. The system is rigged! Trump wants to eliminate this entire scam, and level the American playing field! These politicians believe the American people don’t pay them enough, so the dirty little secret in DC is anything they do with their enterprises is justified! They all do it and look the other way at their colleagues…Drain that Swamp Mr. President. All of these scams trickle down into the States, Counties and Cities of governments. Legal stealing!

    • Trump Is not stupid but you sure are, the hearings are falling apart more and more everyday as there NO evidence thay Trump has done anything wrong, 2020 is looking better and better everyday.

      • Katahdin View, Agree profusely with your comment!
        And, Julio Laredo is a stupid troll here to agitate and make HIMSELF look like a moron…..and useful idiot for the Dems……loser Dems!

      • Hey KatView: Trump is somewhat limited as his reading skills do not help him any. He talks to cover up his ignorance, and there is plenty to cover. He tries to make people believe he is a genius, that is just a lie he tells. Trump has psychological problems that I do not care to mention. Other than not being qualified for his job, he really is a scum bag. Yes, he has committed everyone of the items listed for impeachment and it is on record. He is refusing some of the records that are important for the testimony of the hearing. What is he afraid of? He knows his lies will catch up with him. You cannot just listen to one tv station all the time. There are records validating Trump’s money laundering for the Russian Mafia and oligarchs. He should never have been allowed to run for Pres.

      • Julio I will give you $100 if M you can prove your average IQ is higher then trumps. Since trump is in the top 1% I dont believe you are in the top 1/2%.

        So Julio you just made a statement that is both a lie and reflect your level of stupidity. Good move Julio. Go play in the street

    • julio…Pres. Trump is far from stupid, but you prove your total ignorance every time you post. You have no concept of the truth. That is obvious.

      • Laughin, is that trump IQ the top 1% of chipmonks? I have a friend I talk with in Europe every now and then who said, “Your President just talks and talks and talks, and never says anything”. I laughed.

      • Now Mike, I do not know Julio Laredo, but he seems to have the information straight. He isn’t stupid or dumb and I be he can out read Trump. Trump is mean smart and clever at controlling other people. No one needs that kind of person around. Have you read about how he runs his office? Have you seen how many people are already in prison who have been associated with him. Have you noticed how many people he has fired? Those who do not agreed with his every whim, have to go. That is called being a dictator, definitely not a diplomat.

    • Laughin, is that trump IQ the top 1% of chipmonks? I have a friend I talk with in Europe every now and then who said, “Your President just talks and talks and talks, and never says anything”. I laughed.

      • Red…do you realize how disgusting and inconsequential you are? You drone on and on, but you have absolutely nothing to say that is w orth hearing by decent people. Your time is COMING, turd!

    • He is also a pervert and liar and needs to be imprisoned. He is a disgrace and those who still stand with the dumbocrats are just as big a losers as they are. they are all going down. Bunch of low life pos who are criminals. Treason hang the traitors as an example for other corrupt unethical pathetic lying low life scum

  20. Nancy Pelosi is pushing this hard. She is getting Adams Schiff to try to impeach Trump. Take a good look at how she can put HERSELF IN THE PRESIDENT SEAT! Just say Trump is impeachment. Next is Pence who she will not have a hard time removing . This IS WERE SHE WILL GET THE SEAT. YOU CAN BET SHE WILL CHANGE ALL THE LAWS IN AMERICA! AND DESTORY THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! BUT SHE WILL FAILURE BECAUSE MILITARY DOES NOT ACCEPT HER AS PRESIDENT! THERE WILL BE A MARTIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT! TRUMP WILL BE RESTORED BACK AS PRESIDENT OF AMERICA! Or there will be a civil war again!

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