Adam Schiff got hit with the one smoking gun that could end his career

Adam Schiff spent two years on CNN and MSNBC spreading the Russian collusion fake news.

Even after the Mueller report cleared the President, Schiff still is on TV promoting this hoax.

But that all could come to an end after he got hit with the smoking gun that could end his career.

On Thursday, Schiff chaired an Intelligence Committee hearing that focused on the Russia investigation.

Before the hearing began, Texas Republican Mike Conway read a letter into the record signed by all nine Republican members of the committee that called on Schiff to resign.

Breitbart reports the letter read:

Your willingness to continue to promote a demonstrably false narrative is alarming. The findings of the Special Counsel conclusively refute your past and present assertions, and have exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information.

Having damaged the integrity of this committee, and having undermined the faith in the United States government and its institutions, your actions both past and present are incompatible with your duty as chairman of this committee, which alone in the House of Representatives has the obligation and authority to provide effective oversight of the U.S. intelligence community.

As such, we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your Constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as Chairman of this Committee.

Schiff was one of the chief liars about Donald Trump and Russia.

Many Americans believe he deserves to be held accountable for using his official position to spread conspiracy theories and hoaxes about the President of the United States.

But will Schiff resign?

One thing is certain, he’ll get cover from his allies in the fake news media.

Already they are circling the wagons on the theory that Attorney General Barr misrepresented the Mueller report because his summary was only four pages and the actual document was over 300.

However, there is little chance that Barr – who has known Mueller for decades – would intentionally lie about the report’s findings without any pushback in the form of leaks to friendly media outlets by Mueller’s team.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Shift and a lot others should be trailed for treason. Everything they stand for goes aginsn’t our Constitution trying to take total control over the people.


    OR obama?

      • Don’t forget treason, and yes I studied the laws they committed a few treason acts and all should be in jail, still working to get them charged hopefully it will start soon!

    • Also they want to know if I would vote Obama for a third term? Let me answer this way:
      I was not aware that anyone could run for Office prosthumosly. Think about it.

  4. Hey Jack the black ripper. Maybe Barack (your mentor) should have painted the white house black as that is what came from him and his black racist administration

  5. Folks Jack is just another race baiting hood rat. He is too stupid to see the good in having Trump in office. I’ll bet he would confront me over my MAGA cap. As long as he don’t touch he’s ok. Otherwise I’d give it back to him in spades. No pun intended.

      • Jack, explain me something.. Let’s talk about our secular society or culture of death. You mentioned GOD isn’t? How come the movie Unplanned, has been pull out of the few theaters.. after just one day??? Everyone should see.. especially the youth the ones been brainwash by the
        left corrupt Democratic party. This diabolical cult had succeed…but if it was a sick degenerate movie from HELLWOOD=Hollywood it will be all over the sick media, TV and in every theater… What kind of God you/others believe or want to believe just because it fits our life style, is not God is Satan..

      • You are a moron of the first degree. If you can’t spell or use correct grammar, you should use your spell check and grammar check. Obviously you are too stupid to even do that. so you need to keep your trap shut. It’s obvious that you get your information from MSNBC and CNN, and have bypassed any real news especially now that it has been proven that they have been spreading lies, committing fraud, and obstruction.

      • To Jack:What do you mean by stating “you and I are intilialed to our separate options about trump”? Are you trying to say that you are entitled to your separate opinions about Trump? Not sure. What is the point you are trying to make

    • …I am not sure of color of God’s skin…I am sure of his mercy,love, goodness and daily blessings…”trump” is not non of these!!! Since being in office; he is cutting health care benefits, social security, building a wall to keep people of color out of the greatest country, to name a few bad acts…”trump’s” b(e)imbo wife is an immigrant who recently became a citizen

      • Poor Jack you delusional tin foil idiot. It’s moron a like you who either should learn how to read FACTS or stop trolling for attention because you probably are sitting in your mommies basement eating Cheetos and weights 600 lbs but we are FED UP with the LIES SLANDER unwarranted unsubstantiated accusations against an innocent man. Democrats depend on people like you to take anything they feed you and spew it into others. I’d suggest you seek help stop sitting on your welfare ass stealing from the rest of us and then playing the victim. WE WILL NO LONGER REMAIN SILENT you bank on this Pres Trump is going to be here until 2025 so your cry baby b.s. can go to your safe place until then but no worries then in libtards views that only leaves 8 mire years before the world ends. You completely pathetic POS! Maga all the way bitch!

      • We are ALL made in God’s likeness so why would skin color matter? I, too, am sure of His mercy, love, goodness and daily blessings. Our agreeing will have to end there. President Trump has done more good for this country in 1 year than Obama did in 8 years! Obama Care is drowning America in debt. Trump is searching for an economical replacement for Obama Care. The Affordable Care Act is many things but affordable is not one. Affordable Care Act was founded on lies and that is how it will end. Trump has not cut anything yet. Building a wall is necessary. We are under attack daily by illegals coming across the border. It is ILLEGAL to enter this country this way! It has nothing to do with skin color, either! Stop racially charging things you deem not right! There is a legal way to enter this country. So why do the Mexicans not enter legally? Because many of those illegals are criminals and would be turned away. As far as Trump’s wife, She speaks 6 languages fluently that I know of. She is a highly intelligent lady who is an American citizen and, yes, she came here legally! I judge nobody. I am not a judge but God is and we will all be judged one day, Jack. You spoke of the color of God’s skin but what would the color of his skin matter? You seem to be hung up on skin color but it is within a person that matters. You, Jack, need to do some soul searching within your own self. If the color of one’s skin is what you see first, then the problem lies within you.

        • May I add that WALLS have no way to be racist, they can’t see color, they can’t stop any one color, they have no preference on who is stopped at the border, but they do stop everyone that tries to cross over the Border. The Wall is needed and all these drugs are getting out of hand and need to have a wall they can’t catapult the drugs over, and they can’t catapult human trafficking over the wall either.

      • Jack…. Just a suggestion for you, and hoping u have enough class to clean up your verbal abuse of the First Lady of these United States. It isn’t appreciated and is definitely uncalled for. If you need to place your verbal immorality issues on a woman, try one who deserves it….PELOSI!

      • Just read the first few sentences u wrote & it was enough… Jack u are blind get out ur Bubble and learn the Thruth stop hanging with lefty LAZZY liberals whose only purpose is to trash a good decent a Latina who knows our President has the light of GOD.

      • MORON you don’t know as much as you put on SHE became a citizen the legal way not illegally like you observed democrats push , oh that’s right you don’t believe in LAW AND ORDER either unless it meets your narrative

      • Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but from God; the powers that be are ordained by God.
        God has a plan and president Trump is fulfilling the part that God has designed him to do. One of which is fight for the American citizens, by repairing our reputation on the world stage, fix the broken immigration system, tax and regulation relief for business and consumers, identify and remove government corruption, promote life not death, Give God credit and glory, and on and on and on. If anyone takes issues with this then they are part of the problem.

      • Jack, Mr Trump didn’t do any of those things.. I have not idea whose feeding you these lies. Must be a hater, racist from the left… Please get ur head out of the sand and learn first about Our Creator then u will have the Wisdom to see the Thruth.

      • And she did it lawfully you imbecile. And why do you bring his wife into it you Moran. You are certainly a typical piece of crap liberal dems. So what did your god Obama do besides screw up the healthcare system. Him and his butt buddy justice Roberts whom I have no respect for. So shut your trap.

      • Jack God the Father chose President Trump to be in office for such a time as this, it was His choice and not yours. If you would quit listening to the Main Stream Media that God the Father has turned over to a strong delusion that they shall believe a lie and be damned because they reject the truth, be careful you don’t get caught in that rut. The definition of a rut redneck style, is a grave with both ends kicked out and NO getting out. you will find yourself in the same lake of fire that they are going too, according to Revelation 21:8.

      • First of a Jack, God is color blind. He sees us all the same. The best christian on Earth is no where close to God perfection. Trump is not building a wall just to keep out brown people just the criminals. Yes when you don’t enter at a port of entry, you are breaking US laws but look at all the other bad criminals who are coming in with them. MS13, child sex trafficers, human trafficers, drug trafficers and others are the worst of the bunch.

    • …you fool, l am not threatening you nor your President “trump”…let me be clear…when he and family is focused to resign and or not reelected…I will be dancing in the streets and, at the gate of the white house in DC.

    • “White fools”? You better watch out when you speak for God. Read Job and see what he does to those who “speak with words without knowledge”. You obviously don’t know the God you speak of. If you’d read the bible you would know that it is God who puts people in the position of leadership. You are the fool.

        • I suppose God thinks it’s OK for any other race to lie, right leftie? Better stop making decisions for God. He might just have a mighty nasty one for you

        • Timothy, God didn’t put Hitler in he just didn’t stop it. Remember that pesky Free Will he gave man. Gets in the way of his good work everytime. Maybe he should not have given man free will and ruled over them like you Dems want to. He even gave you the free will to bear false witness against him.

          • Anson, I am a God loving Christian that believes Gods word. I will stand up for God if it kills me. If it does then I will be with him in Heaven. Win,Win situation.

          • George Harris, Is that what LOL means, I’m being sarcastic? I haven’t learned what all those letters mean. I guess it’s because old but I expect people to speak plainly and say exactly what they mean. Maybe someday I’ll learn what all those letters mean.

        • It’s up to the people to be strong and throw the dictators out. We can’t sit back and make God do it all. He expects something out of us. He placed Trump where he is today. It’s up to us to keep him there if we want to be free and have a prosperous country.

      • …indeed…you are correct..I wish to remind you fools that God did throw the devil out of Heven. He will throw “trump” and his bembo wife’s out of the white house too!!!

        • Do you mean the beautiful woman named, Melania, who speaks 5 languages? That ‘bimbo’ not ‘bembo.’ Are u a ‘bembo,’ Jackie, that can’t spell or speak one language.

        • You are one sick puppy. You are suffering with DTS. I am just wondering if you will make it through the next six years. But wait, after President Trump has served his terms, President Pence will take the reins and serve for two terms, Oh, and another conservative will take the reins. By the end of the next 6 years however, you will be so eat up with anger you will end up dying in your momma’s basement as you cry and suck you thumb. You poor baby

        • Hmm, Jack u sound like a very unhappy person. God loves everyone including yourself.. God is the same His love never change even if we don’t deserve it. Examen ur soul there is rage in there. Learn the word of GOD and see for yourself his compassion and unconditional love.. don’t let the evil in this world confuse you about Our Creator.. Mr Trump cares for all of us imigrants like myself..the darkness comes from the corruption of the elite Democratic party. Let’s don’t forget they’re in favor of murdering babies in the womb….God isn’t in favor of infanticide. ????

        • Now Jack, Lucifer was an angel but he wanted to be just like God or bigger. Actually, He was thrown in Hell by archangel Michael WITH the power of God Almighty..

      • Jack is obviously a Moslim, as he has the wrong image of the Creator. You are a child of Satan and will soon feel the heat. You are the scum of the world as is the Liberals and Democrats, you’re also an Illegal who sees the light fading away from your stay here.

    • Jack,
      Be very careful when using the name of God to denigrate another, He is all knowing and all seeing and he may just call on you to explain your past sins. Just a thought.

      • …I am not sure of color of God’s skin…I am sure of his mercy,love, goodness and daily blessings…”trump” is not non of these!!! Since being in office; he is cutting health care benefits, social security, building a wall to keep people of color out of the greatest country, to name a few bad acts…”trump’s” b(e)imbo wife is an immigrant who recently became a citizen

        • Jack you just spoke a mouthful of lies. And light skin people are only welcome if they come in legal. And the rest of your statement is lying liberal commie crap.

        • Jack, You had better be glad God has mercy. You are going to need it. I want you to know when it comes to skin color I don’t see color. If you look at your fingernails you will see that everybody has the same color under them. God don’t judge you by the color of your skin. Why do you judge a person by the color of their skin. You proved it with all the White you have been saying. It is not the color of your skin it is the love in your heart for your fellow man.

          • Hi Linda. Don’t be pulled down by Jack. He is not stupid. He is merely ignorant (unknowing). If he really had understanding, then he would know that God does not even have skin. According to Scripture, God is Spirit. To be created in the image of God is to have a godly spirit which sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.
            That Spirit within us all constantly draws us to be more Godlike in our character; but because of our fallen condition, we tend to resist and cling to our preditory animal nature; some more than others, but all in similar condition. Calling our beautiful and compassionate First Lady a “Bimbo”, clearly suggests that Jack has a long way to grow; but, so do I. I’ve known many like Jack over the course of my 80 years; and I’ve seen many learn, grow, and change.
            Who knows. Perhaps Jack will also begin a serious study of God ans Scripture that will lead him to a new level of understanding.
            Until we all can honestly proclaim that we know it all, we all must confess some ignorance. Until then, some of us must hang on that to that which exist between ignorance and knowledge. It’s called faith.

          • Robert Ewing, Thank You for your words of encouragement. I will pray for Jack and all rest like him. I know that God loves them as much as he loves you and me. Thanks again.

        • Funny it’s Jack whose the racist and clearly hates women and immigrants maybe the FBI should be notified of Jack’s ill intentions towards the President and the First Lady. Profiling Jack he seems to have mommy issues and a clear hatred for himself and society since he’s never been accepted by snyone, always a loner who talks to himself or his voices either way say hello to the FED’S Secret Service and the FBI . Running analysis on you Jack tisk tisk you’ve made a lot of threats towards our President not to mention the porn sites you’ve visited VERY frequently umm and that’s not normal ewwww sick. I hope you get help or at least you’ll be with others who just aren’t right in the head.

          • There is a false rumor that Trump is cutting SS funds, and it is from some womens riot clan who hate men. I seen it yesterday and had my wife believing it to be truth until I looked at the poster and showed that it was not news, but forgot the name.

          • Artell,I live on SS also. Mine has not been cut. In fact his first year mine was raisedb$53. The second year it was raised $54.Next to the last year Obama was in I got a $5 raise and the last year he was in I got a$3 raise. President Trump has been good to me.

        • …you are obviously suffering from the same derangement as schitt…and for you to invoke God’s name in your fantasies is an affront to all normal people…I’m sure God doesn’t appreciate fake believers, racists and misogynists such as you, using his name to spread their disinformation and lies.

    • Jack, Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor. You are bearing false witness against God. Be afraid, be very afraid. But you don’t have to worry. Satan still wants you.

    • It’s a shame you guy’s can’t come up with proof about President Trump lying. All I ever hear is, Trump is a liar. That’s as far as it goes.
      As far as Trump stole the election, you don’t understand, Trump won the election, Hillary lost. Trump is the President. Hillary lost, because people were beginning to realize just how crooked she was.

    • I guess jack is a racist so you will have to excuse him making a giant ass of himself. It seems all these anti white turds just keep floating to the top of the toilet.

    • That’s funny, I have never read anything like that about God hating anything but I bet he hates people that say shit like you just said. Your worse than Shift.

    • Pray that you will be dancing at the gates of Heaven.. more important than the white House gate or any gates on this world:) ????

    • He stole the 2016 election based on a fraudulent dossier that was cooked up by liars who were paid by a liar and murderer which lied four times to a FISA judge and you call Trump a liar and thief. You must have the IQ of a maggot. That’s why the Democrats get stupid people like you to vote for them. I am glad I am not that stupid where I can’t think for myself. Go back to smoking your pot and breathing paint thinner.

  6. It’s fun to read all the rants but let’s face it, none of those liberal turds are going anywhere. They’re scum, elected and reelected by scum and that’s not gonna change. All I pray for is that when those losers eventually get fed up and leave the unaffordable blue sewage states they voted for, they don’t come to our red states and f**k them up, too!

        • Dan T., What a bunch of stooges, I see they finally recovered enough from the Mueller Report Summary for their fingers to work. I know their brains won’t work because, the space in their heads, where the brain should be housed, is completely EMPTY, no brain, nada! They will go back into deep depression and shock when the report comes out as well. AG Barr, having read the report, would never have written a summary that would be conflicted with the full report. Barr would never taint and ruin his career and credibility to lie or mislead knowing the full report would be coming soon. I have laughed out loud listening to some of the Dem Congress members trying to word what AG Barr said about obstruction so it would sound so much worse than what Barr actually said.

          Of course, I recognize the first two stooges but the third stooge, “Jackie” is that a new pen name to add to my list?

          • Real M they’re just blowing off steam. They know the battle is over. Trump will remain,and will be re-elected. The swamp will dry up and a new wind will blow the stink away.

    • Trump is President because real Americans voted for him and he won. So get over it. You all thought Mueller was God when you thought he was going after Trump. Now when he said no collusion you can’t accept it and again can’t accept loosing. Your act like a bunch of spoiled kids that pitch a fit a
      every time you don’t get your way, so go to your room and pout.

      • Exactly. I find it ludicrous to think that a temper tantrum thrown by the snowflakes ……will ever succeed, when President Trump was LEGALLY elected.

    • it’s more like if you want to look at being in bed with Russia just look to Obama and Hillary both sold out to Russia for money and power.

    • You mean our great President that ‘deep state’ Mueller & those 17 angry democrats that cleared? Fat chance.
      I would love to know who pays you fools, you couldn’t possibly be that stupid.

    • Let’s see, a ant-Trump gaggle spent 2 years and over 25 million of the American peoples tax dollar and found absolutely no collusion with any country. Both you and Schiff are so eat up with DTS, it does appear you both will be completely insane before President Trump completes his second term in office

  7. Wait a minute! Isn’t Schiff a Democrat? Then, what’s all the hoopla about? We all know that the Democrats are lying, thieving, treasonous and murdering bastards so, what’s the surprise?

  8. Schiff is just plain silly!!! He is beyond comical. The Dems need to lose about 100 seats in 2010 and maybe 30 in the Senate.

          • Jack that sounds like a threat. Know this. Trump will never be alone or left to you anti American assholes. You want a war? You bastards start it, we will finish it. Us patriots aren’t being bullied by your chickenshit antics mobs anymore. When you lowlife commie assholes get mean,we will stomp a mudhole in your ass and stomp it dry.

      • You’re not by any chance “black”, are you. You’re right, President Trump is “white” We had a black President in the White House before him, which turned out to be the sorriest President in the history of this country.
        What his color is must make a lot of difference to you. I think they call that “racist”. Does that describe you? Seems like it does.

  9. If there was even a hint of wrong doing by Trump Mueller would have SHOUTED IT from the ROOFTOPS. Schiff won’t resign because that would be the right thing to do. Not one single Democrap in DC has the backbone to do what is right. That is the reason Mueller’s FARCE went on so long.

    • Mueller is a Republican. Probably in the pay of Putin and Trump. And yes, I’m making a joke. Or, am I? Oh yeah, sure I am. But maybe not. You fools.

      • Eric, try not to sound intelligent; it is just so shallow and does not befit you. You, Jack, Jackie and Diane say the same old 2-year-old line that has been fed to you. If you think Trump should be removed from the White House, you should accompany your opinion with clear concise rationale to include proven facts and verifiable evidence to support your request; something that seems to allude the anti-Trump folks.

        Now, I am sure, after all of you (assuming you are not all the same person) use appropriate resources to understand what I’ve written (for people of your educational status, I used some fairly large words) you will do some research (ACTUAL research, not the spoon fed media garbage) and provide some context to your basic commentary. Perhaps, along the way on this huge journey toward intelligence, you will find some reality that makes sense instead of all the liberal garbage fed to you by your idols!!

        Best of luck to all of you….or you!

  10. In addition, what about the fake russian he spoke to about getting dirt on Trump?
    Right there is the russian collusion. The conversation was recorded and should be played in Congress in front of him…watch him squirm like the weasel he is and then demand his resignation.

    • Really, did you think about what you just said? A FAKE RUSSIAN, IS YOUR PROOF OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION, Wouldn’t that be Fake collusion. And you come to that conclusion because now that your savior oopsed and didn’t deliver what you hung all your hopes and dreams on I’ll bet you think his investigation was Fake Too. I just have one question for you, did it hurt when they tattooed sucker across your forehead?

  11. The only platform the Democrats have for next year is hounding Trump. Well, they do have the New Green Disaster, but it was just voted on in the Senate and not one Democrat Presidential prospect supported it, so that isn’t exactly what you’d call a Platform. I always assume there has to be some rational purpose behind even the most obtuse political moves, but what will they gain out of convincing the voting public that they’re nothing but a flock of clowns? There are movements afoot already to move out of their party like businesses and people leaving high tax Progressive states. And I also don’t see what they gain from depopulating their states. Make room for illegal aliens?

  12. What we seeing the stages of mrning. The first one is denial. Then anger etc. They are morning the looss of their lies coming out and the fake investigation being exposed.

  13. Why does anyone believe he will be sanctioned or removed from his Chair? he will be re-elected because the people he represents believe he is correct. He represents one of the most left wing districts in the country. He like Pelosi and her cronies are lifers. The dangerous thing is that the tax policies are so bad in California they are fleeing to Texas and /Florida which the biggest danger.

    • We all know what flies hang around. Yup. Schiff piles. His acidic, unreasonable hate is absolutely assinined. He has created a stench in the government and it was time somebody lit a match. My heartfelt thanks to those on the committee that served notice this type of behavior is to be tolerated no longer. If ALL those in the Republican party would act in like manner the people would give them far more support. The wishy washy says of the RINO are hopefully numbered. Perhaps they will even become is fine to reach across the aisle when something good for the nation requires it but waffling and undermining for the sake of votes is no longer acceptable. Those who take a position of strength and support the President need not be concerned about votes. Your Citizenry are watching

  14. There are many comments above that are spot on. I thought he was an idiot the first time I saw on TV. I haven’t changed my mind to this day.
    He has got to go…NOW!

  15. Everybody should know that when the “full” report is issued (minus the redacted parts), the Democrats will claim Trump’s “collusion” is hidden in the redacted parts.

  16. Schiff has very strong personal ties to the Soros family…! That tells us everything we need to know about this HATER…!!

  17. With people like Schiff in office no wonder nothing gets done. What a fool, imagine if he was in or managing a company.
    Who in gods name could or would vote for this person.
    He cares about one thing and one thing only Adam Schiff ! God help us….
    If I was in the committee I would walk out every time he entered the room. Please tell me we have better choices than Schiff.

    NOON TO 3:00pm (EST)
    and hey
    maybe just
    maybe Trump is

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  19. Schiff is not a moron, nor a clown. It is much deeper than these words. I find Schiff treasonous. Serious. Damn, he sure has some mental issues that I can’t believe that he is actually the chairman of the intelligence committee.

    Nine senators calling for his resignation is just precisely right. Schiff cannot even start any hearing with that psycho mindset. Serial killer Ted Bundy IQ was very high, but he was a psycho. Schiff is like him: certified b-a-t-sh-i-t crazy. D-amn.

    • You are so right when it comes to Schiff! Too many people look at him as being a helpless idiot and nothing could be farther from the truth. Just looking back at history, I remember that on December 7, 1941 we all thought the Japs were 5’2″ wore thick glasses and were virtually helpless. It didn’t take long to really learn the truth. The hard way.

    • Man From Grey, I agree with you completely! Adam Schiff is a dangerous psychopath! Look into his rat face eyes and see if you don’t think he has the eyes of a deranged mentally unstable person. He also has shifty eyes and we all know he is a liar, and a leaker.
      People in Schiff’s position should be trustworthy but, we all remember that all the committee members said he would go call the MSM to tell them what was going on during the time the committee was on break. Trey Gowdy was chairman at that time and got on national TV and said that is what Schiff was doing. The MSM knew what had gone on in the meetings and Schiff was the only one who had left the room. Schiff never denied it so, it must be true.

    your cover is blowned
    now know
    that everything
    you blame on us, is what
    you are doing or have done!!!!
    thanks for the warning

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  21. It appears that some of these libs can’t handle the truth. Everyone wants to se the whole report but the fact is Grand jury testimony some secret and top secret material cannot be released by law. So when this happens these whiny democrats will probably set their hair on fire. The point is if Schiff has this so called information why hasn’t he released it to the proper authorities? Couldn’t he be charged for with holding evidence? HMMMM!!!

    • Most have forgotten that the charge was a fake used as an insurance policy. A fake crime looking for a crime. First the DNC sabotaged Bernie…then this!!! Mueller ent for an interview to take over the FBI and was turned down then two days later appointed as special council. Muller is also covering is butt because he signed off on Uranium One with Hillary…If all the shoes drop it would be the end of the DEMS. They will do anything to end this. I dont understand how come intelligent people cant follow this. And this is only the tip of the spear! Adam Shiffff knows this!!!

      AFRAID OF?

      • The government hasn’t even finished releasing the Hillary emails yet. These things take time – let’s finish that first, then worry about the Mueller transcripts. Trump says he wants them released, but he doesn’t know what’s in them. They have to pass security clearances first.

      • Only the moronic; the malevolent and/or the Marxist myrmidon liars would dare accuse one of the world greatest entrepreneurs and capitalists a conspirator with the Russians whose COMMUNIST GENETICS are identical to the Godless democrat party. 3 of the 10 planks of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO were installed into the USA during the administration of Woodrow Wilson as just one example. Sciff is a manikin man whose brain is programmed to spout what Lenin called the “party line”. All he needs is a “forked tongue” to occasionally flicker out of his cesspool mouth when he fulminates.

      • Schiff has a good point. Why did the Trump people continue to lie ? Why did Trump and his people deny Russia swayed the election
        You can use Trumps own words to prove we was working wit j Russia . It goes on and on.

      • then give us all of obammas records that he has been hiding for the last 10 yrs both school as well as his real birth certificate and ss number.

      • Obama is posting here ?? Obama is the only Russian troll and Putin puppet who not only cowered to his boss Putin, but allowed him to cross lines and made promises to his ideological twin to expect more after he was re-elected, at a time when Obama didn’t have a snowball’s chance in purgatory because of his lousy economic recovery. Putin helped Obama to get re-elected and hoped to do the same for Hillary. Unfortunately for Putin he got Trump,who bombed Putin’s airbase in Syria and killed Russian soldiers the moment Putin allowed Assad al Bashar another chemical attack on his own people!!!

    • The really frightening thing is that he is touted as a Harvard Law graduate. Not only is he pushing a fake narrative, but he does not even know the law regarding Special Counsel report to the DOJ.

    Adam Schiff has got it!
    Hey Mr Schiff, wake up and smell
    the “”U R AN IDIOT””

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


      • the fact you refer to him as “Vladi” Putin lets me know right away that you are of Russian origin. Nice try, “Bambin-ochka”

      • Seriously? We are red blodded Americans that are tired of the lies and two tier system of justice. Get your head out of your ass or leave our country. There are many places that you would like better as in, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Cuba or just about any European country.

      • If Adam Schiff has knowledge of Russia/Trump collusion why is he hiding it? Why wouldn’t he want to yell it from the highest mountain? He is doing what he’s doing because he has a need to be noticed!!!

      • I’m at a lose for words. I can’t believe there are so many morons on the left. Schiff is as crazy as they come, yet the left continues to show how ignorant they are. Just lemmings blindly following the party over the clif.

  23. Adam Schiff has been accused of abusing and beating his homosexual black lover for years. Why has the LGBT and BLM been so silent about that? It has been totally swept under the rug. They even made fun of his accuser. In light of Schiff’s close association and friendship with Ed Buck It might not be so laughable. You remember Buck the Clinton and Democrat mega-donor who has had 2 gay black men turn up dead at his place – and a third who claims that Buck always insisted in shooting him up with meth before sex. Why is Buck still out on the streets? Like Feinstein’s little punk – Cosko – who doxxed a bunch of people – money equates a pass?

    • This is the first time I have heard that Adam Schiff is gay. So what! but the claim he has been abusive to his lover for years is something that should be investigated.

  24. Isn’t it hilarious how even in the face of truth, the demwits still can’t accept reality. It’s way past time to remove every one of them from office and put the vast majority of them where they belong, rubber padded jail cells.

  25. Adam Schiff, time to resign. The USA is not behind you and your abuses and lying. Step down now as requested. Are you afraid to take responsibility for reckless actions and do the right thing. Goodbye Adam Schiff.

  26. First of all if there were any collusion, the Russians didn’t need any help from the Trump campaign as they would have done it anyway without any help. If there was any collusion at all it would be in the Clinton campaign as Putin wanted her to win and NOT TRUMP the 2016 election as she would be an easy pushover. If think Hellary instead of Trump should be investigated for this and I bet something would be found that would implicate her.

  27. Adam Schiff is a major Criminal Democrat and must be removed from office he can never be trusted ever he has did nothing for American just like all the other Criminal Democrats all the world and All Americans know how bad the Democrats are they can not hide just a group of Cowards bums that do not do there Jobs ever. God Bless President Trump the greatest President America Has ever had. REMEMBER VOTE FOR TERM LIMITS CONGRESS SHOULD NEVER HAVE LIFE TIME JOBS EVER IT BREEDS CORRUPTION EVERYTIME. Adam Schiff’s sister is married to George Soro’s son a dirty connection.

  28. Adam Schiff is simply a Clown! Get him out of our Government for good! Who in the World would ever vote for this incompetent Boob? Send him home with his final paycheck … can you imagine this boob applying for a job in the real World?

  29. Schiff will never resign. He must be forced out by being indicted for obstruction and fraud and jailed. He is a narcissistic and egocentric fool who cannot even recognize the truth anymore. He will meet justice in the very near future.

    • His paycheck must be withheld immediately and watch him disappear immediately! Elementary my dear Watson, ELEMENTARY!

      • Hey Jack-ass I wish that Hellary would have won the 2016 election with totally open borders and maybe just maybe you might you and your two bit family might get shot up by a middle eastern terrorist thug that snuck across the Mexican border. In that case,good riddance to dirtbags like you.

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