Adam Schiff got slapped with one letter that could bring him down for good

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is the face of the coup to oust President Trump.

But now Adam Schiff has one major problem on his hands.

That’s because Adam Schiff got slapped with one letter that could bring him down for good.

Adam Schiff has been quarterbacking Nancy Pelosi’s fraudulent impeachment “inquiry” under the cover of darkness.

Schiff continues to work to hide the identity of the whistleblower who filed the complaint against the President and conducts hearings behind closed doors while selectively leaking tidbits that advance the impeachment narrative.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman also suppressed testimony that would exonerate the President.

Republicans had enough, and House Freedom Caucus Chairman and Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs fired off a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding she remove Schiff as chair of the Intelligence Committee.

Chairman Biggs wrote:

We request that you ask for the immediate recusal of Chairman Schiff as the head of this unauthorized impeachment inquiry. His interactions with the whistleblower make him a potential fact witness and his actions thus far have demonstrated that he is not qualified for this serious responsibility.

Prior to the filing of the complaint that led to the opening of this unauthorized impeachment inquiry, Chairman Schiff’s committee staff communicated with the whistleblower about the content of his complaint. According to reports, information from the whistleblower was then communicated to Chairman Schiff. The public knows little else about Chairman Schiff’s dealings with the whistleblower because Chairman Schiff has failed to disclose the interaction. When asked directly whether the committee had any contact with the whistleblower, Chairman Schiff lied and said no. In light of this, Chairman Schiff must be required to answer questions about his interactions with the whistleblower under oath, as he has proven that he cannot be trusted to be honest otherwise.

Biggs cited Democrats’ demand that then-House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes step back from leading the Committee’s investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax because Nunes met with a source in secret.

The Freedom Caucus Chairman’s letter cited this precedent and noted Schiff’s committee met behind closed doors with the so-called “whistleblower” and Republicans do not know the extent of their dealings.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Sent a letter! Wow! how scary! Really. This will take more than a letter. Maybe we should organize and march on to pelosi’s house. Oh! forgot she has a wall. Get the picture.

    • That is a nice comment to a miserable piece of human waste. Fire Him now He is not working for the people and why are We paying the habitual Liar?????

      • Wayne Baldock, How I wish WE could fire him but, his constituents will have to do that. Pelosi could remove him from his Chairmanship but, never will, she just said he was doing a wonderful job just the other day. He could be removed from his House seat only if proven he has been guilty of wrong doing. We know he has but, he has not been investigated or charged, so far….

  2. Schiff, like most of the Democrats, is a liar, traitor and an enemy of the United States! He needs to be arrested and tried for treason and other crimes against the American People. The Democrats are leading US into another Civil War and, if that happens they will pay a horrible price for their corruption and treason!

    • If Schiff is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee……then what the hell is the rest of the committee like? No mention or comments by… anyone else on the committee but him….why is that?

      • They are helping to save Schiff’s AZZ. For the last 2 years Schiff kept saying he had proof of Trump collusion but never said what it was. If he had it at all he should have brought it up at hearings, of which there were many. They are fishing for anything they can get Trump on to save the lies of the last 2 years of investigations.

  3. Schiff does not need to be slapped with a letter. He needs to be slapped with the firm hand across that stupid face of his. What a stupid loser. If there ever was a person that deserved to be put in prison then it would be this idiot. I have heard many people lie in my lifetime, but this guy takes the cake. This guy lies about his lies when he’s telling lies about all of his lies.

  4. I think a whistleblower with secondhand knowledge needs to come forward and report Schiff to DOD to have his security clearances revoked for lying. People like that shouldn’t have security clearances and definitely shouldn’t be allowed to Chair the House Intelligence Committee.

    • WillieNAZ, Excellent idea but, I wonder how much luck we would have getting a Democrat whistleblower affiliated with Joe Biden when he was VP (and probably ever since) to report Adam Schit to the DOJ for lying?
      Not much, if any, unfortunately! Correct that lowlife liars and leakers like old “Schit” should have no security clearance and no chairmanships! He should be in jail!
      What a gift to us if the whistleblower would turn him in for his criminal actions!

  5. Any and all responsible for fabricating data of crimes committed by Trump should be themselves charged with crimes against the genuinely cognizant patriots of this nation and executed for treason, as for those members of the Communist party guilty of aforementioned crime you can start with Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell, Tlaib and then of course you have the AG’s office with traitors like Rosenstein and then the top directors of the the CIA and FBI, Brennan, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok.

  6. MJ your an idiot, leave this great country if you dont like the way its being ran, and by one if not the best President this great nation has seen in my lifetime, which spans over 10 presidents. Trump has been sent to us by a force far greater than the dumbocrats has ever known. He is doing the work by the maker of this entire universe, and that you putz cant be beatin’ by no one.

      • Communist sleeper cell started back when FBI did the communist witch Hunt against good intentioned politically minded Americans, same as they do today.macarthiesm is spoken about concerning this violation to our citizens.if those people wasn’t then who was the FBI who won’t investigate no violations by the who else was a part of this sleeper cell who has stolen all our finances along with human trafficking our American children by children services creating divided we fall .it so much worse than we would want

  7. Is there one person who seriously believes Nancy Pelosi is ever going to remove Adam Schit or any other Dem controlled House chairperson? It hasn’t been two days since she spoke on national TV saying how proud she was of “her” chairpersons and what a wonderful job they are doing.
    Old Nancy is being controlled and any decisions being made will not be by her…..just saying!

  8. I’ve got a Good Short Rope that needs stretched out and Adam Shit is just the guy for the task . It’s only a short Drop , with a crack and then a Snap . Then Adam can dwell in Hell’s Kitchen , with the rest of the traitors and Liars !! That’s a happy ending

    • This has all be philosophized many year ago. Gods word tells us how it will be fixed.

      Matthew 24:37-39 King James Version (KJV)
      37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

      38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,

      39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

      The righteous will be spared the rest will perish. Praise father God.

  9. The entire democrat roster, plus the many RINOs need deportation. They are trying so hard to ruin this country that it is only right and fair, that they be expelled, less the fortunes the people of this country were swindled out of by PElOSI, WATERS, SCHIFF, SCHUMER, ETC, ETC. If the democrat’s don’t like it then too bad! They could always be imprisoned or executed, to save finances.

  10. You take just ONE look at this guy & if him being head of the INTELLIGENCE Committee doesn’t scare the HELL out of you, you need SERIOUS HELP !!! I don’t personally believe that the name Schiff & the word INTELLIGENCE even belong in the same thought…Just sayin’…….

    • bigger picture is they want to overthrow our republic the china troops already in CA obummer and biden sold us out and dems need to have military step in and arrest all these tratiors before they do this UN troops moving around and why trump stop them controlling the port but the CA leaders are not paying attention check out Commonsense show utube



  12. It’s time for awake and at the wheel Californians to kick out: Nancy Pelosi-a GRAVYTRAIN RIDER FOR TOO LONG, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters also a lifetime GRAVYTRAIN RIDER and of course the GREAT LIAR WITH A STRAIGHT FACE Adam Schiff! Perhaps getting rid of these DEADWEIGHT California may get back being GOLDEN STATE again? CALIFORNIA DREAMING!

  13. Adam Shit should be investigated. If you shake a tree something might fall out. The sleazy commiecrat party is nothing but a sewer.

    • There’s a team investigating pedophilia (I believe it’s Sessions and Huber – no, they did not go away). I believe Schitt’s name/Standard Hotel is at the top of the list. I want to see him pay for his crimes of treason, sedition, corruption but I think the pedo charges will put the nail in the coffin.

    • Wow kill all the us citizens through planned parenthood abortion, let all the illegals come in. Scream that the us is overpopulated. Who voted these idiots in?

    • No, OUR legal President has done nothing improper or illegal. The previous occupant ofv the WH should have been impeached. I understand, there was a problem with BHO jr., as difficult to impeach one illegal to be there!

      • R – Even Congress can’t name a specific charge. That’s because there isn’t one. Besides having every right as president to talk to other world leaders, they keep forgetting to mention the Treaty between the then President Clinton and the president of Ukraine. It is a written agreement for either or both to investigate corruption and other bad dealings. I don’t remember the name of the treaty but you can search U.S. and Ukraine treaty. That gives Pres. Trump a right to investigate crimes against America, including by his legal team. This is Bob’s wife.

      • F yourself and crawl back under the rock you live under tRUMP only cares for one thing his bank account look how he sold out the Kurds to his fellow autocratic leader of Turkey.

    • MJ take Your Sorry Ass to Iran and live because the dipshits You supporting are wanting to turn AMERICA in to that so take Your Dumb Ass on and leave Us Real Red Blooded AMERICAN’S Alone with Your Ignorant Rants

      • Then why don’t you take your stupid ass to Russia that sounds like where you belong and just in case you wonder I am as red blooded American as you are dip shit your dear leader wants to turn this country into a Kleptocracy.

        • MJ, No, what you are is the same old troll writing under yet another pen name! You are consistent, if nothing else! Has it occurred to you how much trouble you go to and fool very few people, if any! Were you born with dimished capacity or did you get a terrible brain trauma? Somebody probably gave you one too many head buts leaving you cuckoo! 🙂

  14. Did I miss the House vote to start an impeachment inquisition? Nancy standing in the House yelling FIRE, does not mean there is a fire. If she yells Collusion, does not mean there is collusion,etc.. There is no inquisition without a vote.

  15. It seems to me that both sides are playing the secrets game. There is a way to eliminate the problem. Make any and all “PUBLIC OFFICES”, a matter of public record. Put cameras and microphones in every one of them, record every conversation they have and publish the transcripts every week. After all, if they truly are public offices, then the public should be the oversight body for them. This crap of politicians being in charge of over seeing themselves, is a lot like giving the weasle the job of watching over the hen house. Or perhaps giving organized crime bosses the oversight job over the police. It really makes no sense at all to give government the right to police themselves. They work for us, so why are we always the last to know about everything?

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