Adam Schiff got some bad news about one arrest that he did not want to hear

Adam Schiff thought the impeachment hoax was behind him.

But Schiff thought wrong.

And now Adam Schiff got some bad news about one arrest that he did not want to hear.

United States Attorney John Durham announced the arrest of a Connecticut man for threatening the life of Adam Schiff.

The New York Times reported “the man, Robert M. Phelps, 62, of Torrington, Conn., used a meeting request form on Mr. Schiff’s congressional website to send the expletive-laden threats, which were made on Nov. 12, the eve of the first public impeachment hearing, according to a criminal complaint.”

Phelps allegedly made his threats against Schiff by using a contact form on the California Congressman’s official website.

“Prosecutors said that Mr. Phelps wrote, ‘I want to come and see you so I can spit in your face and I want to kill you with my bare hands and smash your sick little round fat lying face in. In the space where people can list their time preferences for a meeting,’ Mr. Phelps wrote, ‘Measure your coffin day,’ according to the criminal complaint,” The Times reported.

No elected official – or any American for that matter – should face threats of physical violence for their participation in the political process.

President Trump and his supporters routinely live under the reality that Democrats feel emboldened to issue whatever threats or even engage in acts of violence because of their hatred for the President.

That does not excuse the threats made against Schiff.

They were illegal and the accused is facing accountability.

President Trump and his supporters just wish Democrats who engaged in lawless threats of violence against conservatives faced the same consequences.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Who cares if he threatened Schiff through some website. Half of America wanted to do the same to Schiff and others that stand with him. I want to know how it’s not a crime to falsely accuse our duly elected President and then try to ram through an illegal impeachment behind close doors. Following that, Schiff lied as to what was in transcript and had it entered as a matter of record. Schiff and his cronies are some of the most criminal people on the planet. Schiff threatened to have our duly elected President removed illegally. He’s lucky all he got was a threat. He’s also lucky we have a compassionate president who is strong enough to let the Schiff roll off his back.Go Bless President Trump!!!

  2. I guess that Mr Durham is not working on the report. His main focus is protecting the individuals that tried to impeach the President. So I do not think that there is a report coming. It is slipping big time and a true fake. Funny feeling he is a part of the deep state. Bad news for the President and AG Barr…he is person of interest!!!!
    I hope that I am wrong. But it is so strange that he went after Mr. Phelps instead working on the report.

  3. By the way…..bad news about an arrest that had been made would have been that someone was let go due to insufficient evidence to convict. So the snakey headline that you guys use to lure people in is part of the fake news media that everybody is screaming about and you news sources should be fined for sensationalizing your stories….get it right or get away from it!

  4. Schiff obviously thinks hes above the law. Yet someone calling him down with rhetoric will be smacked silly. Seems schiffs got something coming to him sooner or later. That smirk that nancy, adam and chuck all wear need to be addressed at the polls and kick them out of the game for taunting.

  5. Just as Nero fiddled while Rome was burning, the Dems were impeaching our president while corona virus was infecting our planet.

  6. The dumbs are ALLOWED to do this under their “I am a dumbycrap so everything is allowable “section 8” clause of the dumbycrap immunity law

  7. I agree no-one should be threatening others, my issue where are the arrests of those that have publicly threatened this President. Cathy Griffin holding a mock served head of President Trump, Madonna threatening to blow up the White House, along with many, many others. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind and the scale balanced.

  8. If this arrest goes down Schumer better be arrested for his verbal threats he made. He should have been arrested already. I am not sure why! The only way this makes any sense is the double standards of Democrats. If it was a Republican that said what Schumer said they would be in jail now some does what Schumer did to 2 Federal Judges to Schiff and there going to Jail please explain

  9. Hmmm. So; they are going to prosecute this person for his threats against stupid head Schiff, but not do the same to Chuckie Schumer who did the exact same thing to 2 Supreme Court Justices. Why? Because Schumer is a Demonrat, and the Justices are Republicans who were appointed by Trump?

  10. I look at everything the FBI did with trumped up charges. The charges for them have all been dropped. What about threats made against the president, no arrests. John Durham who is working on the Mueller investigation, and currently no arrests. When will we start seeing justice, as this will not come from the FBI.

  11. Let us get rid of Schiff, Pelosi , The Gang from the House . They border on treason so stop it now before they really cause trouble.

  12. Comments are hilarious — thank you, ALL, for sharing your unique individual perspective.

    Schiff is just a puppet. Investigate and search for WHO is the real underlying puppeteer.

    The hypocrisy of Democrats is conditioned by manipulated outcome. Nothing organic — zombie mass control via political correctness, racism, gender exploitation, stereotypes.


    (Especially now, with the promotion of Biden whose increasing senility discounts his Presidential qualification.)

  13. Why is it O K , for the Democrats to encourage killing the police and the Republicans? Seems to me like double standards, maybe some of the Democrat Politician should face charges. They can Preach Hate and Race Baiting, but nothing is being done, Why? Adam is a piece of crap, but would not even make good Fertilizer. He should be in Prison for Treason. Vote Trump 2020 and Republican Forever.

  14. Amazing this threat was picked up by Durham and already being indicted. How about all the threats by the Democratic politicians who have openly voiced their threats of death to President Trump, not one of them have been brought before any justice system and seems only Democrats get protected like Schiffty.

  15. Schumer should be arrested, so should the Obama’s, the Clinton’s and anyone of the democrats, who have had their hand in all the lies regarding the “impeachment” hoax and every other lie told through the media, who have been paid of by Soros. And the enormous big rug under which the democrats have shoved all their dirt, should be removed and all the dirt should be exposed.

  16. And why shouldn’t Congress persons be arrested for telling their constituents to avoid any business that supported Trump if they want to have that Congress person’s continued support on issues? Isn’t that the kind of tactic the Mafia uses to get payments from businesses in return for “safety”. But the Feds went after the Mafia very strongly. Yet they do nothing against Congress persons who do the same things. (And that example was done by a Congresswoman from CA who is now supposed to be on Biden’s short list of VP candidates.)
    And how about Congrees persons who support and encourage the ones who push “he’s not my president”. If you are an American, he is your president, whether or not you like him. So isn’t pushing that concept, and implying what it could lead to a subtle form of treason? But no one is doing anything about it. Freedom of speech does not allow for treason. To express your opinion is granted by the Constitution, so to say how disappointed you are in who the president is, or that you are sad or angry that person won, is very different from denying a recognition of the fact that he/she IS the president. That rhetoric is what got us into the civil war. It threatens that there should be another person to declare themselves president. That’s what happened in Venezuela, because those opposed to Maduro had no way to vote him out of office. But in the US, we still have that ability, so we don’t need a revolution, we just need people to abide by the laws of the land: and those laws say the president IS the president by election.

  17. That’s only if a Republican or conservative judge gets threatened. Threaten a commiecrat and oh my God is coming. Different standard. Just suppose someone would have held up a bloody severed head that looked like Obama, like the bimbo on the tv show The View did. That person would never have seen the sun shine again.

  18. As I understand if you get arrested and tell the judge you were experiencing your legal and constitutional right to making a POLITICAL STATEMENT the judges hands are tied and must set you free.
    But you must say those words. I was making Political statement.

  19. Food for thought. If you SAY something and get arrested and you state you were exercising your Legal constructional right to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT the judges hand are tired and must set you free as I understand the rules to be.

  20. Why are not the demoncrats and Hollywood held by the same standard for threatening President Trump? And also for all the lies and even Pelosi for telling the demon rats to make up lies about him, then the news media will pick it up and then they will be able to repeat it because it was on the news.

  21. I won’t want to have the issue of having to grow eyes in the back of my head at such a late stage like Schiff, Vindman & Ciaramella. But that just goes along with the job of being a worthless snitch…

  22. What about Pete fondew Jane dirtbags brother wanted to kiddap barren Trump and moleste him. Glad. He’s on the highway to hell note he’s waiting for slutbag jane

  23. What’s the difference between what this man did compared to wh Shummer did there’s is no difference. But this man is going to jail and I doubt Shummer will get anything

  24. While Adam Schiff himself does not show the respect and decorum that his office requires, violence and threats are NOT the answer. Hey, Dems! This is how these type of statements are done right. Take notice and do this the next time Antifa gets out of line. I denounce the threat of violence that this person’s statements imply. He was wrong to send such a message and must face the consequences of his actions.

  25. Yeah ans what about the threats the democrats have made to President Trump? Hollywood actors? Madonna saying she wants to blow up the white house? Schumer’s threats against the SCOTUS? Tired ofthe double standard with these democrats. Do as I say, do not so as I do!!!

  26. Tell inspector Durham the guy was only kidding like Adam was kidding when he told the World on National Television “His Version” of President Donald Trump’s phone Call to the President of Ukraine ! (just a Parody) And What about SChmuck Schumer’s threats to two Supreme Court Judges ? When will he be arrested ?

  27. If there not going to arrest Chuck Schumer for threatening the two supreme court justices (Brett Kavanaugh Neil Gorsuch) they should not arrest anyone. Otherwise we would have a two tier justice system.

  28. That guy who made the threat was arrested. WHEN are we going to hear of Chuckie being arrested for making the threat to those two Supreme Court Justices? He even named their names!! And WHEN are we going to hear of Maxie Waterbuffalo being arrested for inciting her low-IQ supporters to “get in the faces” of Trump supporters? That is inciting others to commit acts of violence!!!

  29. Schiff is the worst instigator of all! Democrats, of course, are considered special – but Republicans who have been threatened, I guess, it’s just a bad day at the office!

  30. I would like to know why Anybody in this country can make false Unfounded accusations against my president and get away with at the taxpayers expense, The last I heard it’s in the neighborhood of 60 million dollars that they have spent trying to discredit Trump, And they wonder why some people in this country are totally fed up with the political system that the democrats have created they seem to say that they can Distort our constitution And not be accountable for their actions, Personally I do not condone violence but I really have this urge to eliminate Adam and Pelosi, Who do not belong in the garden of Eden, As an American that is tread up with these people and the same is it they say and do without any accountability I wanna sue them For defamation of character and spending taxpayer dollars frivolously on political agendas that they create themselves and they seemed to think That they can do this without any criminal charges brought against them, It seems very unfair That I cannot make up lies and false accusations against them and not be accountable for if I wish to do that then I would be visiting some federal prison For a very long time probably and I ask you what difference is a Communist country Compare it to the democratic Political system In this country so I ask you once again How can you blame someone for wanting to kill the vile Greed and corruption that the democrats are Swimming in I like to say that all of them are not like that But the ones that have power in Washington seem to think that they’re above the law and they continue to carry on their agenda without any oversight or punishment, And so I feel very sorry for this person that has these feelings towards these people that are trying to kill my president, They should be taking lessons from him as hes been the best president we’ve ever had and he cares about the American people and our troops more than anybody else has ever, It is working extremely hard to keep America great, So yes I agree let’s eliminate the vile greed and corruption On both sides of the aisle. Oh yes one other thing I won’t hurt my feelings 1 bit if this gentleman from Connecticut eliminates Adam, He would be doing a great public Service!!!

  31. I am not worried about old shifty! God will take care of him because the Word of God states that God hates an unrepentant liar. Now that being said, who believes that Adam is going to get away with his shifty sneaky

  32. Where is the “bad news for Schiff in this article? I hate these bait and hook headlines that are completely opposite of the narrative. Starting to be just like the losing left MSM.

  33. Perhaps a bit extreme for a conservative but wakes up many minds to wonder why Chuckle Schoo- mer wasn’t arrested on the steps of the Supreme Court where he chose to publicly threaten the lives of two sitting Supreme Court Justices.


  35. It just proves that some Congressmen, and women are above the law. I’m not saying the guy doesn’t need to be arrested, but fair is fair, and the law is the law. Not just for us plain old citizens that pay taxes, but for the ones that our taxes pay their paychecks for life. If the guy has a good lawyer he should bring this up in court and ask “WHY ARE THEY ABOVE THE LAW”?????

  36. It seems that “nobody is above the law” except the Democrats”…They never have to account for what they do or say…

  37. Now chucky scummer should be arrested. I find chucky and shifty despicable, but they are the only ones allowed to threaten people. Mad Maxine Waters calls for violence. Lock’em Up!!!!

  38. Now Crying like a B*TCH Chuckie Schumer can threaten Supreme Court Judges but American people better NOT do the exact same thing??? Why sn’t Schumer arrested as well????

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