Adam Schiff heard one answer that made him realize this giant regret

Adam Schiff conducted a secret witch hunt to impeach Donald Trump.

Now Americans are getting to read the transcripts of the testimony Democrats gathered.

And Adam Schiff heard one answer that made him realize this giant regret.

The Democrats are building their impeachment case around the idea that Donald Trump attempted to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden by withholding nearly 400 million dollars in military aid.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media claim the witness testimonies back up an allegation of a “quid pro quo.”

European Union Ambassador Gordan Sondland was one of the key players in this series of events.

Sondland, along with former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, were apparently running Ukraine policy for the Trump administration.

Under questioning from Republican counsel, Sondland admitted there was no quid pro quo linked to the military aid.

Breitbart reports:

When he was asked by the Republican counsel, “To the best of your knowledge, do you know about any preconditions on the aid?” he responded, “No.”

“There were a lot of rumors swirling around as to why the aid had been held up, including they wanted a review, they wanted Europe to do more. There were all kinds of rumors,” he added.

He said he called the president on September 9, 2019, to find out what he wanted from Ukraine.

“He said: ‘I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.’ And I said: ‘What does that mean?’ And he said: ‘I want him to do what he ran on.’ And that was the end of the conversation.”

If anyone would know if there was a quid pro quo it would be Sondland.

Unlike the other witnesses in Schiff’s rigged witch hunt, Sondland actually spoke to the President.

And the President flat out stated he wanted nothing in return for the military aid.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.