Adam Schiff heard one answer that made him realize this giant regret

Adam Schiff conducted a secret witch hunt to impeach Donald Trump.

Now Americans are getting to read the transcripts of the testimony Democrats gathered.

And Adam Schiff heard one answer that made him realize this giant regret.

The Democrats are building their impeachment case around the idea that Donald Trump attempted to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden by withholding nearly 400 million dollars in military aid.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media claim the witness testimonies back up an allegation of a “quid pro quo.”

European Union Ambassador Gordan Sondland was one of the key players in this series of events.

Sondland, along with former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, were apparently running Ukraine policy for the Trump administration.

Under questioning from Republican counsel, Sondland admitted there was no quid pro quo linked to the military aid.

Breitbart reports:

When he was asked by the Republican counsel, “To the best of your knowledge, do you know about any preconditions on the aid?” he responded, “No.”

“There were a lot of rumors swirling around as to why the aid had been held up, including they wanted a review, they wanted Europe to do more. There were all kinds of rumors,” he added.

He said he called the president on September 9, 2019, to find out what he wanted from Ukraine.

“He said: ‘I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.’ And I said: ‘What does that mean?’ And he said: ‘I want him to do what he ran on.’ And that was the end of the conversation.”

If anyone would know if there was a quid pro quo it would be Sondland.

Unlike the other witnesses in Schiff’s rigged witch hunt, Sondland actually spoke to the President.

And the President flat out stated he wanted nothing in return for the military aid.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I didn’t know he wanted dead or alive? If there is a bounty, you would think someone would have gotten him by now. Anyway, he will pay for his crimes. If not in this world, then for eternity. It will really suck to be him when Jesus returns if he doesn’t repent.

  2. Toni, okay, so English is not important to you. Not knowing simple English shows lack of intelligence. But, then, it is no longer taught in public schools, so I can understand that you do not know it. No need to be embarrassed over someone correcting you. And I was being respectful. I did not call him names. It was meant to teach. But guess you would rather remain uneducated.

  3. Inclined to agree with you. Folks carry on over the small things. And the big picture gets lost. I an not a fan of the cussing…name calling which used to be signature for the left because they had no real answers to their complaints. So they just called anyone that didn’t agree with them names. I don’t want to see that happen with the right. But sometimes it does. And now, people are just mad. They are reacting out of that emotion. It’s understandable…but keep the emotions in check. Vote in 2020. Vote loud and strong. And have grace for one another. We are all under this cloud right along with our president. They are going after him… because that’s how they intend to go after us.

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t think bug-eyed Schiff will ever go under oath. He could not deal with the exposure that will convict him, and he will be protected form it.

  5. Black people ruined America. We should have never brought them over here.
    Every time we let in other races and cultures our country gets ruined.
    Black should stay in Africa where they came from, and Muslims should go back to their countries, and Mexicans back where they belong too. Get rid of all these people that ruin America.

  6. Democrats know there was no collusion with the Russians and they also know that there is no evidence to impeach Trump. This is simply a matter of hate.

    “When the female wasp injects her egg into the living caterpillar, the egg hatches and consumes the living caterpillar from the inside out.”

    This is the virus of hate that Democrats have inside them…and is identical to the virus of hate that Palestinians have.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)


  8. Warm milk was plentiful from her undulating breasts, round and firm and fertile, ready to feed the newborn that will inherit the earth in the name of Mohammed our savior and the only prophet of Allah Amen! Peace be upon them that swear allegiance to Allah and let him smite those who do not ahahahahahahahaha

  9. Where were all these Democrats who cared so much about the Ukraine receiving
    these weapons of self defense when the Russians were actually attacking the
    Ukraine with tanks and soldiers and asked for these weapons from Obama to
    defend themselves, Obama was pissing his pants because he had to make a decision
    so he did what only a coward can do, he sent food instead of guns, while ukranian
    soldiers were killed, he sent food instead of defensive weapons to protect lives.
    We see what the Democrats are here in the USA, cowards, little kittens in a world
    of tigers and Lions. Now we have a president who is BULL ELEPHANT who is big and
    stgrong enough and most importantly NOT A COWARD. Obama gave 150 billion dollars
    to Iran to be used against Americans and civilians Iran used that to buy weapons
    to conquer other countries. Democrats want to take down a sitting president for
    400 milion dollars worth of equipment. Throw the Democrats out of any office
    I mean local city state and National offices. Let people who LOVE this country
    take control and make American lives better and not our enemies

  10. Compare the Democratic Party of today with the Political Party of the 1960s Soviet Union. To myself, they have the same value of veracity in everything they do or say. In effect, they SHAME the political party they replaced, the Party of John F. Kennedy.

  11. Felon Adam Schiff is operating on a secret undemocratic scheme with false witnesses and fake information for the Coup against the Presidency. It would be nothing more than mythology and lies that will be exposed in the future in President Trump’s Second Term. This felon and many others will be exposed in this second term to go the Federal Prison.

  12. In the past, I have wasted so much energy and time voicing my opinions and arguing the greatness of President Trump to his many mindless detractors, who seduce us to focus on personal outrage, angry name-calling and such, instead of expending our energies and resources on activities and projects that will help get our President reelected. Now when I am outraged by the likes of the RedMan, I write a quick email to my State Senators making it clear what I feel must be done to counter the Progressives. After clicking SEND, I feel such satisfaction knowing that I have not been conned into wasting my energies, but instead have been motivated by the insanity of the left to voice myself to those who can do something about our country’s problems. Sometimes I send another contribution to President Trump hoping that my small contribution will help reelect one of the best presidents we have ever had. May I suggest that this is the best possible way to respond to the many mindless Progressives who clog our web sites with vitriol.

  13. The democraps are one big FUBAR.
    They don’t know if their a$$ is drilled, bored or punched.
    They have wasted so much time and energy and money on this whole $chitt show to try and remove a President that is doing good and right for this country for the first time in a long time.
    Do you realize what all else could have been done for the country if they would have tried and co operated just a little. Yea the democrats are the CANCER in this country. I see that more clearly now and I’ve been a registered Democrat for over forty years.
    We The People Have Had It!

  14. Sedition is the correct word as to what happened. The are fortunate to be charged with Contempt of Court. Everyone is forgetting co equal branches of government that includes the Judiciary. Shakespeare “thou dost protest too much. DNC and Obama officials one word says it all: FIE!


  16. And your mind is scattered throughout multiple dimensions and your opinions mean less than nothing.

  17. You and your seriously twisted thinking have no sway here vanish you component of a terminal viral pandemic plague you and your type are killing our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic.

  18. The only justice for Schiff is a shaft impaling him, where is Vlad when you need him, no I am not referring to Putin.

  19. SICKMAN. You were doing so well earlier. What happened? Too much Fire water? Back in the cultural marxist dirtbox again. So sad.
    You go to leftist sites & troll them with conservative comments under another name don’t you. But you got it mixed up & put a conservative troll meant for leftists onto a conservative site. That is 7yr old psychotic arrested development in action.

  20. Laughing atyou, T. Bell, and Robert J Angelo: Let little man spout his garbage and just ignore him. He eventually goes away for a little while. 🙂

  21. This subject matter is getting Way 0ld & Quite Boring.
    Dems really Are Stupid. So is news media. They Keep 0n & 0n,
    pumping krAAP. America gets 0n w. their Lives. So Does
    POTUS, Doing Good Ev’ry Day !!!

  22. And what part is Soros playing in all of this..shifty better be prepared to take a fall. Maybe he will from a 40 story building.. pushed by suicide.. we need to go deeper than Shift to see why there is so much pressure to get rid of the best president ever..

  23. Americans don’t know how to get angry with the Dems, they act like Alfred E. Neumans when they should be bailing out the boat that the Dems have drilled so many holes in.
    Hopefully when the Senate conducts THEIR hearing and puts ALL the witnesses under oath, (including Adam Schiff) and the Inspector General’s reports comes out with referrals for prosecution and then the U.S. Attorney comes forth with indictments, and the AG has his hands full prosecuting so many Dems, there will be a different tune being sung. THEN THE DEMS WILL TAKE TO THE STREETS TO RIOT AND WE NEED TO E PREPARED UNITL PRES. TRUMP PUTS FEDERAL TROOPS TO RESTORE ORDER…….Until that time the MS-13 gangs will continue to rape and murder (with the cheering of the Dems), and the Drug Cartels, (with the help of the Obama cdrews) will continue to make us look like the dopes we have been

  24. Does it bother anyone all $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ wasted and not tending to new USMCA etc etc etc as in representing the needs of we the constituents? I’d soon call air-strike on their asses!!!!!!!!! YeS pissed off!

  25. Schiff is the most disgusting jackass out there ! A little man with a smaller brain, moronic in nature. Obscured by design. unnoticed a ghost amongst the human race. Sorry now let’s say something nice ……….! Oooo I give up, and demoncrates thought he was a good choice to run intelligence committee “oxymoron” like Kennedy said to pelosi It must suck to be that stupid.

  26. Oh for gosh sakes. Stop correcting how others speak or write as long as they are not cursing & just making a statement. Grow up & be respectful of others. Unless you have NEVER used an improper word or phrase in your life, you need to refrain from embarrassing others & trying to show how “perfectly spoken” you are. This is not a report for a newspaper or a college thesis. These comments are generally typed in a hurry. No need to have to go over every word to make sure it is “proper”. I see this done so often & it needs to stop.

  27. Schiff is a political hack. He is just a jealous, hateful, envious, moron who thinks that he, along with the other democrats, can bully, manipulate, cajole, strong arm….us into believing their lies and manipulations for their own power. The democrats ONLY care about themselves keeping and promoting THEIR OWN positions of power which = MONEY. They also delusionally believe that only they KNOW what is ‘best’…..which is really only what is ‘best’ for themselves!

  28. julio, you just show your sick hate and ignorance every time you come here. Your name-calling shows how weak and immature you are. GROW U!!!! Pres. Trump is far from weak and he is a GREAT president. But you are too ignorant to understand the truth.

  29. These idiots that prolong this phony act they are play should be required to pay back every cent they have pissed away on this total nonsense.

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