Adam Schiff is about to admit the most humiliating defeat of his life

For three years Adam Schiff peddled lies and conspiracy theories about Donald Trump colluding with Russia in the 2016 election.

Now Schiff has to face the music.

And Adam Schiff is about to admit the most humiliating defeat of his life.

After a year long standoff, the House Intelligence Committee led by Adam Schiff is finally set to release 53 secret witness transcripts from the committee’s Russian collusion investigation.

Acting Director of National Intelligence Rikc Grenell finally put Schiff on the spot saying that if Schiff didn’t release the transcripts his office would.

“I urge you to honor your previous public statements, and your committee’s unanimous vote on this matter, to release all 53 cleared transcripts to Members of Congress and the American public as soon as possible,” Grenell wrote.

“I am also willing to release the transcripts directly from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, as to ensure we comply with the unanimous and bipartisan vote to release the transcripts,” Grenell added.

Adam Schiff tried to spin his defeat by trying to shift the blame to the White House and pretending like it was Schiff that fought for transparency.

“After more than a year of unnecessary delay, the ODNI has finally concluded its protracted classification review of the Committee’s transcripts, and it also appears the White House has now abandoned its improper insistence on reviewing key transcripts, which the Committee appropriately rejected,” an Intelligence Committee spokesman exclaimed.

But make no mistake the release of the transcripts will represent a massive defeat for Adam Schiff.

The release of these transcripts will show once and for all that Adam Schiff was lying when he said he had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion because all the witness transcripts will show that the committee came up empty on that front.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Put this lying bug in confinement at a top confinement facility , for life. no chance of release. Then all people of his company.

  2. ADAM SCHIFF is a predator, a LIAR, a THIEF, a TREASONOUS TRAITOR, a QUISLING that should be punished per the Constitution. Predators by land or sea would leave NO SCHIFF behind or his head can roll, & roll …..

  3. So the transcript prove Schiff lied for 3 years. No one will ever again believe anything this man says. He tried to spin it that Trump held back transcripts which is stupid since transcripts PROVE TRUMP WAS RIGHT HE DID NOT COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA. You just can’t ignore the ignorance of Schiff.

  4. Adam Schiff should be removed from congress. He typifies the corruption in our government. He is not alone as a corrupt government in a position. Their power goes to their head as they believe they are better than the average American.

  5. Let us not forget that the AOC CLAN
    also needs to go and not be in congress anymore. THEY dont kmow their arse from a hole in the ground.

  6. Time for him to go to prison, he lied to Congress and the American people. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂😂😂💩💩

  7. Political correctness, race, age, gender. Devises of bullying. Do not allow Communist China to corrupt. They use untraceable benefits (tuition, medical, mortgages, gift cards) to corrupt persons. Note: Comrades Schiff, Pelosi, Comey, Newsom. Communist China seeks to divide and conquer using the fake media, disinformation, propaganda. Honor America, freedom, and, truth. God trumps unGodliness.

  8. James of the 75th…

    Brother I do understand… As a Fellow OATH KEEPER.. We will do whats right when the time comes, and orders given by POTUS.. Honor to the 75th Regiment.. 12 years of Navy here..

  9. How do you tell when Adam Schiff is lying? His lips are moving. That has been a reliable indicator so far.

  10. There is only one word that applies to nearly all of the lying, corrupt, dogs in the demoncrap party. You all know it. Let that word be shouted from the rooftops. TREASON!!! And apply the only appropriate penalty…….

  11. FINALLY, AFTER OVER THREE YEARS OF LYING!!! What’s SO funny, we KNOW the majority of what’s in these papers already. BUT, the people who watch and listen to CNN, MSNBC, RACHAEL, THE VIEW, THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD get all of the PROOF IN WRITING that THEY have been lied to about. What’s even more interesting…there’s SO MUCH MORE TO COME!! Welcome to the REAL world.

  12. People it’s all a Broadway Show… It’s an election year ( HELLO ).. Corruption IS WASHINGTON D.C. Period…. No matter what country any one lives in the Government CONTROLS ALL… Decades upon Decades in this Country the ELITES are doing what they will for themselves and friends… MAKING BILLIONS while the SMELLY WALMART American’s try to keep alive… They DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU PERIOD!!!!” No matter who you vote for… In the long run they MAKE MILLIONS!!! While you make MINIMUM WAGE…..I served 37yrs in State and Federal Law Enforcement… Retired Federal Supervisory Agent… THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN…The ELITE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you President Trump and all the other honest Senate. At last, the truth comes out by the Pelosi degenerates who huddled together for years to spend our money on their parties, travel, and booze. Schumer, Pelosi, Schitt should be the first tried for treason and put in jail for life. Pelosi thinks she is someone remarkable when she is just a sick woman with a shady background with her lovers. It’s time she pays for her treason. That’s my personal opinion.

  14. Adam Schiff and Pelosi. You need to understand lieing to the people is against the peoples rights and lieing under otha you should leave now .4

  15. What the Democratic leaders have done is nothing less than treason and should be treated as such. They use these games to take the American eyes off what their real agenda is. They need to be voted out of office and tried for the treason at once.

  16. Adam Schiff will never face one day of jail time. Because he is part of the DEEP STATE. As much as I would love to see this LIAR in jail for all the lies he has been throwing. What you people don’t understand is that the DEEP STATE will take care of their own

  17. Look at the above picture of joe biteme. Does he look weird? Kinda like “what me worry”. What an oblivious demented senile old fool he is. How can any one even think about voting for him for President of the USA?
    As far as the sicko from Hollyweird/Burbank congressional district, one can only hope and pray the voters there wake up and see what a lying degenerate gay child molester he is and send him on his way. After the election or maybe even before, he can be arrested, tried, convicted and jailed for the rest of his miserable life. I’m sure we can find a nice prisoner named Bubba to look after him in jail.

  18. Where’s all the liberal scum? No Trump bashing side step? I guess its hard to breathe when we have you by the throat.


  20. We need to take this liberal Dirt Bag Shift for brains, bring him to Alcatraz throw him in a cell and weld the door shut! Give him one with a window over looking San Francisco !

  21. Obama and his crew will go down in history as the most corrupted administration in our history.People get smart and vote all the low life democrats out of power this November

  22. It is time to get the people in the “Democratic Criminal Clan” = DCC to be taken to court and tried and convicted. Put it in a court system that the “People” of the USA can hear the evidence and make a “REAL Decision” to find these DCC people guilty and then sentence them to 50 + year – Our duty to the citizens of the UUS is to demand “Term Limits 2”. Way too many people are in power just for power and control. (1) on the term in the House of Representatives gets a pension starting at $70,000 per year. Put them on a 401K program like the rest of us. Tell Nancy to pay her own booze bills – $150K per year – all on the tax players. Washington is out to screen the rest of Americans for their own personal benefit. Bidens son, takes a trip on US Government Airplane and gets a ton of money for doing nothing. Get all of this out on the table and let the people of the USA be the decision-makers – Guilty or Not Guilty- – 12 people agree – guilty- then the go immediately to jail for 40 years. They also have to defend themselves.

  23. I guess the reason democrats voted for Schiff is they like being lied to, and told false promises.

  24. It is time to put “shifty lying Schiff” in an orange jump suit and throw away the key. Others to follow real soon!!!

  25. Schiff got on TV NIGHT AFTER NIGHT claiming he had PROOF that Trump colluded with the Russians and every single transcript(I HAVE READ EVERY SINGLE ONE)SAID that NO evidence of collusion exists!! BUT Shiff and CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS ran with that evidence. Now we know SHIFF AND THE OTHERS LIED TOP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR 3 YEARS. No apologies and needed Shiff, you and the others need to be PROSECUTED JUST LIKE FLYNN WAS AND BANKRUPTED..Democraps are the party of lies AND TREASON

  26. Schiff is a Communist Chinese mole. Paid in benefits, not monies (traceable). Communist China has corrupted the government at the highest levels due to greed and selfishness. Biden is the choice weak puppet. Investigate son Hunter Biden with ties to the Communist Bank of China.

  27. Schiff, Pelosi, House Representatives are lazy hypocrites. All paid from taxpayers, but do nothing. No work during ridiculous impeachment. No work since COVID-19 shutdown. No American work ethic. Slugs.

  28. that smirk he wears need to be shoved into his skull sideways! hes a miserable excuse of a man! maybe years put away would fix his problem… i know itd fix ours by putting this traitor away!

  29. He’s not going to admit anything. However, he will probably blame the president stating that he was sit up. However, Schiff is the one to set people up. He will lie and never, bbbut never, admit the truth.

  30. it was not only Schiff that should be put on trial, you start
    with Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, Nadler Holder, Comey, Brennan Clapper
    Pelosi, Schummer. Waters, Feinstein, Rosenthal etc etc, it was the
    whole Obama administration that was corrupt, I would also include
    the media is the most corrupt we have seen in decades. The Democratic
    party is a party of corruption liars and criminals and the only reason
    they are not in jail is because of the protection of Office and connections. Far worse than the Nixon admin because he withheld evidence but the Obama admin created lies to persecute and prosecute
    Trump associates and cabinet members. OMG I forgot the biggest criminal of all Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill

  31. I will volunteer to turn on the juice when Schiff is electrocuted. He is the worst politician in a century and is just one of many dem traitors that need to be booted out of office and esconced in the closest federal prison. He lies every time his lips move and takes a ten minute break from a hearing so that he can leak his typical BS. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Waters, Brennan and Clapper will be the next to go.

  32. schiff, pelosi,schumer and anyone involved in this coup attempt need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.After being found guilty they shouldn’t have the luxury of a jail cell for life,but EXECUTED on the front yard of the White House by hanging by the neck until dead

  33. Too obvious, this is one of MANY corrupt liars in the Liberal party. But, remember, they somehow get voted in. And by who? IDIOTS!

  34. Adam Schiff has done more to expose liberal democrats corruption than Swalwell did by farting on national television. Just sayin.

  35. If the people in Adam Shi&t’s district don’t dump him in November they are insane. The same for Nancy Pukosi.

  36. Adam Schiff needs his head chopped off for being a lying liberal!!! Free speech is fine but when your a chronic liar its time to make that little sissy pay dearly!! With his life!!

  37. Fact: Leaked video will not shut down Democratic Party or any other party.
    Fiction: Subject on leaked video.

  38. Adam Schiff must face justice for his crime of High Treason. Either the military firing squad or hanging is appropriate. Good riddance to a treasonous pos!

  39. Pencil Neck Adam Schiff was on CNN for months (it seemed like years) proclaiming President Trump was “guilty of colluding with Russia in the 2016 election”, and now it’s coming out as a total lie, the ultimate fake news. Schiff should resign from office, I can’t imagine who would respect this man and he certainly has no right to be a congressman. His impeachment effort was also a complete failure.

  40. This “IDIOT” swims in the same waters as PELOSI, WATERS, SWALLWELL, HARRIS and the Democratic Governor of Califorinia. There “WHOLE ENTIRE LIVES” are a huge JOKE on CALIFORNIA, they only ones who support them are from NORRYWOOD! I think just MAYBE the regular citizens of CA will wake up in 2020!! I HOPE SO!


  42. I would like to see Schiff interrogated in front of congress the same way Peter Strzok, and Robert Mueller, and Brett Kavanaugh were. I would like to see him asked to explain every lie he spoke. Is that too much to ask?

  43. I’ll believe this when I see it, but this pompous arrogant prevaricator needs to be indicted, prosecuted and publicly embarrassed. Oh, and Julio wasn’t it BHO who told Medvied that he would be more flexible after the election and wasn’t it HRC who gave away 20% of our uranium to the Russians. But I guess CNN or MSDNC didn’t report that.

  44. Folks this surely proves schiff has and continues his attempted coo and Treason can’t wit for his indictments, guilty verdicts and his televised sentence carried out via lethal injection since one of the Demscum’s new laws in the past 3 years they snuck thru was they can’t be hanged! I guess they new down deep they were likely to face capitol punishment for their crimes

  45. You want to drive Schitt crazy – put him in jail 2 cells away from his butt buddy Ed Buck.

  46. did trump say, “Russia, if you are listening…?” I consider that collusion.

  47. Michael Price is right, their running around like chickens with their head cut off trying to deep six and forge documents. Grenell should have sent a team of his own intelligence team and Capital police officers to seize the records.

  48. Adam Schiff has broken the law and as he has said previously ” no one is above the law”!

  49. You can be assured that the Main-Stream-Propagandists will avoid any reports on this. Hide, deny, obfuscate, lie and distort. When these are disclosed I want to read the transcripts not hear/read/watch what the media wants me to believe. Get Schiff and the rest of the lying terrorists in Congress, FBI, CIA, DOS, DOJ, IRS etc. we need a complete house cleaning of everyone who tried to overthrow a duly elected President.

  50. Grenell needs to release the transcripts rather than waiting for Schiff to do so. Schiff will find a way to change the content of the transcripts to hide key information contained within them if he has hasn’t done so all ready. And the CRIMINAL Schiff must be removed from the Intelligence committee as soon as possible as well. Look at what he is doing, the same type BS as before the same way as before. Mark my words, Schiff won’t stop trying to formulate another coup against President Trump.

  51. Will we see the corruption house start to throw each other under the bus? SCHIFF is started to shake all over!! Big Bubba asking for a private cell with him!

  52. Schiff knew he had NOTHING! But wanted to impressed the left-wing media and Liberal fool! So he could be the next BIG CONGRESSMAN! Only he can’t stop LYING! He knows that the DEMOCRAT PARTY is CORRUPTION! It was show the day TRUMP ASKED CUMMINGS TO EXPLAIN WERE WAS THE FEDERAL FUNDS FOR BALTIMORE GOING? But Cummings didn’t tell! But he DIED! SO WHO KILL CUMMINGS WITH POISONING HIM?

  53. I always thought that the reason the dems are so vicious and corrupt is that the crimes committed during and after the election of 2016 lead right up the ladder to the highest positions in the Obama Bin Laden administration! Even the president himself!! I hope this movement by this group finally peels away the many layers of corruption that exists not only to take control but to protect public servants at the highest levels!1

  54. It is time to put Schiff behind bars and hopefully, it will go right on up the line for all the other “offenders” who keep trying to overthrow the best President we have ever had!!

  55. Why did anyone ever think Schiff would release the transcripts on his own? Don’t you understand dems are this way by nature.

  56. Adam is a proven loser even after swearing that he would get Trump. Don’t worry, retard joe won’t win either.

  57. He will not release it! Grenell will have to do it and expose the plot in taking down a duly elected President and I want to see a prosecution of Schiff for lying to Congress which is a felony. Jail time!

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