Adam Schiff is sweating bullets after Fox News exposed this one crime that could end him

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt suffered a massive defeat.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s big gamble backfired.

And Adam Schiff is sweating bullets after Fox News exposed this one crime that could end him.

Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was one of the Democrats’ star witnesses.

Yovanovitch was an Obama loyalist fired by President Trump because she engage in a partisan smear campaign against the President.

But Yovanovitch claimed she was fired because Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani wanted her gone so he could proceed with his supposedly rogue plan to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden through withholding military aid.

But it turns out Yovanovitch was just another partisan hack colluding in secret with Adam Schiff’s staff.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Before the contents of the whistleblower complaint were known publicly, a Democratic congressional staffer contact the former American ambassador to Ukraine to discuss what the staffer described as ‘quite delicate and time sensitive questions,’” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusively reported.

“This show has obtained exclusively an email for that Democratic staffer for the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent by private email to the former American ambassador Marie Yovanovitch,” Carlson continued. “Yovanovitch, you know, is a key player in the Democrats’ impeachment probe and was recalled from her post in Ukraine by President Trump in May 2019 following allegations of serious partisanship and political bias…

…“That email was sent on August 14, that was two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed and a month before that complaint became public,” Carlson stated. “The whistleblower, however, went to Adam Schiff’s team before filing the complaint.”

To makes matters worse, Yovanovitch appeared to lie under oath to Congressman Lee Zeldin when asked if she responded to the email.

Yovanovitch is set to be one of the star witnesses at Adam Schiff’s televised impeachment hearings.

But this alleged perjury will now become the central focus of Yovanovitch’s testimony.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




    • Sue what you say is all true. But, the way you are saying it makes you sound like a democrat. That is the way they talk. Just calm down and you can get your point across so much better.

      • Its not the right that is deprived of wisdom, but the left – I’ve watched it happen over a period of years, Pull yourself together! Are you demonic, doing the devil’s will and calling it good?

      • Deep state you haven’t seen anything yet. We are tired of your damned lies. We will never back down from you commie bastards. You commiecrats are the most deplorable assholes ever. Your deep state shadow government will never rule over us patriots. So go eat shit.

        • F——-g cowards, the lot of you. You have the audacity to call yourselves Patriots, which is ludicrous. You are a bunch of xenophobes, racists,and conspiracy addled Christians, who justify their intolerance through the word of God. Send in the clowns.

          • Kevin go jerk off. You are so full of tension. All of your charges of racism ect. has no merit. Perhaps you don’t carry a communist membership card, you are a communist sympathizer. Today’s democrats are Marxist as hell. You need to go get help. People like you are totally crazy.

          • To all of you f—k faces, Roger Stone was just found guilty on all seven counts of lying to Congress, and joins a long line of indicted conspirators, serving time, pointing to one man And one man only, Donald Trump. Trump also tweeted in real time intimidating a witness while the impeachment inquiry was underway. Get your heads out of your asses, and try to salvage a modicum of self respect, or go jerk off.

        • That means I could put a bullet through that little pea brain from a thousand yards. Lee Harvey was a sharpshooter, I was an expert. I wouldn’t waste a bullet, because you are already brain dead. Euphemism for Trump supporter.

          • How about up close and personal? Screw that sniper shit. You probably don’t even own guns. And I’m not saying what I have or where they are.

          • Mr. Tyree, you are weak, and a moral coward. I don’t own guns, because I never wanted to fire a shot in anger ever again, but I might make an exception. Clown!

      • Kevin it’s all good. After Trump is re-elected he will pardon Stone. And all the people whom got railroaded by people lying in court. Killery would have and has committed many more crimes than Trump has been falsely accused of. But the problem is that the kunt would never have been held accountable. If anyone tried, you would have wanted me to come and bring my fiddle so you could sing the commiecrat blues.

        • God, you are such an asshole! I can’t be the only one who thinks that. Definitely the mind of an unstable and dangerous individual who can’t tell reality from fantasy. You need serious help.

          • Kevin I’m not clear on if it’s Trump that you hate or the Republican Party. As for guns, I have some but I don’t shoot people. I don’t have a killers heart. But I would if in immediate danger. I wounded a man once. Was ruled self defense. But it wasn’t pleasant. I never want to do that again.

        • The mind of an idiot thinks that all the indicted co conspirators in Trump’s orbit were railroaded. You are seriously delusional and removed from reality.

  2. Hey Google,where is my comment that I wrote at approximately 430pm today Nov. 11? I expect an answer. Are you taking away my freedom of speech because I am a Trump supporter?

  3. Warm milk was plentiful from her undulating breasts, round and firm and fertile, ready to feed the newborn that will inherit the earth in the name of Mohammed our savior and the only prophet of Allah Amen! Peace be upon them that swear allegiance to Allah and let him smite those who do not ahahahahahahahaha

        • My mother is dead, you scumbag. Your ignorance is glaring, and I will bet you don’t vote nor never served. You are a moral coward, bereft of any redemptive qualities, just like your hero Trump, a loser and a clown.

          • Kevin sorry about your mother. Mine is passed away too. About the other things you said about service and voting, you are dead wrong.

          • Do you see how this clown has divided this country and has good people believing his lies and deceit? I have followed this fool for forty years and always knew he was a fraud and grifter. I fear for this republic, and democracy. Thank you for the apology, and sorry about my unkind words. You can’t make a blanket indictment about people based on party affiliation.

          • Trump isn’t dividing the country. The democrats are dividing it with their silly impeachment nonsense.
            Everyone knows Trump will not be removed from office so all of this is a waste to time and money.
            Democrats should do things properly and defeat Trump at the ballot like it should be.

          • Kevin, you are an ignorant moran. I am surprised you still know how to breathe. Get your head out of your ass. Wake up, you dumb MF.

          • Who gives a crap about your mother? Are we supposed to pity you or something? You troll these websites spewing garbage so you deserve the responses you get.

          • Shut up Kevin. You’re ridiculous outbursts fool no one. You are nothing but a subversive against these once-United States. And know this – you are hated from coast to coast by millions of Americans. KNOW IT!

        • Ganavar, you f——-g coward, hiding behind your monitor, living in your parent’s basement, chronic masturbator, loser, and all around bon vivant, STFU! I am a Marine Corps veteran, who fought for this country, and who knows all too well about cadet “bone spurs”, and his treasonous behavior. He’s going down, either by impeachment, or by the ballot box, but he’s gone.

          • Kevin you probably got shot in the ass running away. A real marine would run your chicken shit ass out of the platoon. And unless you can produce Trump’s medical records, stfu

      • Donald Trump is without doubt one of the five best presidents America has ever been blessed with. If you are against him, you are almost certainly an anti-semite, with both feet on the path to Sheol.

  4. Schiff is always crying “Obstruction of Justice” if he refuses to let any witness called by Republicans he himself is obstructing justice. Their demonic court is a cult.

  5. We know the Democraps are DIRTY as can be but still no one is saying why a CIA agent was doing his spying on US Soil which is in and of itself a crime. So the Whistle blower, Schiff and this EX-ambassador are all guilty of several crimes the worst being. TREASON. That is what trying to ILLEGALLY remove a duly elected and sitting President is pure and simple TREASON. And there are many in DC still left from Obozo’s attack on America.

    • Please explain to me how the hustle blower is guilty of treason. Everything he/she said has been corroborated by multiple witnesses to the call. Politicians rely on idiots like you that can’t read, spout nonsense, believe in conspiracies and UFO’s and take the Bible literally.

          • The only people with pea brains are the idiots that believe if they vote democrats back into power they will fix climate change and make everyone happy with free handouts. You gotta be some kind of seriously stupid to fall for that nonsense.

          • Shut up McArdle – you are not very bright or well-educated. You only thought you were. I get you – You are nothing more than a typical, arrogant, leftist punk – imagining thAt you GENETICALLY UPLOADED FROM AN APE – DESPITE THE utter and COMPLETE LACK OF THE NECESSARY FOSSILS. You simply aren’t as smart as YOU think you are sonny – AND you don’t even know where you came from – and you ARE still try to tell others right from wrong? Get over yourself punk.

      • May God forgive you and shed some light into your life. Do you think, I’m guessing, that this Dog & Pony show is about anything but one party trying too get control of power and money. Did not Obama use the IRS to go after his enemies.

        • What?? That’s why we have elections, for the will of the majority. If you don’t like someone, vote them out. There are provisions in the Constitution to deal with unchecked abuse of power by the President, and it starts with an impeachment inquiry, the operative word being inquiry.

      • Kevin you should stfu. It’s you that’s too stupid to understand. But all of you COMMIECRATS are as stupid as a box of rocks. So go troll somewhere else asshole

        • That is your weak and only response, to stfu. You are a f——-g pea brain, just throwing out ridiculous nicknames that make no sense whatsoever, Commiecrats? Stupid as a box of rocks? Weak, weak weak. Be careful if you have an organ donor card because your organs could be taken now, no brain activity, asshole. I’m trolling right here thank you.

          • Oh, little dan tyree is upset. You are the weakest little troll, with a pea brain. Take your meds, and get some rest, you’ll need it for the impeachment hearing

          • I’ve read all of your posts too, and you’re not saying anything either.
            Just spewing out the same nonsense all liberals and trolls do.
            Trump is racist, and a homophobe, and a xenophobe, and a misogynist, and an adulterer, and a rapist, and a Nazi, and a fascist. blah blah blah.

        • Kevin I feel your anger. And it’s funny. Trump isn’t going to be kicked out of office. And he will win re-election. So suck it up you pussy

          • Good Dan. Give it to the insurrectionist Kevin McArdle. He deserves everything he gets. He is a liar and a phony – just like his hero – A. Schiff. What kind of ridiculous jerk would lionize Schiff? This tells you all you need to know about the traitor, Kevin McArdle.

      • I read the Bible literally ‘Kevin”, and believe it wholly, and that Jesus is exactly who He said He is, But I had supernatural help here, which poor Kevin obviously didn’t. I also have multiple degrees in physical anthropology (Human evolution), and worked for 20 years as a government archaeologist. No, little Kevein is a very mixed up man. I wish I could help him.

  6. All the lies all the cover-ups demoncrates in governmental job’s should lose their positions and never to hold a government job again. Their untrustworthy unreliable and unhealthy to our society.

    • I agree, The demonicrat party need to pay the full price for this impeachment charade. They are a danger to us all.

      An Indiana man named Nathaniel Grigsby, who was a family friend of Abraham Lincoln’s family, passed away on April 16, 1890 at the age of 78. Grigsby served in the Civil War as a cavalry officer. On his death bed, he decided that he wanted to leave behind a message for the generations to come — a warning against the Democratic party. Here it is:
      “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party,” Grigsby’s tombstone reads. “I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the evil that has found its way into this nation, has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party for treason.” (Pictures of the gravestone and epitaph are available online.)

  7. Will you all stop and think what you are saying! It is obvious you don’t proof read you statements? I’m a trump supporter and you that support are correct. However you come off as not knowing what you are saying. In my 73 years I have never seen anything like this. Vote trump 2020 and all this stupidity will end. Period! Get rid of the politicians that do nothing. I’m from MN. and am very embarrassed to have a no nothing Congress person like Omar. 5th district in Msp. What can you expect? The name squad makes me ill. They are nothing!

  8. Conducting such a slanted exercise in fraud and dishonesty should have some legal consequences other the not being reelected, whether or not they are. This is an attempt to overthrow not only an election but constitutional law and precedent. These people are criminals.

  9. The Republicans have not done anything that frightening and are now proposing ending our wars….wow – how can Democrats be crying about how afraid they are? The only reason would be that they may be deported – and that is the risk they took when they came or their parents put them in. I did not put them in that situation nor did any Republican – and especially not Trump!

  10. 1st The DemonRats LIE…Then Get Caught LIEING…Deneigh The LIE… Then Get Caught Deneighing The LIE and Then LIE About The LIES and Get Caught LIEING About The LIES They Deneigh…Which Turns Into Another LIE…See The Pattern

  11. Stupud? You’re calling me stupud? I can’t prove anything to a functional illiterate. You prove my point by your idiocy, and inability to understand or even make a cogent thought. Clown!

    • That’s right Guess, another dysfunctional Democrat, but I don’t have blinders on like you, following the head lemming Trump off a cliff.

      • Kevin, no one is following Pres. Trump off a cliff, fool. Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country, and unlike you we have brains to think for ourselves. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders like a good little robot

      • Dan Tyree you obviously don’t have kids in school and just look at schools curriculum and you will see what Miss Debbie is talking about.

        • Bobby I raised kids and now have a granddaughter in school. I know what many of the schools do and teach. They ram Islam down their throats and belittle the president along with indoctrination in social ism. But thankfully the school districts in our country isn’t that bad. Yet!!! My apologies to Debbie if I misinterpreted her posts.

  12. Schiff has already said he will not give due process and there by is not give the right of law to the President. Debbie Downer are you for the New World Order because if you are siding with the Democrats you are and that is the Order of Satan. The ones taking you to hell is the Democratic Party but you know that right or wait like all Democrats you need air for your dying brain cells. Democrats are the ones dividing this county, committing the crimes that they blame others for. Oh and by the way President Trump will not be impeached and will be re-elected so get over it. Kevin McArdle President Trump is not the criminal in this country and has done more than most Presidents to bring this country back from the third world that the Democrats keep trying to make it. While the Democrats are giving themselves rising and doing nothing for it but taking the taxpayers monies President Trump has not took his salary but gave back to the people. As for things coming together yes it is finally the Democrats will get what has been needed out of office and put someone in that will do what is suppose to be done like balance a budget, quit tying to kill children, and quit tying to turn this country into a Satan third world.

    • Mary, please take your meds, and stop posting. You are showing what a nincompoop you really are. You invoked Satan? I recommend shock treatments, and syntax help.

    • Mary Johnson, Trump will probably be impeached because the Democrats have the necessary votes. As for Satan and going to hell, you don’t need Democrats to help you go there. You will get there of your own accord.

      • Debbie they can impeach, but Trump will never be kicked out by the senate. The commiecrats are following lock step the radical like the bitch squad and Nancy. Adam and his commie crowd knows it isn’t happening. It’s all about getting revenge because killery lost. And I don’t want to hear anything about popular vote, because that’s a lie and it doesn’t matter.

        • Really? I didn’t know that. So they can impeach Trump but he gets to stay in office? That’s awesome. I’m glad we have super smart guys like you on these sites to inform us all how the system works.

          • Debbie impeachment is like a grand jury. The trial is in the senate. Rapist Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress but wasn’t convicted in the senate. Read the procedure.

  13. I would just love to see one thing that’s so treasonous and hurting the american people that Trump has done. You people keep saying these things and I see and hear nothing that can be backed up,but the liberal opinions and hatred lies!It takes all of a few minutes to see the illegal BS that the dems have been doing for a long time and it’s backed up with proof of it everywhere,usually dug up by them,that’s how intelligent they are!!! Quit watching the idiotic talk shows and lying news on tv. do a little real research!!

    • Mike they can not do that because President Trump has done nothing wrong. Every lie they have told has already been proven wrong.

      • keep on with your blah blah blah, deplorables know exactly what you mean and we know the lies being thrust upon us daily by the deep state players. So many of them it makes us wonder how come their plot to rig the election failed them. But see, the joke is on them. They did the rigging, we did the voting.

    • Blah blah blah!!!! You ramble on about nothing, unable to frame an issue or make a point, just verbal nonsense. I dub you “the Prince of nonsense.” Get out of your parent’s basement and go play in traffic.

      • Kevin, read your own postings. It is YOU who keeps posting nonsense. You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question like a good little robot. Get a brain and think for yourself.

      • Now who’s rambling on about something not important you sound just like a Democrat throwing insults at everybody sounds like you are already playing in traffic and got the sense knocked out of you

          • Kevin, He may not have proper English, but he is right on. And you attack someone else for their bad grammar, but fail to see your own. You have no concept of what a comma is for.

    • They will eventually find something to take Trump down. They just have to keep looking. Like searching for gold on Oak Island. We all have skeletons in the closet.

      • Could happen. Then you commie bastards will have the civil war that you want. Speaking of skeletons, killery Clinton has her share. You are a stupid woman.

        • I’m not a commie bastard but you seem like an idiot. I never once said I wouldn’t vote for Trump. Did it ever occur to you that the people you call stupid are actually smarter than you? You do understand the concept of humor and sarcasm don’t you?

          • Debbie from your posts I assumed that you were an anti Trump liberal. If you were joking I apologize. With so many people after Trump, and many posting on this site, I took you for a social ist liberal. And yes, there are plenty of people smarter than me. Just tell me. Are we being pranked? I voted for Ted Cruz in our primary, but I damned sure wasn’t voting for killery. Trump isn’t perfect, but I think he’s a good leader and loves America

    • Its only the ‘crats that have done that which is treasonous and hurtful to the people of the USA – Not the president. That demonrat party must be reformed. This is nothing new:

      An Indiana man named Nathaniel Grigsby passed away at age 78 on April 16, 1890. Grigsby served in the Civil War as a cavalry officer. When he passed away, he decided that he wanted to leave behind a message for the generations to come — a warning against the Democratic party. Here it is:

      “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party,” Grigsby’s tombstone reads. “I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the evils that have found their way into our nation has come to it through this so-called party, therefore beware of this party for treason.” (Pictures of the gravestone and epitaph are available online).

  14. Wake up people. Your alternative is democratic tax and spend. Do you really think the billionaires have that much money to pay for everyone to have what they are promising? Use your brain and really think about it.

    • Warren won’t get the nomination and neither will Sanders IMO. Too radical for this time. Maybe in another 10 years or so but only a perceived moderate Democrat can defeat Trump.

          • Debbie I’ve been posting on this site for over a year and have been called every name in the book. Some had to abbreviate to get through, but I understood the message.

  15. You always Trumpers spout nonsense, and have yet to answer any of my questions regarding the treasonous and lawless acts of this President. He is an agent for Putin, takes the word of dictators over his own intelligence agencies, obstructed justice at least ten times per the Mueller report, held up Congressionally approved taxpayer monies to a sovereign ally the needed defensive weapons in its fight with Russia, to further his political agenda.i have only scratched the surface on this corrupt administration.

    • We must stop Trump. If he isn’t impeached he will surely be reelected and we cannot allow that. Something must be done before he turns America into a communist country and the everything melts like Water World.

      • Debbie that would be you wet dream the liberals who are turning this country towards communism.are u that blind?remove your head from obamas ass and take a good look.dumny

      • Debbie, your ignorance is profound!!!! Pres. Trump IS NOT a communist you FOOL!!!! It is the DEMS who are communists!!!! They hate everything this country stands for and have thrown God out. Are you really that stupid?????? WAKE UP!!!!! Pres. Trump has done only good for this country. Name ONE THING he needs to be impeached for. You CAN’T!!! He has done nothing wrong.

        • BJ it is you that is stupid and Debbie shows it to everyone. If you read her posts you will see she engaged in sarcasm and being facetious. She doesn’t think Trump is a communist you idiot. Don’t you pay attention to people’s posts or are you too busy lecturing people about God like your sidekick Vasu?

    • Do you even have a clue about politics. I suggest you educate about what is happening in the world and government today, you keep listening to these IDIOT Democrats who do nothing but tell lies and and are corrupt and deceitful,how can you not see this,common sense tells you this,look who the Democrats put in charge of the impeachment of the president, nothing but a piece of Schiff who refuses to allow the Republicans to choose their own witnesses. What is he hiding, use your common sense and try to figure that out

      • Dolores, go back to your needlepoint making doilies for Donald. I bet you’re an evangelical Christian, intolerant, xenophobic, racist, and just an all around moron. . I see why Trump is your man.

        • Oh Kevin!!! I wondered how long it would take you to play the race card. That’s all you libturds know and even that is bullshit. The commiecrats have been pissed off ever since the republicans took their slaves away.

          • Another bloviating blowhard. Have you ever had an original thought emanate from that pea brain? You just parrot every other illiterate poster with your ranting.. Libturd? Commiecrat? You make no sense whatsoever.

        • Kevin, you are very sick. You need a lot of help with your hatred. And you have no concept at all of what a Christian is or who Jesus is. That is very obvious. NOT ONE THING you said is true!!!! Read the New Testament if you know how. Christians are NONE of what you said!!!!! There is ONE kind of Christian…someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as their Savior. Christians are not perfect, but they are saved. They will spend eternity in Heaven. Your master is satan. You prove it with your hate and lies, which Jesus forbids. Jesus teaches us love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and helping others. He forbids hatred, lies, and all other evil. And God created and loves all races. Not sure why He created you.

          • Ah, read the New Testament, the book of Jewish Fairy Tales. You probably diddle young children an watch child porn while you Praise Jesus. Everything in the name of God. People like you are the worst, and the biggest problem we have in this world is organized religion. You profess to be a good Christian, but that is nothing but a euphemism for hateful, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic , and all around disgusting behavior , You hide behind a book and think you are righteous.

          • Kevin I see that you are an atheist. That’s fine. I have no problem with that. To each his own. But that makes you a fool. Look it up. Book of psalms.

        • Trump must be a racist because racists support him. Racists never supported Obama. It is not possible for Democrats to be racist because they always occupy the moral high ground. We hate Trump and he must be taken out. We can’t let him win a second term. There must be something we can use to take him down.

          • OMG. We are racist if we didn’t support obozo. Debbie you people throwing out the race card doesn’t work. You are a dumbass to even bring that up. It’s the only weapon you idiots have.

    • Kevin… what the hell are you talking about.????? Do you have an original thought of your own.?? you just spewed an entire litany of CNN talking points word for word.

      • Talking points? How about facts pea brain. Watch the public hearings, if you want the truth, but you are probably delusional and on serious mental meds. Go feed your cats, imbecile.

  16. These people involved in the Ukraine conspiracy and attempted coup of President Trump have told so many lies they cannot keep them straight.
    They have been thoroughly coached by the conspirator-in-chief aka coup director Adam Schit and, I imagine “learned” lies are even more difficult to remember and keep straight!
    “Tell 1 lie and you will tell 100 more lies to cover it up!”

  17. Surely we all know how despicable Schiff is and has been in the way he goes about his so called job. Someone like him can do so for just so long before being caught. Things are coming together. Obviously, we have to contend with the Swamp and Deep State protecting their own.

    • Things are coming together? They sure are, exposing this corrupt administration and the serial liar, grifter, traitor and lawless incompetent that is Donald Trump. He is an existential threat to this republic. How do you in your infinite wisdom explain why and how he takes the word of dictators over his own intelligence agencies? You can’t

      • It’s obvious that you’ve been drinking too much Liberal Democrat Koolaid because there have been ZERO facts that pertain to impeachment determined to date. Only a plethora of facts that indict the crooked Democrats.

      • Kevin McArdle, My, my, Kevin, you have been so thoroughly brainwashed by the fake MSM’s “twist” on everything DJT says, as well as your criminal party leaders, your brain has ceased to function on it’s own volishion! They report and speak, you listen and believe!
        You and most elements within your party have become a full blown legion of “cult” followers! Trolls on these websites have in the past accused DJT supporters of being a cult, which is a major crock when compared to what you are involved in. I could feel your black anger flying off the words in your comment!
        There have been unamerican criminal treasonous acts committed not by DJT but, by Adam Schit and company as will become abundantly clear as this Ukraine conspiracy and attempted coup comes kicking and screaming into the sunshine! The dominoes are going to topple and you are going to be one sick puppy!

      • Kevin, You are drinking heavily so early in morning. that’s not a good sign. but then I guess I would too If I were a DemonRat living in the Gutter of Lies. Sober up and get on the right team, You’ll live a longer happier life

      • Trump must be stopped at all cost. He is an existential threat to life on this planet as we know it. We’ve got to figure something out fast or he will be reelected and he will take us all to hell on an Express elevator.

        • Debbie, you are truly a fool. Pres. Trump is doing only good for this country. Please explain how he is a threat. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up!!! It is the DEMS who will take us to Hell. They have thrown God out and embrace satan and his hate and lies. You are truly brainwashed. sad.

          • Kevin McArdle I only have one thing to say to you that will hopefully make you wake up and smell the coffee. The Democrats will fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. They will never be able to fool all of the people all of the time. You sir seem to fall into the category of some of the people all of the time.

          • You’re a major idiot on these websites embarrassing yourself BJ. Debbie Downer is being sarcastic. Go read some of her other posts.

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