Adam Schiff just regretted asking a judge to do one thing to Donald Trump

Photo by Vanilla Bear Films via Unsplash

Adam Schiff’s crusade against Donald Trump reached its zenith.

But this turned into a case of “be careful what you wish for.”

And Adam Schiff just regretted asking a judge to do one thing to Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff and 37 other Democrats signed a letter demanding judges allow cameras in the courtroom to televise Donald Trump’s trials.

“If the public is to fully accept the outcome, it will be vitally important for it to witness, as directly as possible, how the trials are conducted, the strength of the evidence adduced and the credibility of witnesses,” Schiff and the other Democrats wrote.

Schiff got his wish in Georgia as Jude Scott McAfee ruled there could be cameras in the courtroom for Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis’ racketeering trial against Trump and his other 18 co-defendants.

“Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee said Thursday that all court proceedings related to former President Donald Trump’s election interference case will be streamed live for the public,” CNBC reported.

“McAfee also said that members of the press will be allowed to use their computers and cellphones inside the courtroom provided that the devices are not used to record the trial,” CNBC added.

“While Federal courts largely prohibit photography and recording in the courtroom, Fulton County broadcasts judicial proceedings on its YouTube channel,” CNBC also reported.

But Schiff may come to regret his demands for cameras in the courtroom.

There is little to no chance that Trump will stand trial in this case before Election Day.

In a similar racketeering case brought by Willis, the jury selection process took seven months.

And of all the Democrats bringing charges against Trump, Willis is the one acting in the most partisan manner.

Willis is up for re-election and put up a website to raise money for her campaign just days before she announced she planned to bring charges in this case by mid-August.

The flimsy case Willis brought against Trump centers on the fact Willis believes it is illegal to contest an election the Democrats won.

Putting cameras in the courtroom will only serve to showcase the partisan nature of this case as an elected Democrat looking to run for re-election puts Donald Trump – who may very well be the President-elect – on trial.

Donald Trump will not be the only one on trial.

Televised proceedings will allow Trump’s legal team to put the idea of the Democrats weaponizing the government against their political opponents on trial as well.