Adam Schiff just released the one smoking gun that could end Trump’s Presidency

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is running point on the Democrat Impeachment Coup.

Schiff may have just scored his biggest win yet.

That’s because Adam Schiff just released the one smoking gun that could end Trump’s Presidency.

Adam Schiff released text messages between former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon D. Sondland where they discussed drafting a statement for the Ukrainian President to issue about investigating corruption that would have won the Ukrainian President a much sought-after White House visit.

The statement would have referenced the 2016 election as well as Burisma — the Ukrainian energy company that paid Hunter Biden $50,000 per month in what looks like a clear example of influence peddling.

The New York Times reports:

“We intend to initiate and complete a transparent and unbiased investigation of all available facts and episodes, including those involving Burisma and the 2016 U.S. elections, which in turn will prevent the recurrence of this problem in the future,” Mr. Volker said in what appears to be the language he was proposing.

Mr. Sondland quickly replied, “Perfect,” adding that they should send it along to an adviser to the Ukrainian president.

Four days later, Mr. Sondland texted Mr. Volker, asking if they still wanted the Ukrainian president “to give us an unequivocal draft” specifically citing the two issues that Mr. Trump has been focused on: Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that had put Mr. Biden’s younger son, Hunter Biden, on its board, and Mr. Trump’s belief that Ukraine had interfered in the 2016 American elections to benefit Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Volker replied: “That’s the clear message so far. . .”

But there is one problem with Schiff’s theory that these text messages represent a smoking gun.

The statement was never issued.

The administration never ended up demanding an investigation into Burisma for a White House visit.

We will keep you up-to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Schiff has been caught in many lies, since the Russian investigation started. He said, that there was enough information
    To make Trump leave office from the Russian investigation. We know absolutely, that was a lie. That was one of his first lies but he has said many more after that.
    The people who vote for Schiff must be very stupid and full of hate.

  2. I see and here a lot of allegations, but as of yet, no proof that will stand up in a court of law. The House will impeach, that’s a given, simply because the Dems hold a simple majority. Will Trump be aquitted in the Senate? As it stands right now, Yes. There simply isn’t evidence proving Quid Pro Quo. The “assumptions and beliefs of…, The implication of…,” and all of the so called evidence the Dems swear up and down is there, is lacking in the sworn statements. Without a clear verbal or written command, there’s really no crime. Speculation and interpretation is just that. So far, I’ve not read or heard anything that a good defense can’t pick apart.

    • You’re correct. However, it becomes clearer and cleare that “impeachment” can be more a political process than a legal one.

  3. Term Limits Convention petition…please google and sign..this is the only way for US Citizens to take back our country from self serving career politicians.

    • Term limits are a must. Six years for the house, years for the senate and 12 years for judges. We already limit the president so why not the rest?

  4. Yep, America will be a peace again come 2020. And the trump-butt-bumps will start shooting their own greasy racist heads when trump run to Russia. bang, bang, bang, you greasy head trump babies. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

      • Somebody is paying a poor actor. Hi mixes up racial stereotypes and turns it into comedy, not good comedy, bordering on stupidity. Look at his writing, very educated trying to act like a poorly educated minority native. He is not very good at it.

  5. Go ahead and impeach in the house now! Get this BS off the news and that way we know what politicians to target in future elections. Any idiot can see the economy is booming unlike when Dem. Obama was announced as going to be a landslide winner in October 2008 Fake news for the November elections. Collapsed on speculation that was made to make Billionaires out of bankers. We’re all idiots and as long as Trump keeps the banks off our azz, then our country flourishes. The economy may be good enough to get welfare people inspired to work. Impeach and be done with this play. You know it’s the only chance you have on winning the uniformed ignorant vote in 2020.

  6. Schiffty Adam morphed himself into the DNC’s ‘Dead Horse’ to be flogged regarding the ‘get Trump’ effort.

    • Schiff lied about the Russian hoax, he lied about the first whistle blower, he is lying about whatever the “next smoking gun is”. He has lied since day one and should be suspended. He is a congenital liar and will never change, but he makes the dems look like what they do best, “stupid”.

    • Along with Pence’s meetings with Zelensky, it spells



      Quo. This for that.

      We already know Trump directly and used his agents (Giuliani, Pence) to ILLEGALLY solicit campaign help from the Ukrainian government.

      This adds evidence of pressure or extortion by withholding military aid,
      and refusing a meeting with Trump unless Zelensky would “play ball.”

      But wait, there is a second whistle blower on this issue coming forward too!

      • Sums you Liberal Zombie’s right up: “This is the secret of propaganda: Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it.” You People love making complete total fools of yourselves..Keep up the Great work

      • You dumbocratz just can’t see it can you?
        Biden is a crook, his son is a crook, and Trump is just exposing corruption right before your very eyes but since it’s one of your very own you lie and lie and lie to make it look like Trump is doing something wrong for exposing the criminal Behavior of old creepy Joe and his son! The criminal corruption case should be moved on to Pelosi and her husband and many other multi-millionaire elected officials that didn’t have money when they were elected into office but are stinking rich now! And that includes Obama and the Clintons!




    • Are you RETARDED? Trump hasn’t broken any laws! This is not a LEGAL IMPEACHMENT because the House Democrats haven’t had a Full House vote! Therefore they have no Legal Authority to Subpoena Anyone or Anything!

      • Barbara, spewing right wing pablum again! This is an impeachment INQUIRY, not needing a full house vote — that is for impeachment. Go back and check the Nixon days, they had an inquiry also – – one gathers the evidence before one proceeds with a full house vote.

        You clearly do not have a law degree (have a college degree and taken Civics?), because each committee can issue subpoenas, and that is part of the power of Congress. If you will but read the law, Congress is listed first as one of the three co-equal branches of government

        • Frank you are a damned liar. Your antifa assholes try for a civil war every time they assault Trump supporters. Someday they might f—k up and start with me when I proudly wear my MAGA cap. Then the war will start when they meet someone whom they shouldn’t have f—ked with. But knowing how the commiecrats are hell bent on railroading Trump with damed lies, someone might snap. I’m not saying it would be me, l only respond to threats against me and mine. Nice try. Trump isn’t calling for a war and you know it. You people would start it and get your asses kicked

  8. Well I read what I could read , save for schiffs leave outs like the transcript, i see no pro qou, as i saw it the phone call was on the up and up. one more thing, the dems are or wanting to look at trumps taxes for the last 8 years or more if they can get them, trumps been a business for longer than 8 years, ans if the I.R.S had a problem with trumps taxes they would be all over them for the last 30 years, over millions not just 10.000 you or me would looked at, thats peanuts compaired, so where is the I R S. seams they dont have a problem.

  9. I’ve heard that the republican held senate told all the impeachment perpetrators that if their s*** reaches the senate floor it will be DOA!

  10. I don’t believe anything Schiff said, he is in trouble himself, I consider him a turn coat. Democrats are the ones who are scared stiff.

    • This is no smoking gun on Pres. Trump! He is just doing his job! Finally someone trying to get to the bottom of the deep state CORRUPTION! Kudos to Pres. Trump! This fake impeachment inquiry is falling apart fast, they just do not want the truth out!

  11. ADAMN SCHITT-4-????’S Needs to be sent to prison for TREASON and the key to his Cell melted into a button and given to him to play with telling him if he can remake the key from the button he can get out!!!

  12. Take your stupid impeachment bull shit and shove it up your damn rear ends . Liberal Stupidity has no bounds . Keep pushing that button you dumbasses !!

    • I agree why can’t Trump sue that ass Schiff for slander and Polosi for saying he read the truth when everyone knows it was a lie , they had it in front of them . such lies and they want Trump out .Oh ya i really don’t believe Biedin would be worried about about that getting that guy fired if he and son had no interest in that company .It was ok for Hilery to ask russia for shit on Trump.If you was voting and some was telling so and so did something you care who told you check it out

  13. You trump cultists are blinded by facts. You’re a special kind of stupid. Trump will be impeached and leave office !!
    2nd whistleblower comes forward after speaking with IG: Attorney

    • Second whistleblower according to who? Democrats are holding their ‘hearings’ in the House Intelligence Committee because it is the only committee that can hold its ‘hearings’ in secret.
      The media keeps saying that committee has issued subpoenas to the administration-they cannot do that unless they open an official impeachment inquiry which requires the vote of the full House. That vote HAS NOT been held. What they are sending is letters which hold no official standing.

      • The reports are on second SPY is that He has this time First Hand Information on the Ukraine Phone Call, but take note ” Same Democrat Lawyer first one had, Is the same one for the new Spy. How convenient.. * Sounds to me they have gotten “Bewitch” working for them now since she is able to “Just Wiggle Ner Nose” every time for new Spies to appear

          • You spent too much time watching TV and not enough time reading and getting an education. A whistle blower is not a spy, that is just another one of Trump’s lies and threats.

            Have you thought that these insiders have seen the corruption of Trump, seen him violate the laws, and have a duty and obligation to stand up for our Constitution and other laws?!? Or did I make a mistake just by asking “have you thought . . . .?”

    • who ‘s facts SHits oh sorry Schiff’s the guy who talking to the two Russia for scoop on Trump and says he had all the proof a year ago OK I don’t think the Senate is going to have leave office. I know you what Trump & Pence out so we can have the great Polosie


  14. The headline reads “Adam Schiff just released the “smoking gun” that could END President Trumps’ presidency and yet in the article it clearly states……….”The statement was never issued.”
    “The administration never ended up demanding an investigation into Burisma for a White House visit.”
    SO HOW does this endanger President Trump?
    You have a sensationalist headline and then state facts that totally rebuke your own headline?
    Sensationalist news reporting with facts that CONTRADICT your own headline.

  15. Why isn’t there a recall vote in Adam Schiff’s District?? The people living there must know by now they made a huge mistake in sending him to represent them in Washington? Any one have ideas on this subject??…Please advise. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.


    • Because his district has many people who support and applaud Adam! You Trumpers in your little alcove of venom and denial, fail to realize how many people in this country are fed up and sick and tired of Trump violating the law with impunity. His ten obstructions of justice in Mueller Report, his crimes with Cohen, his emoluments violations and funneling over $110 million of taxpayer dollars into Trump’s pockets, and his three illegal solicitations of foreign governments to interfere in our elections.

      • You need to learn the constitution and the laws before you get on here and assume a damn thing you retarded liberals.its not legal what the democrats are opened your mouth and removed all doubt about how much knowledge you have about the laws in this democrats and liberals are truly retards
        TRUMP 2020 drain the damn swamp

  16. The root of all of this nonsense rests with one common goal – impeach Trump guilty or not! This guy Schiff will do anything to go down in history as the one that pulled it off, by any means that he can dream up or be paid to put forth. It is more ego than even the politics.

    It is as simple as that.

  17. I always check the ” source”, in this case,the NYT, which is SO highly respected among those on the Right. NOT!

    • What Adam W. Schiff, the W is for weasel is that is IQ is first grade level and President Trump’s is: Well President Donald Trump’s IQ of 156 places him in the 99.99 percentile of intelligence nationally, and it makes him the most intelligent president ever.

      • Not true…The President with the highest IQ was John Quincy Adams with an IQ of 169…The second runner up is Donald Trump with an IQ of 156…Compared to President Obama whose IQ runs some where between 115 and 145…You get to pick the number because no one has affirmed what Obama’s IQ actually is which is some where between these two numbers…No matter…it appears Obama’s legacy is always going to be a puzzle bedeviling the minds of the American public.

        • You are just believing yet another lie of Trump that he has an IQ that high. He was not a good student in school, so had Cohen threaten his high school (military) and college to not release any info on him. He claimed he was a top student at Wharton, but evidence from a Pennsylvania newspaper showed he had NO honors, and his main professor told other faculty repeatedly that “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I had in thirty years.”

          Trump has a poor vocabulary and does not read. He has to have the intell reports “dumbed down” for him and makes error after error in numerous areas, like history, science – – but he is a master of Sharpies!

  18. Don “The Con” Trump will someday end up with the same fate as a “good” buddy of his John “The Don” Gotti. Gotti’s “Teflon” wore off and so will Trump’s and he’ll rot the remainder of his days in the big house!!!!!!

    • Nice try fake Dan. You dumbass, people know the difference. Fiddle player? You probably play slobber blues on a meat horn LOL. I think what you did is funny. What’s the matter asshole. Too much agent orange in Vietnam? You are a sick deplorable bastard just like all commiecrats.

  19. Someone should drag that little scumbag down a alley and stomp the dogshit out of him till he stops moving…………….

  20. Democrats produce another false claim against Trump. When are the Democrats going to get to business and resolve the issues at hand? I guess NEVER. Taxpayers pay $174,000/yr to each Congress person to resolve American issues at a sum total of approximately $93,090,000. This doesn’t include kickbacks from lobbyists, Big Pharma, etc. No wonder they retire wealthy.

    • Also does not include costs of offices and staff in their state and Washington staff. Probably your figure times 3 or 4 for their costs go us. Yet, we are getting nothing from them.

  21. WOW, I have never seen so many morons on one website.
    All Trump has to do is shout “FAKE NEWS”.
    And with no proof, these cheap little Trump pansies believe it.

  22. the only thing this ass could release is one giant TURD which he is and in the end this POS will again fail to produce –time to rid this country of this garbage

  23. Hmm , I don’t see or read a smoking gun here either, the EU isn’t just one country It is many, and drafting a statement or possibly an agreement to the effect of stopping further future involvement of any country influencing a countries election’s in any form and to investigate the energy company that the fired prosecutor was doing before being fired by a person demanding him to be fired and stop the investigation of the energy company, in the 2016 election. this so called smoking gun sounds just like or somewhat close to trumps transcript he released , it is a president’s duty to investigate any corruption of any country. this 2016 investigation has never ended, new evidence still being uncovered keeps it going, as i see it people will be suprized what was found, but us people whohave been following this from the beginning were and not suprized.

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