Adam Schiff let the cat out of the bag on the trap Democrats set at Trump’s trial

Photo by Jakob Owens from Unsplash

Adam Schiff spent years waiting for this moment.

It’s finally here.

And Adam Schiff let the cat out of the bag on the trap Democrats set at Trump’s trial.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis became the third Democrat prosecutor to file criminal charges against Donald Trump.

Georgia law allows for cameras in the courtroom so Democrats will get to air the kangaroo court they have planned live to the public.

Adam Schiff has been one of the most vocal voices in Congress demanding the Judicial Conference relax its rules that ban cameras in federal court.

Anti-Trump special counsel is set to take Trump trial in Florida and Washington, D.C. in witch hunts over a dispute with a left-wing librarian over document ownership and sham charges relating to Trump exercising his First Amendment right to free speech and to petition the government for redress.

And in an interview with left-wing CNN host Kaitlin Collins, Schiff expressed his worry that the lack of federal cameras will allow Trump’s lawyers to communicate to the public what a sham these proceedings are without any rebuttal from Smith.

“I’ve been urging the Judicial Conference, and wrote a letter to that Conference, with dozens of my colleagues, urging that the federal proceedings, be televised, because I think it’s going to be enormously important that those people, who have an open mind, get to watch that. It’s not filtered, in one way or another,” Schiff began.

“The first is in the federal system, and it may be very well the same in Fulton County, the President’s lawyers can go out, on the courthouse steps, every day, after the proceedings, and misrepresent what took place inside,” Schiff added.

Schiff admitted the main purpose of these trials is to damage Donald Trump politically for a general election match up with Joe Biden.

The available polling data shows Doanld Trump and Joe Biden locked in a tie race.

Just indicting Trump on criminal charges the public views as politically motivated did not move the needle.

Now Democrats are worried that unless the public can see Democrat prosecutors laying out their argument in real-time on TV Donald Trump will mitigate the ability of Democrats to fully realize the political advantage they thought they gained by weaponizing the justice system against Donald Trump.

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