Adam Schiff made one confession about John Bolton that just changed everything

Democrats are clinging to the idea that former National Security Advisor John Bolton will bring down Donald Trump.

But Democrats are being forced to confront some harsh realities.

And now Adam Schiff made one confession about John Bolton that just changed everything.

Ever since a description of the contents of John Bolton’s forthcoming book leaked claiming the President told Bolton last August that military aid to Ukraine was conditioned upon that country announcing investigations into the Bidens, Democrats cheered Bolton as a hero.

But in an interview on MSNBC Adam Schiff was forced to admit the truth about Bolton.

Schiff cannot provide logical answers as to why the Democrats would not subpoena Bolton to testify before the impeachment inquiry after Bolton refused to do so voluntarily.

But even Schiff was forced to concede that financial motivations – namely book sales – were the driving forces behind every decision Bolton makes.

“I have to say it is vexing that he would refuse to come before the House because he claimed he needed basically a court blessing that he could do it, but now he can come before the Senate,” Schiff complained.

“Now, he will have to answer questions about that,” Schiff continued, “You know, why is it that only now he is willing to come forward? I think it is pretty clear that the book has a lot to do with this. But, you know, whatever his motivation was for not coming before the House and now being willing to come before the Senate, at the end of the day what really matters is that the American people get to hear the full truth.”

Bolton was a devious saboteur working on his book sliming Trump while he was serving in the administration.

That is the only way Bolton could have completed an over 500-page book to be published in March despite being fired in September.

To juice sales, critics believe Bolton sensationalized – or even flat out lied- about key conversations.

Bolton’s truthfulness is under fire because Donald Trump, Mick Mulvaney, and William Barr all have rejected false claims Bolton made in his book.

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