Adam Schiff made one impeachment announcement that will leave you speechless

Adam Schiff just threw Donald Trump the biggest curveball yet.

Now the President is scrambling to react.

And that’s because Adam Schiff made one impeachment announcement that will leave you speechless.

The entire impeachment witch hunt and phony Ukraine scandal started with a Deep State spy filing a so-called “whistleblower” complaint about a July 25 phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President.

The spy based his complaint on second-and-third-hand gossip, but it was enough for Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Since that point, President Trump and congressional Republicans have insisted that the spy testify so their claims could be cross examined in the tradition of American due process.

But now, Adam Schiff is pulling the plug on that idea and Democrats announced the so-called “whistleblower” would not testify at all.

The Washington Post reports:

The whistleblower who initially unmasked President Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine for political favors has moved steadily toward the periphery of the House impeachment inquiry as several Democrats said Thursday they have ample testimony from senior Trump administration officials to back his claims.

Democrats were once prepared to take extraordinary steps to preserve the whistleblower’s identity under questioning, considering him central to their investigation. But over the past month, they have grown cold to the idea of exposing him to additional scrutiny after several witnesses described how Trump leveraged access and military aid to secure a promise from Ukraine to launch investigations that could help his 2020 reelection bid.

“I think it’s quite clear we have a surfeit of evidence that corroborates in full every aspect of what happened and the policy they were pursuing,” said Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), a member of the Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees…

… Schiff said in an Oct. 13 interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the whistleblower’s testimony “might not be necessary,” and several Democrats involved in the investigations said this week that new testimony from key figures — including former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, former National Security Council senior director Fiona Hill and William B. Taylor Jr., the current top U.S. diplomat in Kyiv — all made the whistleblower’s testimony even less essential to the probe.

One big reason Democrats don’t want the so-called “whistleblower” to testify is because they colluded with Adam Schiff’s staff before filing the complaint.

The complaint was professionally written in a theatrical narrative to amp up the claims of Trump’s supposed “wrongdoings.”

This led many Americans to believe Schiff’s staff wrote — or at least helped to write — the complaint.

Blocking the so-called “whistleblower” from testifying would prevent them from ever having to answer questions that would reveal to the American people that this entire episode was nothing more than a partisan scam.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. i don”t believe there is a whistleblower if there is one they would be parading him or her around just to show everyone they are right for once adam { sack of }schiff couldn”t be true to himself he looks in a mirror and says your a liar

  2. So, it is not necessary for the “whistleblower” with second hand information to testify because they have enough third hand information to justify their push to impeach the President? There is no truth or justice to be found here!

  3. Shiff & nancy got court doing the wild thing so said the wisle blower no pictures so far still waiting hope they come soon before they go missing like hillary emails

  4. Have you heard the latest on whistle blower. He will not testify in person,only take written questions and only give written responses. This is B.S. looks more and more as if Shifty Schiff is the second hand or third hand whistle blower him self this would explain a lot, IF so ,I believe he should be charged with Treason. And tried along with all collaborators. U 7748de317125ecee11c4bf40d08952c6

  5. Is Shifty Schiff so stupid as to believe that the Republicans in the Senate won’t require the “whistleblower” to testify? They can hide him all they want, but eventually the rat will come out of his nest. At this point I have no choice but to assume that the Democrats are going to embarrass our Country in front of the world by issuing and voting in favor of Articles of Impeachment. They currently have nothing and won’t come up with anything. We all already know that the Democrat representatives have the reading comprehension of a slow 3rd grader. That’s why they have such difficulty understanding the Constitution. If they can’t understand it there’s no way they can understand a simple phone transcript.

  6. They have been trying for Three Years now and not a thing have they proved. Its just a sham for them until 2020 to make people think they are RIGHT BUT NOT SO THEY ARE LIARS. The sooner you people see that the better our COUNTRY WILL BE.

  7. democrats should be replaced by republicans in the up coming election.this president has put up with 3 years of pure hell from the democrats in this country.and for the millionaire joe blow biden and adam schitt along with millionaire nancy palosi i would investigate them 3 crooks and see what is making them tick. and then let’s impeach them .

  8. Dude, you really are about as sharp as a marble. First, we have a God and it’s not Trump. Second, you’re not very bright. Third, see #2.

  9. THEY Are NOT Going To Impeach
    To Impeach Him With
    BARR Needs To
    Hurry Up & Nail
    A L L Of There Asses
    & Release ALL EVIDENCE He Has Against A L L !!! Of Them
    & I MEEN A L L !!
    Of Them
    & Defend OUR

  10. The DEMO RATS
    Want TRUMP Out
    Because He’s
    THAT WILL !!!!

  11. A DAMn lying sack of SCHIFF is scum and a waste of skin. I suspect the Demonrat party could gain great political ground, against pro-Trumpers, were Schiff to be assassinated. Sorry, not taking the bait. Not gonna happen. Wait a few years.

  12. adam {sack} of schiff can”t show a whistleblower because there is none. the way he said he had all the evidence on the russian collussion and hasen”t shown it till this day be assured if there was a whistleblower he would have showen him. lets get rid of the swamp push for tearm limits this will clean out the swamp

  13. You can not be a whistleblower with third hand hear say. You can not be a whistleblower while being paid for false information. That specks of treason more. As for the President talking to other countries presidents is in his job description. Every President has done so before President Trump and now it is a problem really.

  14. President Trump has the right to face his accuser. He is innocent until proven guilty. There is no guilt if the whistleblower is not produced for testimony and questioning. This impeachment inquiry is nothing more than another hoax!

  15. I think for all those in belief that President Trump is in bed with Russian. I believe you who want to, should leave this country and go straight to Russia . WE THE PEOPLE of this great nation do not need anyone on American soil who is veil toward our President, we do not need all the poison you put out. GOODBYE and GOOD LUCK I will not offer you ” may GOD be with you.”

  16. According to the definition that would be the majority of the Democrats running for office. Please do a little research before spouting off comments like that.

  17. To you julio, get your head out of your ass and find out the true meanings of words before you open your Demacrap mouth

  18. Yes, in your simple mind clouded by some far-fetched hatred of someone of whom you know nothing except political propaganda by the Democrats, you are driving yourself crazy and exposing it to the world. I hope you can settle down and get well.

  19. I see stupidity still reigns supreme here!

    Stay stupid people, your daddy/god Trumpty Dumpty likes you that way.

  20. As I have posted prior to this post, liberals are condemning President Trump for doing his job. Heads-of-State often speak with each other as a matter of protocol, yet liberal Democrats use a simple telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as another lame attempt to spread their venomous doctrine of impeachment.

    Democrats are uniform in their concealment of Joe Biden’s multiple trips to The Ukraine to meet with then President Petro Poroshenko. They strive to channel all attention towards President Trump to avoid the public’s discovering that VP Biden traveled to The Ukraine to pressure President Poroshenko to cease his government’s investigation into Burisma Natural Gas: a company on whose board sat Hunter Biden, son of VP Joe Biden. Can you say “Hypocrite”?

  21. Representative Senator Lindsey Graham should call all of these witness’s in for his committee today to cross examine them also. I don’t trust Rep. Adam Schiff and Speaker Peloise and all of the Committee staff that is working with Schiff’s and peloise’s Committees with their closed doors hearing’s. They are doing everything to convince every American to turn against President Donald J Trump and his whole administration. Rep. Graham needs to be able to call everybody that testified behind these closed door hearing’s to be able to hear from every witness that testified against the President. I will always continue to believe in President Donald J Trump and his whole administration and I will continue to support him and his whole administration through to next year’s Presidential Election. I will be voting for him again next year. We need to elect new candidate’s for next year’s election for the whole Democratic’s House and for all of the Republican’s congressmen that is turning against President Donald J Trump.

  22. Something wrong with the whistleblower’s story. Just dosesnot match the transcript. Behind closed doors and no ID for the whistleblower leads one to believe it is just a partisan scam.

  23. But the are ignoring the person Trump actually talked to who said there was no pressure. Did they really talk to these people or make the whole story up? sounds really fishy.

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