Adam Schiff made one shocking admission that stunned everyone into silence

Adam Schiff is the star of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Wednesday saw the opening of the Democrats’ Stalinist public show trial.

But in the opening of the hearing, Adam Schiff made one shocking admission that stunned everyone into silence.

After Adam Schiff’s opening statement, Republicans pressed Chairman Schiff on points of order about their ability to call witnesses.

Schiff had stated that anyone who attempted to name the whistleblower would be subject to an ethics investigation.

Republicans — such as Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan — declared that of the 435 members of Congress, Adam Schiff was the only one to know the identity of the whistleblower.

Schiff responded by outrageously claiming to not know the whistleblower’s identity.

Breitbart reports:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Wednesday he does not know the identity of the intelligence officer “whistleblower” who set off Democrats’ impeachment inquiry by mischaracterizing a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Schiff during the House’s first public impeachment hearing Wednesday about when the committee might be able to vote and have the whistleblower come and testify regarding his complaint against the president.

Jordan said that Schiff was the “only member” that knows the identity of the whistleblower.

“I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I’m going to make sure that identity is protected,” Schiff claimed.

Americans watching at home were dumbfounded at that answer.

Schiff previously said anyone who named the whistleblower would be subject to an ethics investigation.

But viewers wondered how Schiff would know to refer anyone for an ethics investigation if he had no idea of the identity of the whistleblower.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Shiffy Poo is the mystery “Whistleblower”! The space CADET from Mars conjured up a “whistleblower” to cover up his own lies, FAKE Witnesses and FAKE Documents he proclaimed to have!

  2. Here, here! Yes, everyone of us needs to read and evaluate who we vote for. Voting for patry is just giving up any responsibilty we have as Americans. Voting for party is just lazy. Look at their voting records and what they do for this country. It’s time to get rid of Waters, Pelosi and many others. YOU’re right,many of those in Congress were poor but got rich after being in Congress. Check out their wealth staus. It’s on the web. The only time they know me is when they want money. Don’t believe what they say, look a what they do.

  3. I watched this impeachment inquiry it was like watching Hitler perform in a movie & he was telling his subject what to say & do , & if they said anything other than what he wanted them to say he would prosecute. The strong desire to fix the 2020 election is very obvious, I guess letting Obama do it , was okay so now they are trying it, how very sad that Americans have paid people to be elected to conduct themselves is such a manner to waste their tax payers time on this kind of stuff!!!!

  4. I agree with SRP 100% but he has left out a few things that needs to be looked at. First why did he not get sworn in like all the others. Number two what is this secret room under the White House that he reffered to. number three this whole thing going on right now is nothing but a farce. The Democrats are still crying because the lost the election and right now they are cutting their own throats. What should be doing is getting off their BIG FAT ASSES and do the work that they were voted to do. AND THE LAST THING IS THIS THOSE ASSES SITTING UP THERE AND DRAWING ALL THAT BIG PAY IS NOT I REPEAT IS NOT THE GOV. THEY ARE WORKERS THE GOV. IS THE PEOPLE AND I BELIEVE ALL THESE ASSES HAVE FORGOTTEN THEY MAKE LAWS FOR THEMSELVES NOT FOR US PER-SAY AND WHAT A SHAME THAT IS. SRP IS CORRECT WHEN HE SAID THERE SHOULD BE TIME IN OFFICE BE LIMITED TO NO ,ORE THAN TWO TERMS AND THEN WHEN THEY LEAVE OFFICE THEY GET ONLY HALF OF THEIR SALARY UPON BE THOUGH WITH THEIR OFFICE. THEN THAT WAY THEY CAN SEE HOW THE MORE THAN THE ARVERAGE PERSON PERSON LIVES FROM CHECK TO CHECK WONDERING IF THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE ENOUGH TO GET THEIR MEDS. OR FOOD FOR THE FAMILY

  5. Wow! I’m speechless as to the way libtards have turned our government into a (terrible) circus. It’s like watching the “ringmaster” perform all the acts. SMDH

  6. Idiots (like you) voted for schitt, (by your admission and constant racist comments) makes you (and your party) racist, you freakin liberal hypocrite!

  7. I would be more interested in seeing a good investigation of Hillary, Comey, and all the rest of the “gang of traitors” brought to justice. And now, we should add Adam Schiff investigation into his abuse of power and impeach him!

  8. That’s part of why we have the dog and pony show going on now. The Democraps don’t want to have their transgressions exposed. They will murder people, just to hold on to power.
    I heard 57 people close to the Clinton’s have died mysteriously. I don’t know one person who has died from mysterious circumstances. So what does that say about just the Clintons? Not to mention Obama and the two gay guys who ratted him out in Chicago? You have to figure if they hired someone to murder someone once. It gets easier each time you order a hit on someone else.

  9. Maybe we should eliminate the two-party system and simply let people run on their own merit, thus forcing voters to do some thinking about what the candidate stands for before casting a vote. Too many elected officials, both Republican and Democrat, are in it not for we the people, but for themselves. How many get into Congress “poor” but eventually become millionaires! Is it time for Americans to stand up against what is being done to our country and do what our forefathers did when they stood up to the tyranny of England? Maybe! But it would be fruitless for the majority of us to oppose the government as our forefathers did. But we can oppose the government by paying more attention for whom we vote! Regrettably, most of us will merely continue to vote the way we always do… along party lines… and hope for the best. We should be fighting for term limits! We should be fighting to eliminate congress members continuing to get their salaries after leaving office. We should be fighting to elect those who will work for us and to make America better. If we don’t, then it will be RIP America! In my opinion there is much to dislike about Donald Trump. But at least he didn’t seek the presidency to get rich. He was already rich! He is trying to make America better, but gets hindered by Democrats. He donates his presidential salary. He doesn’t apologize for America’s greatness! He is trying to stop illegal immigration. He is supporting our military. He is seeking fairer trade agreements with other countries. He is bringing industry back to America, thus increasing the job market. He appears to genuinely love America. And for all his efforts, all the Democrats want to do is impeach him. And for all you who may disagree, what do you think our country would be like had Hillary gotten elected? Trump 2020!

  10. Sheriff Woody’s “witness” may have worked his/her way to the top of the clinton-crime-family-hit-list along with Sheriff Woody, who knows “too much”. ?

  11. The real question here is why is Schiff allowed to lie in front of all to see, time after time and get away with it. Is he that stupid to actually think anyone watches will believe a word he says. Most Americans who have watched any part of this already knows who the whistlblower is since its been reported over numerous times and Schiff is right in front of everything.

  12. Instead of this never ending investigation of Trump I’d like to know why nobody is investigating how Epstein was killed, and who did it?
    I think if they investigated Epstein then they would find out a lot about the deep state and it’s players. Epstein was obviously silenced to protect some powerful people.

  13. It would be interesting to know if SCHIFF is the WHISTLEBLOWER??? He and his henchmen were the ones hiding and supposedly preparing for the impeachment. It makes sense that his deep state friends and he would make something up and pretend it was the whistleblower………..

  14. With Schifts statement of “he doesn’t KNOW who this leaker is” … should end this Dem show right now. Shows right off the bat that this is Dems show of lies.

  15. The water is draining out of the old swamp slowly . IT’S going to be open season on the Swamp Rats asses and there’s going to be nowhere to hide . NO BAG LIMITS FOR SIMPLETON LIBERAL TROLLS OR LIBERAL POLITICAL IDOITS !!

  16. John they interpret the laws to fit their needs. That’s why they want liberal activists on the courts. They want to change the constitution to rubber stamp their agenda.

  17. If you’re the supposed real redman then post more about Allah and the bathhouses.
    Those posts are funny. Not your trump-a-butt crap.

  18. Horowitz and Durham are having a hard time completing their jobs because the criminals keep adding more charges to the list that have to be documented. My guess is that with Horowitz, we will have a happy Thanksgiving present.

  19. Dave all those involved have conspired. The penalty for conspiracy is a long prison term unless it is conspiracy to commit Treason in time of war. As we are in the declared “War on Terror”, then it follows that the penalty is a firing squad. There would be a rush to sign up for it.

  20. Hey now, you are giving Weasels a bad name by calling Schiff one. He’s more of a Skunk. And we know they stink. 😉

  21. You must remember democrats have an imperial view of the law. Their belief is the law is a framework from which they form “laws” that meet their immediate needs. Their laws are mutable and change according to their whims and moods. Watch Schiff. He changes laws the way most people change underwear.

  22. Someone should andw Eric Ciramella (?) and see if Adam Schiff goes off the deep end. It would prove it once and for all that he does know who the whistleblower is and it would be funny to see him walk back his “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower” statement!

  23. This is nothing but democrats trying to put a bad light on trump. Don’t believe this is about impeachment. Who would ever vote for that idiot castro

  24. If you do not know the whistleblower then you have no idea of the validity of their statement. If he does know the identity Schiff just lied to Congress which is a felony. So schiff either invalidated the investigation or he committed a crime.

    Democrats are always stupid.

  25. Probably, Putin as well as many countries are laughing about all the circus in our country. Most if not all of Democrats as well as some Republicans are truly delusional. I guess they think that Most if not all Americans know what is going on.We will see who wins in the 2020 elections. Definitely, I know who I will be voting for!

  26. OH GOD, SHIFTLESS LIES THRU HIS TEETH and the worst part is he lies so much he can’t remember them all! WHAT A DOOFUS!

  27. That dumb A** forgot to redact the whistleblower freaken name on the memos he send to Congress and he does not know the D**khead of Eric lying BASTARD. He went to the damn A** to get his crooked shyster.

  28. Shift got the information for J. brennan that is the real whistle blower and also why he can’t name him, he knows if he does that his days of breathing will soon be over.s

  29. The Red Man is not seriously psychotic from being a hardcore boozer its mind is so severely warped from routine injections of Dimethyltryptamine which of course the cure for being so mentally deviant is increasing that dose of Dimethyltryptamine by a factor of 10X.

  30. If no member of the house knows who the whistleblower is, there should be no issue with issuing a subpoena for that Eric dude who seemed to have his hands in the Ukraine pie!

  31. As pathetically sad as it may be like all Democrats Schiff lies so much he can claim he is completely unaware of the fact that he is lying.

  32. Red man have another drink your still not funny..and someone tell me that schiff isn’t a diddler like red man.

  33. Schiff accidently named the Whistleblower about a week ago. Using the word Whistleblower wrongly, this person is a SPY.

  34. Like I said before Schiff is the whistleblower. He heard about a phone call a d make.up the rest. None of it is true but that doesn’t matter to the democratic party. They are so delusional they actually believe the lies.

  35. And he’s an elected official? He’s a liar and a cheat. People like him are a dime a dozen. Grew up around morons like him.i believe he wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face!

  36. Why does the snitch, oops I meant Whistleblower (he’s sure tooting Schiff the Schitt’s whistle) need protection? He’s not testifying against a Clinton. I could see the need if he was snitching on the Clintons.

  37. It’s good that ‘Schiff for Brains’ is the star of the impeachment farce! He has no credibility and is known to have an axe to grind against Trump! There will be no impeachment as this ridiculous circus is going nowhere at warp speed! It will never even be voted on in the Senate! LOL!!!?

  38. You’re just another f**KING idiot. You believe everything they tell you. I wish you had a brain to think on your own or just shot yourself and do us all a favor. F**k off

  39. SHIFT IS READY TO BE IN a HOSPITAL ! He is already like a Stalin`s NKVD IN 1930,when millions people was shot in the prisons by NKVD-KGB without any judgemen or evidens, and how it is really work !

  40. Dave Woodward you hit the nail on the head.I really believe Adam Schiff was born in Wed. Looking both ways for Sun.

  41. LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!SHIFTY said his people interviewed this LEAKER and NOW he doesn’t KNOW HIM/HER???? BS I say!! The COUP started in NOVEMBER 2016 just like THE LEAKER’S LAWYER SAID 3 years ago!!!

  42. If Shifty Schiff states that he does not know the identity of the “whistleblower” then where does he get his evidence of any wrong doing with Trump. By not knowing the identity of this whistleblower, Schiff is relying on Hearsay evidence which in any Court of Law in the land is unacceptable and a person cannot be convicted on hearsay alone. As a law-maker, Schiff should know this. I just hope that when Trump is proved innocent and he goes on for another four years, he rounds up Schiff, Pelosi and every other moron and has them all up in Court on charges of Treason.

  43. Liar, liar, pants on fire. And when is this crap going to get thrown in the liar’s faces. Where are the republicans and their investigation(s). Where is Barr and his investigation (s) while this democrat farce is in our faces every day, day in and day out. How come our law system isn’t questioning what these democrats are doing to distract us and cover up what they are covering up.

  44. Adam Schiff is a worthless deplorable racist communist stupid bastard
    Snake eyes should be impeached debarred and go to jail

  45. Adam Schiff is a bold faced liar…not only does he and his staff know Eric Ciaramella, who contacted them a month before he filed as the “Whistleblower” Schiff made the hideous mistake last week of sending out a document from his committee that contained Eric’s name and he forgot to redact it…

  46. Most of the white-folks in the racist America love other racist liars, and are willing ta go into hell wit em. Jes look at how the racist trump-butt-bumps on here post wit anger like lil greasy headed lice bait whining inbred babies for an old lying crook who should’ve never became a money greedy lying racist president. Most white-folks love ta copy-cat others, or steal the truth, and twist it like ole fake redman below me does. Its a coward who steals others lingo like its mama dose his crack. hahahahaaha

  47. Adam Schitt is another racist white man like all of them in government who uses minorities as pawns in exchange for votes so they can stay in power and keep all other races under their thumb ahahahahaha

  48. Look up Serial Brain 2
    Donald Trump has played the Democrats like a violin. William Barr and his team will be arresting the coup organisers. The whistleblower is looking at the charge of treason and espionage.

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