Adam Schiff made the one confession that will leave you speechless

Adam Schiff is one of the ringleaders in the Democrat media tag team pushing the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

And as usual, he spent his Sunday on CNN.

But he made the one confession that will leave you speechless.

Schiff made what is essentially a regular appearance on CNN to attack Donald Trump.

This time however, things played out a little differently.

Schiff had to reckon with the Mueller Report that found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

While Schiff tried to maintain his stance that Trump was still guilty of colluding with the Russians, he was forced to admit that Trump – and his campaign team – were innocent of criminal charges.

Breitbart reports:

Schiff said, “What I said on your show and others for over a year now, yes, there’s ample evidence of collusion in plain sight. That’s not proof of a conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt. I would defer to Bob Mueller’s judgment, and I do. I think what we’re talking about here is the difference between conduct that rises to the level of criminality and conduct that is unethical, unpatriotic and corrupt but may not be criminal.”

He continued, “I don’t regret calling out this president for deeply unethical and improper conduct. Not a bit. I think the moment we start to think that we should back away from exposing this kind of malfeasance and corruption is a dangerous point.”

He added, “There is a risk when you have an immoral president, a president lacking in basic character who violates the norms of office, an even greater risk of doing too little oversight. I make no apologies for that. I’ll continue holding this administration accountable.”

This was a shocking confession for Schiff.

CNN’s audience is used to Schiff – as well as CNN’s on-air talent – making the case that Trump is a criminal.

And, with one throwaway comment, Schiff revealed he had been lying to the American people for two years.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Mr.Shiff still believes in that Russian collusion fairy tale after two years of evidence to the contrary. Mr.Shiff where is your evidence of it? If you can’t provide it than stop harping about it. Its either put up or shut up you idiot!

  2. This is NO FAKE NEWS…. Adam has gone Bat Shiff crazy !!! Off the Rails and headed for the “INCONSEQUENTIALLY STUPID” Hall of fame ….and by the time BARR gets dine with this “thing”…It’ll be relegated to a PADDED ROOM

  3. Re Schiff/ McCabe.
    Claiming INFO.& PAID.
    thru msm appearnces/book.
    NO subpoena by Mueller.
    Would this be called ‘Extortion’ ?
    (on a some level).

  4. What we are talking about here is…Schiff is a lying idiot. He should be getting his paycheck from CNN…not the tax payers. Hey Schiff? Show us all this undeniable evidence you claim you have…oh, that’s right…there isn’t any…only that swimming around in your delusional, paranoid mind. You should be removed from the Intelligence committee for lacking the necessary intelligence needed and a vote of no confidence.

    • He had none, that’s why he never tells anyone what it is. Why didn’t he give this information to Mueller, because he had none. He is a lying piece of garbage. Is that who the Democrat people want representing them in Congress? Can they not find an honest person to run for Congress? These people are killing the Democrat party. I used to vote Democrat, but never again. I know a lot of Democrat friends that will never vote Democrat again either, they want REAL representation, not this garbage that is going on in the Democrat party now.

  5. Shifty Schiff has always been a liar, he doesn’t know what the meaning truth is, that’s the California way of politicians in that state their all liars and the voters of California are too stupid not to realize it.

    • Blind to all the corrupt manipulations done by Obama, Hillary and other Dems when they were in office — Believe you should remove the timber from your own eye before you criticize others! (not said properly, but know you will get my gist). The Dems are so quick to accuse and throw stones, but please, never question what they have done or are still doing! I may not live to see them get their “just desserts”, but I do know that God will take care of that problem.

    • Wonder how the crow tasted this lying leaker had to eat. Hope no one tells his committee any secrets from the Mueller report or they will be broadcast to cnn.

  6. Adam Schiff is a closet flamer. He is best of friends with Ed Buck. You remember Buck – the Democrat and Clinton mega-donor who has had 2 dead gay black man found at his place. There is a third gay black man who says that Buck forces the men to let him shoot them up with Meth before sex. Schiff himself has a gay black man who claims to be Schiff’s lover and that Schiff abuses him – beats him up and pimps him out to his friends. Now there’s an investigation for you – Two dead and two abused gay black men and no charges filed. WHY? It happened in California – it can’t be because they are gay. Could it be because they are ALL black? NAACP – BLM – Al Sharpton – Kamal Harris – Maxine Waters – ?? Or do all those named just keep quiet for the “good of the party” – Crimes and racism are perfectly acceptable to the Democrats as log as it is one of them or one of their major donors committing them.

    • Yep, i remember the ‘Buck’ story.
      Think on Drudge, several x’s.
      Too bad pete ‘buttigieg’ Didn’t STAY
      ‘in the closet’. Gak.

        • I am still in shock as to why the DOJ/FBI or whomever has allowed for Adam
          Schiff to stay in his position and especially a Chairman of Intelligence Committee? The man is an obvious traitor and conspirator so what does it take to remove him legally. He is not even doing a good job of covering up his actions or apologizing to our POTUS. Of course, until we root out these Deep State corrupt individuals or a Trump has said so many time drain the swamp we will never get back out respect and MAGA.

      • Mysty, I’ve read that an in-law relationship DOES exist btwn Schiff and Soros, but my understanding is that Schiff’s son is married to Soros’ daughter

          • Also i’ve read : ‘Javanka’/ Chelsea,
            ‘All hang out’ w/ soros Sons. &&&
            Jared took a loan (a few yrs back)
            from, guess who – SOROS.
            Why do you think POTUS Won’t Touch
            him (soros) w/ a 10 foot Pole. No Way.

  7. A ‘weasel 0ut -‘weak knee’d’ statement.
    Good !
    IF Schiff HAD/HAS MORE ‘Evidence’ than
    Mueller, WHY DID NOT mueller
    ‘Subpoena’ Schiff ?

  8. Schiff is the embarrassment in America. He has lied, leaked, faked information, and generally abandoned his position as a Congressman and official in our government. He is a traitor. He is conspiring with his fellow Democrat trash to take down our government. The end of his reign is near as the truth catches up to him!

    • A person this determined, against all facts, and against all odds, to doggedly pursue his Russiagate obsession has got to be on somebody’s payroll. No sane person would do what he’s doing.

    • It’s impossible to even look at that poophead without just wanting to spit on him but it would be a waste of good spit. I truly do hope one of these days that he will be so HUMILIATED, so totally SHAMED, with the knowledge that he WILL be thrown out of office & that the ENTIRE WORLD WILL KNOW HE IS A TRAITOR & will NEVER be able to get a job ANYWHERE ever again. Not even cleaning portable toilets in a homeless jungle.

      • Schiff is a traitor to our Country. How do horrible people like this have a job in Washington, this includes Mad Max, Schumer, Pelosi and others. They have done so much to divide our country and fill people with hate for each other. But what comes around goes around. Also how could anyone not want a wall to keep illegals out. Come into our country the right way, not climbing over a wall. Something is wrong with you if you don’t want this. Keep America Great

  9. “..conduct that is unethical, unpatriotic and corrupt but may not be criminal.”
    Hm…schiff, (the stiff)..just defined the democrat S.O.P…..

  10. May I remind Mr. Schiff that the United States were treated to eight years of Barack Obama. There was in fact evidence of collusion discovered as a result of the special counsel investigation. There was also ample evidence of conspiracy, sedition, cover ups, and other treasonous criminal behavior. Unfortunately for Mr. Schiff, the evidence indicates that the tendrils of criminality ALL seem to entwine the aforementioned Barack Obama along with a number of “as yet” unindicted co- conspirators. As do “behavior unbefitting his station”, Adam Schiff has become the poster child for that allegation. He owes the American people an apology, and the congress his resignation.

  11. Schiff has a word comprehension problem. Contact and discussion does not equal collusion. Collusion requires actual cooperation toward a common goal. The Democrats are so blatant about their partisanship and obstruction agenda that they don’t shy away from the most blatant lies and illogical statements.

    • Adum Sniff, what DOUCHE BAG!!
      If any 1 needs 2B investigated it’s this Pud Puller!!👌👌👌👌👌👌
      These demo-Stains need 2B brought 2 justice, DEAD OR ALIVE!!!
      Alive preferably, so we can watch them hang 4 their treasonous behaviour as well as the attempted COUP…

    • Isn’t this the guy in high school that everyone avoided due to his creepie demeanor. I think he is one of the creeps who was stuffed into his locker over his inability to understand how much he was just plain irritating.

      • Uhhh…Philip, you are talking about & to the people of CALIFORNIA!!!! The very people who for decades have voted blue. They know EXACTLY who their reps are.. Liars, cheats & thieves!!!! They deliberately vote them in!!! They KNOW what a dung heap San Francisco is. They KNOW what a CORRUPT city L.A. is. They KNOW they pay the highest taxes in the U.S. They KNOW they pay the highest gas prices across the nation. They KNOW their politicians aren’t just dirty…they are FILTHY. They don’t seem to care. They seem to like it. Ya gotta wonder why. Are they really ALL that stupid? Is there something we don’t know about? Are the residents of CA scared of their politicians??
        Who knows.

    • )))) US ((((
      LIKE NO OTHER!!!!
      TRUTH WILL WIN ! ! !

  12. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels. Hitler said, “let me control the media and see can turn any nation into a herd of pigs.” Anyone see a pattern of behavior here?

    • Yes…you are right George! I saw a news clip on the border today and it showed Trump spouting off about the separation of children and parents and how it was on Obama’s watch, not his. The news person immediately followed that clip up with…”No, that is not true! That is not true!” But gave us no proof as to why she felt Trump lied. Trump told the truth and she just called him a liar! I was so mad about that. There was no follow up…no facts to uphold what she just said about our President. Disgusting!!

      • It most certainly is true and it was reported that Bush did it before Obama, but President Trump gets all the blame. If Schit wants to talk about collusion, he should talk about Hilary and Obama planting a fake dossier on Trump, or illegal wire tapping by Obuma and friends, or his selling of US weapons to ISIS, or even Benghazi, where 4 men died because the last administration refused to allow soldiers to do a rescue mission, while lying to the American people and the families of these 4 men. They knew right away it had nothing to do with the documentary.

  13. Curious why they don’t report on the relation of family members between Soros and Schiff. This definitely needs to be examined much closer as obstruction, ethics conflicts of interest, etc. appear plentiful.

    • Hey, Adam Schiff, what about the collusion from Hillary and the DNC that paid for a fake dossier about Trump with Russia? How does that not make (along with all her other unethical behavior with which she has gotten off scot-free) Hillary corrupt and immoral? Huh, Adam? Hypocrite!!!

    • Larry, what is this family relationship between shifty & soros? Somehow I have not heard about this!! I’m still wondering WHY soros’ s money in the US hasn’t been frozen. He’s a traitor, his assets should be off limits to him and he ought to be in prison.

  14. Doesn’t matter to me that Schiff is a pathological liar in the terminal stages of TDS. I don’t believe a syllable leaving his lips. I only pray that Democrats will somehow have the epiphany that he is telling untruths.

    • Shifty knows he is lying and doesn’t care- he likes the sound of his lying voice – zero facts just supposition and innuendo! Shifty is pitiful

  15. AS he goes under the waves in defeat, Adam (Bugeyes) Schiff is still discharging bilge all the way to the bottom of his worthless career! Has this guy even sponsored naming a postoffice after some person?

  16. Hey Little Adam, prior to you questioning President Trump’s morality, you may want to ask your Mommy, the real name of your Biological Father, If she’s honest, you will learn you are in fact an INBRED. How bout dat buttercup.

  17. Barr said he was going to investigate what started this SCAM!!! So the entire DNC owes KILLARY another one!! She single handedly caused ALL of this FROM ENGLISH SPY TO UKRAINIAN PHONY DOCUMENTS and of course SELLING URANIUM to RUSSIA for PAY TO PLAY!!!! You have to blind not to see this corruption or a DEMON RAT!!!!

  18. Schiff should be impeached. His rhetoric has been enough to be treasonous and anti-American. GET HIM OUT!!

  19. Seeing or hearing of this (Adam Schiff) psycho-progressive-democrat from the once great State of California .. one who, if we were to judge his own actions in the 2+ past years – by definition – he’s but another THIEVING LYING COWARD, a PARASITE + a TRAITOR .. one such creep having the nerve to criticize POTUS Trump’s conduct as being “unethical, unpatriotic and corrupt” .. I’d say that any a vile-word that’s been coming from the pie-hole of this (Schiff) known charlatan amounts to deceit and major BS. By know, everyone in the USA should know that that’s about all of what the “democrats” are real good at doing.

  20. Schiff has been using pure psychological projection right from the start. For those not familiar with that concept, it’s when someone projects their own feelings and misdeeds on those around him in an effort to deflect attention from their own guilt. No worries. Schiff will get what’s coming to him eventually. From his frequent trips to the bathroom during closed hearings to leak classified information, to his “secret” meetings with Fusion GPS, the truth will eventually come out. Kudos to the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee for publicly calling him out.

    • Adam Schiff has no room to talk he has done a lot of harm to this country with his lies and as far as collusion the Democratic party is just as guilty. I will never vote for a Democrat again their past behavior these last two years are disgusting.

  21. Who is immoral here Mr. Schiff? You know when you point at someone you have fingers pointing right back to you. How stupid do you think we are?


  23. Interesting that the behavior he constantly attributes to Trump describes Schiffabrains to a tee. Project much Little Adam? Always fun to be lectured on morality from a rump ranger…

  24. Adam Schiff speaks of integrity, ha ha. He has none himself. He is a leaker. He should be tried for treason. He gave classified info to the main stream media. He should also be kicked off the panel he is on as he has gotten a no confidence vote from all republicans on the committee.

    • Adam shifty is a narsissitic jerk who loves hearing his own voice & seeing himself on TV. He probably has copies made of every ‘interview.’ Kind of like the creepy porn lawyer…on TV every day, thought he was a star…that star fell & has been run over…dead. Shifty is headed the same direction on the same highway.

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