Adam Schiff never imagined one impeachment attack on Trump would backfire in a major way

Adam Schiff thought he was on a roll.

The Fake News Media reported that Schiff racked up a string of victories in the impeachment witch hunt that made it more likely Donald Trump would be removed from office.

But Adam Schiff never imagined one impeachment attack on Trump would backfire in a major way.

Adam Schiff called Pentagon official Laura Cooper to testify behind his closed-door kangaroo court.

Cooper serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Ukraine, Russia, and Eurasia and played a role in advocating for the 400 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine.

Democrats expected her to deliver more “devastating” testimony as to why the money was withheld.

But Cooper’s appearance blew up in their faces.

North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows emerged after her testimony and crowed that it contradicted Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony that there was a quid pro quo for the military aid in exchange for Ukraine investigating the Bidens.

Politico reports:

Democrats were largely tight-lipped emerging from Cooper’s deposition. However, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a conservative ally of the president, said elements of her testimony conflicted with that of William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine who testified a day earlier. His testimony provided the first direct link between Trump and an effort to tie the military aid to politically motivated investigations. Meadows declined to detail the purported discrepancies.

Cooper’s testimony comes despite the Pentagon blowing off a deadline last week to comply with a subpoena for documents related to the episode.

Cooper was also the first Defense Department witness to defy a directive not to testify, a sign that Trump’s blockade of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry has continued to erode. Several senior State Department officials and a former National Security Council official have already taken the same route.

On Wednesday, three Defense officials indicated they were collecting and reviewing documents in response to the House subpoena but were sending them to the White House, rather than Congress, to screen for potential privileged materials.

One thing Americans should remember is that the supposedly “damning” revelations are not from witness testimony.

The Democrats are leaking unchallenged opening statements from witnesses that fall apart under direct cross examination.

But because Adam Schiff won’t release the transcripts of witness testimony, the fake and corrupt news media can use the cherry-picked leaks from Schiff to paint a false picture of Trump’s guilt in this phony scandal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If this lying cock sucker ( schit) doesn’t go to prison along with Clinton,comey,Pelosi,Schumer,Lynch,Holder,brennen,clapped,page,rice and Obama….then we don’t have any law in this country! It’s time to get the ropes out!!

  2. Dear Domaho, Suggest what you think the President should do! It may go over well. I think he is spell bound right now because of the impeachment business.


  4. Yes, Katie I agree if the USA was run like a business we would be out of date in no time. All the Countries we give money to must pay back with interest. TRUMP/PENCE 2020 GOD bless them & the USA.

  5. Anyone know what’s the difference between a Democratand a hardcore communist is? *************** absolutely nothing at all.

  6. They should take all these American Democrats and ship them to China and let them live in the communist country like they want our wonderful country to become. If you hate America That much get the HELL out.

  7. What is hindering AG Barr’s investigation is every time he or his Investigator(s) turn over a Rock in the Swamp, a dozen slimy creatures slither out and hide under other rocks and when these are overturned a dozen more slimy creatures slither to other rocks. Rinse and Repeat, with no end in sight.

    Normally, investigation are similar to a funnel and the closer you get to the culprit the tighter it gets, BUT, due to so many criminals involved in Sedition/Treason the funnel is upside down . . . . spanning more and more criminals as the investigation continues.

    AG Barr may have to defer to the Organized Crime Statutes as this is not only a U.S. crime syndicate, but an International one. ?

  8. A small dose of reality. There were congressional elections in 2018. They are held every two years because the house is supposed to closest to the people and their opinion of the direction of the country. That is why the constitution gives them such great power. The democrats won wildly attacking the president continually. They convinced the majority of the country to oppose the president by electing them. the people agreed knowing Pelosi would be speaker. the Democrats made no secret their intent was to impeach the president and are doing just what they told the electorate they would. Republicans should take a lesson from them.

  9. This is Spiritual Warfare. Is there a unified prayer system where we can hold up Trump/ Pence in prayer just like when Aaron and Hur helped Moses hold the staff up? Exodus 17:11. Can we meet in communities all around the US near polling places ( not blocking or obstructing or even being noticeable) just praying that God will protect our country from the destruction? To bring the right candidates who love America and uphold the constitution? Bring the voters who have scales removed from their eyes so they can see.

  10. Did you know that a couple of those Rhinos were Presidents of the U.S. and had the same last name? Both ran on the Republican ticket. One was the father of the other. Can you guess who they were? Their last name was Bush! The name “Bush” in their country of origin was spelled “Busch,” like the beer…it is German.

  11. These dumbasses are paid to try to get a fight out of those who support Trump. The best way to get rid of them is to totally ignore them. Sometimes it is difficult, but doing so will prove us to be better people than they are. Notice their names and don’t read what they posts, and certainly don’t respond to their idiocy. We already know we are better than them, but it will hammer it home to them when they are totally ignored.

  12. If there was a poll about hanging Pelosi and Schiff, I wonder what the results would be.
    I wager 10,000 dollars that support for hanging would be at least 70%.

  13. i’m so sick and tired nothing is done by POTUS to convene a military tribunal for all these deep states official and the 231 demorat representatives and the 49 demorat senators, SCOTUS judge Roberts for treasons, sedition, attempt coup. this is a military matter by all mean. he has the military authority as commander-in-chief bc there were foreign agents from Australia, England, Ukraine, Russia solicited this attempted coup, even now going on. now we know these lunatics are not going to give up until trump is removed. ship all these rats to GITMO now!!!

  14. adam shift for brains doesn’t know the truth if it bit him in the ash. nervous Nancy should get rid of him altogether. what a joke.

  15. As well as investigations into every member of both houses for VIOLATIONS of their Oath of Office.

    Document and catalog them for later usage.

    The more serious violations can be filed and warrants issued just before Thanksgiving to give the Nation something to be ESPECIALLY Thankful for.

    More, just before Christmas, as Christmas Presents to the People.

    The rest doled out to political opponents to bust up the whole ‘incumbent’ problem of getting new blood into the system.

  16. You are so right Greg!! I appreciate your comment and I do feel that those with brains have already figured out exactly what is going on with this impeachment attempt. I just know people are smart enough to not be fooled by the Dems. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  17. This site has its very own censor rules that have never been posted, and is applied pretty much when ever one of the snowflakes burst out in tears…

    I have even copied the original comment, reposted one line at a time with no problems.

  18. Where do we, as responsible, engaged American citizens and VOTERS, go for our representation. The entire policy making, power of the purse, House of Representatives has abdicated their fundamental responsibility in favor of attempting to convince fully half the country that we are too stupid to select our own leadership. We are also treated to a party that has NO respect for the rule of law, while advocating to provide benefits to illegal immigrants that working Americans can’t afford. The leadership of the eschelon of Federal law enforcement CAN NOT be trusted, despite having the power to ruin lives. Nancy Pelosi….LEAD,FOLLOW, or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!

  19. well if we had a real doj , barr would open a full blown investigation into the bidens and one on the dnc digging up dirt on trump in ukrain

  20. Trump/Pence 2020
    Clean the house and let’s run this country like a business.
    It’s time for Congress to stop giving themselves raises without any thought of the monster debt they are creating for future generations!
    One thing for sure Congress finds it easy to spend the people’s money.
    Trump is the best thing to happen to the USA!

  21. William, no, I am not ok with Schiff’s paraphrasing at the opening of that hearing. It was despicable, lowered himself to trump’s level and was totally not necessary. But if distortion, hyperbole and lies are a crime, trump would have been locked up long ago. What Schiff did… is done by trump every single day.

  22. I pray a meteorite will crash into the house while in full attendance so we can start over and try to find some descent people to be our nations leaders. Our country has been in nothing but decline since congressman and senators have worked full time for reelection. They only pass bills and seek funding so as to bribe their constituents into voting for them through handouts. We must place term limits and some of these daytime tv soap opera politicians can’t lead.

  23. You are also very ignorant. You have nothing to add so why not just shut up. You are embarassing yourself!!!

  24. So Scott, I suppose you are okay with Shifty Schiff paraphrasing (i.e. lying about) the Urkraine situation to the press. Is that part of the secret investigation protocol? What happened to fairness and truth – I realize these are foreign terms to the democrats but the investigations are based on lies, lies, lies, starting with the false basis of the Steel dossier and the fradualent FISA surveillance. It is unfair and un-American and yes I will be happy to call them treasonous. tick tock, tick tock….2020 is coming and the American people are pissed!!!!

  25. Could not agree with you more, old goat…… Shifty Schiff has a credibility rating just below that of a used car salesman. I think he should resign his seat in congress and start making movies. With those eyes, he would be perfect for the part of the wild man of borneo!!!! i am also totally sure that Will Rodgers never met shifty!!!!

  26. As long as Schitt has ignorant morons like Pelosi,Schumer,Booker,Harris and the squad along with the liar about being a veteran so he could get the veteran vote knucklehead,leaker,liar and thief Schitt will go on.

  27. I am anxiously awaiting the perp parade, starring Adam Schitt, Nasty Pelosi, No Nads Nadler and all the dummyCraps and RINOs.

  28. Adam Schiff is one evil dude. I foresee bad karma will be coming his way and it will be in more ways then one. All I can say is Vote Trump 2020.

  29. Nothing will remain hidden, all will be revealed. That is a promise from Father God almighty. The truth, of which there is only one and it cannot be changed, will be the democrats undoing. Ironically, they will bring it’s exposure to the public themselves.
    KAG 2020

  30. You so stupid.
    Looks like you have a really severe case of penis and anal envy. Sounds like you want a horse’s penis in your butt. Seems like a typical democrat desire.

    After all obama, big mike and the democrats screwed the American citizens in the butt for 8 years. It’s just that the democrats miss been screwed in the butt.

    Ha ha

  31. You so stupid.
    Looks like you have a really severe case of penis and anal envy. Sounds like you want a horse’s penis in your butt. Seems like a typical democrat desire.

    After all obama, big mike and the democrats screwed the American citizens in the butt for 8 years. It’s just that the democrats miss been screwed in the butt.

  32. The Main Sewer Stream Fake Media is the only reason that “dross” like the shifty Schiff get even the time of day…they have become so loathsome and despicable that they have entered the “pathetic” zone…

  33. So sick of the time and money wasted attacking President Trump, enough…over paid to start, disrespectful of our duly elected President and doing nothing for the benefit of thee USA!! They should all hang their collective heads in shame………

  34. The only way the Dems can make this impeachment stuff work is to keep it going through the 2020 election cycle and continue telling the gullible public that he should be impeached. The non-gullible public will ask why he hasn’t been impeached if he’s so bad. Pelosi today complaining about not being notified about the mission was truly comical. Why would he tell a sieve he intended something and no planes had to fly over Pelosiland which is why they advised the Russians who have something going in northern Syria and might get trigger happy. Maybe he should have told her, just her, and that if it leaked she’d be charged with treason

  35. This kangaroo fiasco. Is a slap in the face to the dumb n dummer demoRats! If America doesn’t stand up to thier ridiculous scams WE will loose all credibility! Never voting demoRats again! They’re bunch of
    Thugs, thief and liars! SHAME !Shame! The SINS of the parents are passed down from generation to generation! Watt for it!

  36. what a typical Democrat scam. They know their following will absolutely believe them, no matter what the truth. A total bunch of liars, always were, always will be.

  37. The only reason Democrats are doing this is because they know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot. Look what they have to compete, Biden? Bernie? Warren? And now maybe Hillary will be back? It doesn’t look good.

  38. I think if a lot of them realized what they are doing behind doors if they are descent people and I just can’t believe all DEm’s are that stupid. What they are using to hold these meetings is call a Star Chamber Court Which is the court that was used buy Russia in the 1800 and before. Check wikipedia they have the whole rite up on it. Was baned in the UK centureys ago.

  39. Are you kidding Satan never stops you can see it with the Democrats doing Satan’s work right before your eyes.

  40. There is no credibility whatsoever to anything shifty Schiff says or does. Keeping him there as the primary mover of the impeachment process is so stupid it is not even funny. We all know it is pretend game. Pretend Trump did this or that and pretend that shifty does not lie. What a laugh

  41. The most conspicuous problem the Democrat impeachment drummers have is that their leader Adam Schiff has already completely compromised even the illusion of personal integrity by his own direct actions during this inquiry. Everyone knows that taking down the President for him is not just political but personal. When he gave his television dramatization of the so called misdeeds between the President and the Ukraine leadership what he acted out misrepresented the actual transcript of the conversation. Next we discover that the pretense of having no contact with the so called whistleblower prior to releasing the hearsay testimony was false. Further it is indicated the super secrecy under the pretense of protecting witnesses is actually being used to groom testimony and conceal testimony favorable to the President. Much was made about the integrity of Mueller when he was assigned the special prosecutor role for investigating allegations of so called Russian Collusion with the President. Perhaps someone would like to grab a microphone and espouse the fair and reasonable character of Adam Schiff? As far as I’m concerned if this group of Democrat political operatives were some how to repent and exonerate the President they have already vowed to impeach I would reject any and all of it from their filthy and corrupt hands. They have no credibility whatsoever and the MSM eats directly out of those hands.

  42. There must be some “LegaL Remedy” available to put a Stop to this Ridiculous Game the Democrats are trying to play ! With all the Ambulance chasers in DC one would think there would be a solution to these inconvenient Lies !! Look at all the wasted Time and Money the Democrats are wasting ,Accomplishing nothing getting paid all the while they are screwing up the things that desperately need doing for our Country !

  43. Schiffless Schiff has been lying for years and he can’t help it, thats all he knows from years of uselessness! And now he is in the spotlight and continues to be a MORON of the first order!

  44. Craig… did you rant about it when Trey Gowdy was holding closed hearings on testimony? In fact, Trey was a champion of secret hearings because they are more effective, and often include classified information. The dems are doing this according to the book; and open hearings will follow along with release of transcripts. Just hold your water.

  45. major….they are in the room but are not allowed to talk about it later.schiff has threatened them all with severe punishment if they talk

  46. President Trump released the Transcript of the phone call the bedwetters whined about.

    Why doesn’t schitf do the same?

    Something to hide Adumb?

  47. Closed door hearing, no submitted or divulged witness depositions a genuine travesty of justice and a Kangaroo court being conducted by the Communist party which needs to immediately be shutdown.

  48. No evidence just unsubstantiated claims no witness depositions just secrecy as in the hearing only being open to members of the Communist party a true Kangaroo court and travesty shut the entire joke of a hearing down now.

  49. They did it was called the Benghazi investigation besides there are 47 Republithugs between the three committees.

  50. Dan T., Right on! Everyone should know better than to give you an opportunity to write about one of your favorite subjects…..farting! If you just knew where “you are so stupid” is you could “pipe” “it” a LOT of gas, huh?

  51. Real M that fool doesn’t have anything to give me a hard time. It’s probably Diane or her ilk. We know that the commiecrats are brain dead

  52. I told you to be quite about being hung like a horse. Now everyone will know that Trumpty Dumpty is a big A-hole in more ways than one.

  53. You are so stupid, You are so brain damaged you are having “flashbacks” to you own prebirth expeiences in an effort to write something cutesy and give Dan T. a hard time! Forget about it, you don’t qualify for giving a two day old o’possum are hard time!

  54. “NOW NOW” Dannyboi, time to settle down before you hurt yourself again.

    Folks, please understand that Dannyboi was an innocent victim. His mother loved horses, I mean really loved horses. She would often go to Mexico to do “shows” to make ends meet. In the latter stages of her pregnancy with Dannyboi she was desperate for money so she went to do a few shows. It was later determined that Dannyboi had suffered blunt force trauma to the head causing lifelong brain impairment.

  55. Now Dannyboi, you are getting all agitated. Take your realistic Trump sex doll and go to your room for a while to releive some stress.

  56. Harry Balls, Yes, Schit is the fornicator now but, when this fiasco burns down around his ears, he will become the fornicatee! He had best have his Preparation H opened and ready! YOWEE, OUCH! 🙂

  57. Secrets are always bad. The Democrats holding behind door meetings are bad. Where is the media when you need them. If this was Republican behind closed door meeting, the media would be outraged. Shame on them. This country has become very hypocritical. Lets make America Great Again. Vote Trump 2020.

  58. Adam Schit, is the single most treasonous, lying ingrate, with zero credibility on the face of the planet! He sticks his “pencil neck” out daily and is too stupid to realize he will be the first one thrown under the bus, by the Dem powers that be, as this soft coup attempt begins to fall apart…..It will be a sight to see as the Dem rats scurry under dumpsters and garbage cans to get out of the sunshine squeaking, “it’s a every man/woman for themselves”! Can’t wait to watch them pay at the voting precincts and in the court system!

  59. It is simple…the Schiff for brains investigation is DEAD in the SENATE…PERIOD. There will be no imprachment. There will be 4 more years of DJT.

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