Adam Schiff put his head in his hands when one question just ended impeachment for good

Adam Schiff and the Democrats finally thought they had their made for TV moment.

One witness stepped up and offered testimony of Donald Trump engaging in a corrupt quid pro quo over military aid to Ukraine.

But then Adam Schiff put his head in his hands when one question just ended impeachment for good.

Democrats jumped for joy when European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondlan’s opening statement – which appears to have been prepared by his Democrat Party lawyers – claimed Donald Trump directed a quid pro quo over a White House meeting in exchange for Ukraine investigating the Biden’s.

Schiff stopped the proceedings and raced to the microphones to hold a press conference claiming iron-clad proof of bribery.

But Sondland’s testimony evaporated under questioning from Ohio Congressman Mike Turner.

Turner forced Sondland to admit that no one ever told him Donald Trump was linking military aid to investigations and that everything he testified to was based on a guess.

Sondland also said his final word from Trump on the matter was that he wanted nothing from Ukraine and there was no quid pro quo.

Democrats started the day jumping for joy over the thought that Sondland would be the witness that delivered the smoking gun that would end the Trump Presidency.

But instead, Sondland provided the testimony that effectively ended the impeachment witch hunt.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. BEg to differ with you, Buck Johnson. It isn’t TDS, but actually seems to be Traitor’s Guilty Conscience Derangement Syndrome and fear of being held acountable for it instead!

  2. I find it amusing when lower taxes, more jobs, addressing trade imbalance, ect are not viewed as accomplishments by Leftists. Are you angry that you might have to work? And Obama’s claim to fame in 8 years was a healthcare plan so bad he had to threaten to do sick the IRS on people who didn’t accept it.

  3. Hey, Nancy, nimrod Nader, and POS Schiff, I have a scoop. The next article of impeachment should be: The President is not allowed to drive – period. I heard from a reliable source that he got the keys to the Beast (His car) without permission and went to Taco Bell for some food. Clearly he abused his power and stole his car for his personal gain.

  4. Thank you sir, Pastor Biggs. Sounds like an accurate summary to me., So many of the events were described in the media of the times but…there always seemed to be blanks and the whole answer never really publicly expressed ..yet were known by those who kept track of the bits and pieces. The media failed to tie any if the info together at the time. I believe you’ve done that. Thank you.

  5. The demoncratic party has made fool’s of their voter’s and not to exclude the media, dimwits, immorality towards Americans,so who’s up to this ? Who wants America to fail ? Well theirs Russia, demoncrates, Iran, north Korea, China, well there’s many ! Stand strong Americans hold true to your Christian heritage and God’s blessings will be with you.and his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

  6. Mueller testified that his investigation was not obstructed or even delayed. Conversations in the White House are not “obstruction”. What matters is what was actually done. In this case, nothing.

  7. You have not read the Mueller report. The report said there was no collusion or evidence of obstruction of Justice. It was a big lie.

  8. I agree
    This is a joke and they all need to go to work and get what they are paid to do
    All the dems should give there pay back for the last 3 years

  9. I’m with you Paul. God Bless Donald Trump. These Democrats have made a career out of trying all different schemes and angles to try to unseat him as President. Watch, when this fails, and it will miserably, there will be yet another witch hunt. Mueller, Russia, Kavenaugh too, and some of those witnesses actually recanted! All failed. Trump 2020!

  10. That’s the only truth you’ve ever posted. The dems are to stupid to catch TRUMP. It’s not that he’s innocent, that’s for sure.

  11. Pastor Phil if you can prove any of what you stated here you wouldn’t be posting it here. Your either a propagandist (liar) or a fool for risking your life on this Russian sponsored propagandist b.s site.

  12. The Mueller REPORT found 8 accounts of obstruction of justice that’s the redacted version,I can only imagine what’s in the in redacted version.

  13. Never a dull moment with the democrats, one failure after another. Wonder what they will cook up next. Someone needs to pass legislation that impeachment inquiries should be paid for personally by those who fabricate it, yes it should come straight out of their salaries. Because both the Russia Hoax and Ukrainian saga were just that. Pay up next time dems its the only way the American people can hold you accountable for the waste of money, time and resources caused by false and accusations.

  14. Jimmy, get your head out of your ass and look at the facts. only Schiff and the Democrats are the proven liars, or do you also support and think like them.

  15. How long do we get to listen to this garbage on he did, he didn’t. Let’s just throw down or shut up. We have irreconcilable differences and those are going to go on until 2025. I read a comment below from a person who dislikes Trump. I read statements from people who like Trump. Me, I’m a realist and read many articles where people say he is a liar, sexist, bigot etc etc. Okay, we get it, good, you don’t like him because of his end zone celebration after saying he was going to win and don’t listen to the fake news. That’s where it started. You can guarantee this that Trump is hurting investors in China and Mexico. He is hurting people who use the cheap illegal labor. He is hurting the men and women who ya e fallen in love with a Latino visa versa. There is all kinds of reasons. I didn’t like Obama because the statements he made about law enforcement and got them killed. I didn’t like Hillary cause she got Ambassador Stephens and US servicemen killed over arrogance that she was right and they were wrong and she lost. Her email scandal was a real easy to prove crime and nothing happened. That showed bias in the media and the DOJ. That email scandal was a thirty minute decision by all other branches of government but someone on the executive branch is immune? So, if Trump did quid pro quo, ask, tell or send it up in smoke signals to investigate the Bidens criminal activity, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China. Who’s job is it to ask? The tooth fairy? If Biden is innocent then it blows up in Trumps face and hurts him next election. No, you know how America is and wrongful convictions happen in the media and behind closed doors. It’s about the money! When Trump reworked NAFTA and the Chinese tariffs a lot of powerful people lost a lot of money and that’s why. On the side of Trump and his job as far as the real numbers, find one EVER with better numbers. Leave him alone for thirty minutes and let him solve a bunch of our financial problems then after he’s gone it can go back to the same criminal empire it was before. No one cares about all of your crybaby social issues. So he’s a liar and no one else is, right? Grow up! The federal government wasn’t formed to create civil law to clear the conscience of the sinner. That’s the liberals pain.

  16. Thanks, for your honesty and wisdom. I have not been here that long,but l believe you. I love this president. The world s against him, but he fight s for America with all he has. He needs our Prayers and support….

  17. You have Trump confused with Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, who own lawyer admitted his BC was a forgery. I looked at the coding of the document and it is plainly a forgery! His own brother will most likely die soon as he has Barry’s original Birth Certificate! Shows Kenya as birthplace.

  18. I’m not far behind you Richard (in age) and agree with your judgement. Trump is rocking the boat and the politicians see their source of money and power being threatened. No candidate was ever supposed to act like Trump, i.e., act in the best interest of the country, thereby taking away their reason for being in government to start with.

  19. DemonRats those in office are ALL TRAITORS and the TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO VOTE DemonRat, The first types are ALL CRIMINALS and PEDIPHILES JUST LIKE THOSE IN POWER ARE! And the Second type are those people that are TO STUPID TO REALIZE WHO THE DemonRats in power truly are I.e. criminals and PEDIPHILES And along with their STUPIDITY THEY ARE ALSO TRAITORS and they actually DO know this TRUTH ABOUT THE DemonRats in power having this in COMMON WITH THEM!!! END OF TRUTH!!!!

  20. Obviously YOU support the No Wall, No borders camp…No Borders = No Country…and those who are trying to circumvent the “spirit and intent” and or even completely abolish the Electoral College…No College = No Constitutional Republic…At least the President IS and is proud to profess that he’s a Patriot…What are YOU???

  21. Good heavens…another disciple of the ex Secretary of State ( of Benghazi fame), one of the highest offices in the USA, requiring TOP security clearance, who, by her OWN admission, was too STUPID to know that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL…and who “bought into” the DNC “hack” that never was…the transfer speed of the data precluded that…it was a DOWNLOAD….Obama acting on this spurious “hacking” claim instigated Russiagate to deflect the resulting WikiLeaks, which have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…which morphed into the fraudulent Mueller inquiry…TDS is treatable…do yourself a favour and find a good “shrink”…

  22. James there is so much more to the story of the Ukraine when democrats ruled the roost. In 2013 ending in jan 2014 the C.I.A. working in conjunction with George Soros pulled off one of the well known color revolutions just like the one being pushed forward in America today where the deep state is fighting to retain the control they have held over America from the day President Reagan was shot a few months into his first term by John Hinckley Junior the son of George H.W. Bush’s business partner John Hinkley senior. Bush whose father Prescott Bush was charged with treason trading with the enemy for his effort to provide and supply Nazi Germany after the U.S. entered the second world war. Prescott who was a Democrat was president of the Union Bank in N.Y.C. where he maintained accounts that allowed Hitler to fund hid escape to south America. George Herbert Walker Bush who joined the C.I.A. at it’s inception in 1947, who led the five member team that killed President Kennedy November 22 1963 two months after John had discovered the illegal activities of the agency and threatened to fire Allan Dulles and close down the C.I.A.. Bush who directed the C.I.A. from 1978-1979 stepping down to become RONALD Reagan’s running mate. Until this time Bush retained his democrat heritage. In Jan 1980 Reagan became President with George H.W. Bush as his vice President pretending to be a Republican. Two months later march 1980 Bush arranged to dispose of Reagan in an attempt to usurp the power of the Presidency. From then until Jan 20 of 2017 the deep state led by the C.I.A. has held America captive with four deep state C.I.A. operative occupying the White house. When you look back over the years and realize the fate of anyone who spoke against the agency led deep state you will understand the great threat those with the guts to defend America from the tyranny that controls the nation. In 1952 the C.I.A. under operation Mocking Bird took control of the Media, In 1963 they murdered their second President. It is believed Eisenhower was their first victim after leaving office. In 1968 Robert Kennedy who was investigating his brother death was silenced. In the 1970’s they set up Richard Nixon whose sin was not the Watergate break in but the attempt to protect his Presidency with a cover up after realizing how he was set up. In 1980 Ronald Reagan was shot after beginning to ask questions. He cut a deal that allowed him to do some good for we the people. So far during President Donald John Trump’s first 2 years 1o months there have been six attempts on his life but this time they are aware of the threat posed by the C.I.A. led deep state. Patriots are protecting this President fully aware that the Democrats have committed treason against the nation going back to 1913 under Woodrow Wilson when they handed control of America’s monetary system over to foreign interests, the Rothschild banking empire who had funded the south to provide an advantage during the civil war. This encompasses 150 years of American history in which the Democrats have sought to bring America to her knee’s. This is a brief outline of the history that has been hidden over the last several decades. When the entire truth is revealed we the people will have a difficult time accepting it just as you may question the truth I have revealed here. God bless America.

  23. I thought you were talking about hillary who sold a part of our uranium supply with the help of James Comey and Robert Mueller, maybe the Russian Dosier that has proved to be bogus, or maybe the latest attempt to tie President Trump to the Ukraine for denying promised funds which has turned out to be bogus, but what we did learn is that Ukraine tried to swing the election hillary’s way. Please get your facts straight before y ou label something that are not.

  24. I have been around for 80 years and have never seen a refreshing phenomenon such as DJ Trump. Those of you that support DJT thank you. Those of you who do not. Go look in the mirror and ask yourself who do you support and what kind of life do you really want?
    I have seen FDR, Harry Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, Clinton, Obama and now Trump. No measurement of achievement of any of the aforementioned Presidents come close to the progress of Trump. That a fact, Mac -30- Winners win and losers don’t!

  25. Who are you to be calling someone names? Sad little person? Where you looking at your mirror for that image you submitted?

  26. Hey James H ROBERTS,
    Your criminal old hag was rejected by Americans rightfully so. We, who followed her criminal career knew way too much .
    President Trump won – get over it ! Your tide of hate and venom is consuming you and that is a good thing ! That makes us- true patriots who finally have a true patriot in the White House very happy and proud ! Get ready fir the next 5 more years !!! RIP !!

  27. Hey, you are several years too late ! The person you describe was #44-Obama that is ! That is precisely all his documents are under lock and key with just executive order NEVEF TO BE OPENED !!!! What does he have to hide !!!
    If anyone is totally clueless with head in the sand ( I prefer not to use a stronger more accurate description of where your head is) IT IS YOU !

  28. Hey, you are several years too late ! The person you describe was #44-Obama that is ! That is precisely all his documents are under lock and key with just executive order NEVEF TO BE OPENED !!!! What does he have to hide !!!
    If anyone is totally clueless with head in the sand ( I prefer not to use a stronger more accurate description of where your head is) IT IS YOU !

  29. You are totally correct ! After all the witnesses are under oath and danger of perjuring themselves can be dangerous !!!

  30. I would prefer that they all have a boating accident on their way there. But I don’t wish anything bad on the Sharks in the Florida Straits.

  31. Trump is the one telling all the lies, D.A.N.!!! It’s amazing how many people believe all of Trump’s unreliable and false statements and so-called information!!! Maybe some day you will be able know the truth of this person called our President and America will be great again when he is gone!!!

  32. So that’s why you are the way you are. Figured out that you were lied to by the Obama administration and can’t stop blaming the GOP members. Is that you HilLIARy? Or are you just a dumb Democrat that can’t take it that your queen got shutdown in 2016. She can try again if she wants but on strike 3, she will be out for good.

  33. Asher , the perjuers are Trump and his gang of GOP but kissers that are in need of being charged, prosecuted, and jailed!!! They are the so called “swamp” you want arrested!!!

  34. Why not follow your own advice. Schiff is the liar. Proven fact. Why does he not want the leaker to come forward and testify. Because it will blow his whole sham Impeachment attempt out of the water. You can’t say that you don’t know the identity of the leaker when you say that the leaker’s name cannot be said. And that you and your staff had contact with him and yet claim that you had no contact with him. Tell too many lies Schiff and you can’t remember which one you told, when.

  35. Leon , what is your problem? How can you believe someone who has never and never will be truthful? Trump is the ultimate con man and will always be lying and making up lies forever and ever!!! You are going to be a very sad and upset person when you finally figure out how you have been conned!!!

  36. Sorry, Bagster, who ever you are ,but what you are saying is the b/s , not what all the witnesses and Democrats are saying!!! Why are you afraid of revealing your identity? Chicken? Or just plain ignorant as to the truth about Trump?
    Look at his way he has lived, full of smoke and mirrors, unable to be able to reveal all of secrets and the corruption he has committed to any and all who have done business with!!! Ask them and become informed and stop being a parrot!

  37. The democrats now wa t all bvb the witnesses to be covered by whistleblower protection so the democrats can bv tell them what lies to say and not have them cross examined.

    liberal / democrat voters everywhere are scum.

    If you vote Democrat you are a garbage stupid subhuman which should be attacked in the streets and in your unarmed home.

  38. This whole thing is an embarrassing sham. Drain the swamp and arrest Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of those perjurers.

  39. all these idiots where told what to say by the democrats in the basement , but when asked questions by republicans they can’t lie and the democrats b/s evaporates

  40. That’s what u all say! He is getting all the promise’s done that he made when he was running for Presidency. We legally voted for Donald Trump and he won the Presidency. U are all so blind, angry with jealousy, filled with hatefulness and to say the least the most miserable and angry bunch of people because the most wicked women on the face of thisnation did not win. So you are all upset and disappointment. U r still crying your big droplets of tears! I hope u all have matured by now. Hope you realize there r winners and losers. And u r the biggestadults losers I can ever think of. U can’t change what was won fairly. You r trying ….let’s see how that turns out!!!

  41. My God; I am Black Christian Veteran, and I’ve Never heard anybody comment on the “Deep State Bogg” as Succinct as You! “Good Speed!”

  42. The idiots who have no idea how corrupt he is. Not to mention Eric Holder, who’s as bad or worse helped him put guns in the hands of the cartel, who killed a customs agent,& undoubtedly humdreds of others with them!

  43. Question. How many witnesses have to confess under oath that President Trump did nothing to get impeached before the demoncraps drop the impeachment proceedings? Answer. All. And still the demoncraps will keep trying,because once they are proven to be traitors of the trust of America’s freedom and sovereignty they should all be imprisoned. Drain the swamp President Trump! TRUMP 2020!!

  44. There is one thing that is worse than being TREATED like a FOOL. And that’s being TREATED like a FOOL by a FOOL. What’s even worse, we the people are getting treated like FOOLS BY A WHOLE HOUSE FULL. THAT BEING THE MAJORITY OF CONGRESS. THE DEMOCRATS

  45. Schiff and Schumer hang your self the American citizens don’t care about your lies and deception hang your self rid the American people of these rodents.

  46. Wish Schitt would end his own life by hanging himself in his queer lovers closet…that would end impeachment for good! But lard ass Ferry Nadless is taking over. I wonder where these M F’ers hide? Would love to see someone kick the living dog shiite out of them all.

  47. Yeah and your candidates are commie, American hating scumbags. Perhaps your TDS has consumed 3 or 4 of your 5 brain cells! Idiots Communists.

  48. And an attempted coup along with the DNC, Fusion GPS, most of the congress, some from the FBI and CIA, as well as Hillary and the Clinton campaign.

  49. You are right instead of calling lies Pinocchio’s we should be calling them Schiffs as Schiff told another schiff today on live TV

  50. Did you hear Schiff-head’s closing on Thursday? Instead of his usually long-winded wrap up it was very a very abrupt “these proceedings are now closed”.

  51. for the simple fact that the democrats refuse to accept the truth and turn a blind eye to their own witnesses when it doesn’t go their way.. like petulant children who were never spanked or disciplined when they were children, this is the type of adult you end up with. Knowing no boundaries they just push and push and push, change the rules on demand to fit the moments need. If this process were legitimate, yes, it would be over and finished with no impeachment.If I were the president and were impeached, I’d wear that banner proudly as it only means I got the better of the democrat representatives, much like Hilary calling us all Deplorable’s and she couldn’t understand why we proudly wore that banner.

  52. Rickey, I laughed when you said “Lady’s close your legs etc”. I’ve been saying that myself. Its so easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

  53. No reference to Ambassador Sondland’s Presumptions but in a tweet from Chuck Schumer there was a reference to lt Colonel Vindman being a “Whistle Blower” !! Looks like the Cat’s Out of the bag ! Wonder how Mr. Schiffhead is taking that and what kind of spin he’s going to use to straighten that out ?

  54. Trump is a US born citizen and is therefore qualified to be President. He is not a lawyer or a career politician and that makes him MORE qualified.

  55. This didn’t stop the impeachment process, the 2017 midterm elections started the impeachment proceedings. Without a liberal court the eight years Obama was in office the party couldn’t have realigned the districts to pick up the seats they needed in 2017. Another thing is that I’ve listened too the so called news the same as most of you on this sight has done over the last few years and America has seen a few Baby Killers move to the eight but not many. Our country is that sick. We label killing babies as choice? Untouchable black race card Obama started all of this crap. No one could say no to his black ass because, well you all know. Now, Schiff who lives in hell, it’s a place in Cali isn’t putting his head between his hands. He knows they are still going to impeach based on assumptions and lies. There’s no evidence and assumptions is all the witness report have. The house will impeach and it’s just because they can all the while sticking to their assumption proof. I say let’s burn it down, the whole damn system like POTUS is man enough to do. Nobody else ever could because it’s too entangled but after next election 2020, he owes no one. Baby killers, get ready to be outed for what you are. Lady’s close your legs and don’t be so eager for a guy to unload in you and you may not be headed to hell. Get ready world because Trump
    Isn’t going anywhere. You Dem-wit party members are staying for what? They might have been gay at birth and hadn’t realized? Wake up! Drop the trash and try to gain a conscience and a brain.

  56. While greed appears on all sides, never has there been so many people close to a President indicted in so few of years.

  57. Aw heck. That isn’t the true story of George Washington and the cherry tree. I have to confess it was all an elaborate schiff.

  58. Awesome! Well said. I just want all this Crap to stop. These lazy, complaining idiots of the DEMS need to all go. If any sane ones are left to uphold any thing. Then GET it done. Damn my grandkids act better then these numbnuts!

  59. All these Schiff’n dementocraps do is schiff and schiff and Schiff. They’re all a bunch of schiffers. When George Washington’s father asked him if he chopped down that cherry tree, young George replied “Father, I cannot tell a schiff, I chopped down the cherry tree.” George’s father replied “I’m so proud of you son, for tell’n me the truth. For a moment there I thought you might schiff to me. Forgive me son, for think’n such a despicable thought.” George replied, ” Father, I would never lower myself to such a level and schiff to you, nor would I schiff to anyone else.” Thus George maintained a level of integrity for which he was renowned throughout his life, never having been known to schiff to anyone. The moral of this story is to man up to whatever you do and never schiff like a dirty little schiff’n beady eyed weaselly schiff.

  60. Fox News has become CNN on steroids. With a few exceptions most of the spokespeople at FOX do nothing but play to the liberals and the AHole that owns that SH network brings as many of the old ClinTOON and OBLABBER idiots into the show like Quan,Aunt Jemima, and a cast of stupid bald-headed rude interrupting POS with the manners of the liberal homless trash in Cal Fruit Camp.

  61. Tom. I saw NO threat in Mark’s reply to julio! If you want to inject your stupidity in the conversation at least know the facts, troll!

  62. James H Roberts, You are one stupid brainwashed zombie! Donald Trump cannot declassify anything if it contains information that if made public it would be illegal and unconstitutional! Because you do not have the ability to think for yourself, I will explain! If the declassified emails contained any such information, the information would be redacted/blacked out before being declassified. This is the same procedure that has been in place for eons and through many Presidents. I can’t believe you think DJT could possibly have illegally declassified anything! You know the Dems would have been all over that!
    The rest of the trashy garbage in your comment is so illiterate it doesn’t even deserve a response, we all know you are not mentally responsible for the lies you have been fed. You are nothing more than a parrot a k a “a useful idiot” for the Dems!

  63. Timothy T., Adam Schit has leaked to the press as long as he has been on this committee. He used to drive Trey Gowdy crazy leaking to the press during breaks in hearings. Closed door hearings are classified and I don’t know how he is allowed to do this!
    Adam Schit is the most despicable person in Congress except for nannie goat Pelosi!

  64. No Ron but, if there is a Senate trial Adam Schit will testify under oath and if he is caught lying, he is going to be introduced to a charge of perjury!
    Adam Schit meet purjury!

  65. When a star witness for the demoncraps treasonous attempt to impeach President Trump swears under oath that there was no quid pro quo on Trump’s part ,it seems that the only logical and lawful thing to do is round up all the traitorous demoncraps and sympathizer rhinos and lock them up at GITMO!

  66. Please remove my name and email from your email list. I get too many emails to keep up with. Do not notify me of the latest news or continue to cram my email with your messages.

  67. Talk on Fox News is Schiff can say anything because he’s not under oath. Does anyone really think that taking an oath will stop a POS from lying ?

  68. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU MIKE these people arae jail bait and should not be in congress . nancy also she needs to free herself and retire.i love your reffernces of them all thank you.for i was thinging the same thng.but you had bertter names for them.

  69. Roberts go hang your head in shame, you better learn a lot more of history that the Demo’s did for the last 8 plus years.

  70. well i see you are still spreading your dumbass racist remarks. wow you are exactly what you are complaining about. maybe you should actually read some history and you will learn that the republicans and conservatives are the reason you people have gotten as far as you have. you will find out that the liberal democrats apposed the civil rights and so many things designed to keep you people down and needy for the government to keep you under raps. seriously. read your history.

  71. You are on to something. How is it the Dems can make unsubstantiated accusations and not be held accountable?
    They must believe that half of America believes anything that comes out of their mouths. Maybe you can hold these “representatives” for slander.
    But abuse of power is sure evident.
    We suffered big time after they stole the 2018 elections.
    They should NEVER be given the gavel ever again. Unless were hitting them with it. 😉

  72. @Julio
    And yet, somehow enough American Citizens felt that he ~is~ qualified that they then elected him to the office.

  73. Nancy post hole and pencil neck shifty are dead in the water maybe they can get a job picking s*** with the sparrows buddy need to have a brain do that so there s*** out of luck 2020 they’re going to be flushed down the toilet

  74. Why do they keep saying that something someone said put an end to the impeachment I’ve heard this statement every day for 2 weeks so why isn’t it over???

  75. You Obviously do not know the difference between Genius and stupidity… Which category do you think Adam shiff and you fit into… You will probably say genius… Which is probably true… But the answer to the question is… Genius has his limitations… Stupidity does not…lol

  76. Rob Jones , FYI ,REDASS studied English for four years in his late teens and early twenties .
    But he STILL couldn’t pass the 3rd Grade !!!
    He’s proof that , 1 in 3 LIBERALS are just as STUPID as the OTHER 2 !!!

    P.S. Michael Brown was his Butt Buddy !!!

  77. I hope all of you have become aware of the emails that the State Department kept secret are no longer secret!!
    Changing everything, Trump is the most corrupt evil narcissistic racist that has been given the Presidency of the United States of America!!! Making Adam a little bit smarter than any of you mockers!!! Maybe eating a little crow is just what you all need???

  78. I don’t argue your point. But the scale appears to be more loaded on the Dems side. When it comes to shady deals, the Dems take the cake.

  79. many thought the same about Obama its don’t make you less American wetbacks has no standing dems are co criminal as are the wetbacks we need another operation wet back that and deport all who entered illegally dem want ,as do eshistment republican, to keep our wages down in away that conceals it as a goal Bushes and Obama were the same in this area thank God for Trump this is a primary reason he being impeached fight for americans not illegals

  80. Hey, Red Whatever, go figure out who is your dad out of the 200 men who did your Mom for good money and she can’t identify who he was.

  81. Fortunately, you are completely wrong. You see in the United States you are entitled to your opinion without stupid, low-life threats like yours.

  82. Yes, the redman, I do realize you oppose those who believe in personal hygiene and believe they have the right of self-protection against armed criminals who are protected by Black Lifes Matter and the Dem Party, and oppose those who advocate even the basic concepts of morality, but English should be a language you learn, as least some day.

  83. It doesn’t make any sense to discuss anything with deranged people. Probably it’s better just to ignore The RedMan; he may get tired of making his offensive remarks if no-one pays attention to them!

  84. AND, “Red”…one can only assume that drugs and debauchery (look in the dictionary, dumbass) reduced YOU to the pathetic moron that YOU are! Sad, hahahahahahahah!

  85. Trump is one of our Most Honorable, Trustworthy and Capable Presidents, those outstadnig qualities created much hatred and jealousy, thus, they want to impeach HIM! It is called: Get rid of anyone who is better than ONESELF, by whatever means possilbe, to make the slef FEEL better, Biggier and Mightier! Jealousy kills what is GOOD, INNOCENT and HONORABLE! “The tree is known by its fruit!” The DNC people must be unbearablly bad for their families’ memebers to live with!

  86. Nothing to impeach him on. He did nothing while it office. Go Trump, Keep America Great!!!
    Suck it up,Buttercup, in the words of the Kenyon, We Won!

  87. When you are dead, you don’t know you’re dead. The pain is only felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid

  88. Adam, you are only stupid, you really are DUMB. Doing that crap while the guy is still testifying? What on earth or maybe Saturn, were you thinking? You consistently validate our negative opinions of you. Thanks.

  89. You liked Obama’s agenda??? Where are you from? Obama’s agenda was indoctrinate of our schools, open borders, illegals, lottery refugees and they were picked by UN, not vetted or quarantine.
    Obama’s shadow government still messing with our election.
    God Bless Trump.
    Trump 2020
    Thank God for the wall.
    News at border’s don’t report the drug cartels abuse of drugs and alcohol, human trafficking. Murders.

  90. Hey, S-tail, U racist white-folks rode Obama for 4 yrs. while he was yo president, and have yet to impeach him on anything, unlike old trump-a-dump. hahahahaha

  91. President Trump was elected to office in November, took his oath of office in January and the witch hunt began.
    Politicians are paid by the American taxpaying citizens to do business of the American taxpaying citizens, instead they have been paid to try and undo the election.
    If, in any job in the world, you didn’t do the work you were paid to do, you would be fired for cause.
    I will not vote for anyone currently in office and I don’t care if they’re Republican, Demo(n)cats or independent.

  92. Racist, money greedy, inbred, gun worshiping, lying, shampoo smelling white-folks ruined america. Jes look at how these trump-butt-bumps post on here hahahahahaha

  93. The problem does not lie just with the Democrats there are plenty of Republicans in the Swamp too. Look at all the career politicians who are millionaires. They don’t make the kind of money they have in the bank…..well at least not legally.

  94. Exactly…why would a witness specifically use the term quid pro quo voluntarily when he knew damn well that that was exactly what Schiff wanted to hear? Why wouldn’t he wait for a question that asked the question? I’ve said numerous times that the Swamp is wide, deep and polluted. The crooked Democrats have their fingers in everything…thanks to the brilliant strategy of Obama. We haven’t seen the end of what Obama set up.

  95. The democrats have no intention of dropping this fiasco. They are even willing not to campaign which in itself will get and keep them out of office.

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