Adam Schiff stood in front of the cameras and had this insane impeachment meltdown

Adam Schiff is leading the Democrat House Managers into the Senate to try the impeachment case.

On day one, things are not going well for the Democrats.

And Adam Schiff stood in front of the cameras and had this insane impeachment meltdown.

Republicans have stood united behind Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to follow the Clinton impeachment model and hold any discussion of witnesses until after 24 hours of opening arguments and a period of 16 hours for Senators to ask questions.

Democrats admitted their case is paper thin because they continually demand new witnesses.

Standing in front of the TV cameras, Adam Schiff moved the goal posts on impeachment by claiming not only is their case airtight and Trump is guilty, but that a failure by Republicans in the Senate to allow Democrats to conduct a fishing expedition by calling an endless parade of new witnesses also means President Trump is guilty.

“If the Senate and the Senate leadership . . . will not allow the calling of witnesses or the presentation of documents. If [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell makes this the first impeachment trial in history without witnesses or documents, it will not prove the president innocent. It will merely prove the Senate guilty of working with the president to obstruct the truth from coming out. So I do think that by structuring the trial this way, it furthers our case that what’s going on here really is a cover-up of evidence to the American people,” Schiff stated.

Adam Schiff and the Democrats know they are going to lose and lose badly on impeachment.

A bipartisan majority will vote to exonerate President Trump of their sham articles of impeachment.

So Schiff is already pre-spinning the defeat to set the Democrats up in a scenario where they can claim any outcome as a victory and also claim Donald Trump wasn’t exonerated.

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