Adam Schiff told a big lie that has everyone talking treason

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff never gave up on the conspiracy theory about Donald Trump colluding with Russia.

But he went over the line in his pursuit of the president.

Now he is out telling this giant lie that has everyone talking treason.

Schiff appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to defend his positions that he has evidence of Russian collusion despite special counsel Mueller turning up nothing.

Schiff lied and claimed he had plenty of evidence of collusion and that the investigations must continue.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Chair of the House Committee on Intelligence was then asked why he was so sure there was collusion when Mueller couldn’t find evidence during his two-year investigation into the matter.

Schiff responded:

We won’t know until we get the report. Even looking at that fact pattern, Mueller could conclude that the Trump campaign didn’t know that this was, in fact, the Russian government. Even though it was portrayed as the Russian government, or that the dirt they got during that meeting wasn’t sufficient to prove beyond-a-reasonable-doubt conspiracy, or these other interactions with other Russians with Kilimnik, believed to be linked to Russian intelligence, maybe there wasn’t a sufficient link that could be proven by beyond a reasonable doubt between Kilimnik and the Russian government.

We won’t know until we see the there is no explaining away the eagerness of the president, that he demonstrated publicly, to have Russian help, pay Russians. If you’re listening, hack Hillary’s emails. There is no doubt that the Russians did hack the democratic emails.

Schiff continuing to push the collusion narrative hurts President Trump’s ability to deal with foreign leaders.

Hostile powers like China or North Korea may think there is no reason to negotiate with Trump because Congress will impeach him any day now.

Mueller didn’t indict any Trump officials for collusion with Russia out of the goodness of his heart.

He searched far and wide for evidence.

But Mueller brought no charges on that front for one simple reason: it was a hoax.