Adam Schiff told a big lie that has everyone talking treason

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff never gave up on the conspiracy theory about Donald Trump colluding with Russia.

But he went over the line in his pursuit of the president.

Now he is out telling this giant lie that has everyone talking treason.

Schiff appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to defend his positions that he has evidence of Russian collusion despite special counsel Mueller turning up nothing.

Schiff lied and claimed he had plenty of evidence of collusion and that the investigations must continue.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Chair of the House Committee on Intelligence was then asked why he was so sure there was collusion when Mueller couldn’t find evidence during his two-year investigation into the matter.

Schiff responded:

We won’t know until we get the report. Even looking at that fact pattern, Mueller could conclude that the Trump campaign didn’t know that this was, in fact, the Russian government. Even though it was portrayed as the Russian government, or that the dirt they got during that meeting wasn’t sufficient to prove beyond-a-reasonable-doubt conspiracy, or these other interactions with other Russians with Kilimnik, believed to be linked to Russian intelligence, maybe there wasn’t a sufficient link that could be proven by beyond a reasonable doubt between Kilimnik and the Russian government.

We won’t know until we see the there is no explaining away the eagerness of the president, that he demonstrated publicly, to have Russian help, pay Russians. If you’re listening, hack Hillary’s emails. There is no doubt that the Russians did hack the democratic emails.

Schiff continuing to push the collusion narrative hurts President Trump’s ability to deal with foreign leaders.

Hostile powers like China or North Korea may think there is no reason to negotiate with Trump because Congress will impeach him any day now.

Mueller didn’t indict any Trump officials for collusion with Russia out of the goodness of his heart.

He searched far and wide for evidence.

But Mueller brought no charges on that front for one simple reason: it was a hoax.


  1. Sooner or later everyone gets what they deserve and Adam Schiff’s days are numbered. Both he and Pelosi will get their dues. They are so bitter that it’s that bitterness that will take them down. It won’t be long before they both will be kicked out the House and Congress. That is something to celebrate!

  2. Donald Trump is waiting for the 2020 election. When Donald Trump has control of all three branches of government. Then he will order investigations into the corrupt politicians, regardless if they are democrats or republicans.

    Treasonous acts by traitorous politicians should be punished by the full force of the law. The American citizens should expect nothing less.

    Donald Trump 2020

  3. It’s all because of Nancy. Her motive is to put loud mouth idiots (pawns) into places that they are hard to be pried out of. Same goes for AOC, by thinking she can damage the message of this administration she will suffer the li’l obscene ‘princess’ to shoot her mouth off, that in itself would embarrass most long time politicians.

  4. I like the way you guys think and I wonder how a person with no intelligence was elected as the head of the intelligence committee???

  5. Amen to that.
    Adam Shiff should be impeached and thrown out of his position. Get him out of our Government. He’s a liar and a scum bag.

  6. I’d sue that MEXICALIFORNACATION’s A&& off. I would have my attourney serve him with papers libel/slander and if he didn’t produce the evidence,,,,,,,,,,,,, with a court imposed gag order within 96 hours,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’d own his A$$..!!!!!

  7. Seems that the democrats refrain from admitting that the FBI searched every sewer in the world trying to get some insurance to keep Trump out of the WH. They knew that there was nothing when the mueller scam started, had there been, the corrupt FBI, DOJ. CIA, IRS BATFE would have come up with it.

  8. Schiff is a “pencil-neck idiot” and Mueller fell hook, line, and sinker for the dumb asses remarks saying that he had evidence of Trumps collusion with the Russians. Schiff should be charged with Obstruction of Justice and put in jail for such a heinous crime on the President of the United States if America.

  9. Pencil neck Stiff is a complete moron. He needs to be indicted for TREASON. If he won’t step down from his committee, The Republican members of the committee should just stop showing up for meetings. PERIOD. He needs to be impeached and have his security clearance taken away.

  10. Also make all those butt holes pay the 25 millions or more for the fake investigation like cnn nbc abc Washington post time magazine crooked democrat senators like Schiff Maxine impeach Waters hit all those losers nuff said

  11. Smart Biscite You must be a commie demogog and a dumb ass like all the rest in the has been demogog party. TRUMP AND THE HOUSE IN 2020 OOORA SEMPER FI

  12. All of the commie demogogs are true dumb ass’s. Treason is a bad thing for our country and should be adreased.TRUMP has worked for our country and demogos have done squat. SEMPER FI

  13. IQuestion to all. Do you really know what collusion really is? Will just in case you do t let me school you on .
    “Collusion” applies strictly to anti-trust matters. I will wait so that can sink in. Ok now for the rest of it. And yes a person can conspire to commit a crime. Anti-trust crime. So please tell me what anti-trust crime did President Trump conspired to or commit? Oh yeah there is none. Before you Trump haters open your mouths please do your homework to find out what it is your talking about. Oh that’s right you do t know how to open a book. Cause your law professors do all your thinking for you. Not hard to find this info. My Criminal Law professor went over collusion my first year. But then he let us think for ourselves. And didn’t turn the pages for us. Come on people wake up. Shift and all his cronies are nothing. Just a waste of space. Please someone tell me what Congress has done for us Sense January? Other than hate for speech and stupid Green New Deal? Oh yeah and turn Amazon away from Nee York. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of Amazon at all. But look at this way 25,000 jobs lost, in a part of NY that could really have used them. Let me say that again 25,00 jobs lost. That’s 6 times more than the population of the town I live in. Why to go Demtars. You should be so proud. NOT.

  14. Great question. Why are the Demorats being investigated? The Demorats spent over thirty million of taxpayers money for a witch hunt. Adam pumpkin head shirt concluded.

  15. I agree. I wonder what the children or grandchildren think about liars when it’s right there in their family.

  16. We should all consider Schiff to be the “Rasputin” mad monk of the Progressives, and for that alone he deserves death by the hand of Go’s agents.

  17. Who would take seriously what Adam Schiff says? He is an ignorant fool who seems to assume that he will find impeachable evidence against Trump even though Mueller came up empty after 2 years. To keep haranguing this subject is just to keep his face on TV, thinking that he can persuade others to hate Trump.

  18. Why is it this pencil neck can talk to Russians on the phone to get fake info on Trump? Why isn’t anyone other than Hannity bringing this up?

  19. OMG well said my dear man. You have said what EVERYONE that supports President Trump has been thinking. We could not have said it better. All we need now is to get Peloser, bride of Chucky, to AA, Chucky to just get lost, Shifty to be locked up along with AOC to a mental health facility. Let’s get all those evil rats out of Congress asap. And God Bless you and President Trump. And God Bless AMERICA. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. “Crack Can on Counter & Bake”
    until Burned’ – Throw 0ut.
    Maybe ‘bury’. Critters No likee.

  21. To ‘Smartbiscuits’.
    Your ‘biscuits’ Are Burned.
    Someone in MY Kitchen ‘messed up’
    & didn’t pay attention.
    I threw 0ut the ‘scorch’.
    Even the critters/birds would not eat.
    (the trash)

    Want MORE To Investigate ???
    Do Your God damn’d jobbee. & Certainly
    PAID Enough. ( from Where)

  23. Smart biscuits aka
    Same old moldy dough you’ve been serving up. It has been stated by MUELLER that there is NO evidence of collusion. Where no collusion exists how could you possibly think there is obstruction? The ONLY collusion and obstruction committed was by Hillary and extremely strong evidence of Obama and administration being involved as early as 2015. Gee I wonder what YOU would be charged with if you spayed on another political party using government agencies to do so, pay a former SPY OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO OBTAIN UNSUBSTANTIATED INFORMATION FROM PERSONS AND OFFICIALS OF A HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER? DUH!!!

  24. Plain and simple a liar to American and should be taken out of office and the country by any means necessary.

  25. Signs that Adam has gone BAT SCHIFF CRAZY..
    1) he is on the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE ( OXYMORON) having such a moron on IT
    2) He is beginning to BIELIEVE that HIS lies are HIS TRUTH,,,
    3) Pencil neck is really a pencil DICKhead

  26. Schiff was banking on the Mueller Investigation or keeping the lie going through to 2020 election. Without this lie, without a party superstar, 2020 will not be as happy of a time as a lot of the countries career freeloaders would like it to be. They still have ACORN receiving funding to send out groups for disruption and continued attempt to incite the populace into violence. Either way, Schiff would be answering to his party because the Baby Killers have overplayed this scam and now people are wondering what their money was spent on. I already know how civil servants are, they don’t need much of an excuse to load or resident their job description and become professional scammers. That’s what we pay for in our government!

  27. But his followers and MSM all back him up, every day, 24X7, so what credibility will he be losing, at least not in the eyes of millions who rely on MSM for their information.

  28. It’s not considered conjecture when he’s doing a summary of the report that he’s actually looking at. Once they’re done with the redactions. That by law he has to do. There is classified and protected information in the report. So they can’t just release with that information unredacted. I know, I know. You need to keep this hoax going so you leftists and the Democrat leadership have SOMETHING to talk about. Because God knows you don’t have anything else. The Democrats certainly haven’t done anything to further the American people’s business. I mean what the hell.They’re getting paid and they don’t even seem have to do their jobs. Hey let’s just keep talking about illegal immigration and why they should be allowed to vote in our elections and collect social security. That they never paid into. Because we can’t talk about all the drugs that some of those illegals are bringing over the border. (Because then you’re racist) As well as the women and children who are being raped, kidnapped, and sold into slavery.(Because then we’re misogynists) We certainly can’t talk about that border wall that has already cut down on crossings and crime in the areas where it’s been updated and built.(because now we’re xenophobic) and my God can you believe that they’re separating children from their parents when their parents get arrested? Holy cow how can they do that? I mean it’s not like it happens to American citizens who break the law all the time.(and now we’re heartless, immoral and even more racist) Nope we just let those kids go right in a prison with their parents. These politicians ( SMDH). We know they don’t have anything better to do. I mean it’s not like they were elected by the American people to work for the American people or anyting. By the way. If there was anything Barr put in his report that was not true. Why hasn’t Mueller come out publicly to condemn it? Mueller seems to be pretty silent. Do you think it’s because he knows this entire investigation was a waste of taxpayer money and time? That he probably knew pretty early on that there was nothing to find? You leftists never learn. You get spanked every time you post something stupid, nonsensical, devoid of facts. But your feelings though. Chock-full of your feelings. Can’t forget your feelings. But hey that’s your right. Your God given freedom of speech. So it’s okay.
    Because it’s OUR comedy relief ????. Watching you people make fools of yourselves has become a national pastime at this point. Really how many times can you be wrong before you stop just regurgitating bovine excrement. ???????????? In closing all I have to say is, Thank you President Donald Trump for doing a great job!!! Even though the Democrat party (With the help of the main steam media or by how most of us know them. The Democrat propaganda machine.) Has done nothing but obstruct the will of the American people. You and your cabinet and those in the house and senate, who have continued to do the work that their constituents elected them to do. To the best of their ability. All the while the Democrat leadership continues to undermine not just our government but the will of the American people. Thankfully the Democrat party the media and the rest of their leftist supporters. Failed at this attempt of a coup against a lawfully elected president of the United States. Thankfully the American people see you for what you are. An American patriot. A man who loves his country. And now a President who is keeping his word to the best of his ability to those who elected him. Who continues to work to make this country better for everyone. Even those who hate him. You’re a rare breed President Trump. GOD BLESS YOU SIR. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  29. Hey dumbcookie, maybe you need to read the number of official Washington committees,organizations, FBI, DOJ, et al have said repeatedly “no collusion”. If Schiff has the goods, let his provide them or shut the hell up! Most people are not aware that his daughter is married to George Soros’s son. What does that tell us?

  30. Jsj everything they see and think is from a flipped mirror. Ive never seen anything like it!!


  32. The best thing for Schiff is to go to jail for treason since he will never live what he has done down if he stays in DC. He and his partner need to relocate out of DC and he needs to come clean about all the evidence he does not have, he can’t survive all his lies. He had his moment in the spotlight but when it’s all a lie you lose faith with all those who might offer you a job.

  33. There is just no words for people like you. Two years of intensive intrusive, and thorough investigations by a small army of anti-Trump lawyers, indeed Trump haters (like yourself) and they found NOTHING. I would venture to say that if a Special Council with that kind of power and unlimited funds did a background check on you for two years they would dig up a lot of dirt that you would be very embarrassed to have exposed. And yet these paid hacks found NOTHING. Open your eyes to the real world and come out of the liberal hate bubble.

  34. you need to get your facts straight , democrats are the collusion experts , 13.5 million paid to Clinton campaign by Ukran to spy on Trump and docia dy STEELLE , SO IF YOU WANT TO RUN YOUR DISGUSTING DEMOCRAT MOUTH GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU LOOSER

  35. ….and George Soros is his in-law so he’s NWO-funded as he mentions his non-existent collusions….

  36. Lying Trump article. The same could be said of Barr the MAJORITY of the citizens of the United States does not want Barr’s false speculations on the Mueller report. This news venue and Trump supporters except every lying word out of Trump’s mouth. And jump on anyone that disagrees with lying Trump. Schiff and the Majority of the citizens did hear the collusion Trump had done. But collusion was not a CRIME. Obstruction of justice is.

  37. If he has evidence then its time to put up Or shut up !!! You have evidence then present it !!! Not your speculations

  38. Too bad Shifty Shiff can’t remember the exact quote of Trump. It was “if they have Hillary’s e-mails”. Which is far different than asking them to hack her e-mails.

  39. Schiff should be indicted for obstruction of justice if he had proof of collusion and did provide it to Muller during the two years of the investigation. If 19 pro Democrat lawyers who were experts in intrigue could not find it, then IMHO Schiff is a liar and not to be believed.

  40. Sept McDade
    It is apparent to all that you have no knowledge of the legal nor applied application of the first Amendment. One may not wrap one’s statements under the cloak of the first nor weaponize it to deliberately spread false information, knowingly cast false assertions about an individual or entity, to spread dissension, to incite violence or otherwise defame a race of people nor ethnic group. In many instances uses to incite civil unrest or to defame an idividual or individuals without proof or just cause is not an acceptable acttions covered by article one. There are rules of law established in conjunction with the FIRST, for good reason. Just because the FIRST exists does not allow for abuse and sullying what good patriots have and will die for. Use our freedoms judiciously and with the respect required of them.

  41. he is just another low life form in the Democratic circle. He needs to be kicked out of office for all his criminal performance.

  42. Adam Schiff, the lowest form of life. He is lower than a worm. Real Democratic Washington DC Swamp Scum. He is Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Christ, Anti-Jewish and Pro-Islamic Terrorist.

  43. Shiff claimed to have “Direct Evidence” as he called it. But he never offered it to Mueller or anyone else. I’m sure Mueller heard that Shiff was saying that, it was all over the news every damn night for almost 2 years. But Mueller knew Bull$#!& when he heard it. All Shiff had was his big mouth for anyone who would pay attention to him. Probably had no friends as a kid. Face it, who in hell even heard of Adam Schiff until he started making his ridiculous claims. IF he had such evidence and didn’t show it, he cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and wasted the time of thousands of people in Government, the Media and voters. Someone give this A-Hole a drug test or a mental check-up. He should be where he can’t hurt anybody.

  44. Schiff has always been sitting on it. Just ask Jerry ( nads ) Nadler and Upchuck Schumer. They will verify Schiff has been sitting on it.

  45. That’s your comment??
    Out of everything that was said in this article about Schiff and his “having evidence” he didn’t submit to Mueller, you’re going to accuse the “far right” of wanting to rappeal the first amendment and NOT be concerned that this idiot Schiff is harming our country with his delusions of grandeur?
    Omg, no one even said anything about the 1A!
    This must be an alternate universe because people like you are ass-backwards with your thought processes.
    In other words, you’re ridiculous.

  46. Schiff CLAIMS he has EVIDENCE of
    ‘russian collusion’___
    >WHY Did NOT Mueller subpoena him.
    CALL Schiff IN ??? Mueller ‘braindead’
    for 2 yrs while Schiff ‘sits’ 0n ‘it’.

  47. A completely unmitigated ass. Does this fool understand the definition of sedition and subversion? This has to stop. The stupidity that is causing such deep divisions in our nation caused by these braying jackasses is solely to hear themselves and for the sake of an act to attract votes. Quit acting like you are on a reality TV program and at least ACT like legislators.

  48. Both A damn Schitt and SWALLOWS Well are the type of “men” who WANT to drop their soap in prison showers…multiple times, over and over until they “get it straight”….

  49. I still feel schitt AND swalwell may eventually have charges put on THEM.
    Tiny men finally have some power can’t keep saying what’s now proven to be false.
    If both had that “known evidence” and never shared it with the special council, that’s called hindering apprehension & prosecution, and withholding evidence, and THAT’S a criminal offense.
    False bravado, “saving the country” Don Quixote style, NEITHER is manly or brave enough to not worry about dropping the soap in prison…

  50. So, you would like to see the 1st Amendment repealed …
    That seems to be one of the universal demands made by the far right.

  51. Yeah, let him lay out his ‘proof’…then when he stutters, stammers & blubbers like a fish gasping for survival out of the water, gag him & tie him to a chair. Case closed FOREVER!!!

  52. Why wouldn’t Schiff say stupid lies on a daily basis when he has the media providing him platforms to be on the air every single day. He is not going to stop this attitude as long as he thinks somebody out there is listening to him. As a person he is an empty suit that found himself thrust into a position of power and this is the only subject he talks about, how to bring the president down LOL. You have to laugh at a liar like that He is not aware of anything going around him in these great united states or the world other than what he is clinging on, the Russian interference in the 2016 elections. What a fool! Praying to God to keep Mr Trump strong and safe so he can continue the journey of Getting the United states to be the strongest most respect\ted country in the world again. God bless the United States of America.

  53. I think he’s angry because it makes him look stupid so he’s trying to cover it up by being so aggressive…thereby PROVING how STUPID he is!!!!! Just makes a person want to slap his face until his lips are too swollen to open.

  54. Rickster!!, you forgot the exclaimation !! mark at the end of the last sentence!! in your paragraph!! Just sayin!!

  55. Schiff has already lied…he should be charged right now ! He kept stating he had proof
    that Trump colluded with Russia. He had nothing and still has nothing…he is a wimpy,
    pencil neck liar.

  56. This sounds EXACTLY like when Shiff was talking on the phone to the fake Russians, telling him they had “stuff’ on Trump.
    “… didn’t know that this was, in fact, the Russian government. Even though it was portrayed as the Russian government, or that the dirt they got during that meeting wasn’t sufficient to prove beyond-a-reasonable-doubt conspiracy, or these other interactions with other Russians….”

  57. No Ri har, they are just stupid and believe anything their so-called government idiots say. They must all vote democrat because their family has for years. They don’t do any research and go along like sheep.

  58. Isn’t it great that the House of Representatives has nothing better to do than slander Trump (and the people who voted for him). Time to clean house, our only hope is to sell California to Mexico so we can be done with Schiff, Waters, Harris, Pelosi and Boxer.

  59. Might as well put I’m shifty on the tribunal docket along with Obama, Hillary, the ENTIRE Obama justice dept leadership, all of their allies in the IRS etc. etc. Plenty of sedition, collusion, conspiracy, and ….oh yeah TREASON to go around in those ranks!! If this coup de tat attempt is allowed to go unpunished, we will never again be able to respect the law in this country.

  60. I so agree w/you shelty. Adam Schiff’s picture shows up in the dictionary when you look up the word ‘LIAR’. I do hope the Intell Agency does not allow him to see any intelligence, Schiff would leak it. Schiff is the biggest LIAR and LEAKER!

  61. Schiff is obviously in the mid phase of Melt-Down. No Longer able to Complete a Cohered Millent Sentence. This is just the beginning


  63. he should be subpoena to come before congress and show and tell … then if it lies be charged with a crime…

  64. Conservatism has an extraordinary opportunity, if we only have the courage to grasp it. The Great America Dream is bedrocked on Opportunity for All. Opportunity to achieve your potential through personal achievement. Conservatism’s commitment to individual responsibility, education, hard work, personal initiative, traditional family values, and free markets is a universal formula for success in a free society. Conservatives must argue for Progress as the best way to overcome inequality – not to the exclusion of justice but as America’s guiding light in social reform. When Republicans and Conservatives ignore their Democrat opponent’s venomous pronouncements of ”Evils,” and forge ahead, stressing what made us the most prosperous nation on Earth, then and only then will Americans rise to the greatness that becomes this free society.

  65. I am a Californian and yes I am ashamed of Shifty and all the other Democrats which includes both those in office and those who put them there. There are more republicans here in California than many believe. It’s just that we are far outnumbered by illegal voting, democrats, etc.

  66. To Bruce Baumann the public is who is talking treason I for one You read it every day about him being traitor along with all the big mouths like Waters Peplosi schmuder !

  67. Are you kidding me they all need to be brought up on treasonous charges, starting with Killerly Clinton she started this whole dam Russian thing by having a fake report written up about Trump that started all this crap. Schiff BORAK HUSSIAN OBAMA the Antichrist terrorist all of these demoCRAPS need to be brought up on charges and hung until death they are all very sick people.

  68. Maybe one should look at people who contnue voting for Sh_t Schiff. Does that mean they are just as corrupt as him. We saw that with the people voting for that corrupt Clinton.

  69. Maybe one should look at people who contnue voting for Sh_t Schiff. Does that mean they are just as corrupt as him. We saw that with the people voting for that corrupt Clinton.

  70. Schift needs to be muzzled especially because he has NO evidence of collusion . Stupid that he is, he says he has proof in the Mueller report!!??? What have we paid the Mueller investigation ?? They came to the conclusion there was no laws broken by Trump. What makes Schift any smarter than Mueller ??? He is only saying this to feed the evil Media with suspicion so people will turn against Trump!!!! So someone needs to put a sock in that mouth.

  71. Your headlines are misleading. Who are all these people talking treason? Not one person is named.

    I for one do not like shifty. If I was a California voter, I would be ashamed to have this person as my representative.
    However, since he is from California, I understand!

  72. Shi##y SCHIFF should be in GITMO for treason!! I’m ashamed that he holds any public office!, he is insane, nutty, stupid and should be thrown out of America!! Send him to Saudia!!maybe they could use him for his stupidity!!

  73. He has no evidence of collusion, if he had he would be spreading it all over the fake news 24 hours a day.
    I don’t know what the big deal is about collusion, anyway. it is not a crime so why did Mueller waste $30 million of the taxpayers money investigating it. Even if there was, which there wasn’t, there is nothing to charge President Trump with.
    If Russia had wanted to obstruct our election, they would not have done it to help Trump. They couldn’t buy him, they could have Hillary, they already did with the uranium 1 deal.
    She would have sold them the White House for enough money, but only after she stole all the furnishings she wanted. Nobody has proven they changed one vote in the election. All this garbage is not about Russian collusion, it’s about Trump winning the election and Hillary lost. The Democrats need to get over it, start doing the job they were elected to do or get out.

  74. votes and future votes what they’re cared about. they don’t love this great country, they don’t love Americans.

  75. The Dems don’t care about the citizens of this country, they care more about the Invaders, they see them as future voters that will push their agenda. They need to start doing what they were put in office to do. Edd

  76. I’ll tell you what!! Before Adam SCHIFF LEAVES CONGRESS, just go ahead and have him put the orange suit on!!!

  77. he doesn’t;t live there, just keeps an office open in PASADENA,has never opened his lying mouth,untill Trump became President ,now he won shut up..Soros must be giving him his orders. The Pencil necked geek should be thrown out.but the liberal that run Calif would never allow that they need this mealy mouthed POS

  78. TrapperWV1…Why won’t he announce to the world Trump’s collusion with Russia??? Does he think anyone would actually believe him since he won’t tell us this information he claims to have? What a piece of vermin!!

  79. This “Balloon headed, bug eyed pencil necked runt” needs to go back to CA where some one maybe cares but under no circumstances should he get access to any covernmnent report that has senitive information ! Otherwise none of our secret agents anywere will be safe! He will spread every thing he can invent about what he reads for the entire world to see !


  81. If he has information of Trump colluding with Russia WHY is he hiding it? If he won’t tell it, then we know he’s lying. Adam Schiff is a FIRST CLASS VARMINT!!!

  82. Russia didn’t hack hillary’s e-mails. They didn’t have to. They were not encrypted!!!! Sent in clear from several of her personal servers. Many countries had her e-mails including classified ones .She was a major security risk. Belongs in jail.

  83. I AGREE Sad that he is in a position to even be heard. Remove him from any positions of authority. America needs breathing room and he chokes the air in the room. He stands in the way of programs that will make America greater than ever. He needs to be removed from any seat of authority.. in fact he should be fired and go back to the real world and see if his stunts hold water.

  84. I agree and Nadler should be investigated for 1000 dollars a month for years to a man tied in with the Muslim brotherhood


  86. Schiff should be tried and convicted of obstruction of justice if he has evidence that was not turned over to Mueller. If he is lying about it Congress should censure him and then have him removed.

  87. Do not impeach. Send to Guantanamo along with obuthead first and I use this term REAL loosely lady obuthead. Bidden would make a good candidate for that bus as well as aoc, umam, because I am not a mam. And, oh yea, how about Frankenstein.

  88. Not to mention, if pencil-neck Schiff had any evidence, he would have given it to Mueller and his team, and they would have thrown President Trump in jail and thrown away the key. Pencil-neck is lying through his teeth, and should go to jail for treason!

  89. Adam Schiff, House INTELLIGENCE Committee, what a conflict in terms. Intelligence and Adam Schiff should never be printed in the same sentence.

  90. Adam Schiff is the one who should be impeached by both The Democrats and Republicans on behalf
    of the American people. He is a traitor to the values of this country – We have the evidence by Mueller NOCOLLISION OR CONFLICT and he still will not accept it. Adam Schiff is not above the law either – worst Democrat in he history of our country.

  91. $hity sciff LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE A FOOL…..what is a fool like him going to find in a report that experts read and found nothing. This man is a STUPID A$$…AND SHOULD BE JAILED along with killery and 0bozo…

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