Adam Schiff told a coronavirus lie that left Donald Trump seeing red

Democrats are holding America hostage over the coronavirus.

They see the outbreak as their path to total control in Washington, D.C. and they will pull every trick in the book to make sure they squeeze out every last partisan victory they can during this national emergency.

And that’s when Adam Schiff told a coronavirus lie that left Donald Trump seeing red.

Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are holding up a $1.6 trillion relief package that Republicans argue would protect the jobs of workers at small businesses and in distressed industries.

Democrats are refusing to provide votes to pass the bill because they are trying to force Republicans to accept socialist Green New Deal agenda items, union payoffs, affirmative action for minorities on corporate boards and mail-in voting schemes that are a recipe for rampant voter fraud.

Appearing on MSNBC, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tried to explain how permitting ballot harvesting and other voter fraud schemes were supposedly “crucial” to the coronavirus recovery.

“I think what they’re really focused on is, we want to make sure that we protect, not only the health of the economy, but the health of our democracy. And for that reason, we want to make sure that we provide that people can vote by mail, and have early voting. We saw the fiasco in Ohio. We don’t want that repeated. And I think what Donald Trump would like, what Mitch McConnell would like is a situation where they can create a corporate slush fund that they can do with as they choose, and the voters won’t be able to hold them accountable. Because they won’t be able to get to the ballot places without risking their lives. And so, we view the economic health and the health of our democracy as very much interrelated. They view the health of their slush fund and suppressing the vote as interrelated, and I think that’s part of the conflict,” Schiff responded.

Schiff’s answer failed to persuade many people.

Any fair minded person could tell the Democrats were hostage takers in these negotiations.

But these are real people’s lives that hang in the balance and Democrats could pay a steep price in November for this stunt.

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