Adam Schiff took impeachment to a scary new level with this latest step

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is not backing down on his impeachment witch hunt.

Even though public polls show stalled momentum and declining public support, Schiff and the rest of the Democrats in the House of Representatives are pushing forward with a madcap scheme to remove Donald Trump from office.

Adam Schiff and the Democrats escalated their impeachment war by voting to release a fact-free 300-page report that’s based on gossip, hearsay and the hurt feelings of a cabal of bad actors inside the State Department and National Security Council who schemed to overthrow President Trump.

The report baselessly claims that President Trump abused his office and threatened American national security by supposedly pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden by withholding military aid.

POLITICO reports:

President Donald Trump abused the power of his office by pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his political rivals, House Democrats concluded in a highly anticipated report released Tuesday.

The 300-page House Intelligence Committee report, which is expected to form the basis for articles of impeachment, also accuses Trump of engaging in an extensive effort to obstruct the House’s impeachment inquiry and deprive investigators of key witnesses and documents.

The report describes a president eager to use his leverage over Ukraine — a country at war with Russia — to extract political benefits ahead of the 2020 election. Trump allegedly conditioned military aid and a coveted White House meeting for Zelensky on his willingness to launch Trump’s desired investigations, including one targeting former Vice President Joe Biden.

“[T]he president placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States, sought to undermine the integrity of the U.S. presidential election process, and endangered U.S. national security,” the report concludes.

Democrats will not accept defeat in this fight.

There is essentially zero chance the Senate will convict President Trump no matter the absurd and partisan articles of impeachment Democrats draw up.

Schiff is desperate and trying to smear the President by throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What a pathetic bunch of losers. Lost the election and have been on the pity pot ever since. I would dearly love for them to shut up and do the jobs they were elected for. Quit poking all the voters, who voted for Trump, in the eye. You look like a bunch of spoiled brats.

  2. The Democrat house is run by some of Hollywood’s elite characters. Just watch any Sponge Bob Square Pants show: you can see who the actors are and see where they get their operating script from. When we send some of the key players off to sunny Cuba for a 20 year vacation, we need to send Red Thang down there to serve as the Chief diaper-changer and recreation supervisor. He be like “I luv wiping these Sokd-out traitors butts, but I sho dun like having a job. Dey tole me all I has to do is brand da weed, nok back some 40s and watch da gaem on my big serene”. But I do git my room an bode free here at GITMO.

  3. Fishy isn’t it? Smells like it too. I’ve been saying this all along. Democrats and Biden will not win then we’ll have to go through this all over again. It’s going to be a viscous circle. Now Hillary is thing of running again? Her illegal action doesn’t count because she a Democrat right? This country will go nuts if they impeach for circumstantial evidence. They all lie. Notice nothing is being said about Biden’s son? That’s ok right but he’s still allowed to run. They are really sick and still will not win

  4. In that case, the Republican Party is guaranteed to disappoint you, not as much as the Democratic Party, but disappoint indeed. In due time, you will realize the extent to which you and your personal wealth are being held hostage by these fear-mongering politicians.

  5. ALLLL ‘this KrAAP’ (from Dems) is meant to ‘Distract’
    US from a ~ ‘Wonderful Holiday Season’ ~ !!!
    THNX Mr. President For E’thing You et al Have
    Accomplished in 3 yrs for USA !!!
    ~ Happy Holidays ~ To All ___

  6. So the 2020 elections are around the corner. When the next democrat is investigated for high crimes and misdemeanors lets hope that it will not go the way the HRC and Comey fiasco ended. Someone and anyone could be indicted right on the elections. Schiff,Biden well there is a whole gaggle of them. Get them! And get them good and hard. Do not let them off the hook like HRC got off the hook with her unsecured server.

  7. Adam Schiff’s sister is married to the SON of George Soros. The B.S. media never says any thing about it. HAMPTONS is COMPOUND of G.S. They are out there all during the summer.

  8. All these anti-american,anti-USA anti- christian ,hate filled democrats should move to another country and allow the USA to be the best country in the world ,free from all these hate filled dumbocrats

  9. I have never in my life seen such evilness by people like in the Democrat party. I truly believe they have really sold their souls to Satan. I PRAY they wake one day, and say to themselves, Dear GOD, what have I been doing to the citizens of my country. Please help me LORD, to stop this. Here I am trying so hard to take away their christian beliefs, their safety, and their freedom, their history. to turn their love into hate for one another. It has become a country of sadness, HATE,GREED,LUST for POWER.GOD PLEASE SAVE US AND HELP US.

  10. Blame the media for all this if we don’t do something about how the ate protected by laws they can can say anything they want and lie right on TV to get you to think this is the way things is going and I think there to many people in the media should go to jail. That’s how they make there money but having people buy there time to lie for them on national TV.

  11. Yes Tammy, once upon a time I was a registered democrat, now a rather die hard Republican. There is no way I could ever support the leftist agenda, hate, jealousy, lies, desperation, and such put forward by these lunies. I am just amazed Tammy, but fine people like you and your family bring refreshing hope to America.

  12. Dave: I think these days they give them the choice between electrocution or injection as casually as beef or fried chicken for dinner. We should all talk about this more until it becomes a reality and freaks the guilty out of their minds. Remember the left is a bunch of cowards.

  13. John: If we scream as loudly as do the left maybe, just maybe, they may have to….wouldn’t that be a giggle.

  14. Randy: I spend six months of the year in Europe and I agree with you that the general populous there are negative towards the President UNTIL I show them the lists of President Trump’s accomplishments which are pages and pages long and indisputable. They have been fed the liberal pablum we have here. I was horrified to learn this and thus was able to get the truth to the right places. I do share political info with all my friends abroad so they are kept up to speed as I am sure many internationals do.

  15. Well God-bless you Tammy you truly are a Patriot and you’re handing down patriotism to your children that in itself is amazing God-bless you and have a merry Christmas

  16. James let’s pray that that happens because I’ll tell you what if I was president I would invoke the military right now to round up everyone of those democrats on Capitol Hill send them all to get Moe invoke a military tribunals to try them convict them and then to execute then they don’t deserve to be on Capitol Hill over 3 years of chasing a ghost that doesn’t even exist. This needs to stop and now I’m sick of these democrats they’re lucky I’m still not in the military because I would not be held responsible for what I may do.

  17. Frank, Don’t forget the DNC, Hillary, and her campaign and GPS all colluded with Russians thew a foreign agent Christofer Steel to create the phony Steel Dosier to smear, spread and attack the Potus even before he was the President of The United States of America.

  18. Rob: Actually quite a few may go the way of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who were executed for Treason. Schiffty with his “Parody” and lies most certainly qualifies.

  19. Don’t worry Red-thing, Michael O’Boma gwine jump in da race, u see I’m sayin. She gone git all you CSers back in charge. Everthang gonna be free agin. All u has to do is sit in front of yo big screen, smoking and snorting, playin wit yo little happy spot, and dreaming about dem reparations. It done mater dat she dumber than Auntie Maxine, y’all be all in charge. Den, the powerful rev Al can sit in the big house and smoke wit the queen in the troval office. When it all falls down, dat new fence gonna keep yo worthless self from escaping yo “people’s” run country falls apart. Sorry if yo feelins hurt: jus grab yo stuff and go to yo little safe zone and git ovr it.

  20. Orrie the problem is that so many people are getting indoctrination by commie propaganda that getting good people elected is an uphill battle in a lot of places. But the good ones that get in must lead by example. I can see a movement away from the lefties, but we still have a fight on our hands.

  21. There is no doubt about the agenda George Soros and the globalists are planning for the world.. Their obsession with world dominance over humanity will never cease as long as they have the means. Money and power buys the souls of men and women to do their bidding. Greed is a great motivator.

  22. Sedation and treason. Capital punishment is being brought back at the federal level. So they could be executed for their crimes.

  23. There are many honest and decent men and women who are willing to replace these sludge bags in Congress. All that needs to be done is to open the doors and throw out these rogue Democrats.

  24. The farce continues! Notice the big red balls have disappeared from Fancy Nancy’s power necklace: l’il Adam did such a good job she gave him his manhood back. Nummy Nadler never had any ‘cause she neutered him long ago. They are all backed up by the least intellectual bombers of the House, the least if which is the #1 cheerleader “teeny-weenie” Swallwell. When this fantasy has played out; the President should sue the house leadership for fraud, waste, and abuse of office and “Sedition” (google the term). Sedition should be good for 20 years and we have a lot of empty rooms at GITMO.

  25. I have a tendency to agree with you. The democrats and some Republicans who should be Democrats are now considered “Enemies of the State”. They have and are committing crimes that warrant their removal from Congress. President Trump should throw the book at these seditious slime and not let them walk away from this coup attempt without paying a heavy price.

  26. Real M I really believe that they are wishing that they hadn’t started this battle. But pride and stupidity will keep it going unless we the people in a loud voice demand that they stop.

  27. Good for you and your friends and family Tammy. I walked away in 1993. And that was before the commiecrats were as crazy as they are today. I saw it coming.

  28. The most important thing we can do is teach our kids and grandkids why the DemoRats are no good for our country…..The schools and collages are making them liberal dumbasses!

  29. If this was real court everyone including the judge would throw them out laughing. They have NOTHING…Not even a tiny something…NOTHING.

  30. I am as is many friends and family a Independant. EVERY one of us are about to go change to Republican because none of us will EVER vote for another demoRAT. We have DRILLED into our kids and grandkids to NEVER vote for a DemoRAT. They need to all go…every last one. They are lying, evil rats.
    Trump 2020 Pence 2024/2028

  31. Looks like the Demonrats are setting themselves up for defeat next year. Everyone with a “D” by their name should start polishing up their resumes because they will be out of work after January 2021. Piglousy stated yesterday that she is a Catholic. Actually, she is Catholic only when it is convenient for her to do so. I’m sure that the Archbishop of San Francisco is anxious to have a little chat with her when she returns to the City for Christmas break.

  32. The Dems are on this runaway impeachment train with no brakes and an eminent catastrophic wreck will be the end result! The Dems are committing political suicide and it’s good enough for them!
    The only Dems who know what the heck is going on are driven by hatred and anger of DJT! They are running on “emotions” and we all know what that causes, yep, bad decisions made without thought and plans. The Dems don’t need a reason, they hate DJT and their sole purpose in life is to get rid of him one way or the other!
    Public opinion is swinging away from impeachment with each day that passes and NO WONDER! The entire process has been so one sided and biased, not even allowing the Republicans to mount a resistance of their own. The witnesses were called by the Dems and any questions Adam Schit didn’t like he actually would not let the witnesses answer! WHAT?
    This charade has been nothing other than a kangaroo court and DJT will be impeached in the House, unless Princess Pelosi changes her damaged mind! The Dems can get ready, it will be a whole different ball game in the Senate trial! DJT will be acquitted, reelected in 2020, the public will be angry at the Dems for what they have done to a successful POTUS and they will let the Dems know it in 2020! The Dems will lose control of the House and unknown number of seats. The Dems will pay a heavy price just as the Repubs did after impeaching Bill Clinton, they should expect it and be ready………..

  33. Actually Trump did do something wrong he defeated Queen Hillary in 2016 an sin that cannot be pardoned especially since he was a political outsider . To make things worse , he kept promises he made and the swamp dwellers , Pelosi , Adam Schitt and company are now very nervous . Their leftist plots and schemes are unraveling .That said , the swamprats are sweating , Joe Biden is sinking , Hillary is lost in her gin bottle and the Kenyan fraud is being exposed for the terrible President he was .

  34. Frank,,,,,,,,, Because this is the way of the future of this country.. Watch 1984,, read the book by saul alinsky…. Then you’ll understand what’s going on.. Trump is in the way of the global community of soro’s one world government of which he see’s himself as the leader.. Russia has been involved in our elections since the early ’30’s.. (I’M old enough to remember all of this). And most of these problems that we’re experiencing now is because of “JEWS”.. The aclu was started back in the ’20’s by a jew.. Now we have mooooooooooooooooooooooooooslims in our con gress..

  35. Crimes derived from baseless charges mean nothing but certainly costs the true patriots of this nation a lot.

  36. The bug-eyed wonder is puppet of George Soros and he does what he does to get his hands on Soros’ money. Sore loser Hillary also gets Soros’ money and she is behind these past three years of Trump attacks because he won the 2016 election and she lost.

  37. For his own safety as well as the safety of others, put Schiffty in a straitjacket and safely away in a rubber room. It’s for his own good. Poor mentally deranged Schiffty.

  38. At the rate the demoncraps,Muslim infiltrators and racist entitled crack babies are pulling the plug on democracy ,perhaps it time for President Trump to pull the plug and declare martial law.better to live in a military state than a commie or Muslim state.

  39. Hey Redman, where did you learn to spell? Are you illiterate or are you still looking for empty bottles in the street.

  40. I think that President Trump didn’t do anything wrong also worried about the fact that if you put a democrat in office the American people are doomed they are going to take away our guns they’re going to raise taxes I also feel that President Trump is doing a wonderful job with this country he loves American people and he is doing what he can for the American people we have got to keep him in office are you just might as well say we’re doomed

  41. There are thirty three [33] exceptions to allow hear say as admissible, Roberts is a closet liberal so he will allow it, BUT once he does the defendants attorney may attack the witness’s character/validity and IF [that is easy] they prove BIAS their depositions MUST be thrown out.

  42. Schitt keeps throwing mud at the wall hoping something will stick. Other days he draws straws. He keeps changing tactics hoping he isn’t appearing as an idiot. Way too late to worry about that!

  43. And there will for a certainty, be RETRIBUTION after the 2020 elections when the Republicans win the Pres, House, and Senate. Pelosi and her gang of criminals will face
    perjury charges, and end up where they belong – in JAIL.

  44. RedMan-Man, you are right!! So horrible to live in civilized nations with automobiles, airplanes, electricity, rather than to be in teepees smoking weed, and getting drunk!!
    Trump is GOD’s Modern King David, trying to lead America BACK to being GREAT again, instead of the immoral cesspool dream of the Democratic Party. God Bless America!!
    And God Bless Donald Trump!!!

  45. Stupid, crooked, inbreed white-folks ruining dis part of the world like they did Europe before they were booted out. Jes look at what the lying, loser, subhuman trump-butt-bumps are posting. They worship trump more den God. hahahahahaha

  46. Stupid, crooked, inbreed white-folks ruining dis part of the world like they did Europe before they were booted out. Jes look at what the lying, loser, subhuman trump-butt-bumps are posting. They worship trump more den God. hahahahahaha

  47. The senate will not remove him and neither will the voters next year. Swing State democrats are toast and so are nasty pulosie and adam schitt.

  48. The weasel and the toad have vendetta against a real American president. They expected hildabeast to win and they would be set for life. Are the democrats going to return their salaries for the last two years of not working in the best interest of the country?

  49. Schiff and the democrats have no choice now. They’re committed to follow this through to the end. They don’t want egg on their face. It’s not like they can beat Trump at the ballot so its impeach or bust at this point.

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