Adam Schiff was caught in one giant lie that proved he’s guilty of treason

Nancy Pelosi handpicked House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to run the impeachment show.

That turned out to be a major mistake.

And that’s because Adam Schiff was caught in one giant lie that proved he’s guilty of treason.

From the moment the spy’s so-called “whistleblower” complaint dropped, Trump supporters smelled something fishy.

It was professionally written in a narrative style that led critics to believe the spy had help from House Intelligence Committee Democrats in drafting the complaint.

Those fears turned out to be true when The New York Times reported that the spy secretly met with Schiff’s staff and that Schiff had a heads up on the spy’s whistleblower complaint.

The New York Times reports:

The C.I.A. officer approached a House Intelligence Committee aide with his concerns about Mr. Trump only after he had had a colleague first convey them to the C.I.A.’s top lawyer. Concerned about how that initial avenue for airing his allegations through the C.I.A. was unfolding, the officer then approached the House aide. In both cases, the original accusation was vague.

The House staff member, following the committee’s procedures, suggested the officer find a lawyer to advise him and meet with an inspector general, with whom he could file a whistle-blower complaint. The aide shared some of what the officer conveyed to Mr. Schiff. The aide did not share the whistle-blower’s identity with Mr. Schiff, an official said.

To make matters worse, Schiff flat out lied in an interview when asked if had contact with the spy.

That follows Schiff fabricating a conversation between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President during a committee hearing.

These two incidents prove Schiff is a liar who cannot be trusted.

And they make it clear Schiff is leading a coup against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You have no choice. You will live under the new world order communism and you’ll like it. With or without your gun.

  2. dark, MJ is deranged for sure but, don’t waste any pity on a common garden variety troll! Please ignore as you would any insect unless you want to squash “it” with your foot! Who would want the troll MJ stuck on the bottom of our shoe?

  3. Never mind putting him in jail and wasting tax dollars on him, put him in front of a firing squad like they did years ago and shoot him dead and anyone who was in on this atrocity of lies. We need to kill the swamp forever in DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well Biden and his son did get a lot of money from China so it makes perfect sense for Trump to ask the Chinese to investigate.
    Also Biden is on video bragging about bribing the Ukraine to fire the investigator so Trump was justified in that too. Not to mention Bill Clinton signed a treaty back in 1999 with the Ukraine government to share information regarding corruption.
    You can look it up yourself if you’re interested in the truth.

  5. Well everyone knows so much how can trump be investigated and it is fine but God forbid someone investigates a democrat and all hell breaks out how is that fair to trump democrats you are a bunch of hypocrite and I hope everyone of you lose your positions you were given because you Damon sure haven’t earned them. George Soros voting machines gave them to u all.and you all are liars, theives and crooks.


  7. Jes look at where the trump-butt-bumps are. Still in the same ole stinky place, brown nosing wit a raw nose whining about a idiot called lying trump-ah-hump. hahahahhahahahhahah

  8. Schiff is a weasel! He knows he is wrong, and he knows he is going to lose. He cant even look at the crowd, he looks at the ceiling! What a weasel!

  9. If you want to reeducate 65 million people the best way would be to send them back to public schools.

  10. AMERICA LETS FOCUS ON THIS FOR NOW…. It was Nancy Pelosi who started this last Impeachment against POTUS…. Now she is no where to be seen nor heard of.,,It seems that SCHIFFTY SCIFF is now falling on the PELOSI SWORD… While she hides behind the curtain… As well as for the other high ranking DEM – RATS… Remember America Nancy Pelosi is third from the PRESIDENTS CHAIR…. What I hold to account are the other Dems whom have NOT stepped up to stop this madness in our Nations Capital How can these people face their families and loved ones knowing that they are doing HARM to our COUNTRY… YES AMERICA NANCY PELOSI started this mess and now Schiffty Schiff is trying to make a name for himself…He sure DID not for his better outcome BUT THE WALK OF SHAME… Feel sorry for his FAMILY…. THE REAL CRIMINAL IS NANCY PELOSI……… Think about that America…. THERE ARE NO FRIENDS IN THE SWAMP….. IT’S A FOOD CHAIN and NANCY PELOSI IS A TOP FEEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Adam Schiff should be arrested immediately for his crime. A whole Democrat Congress should resign. What’s ashamed for our country.



  14. SChiff has proved himself to be a bald-faced liar of the nth degree. He should never again be believed or trusted. Everything he says should now be considered a falsehood unless a known credible source issues support for Schiff’s statement or the truth of the statement is known from some other trusted source. Being a liar is a life altering fact of life.

  15. John Vetter, Adam “Schit” is a legal mind and author, cough cough. It is said WB is a figment of “Schit’s” imagination however, we have no proof at this time. It is a proven fact that Adam Schit has told lies regarding WB per witnesses testimony. Don’t know about you but, I seriously doubt anything he says based on his witnessed lies during the Mueller investigation whereas for two years he said he had concrete evidence and proof that DJT had conspired and colluded with Russia but Schit never produced one page, one sentence or one word of evidence against DJT.
    I would say Adam Schit has zero credibility, wouldn’t you?

  16. MJ, “So do you”, what in hades does that mean? At least try to look a little intelligent, explain yourself, creep!

  17. Be careful what you wish for commie moron, it might just come true for you and all the other fascist/communist brown shirt Nazi Marxists. You will start it, we will finish it… By any means necessary.

  18. NOBODY asked them to interfere in the ELECTION! Go back & read the transcript again. IF you can read!!

  19. No, they would’ve been shot for being treasonous. DWE, Roosevelt, & others back in the days of the wars would have done it themselves PERSONALLY. And, the 65 Million are ONLY in your dreams! IF that many were against Mr. Trump, he WOULDN’T have been elected (figure quoted by MJ, the liberal troll.)

  20. NO! He meant how YOU LIBERALS always LIE & get away with it. But, I’ve got news for ALL of you liberals. One of these fine days, you will stand before the Judge of ALL Judges, & be tried for your crimes against America & her citizens, & by voting to murder the unborn. I HOPE that some of you repent before it’s too late, but won’t hold my breath.

  21. You are a fascist Moronic Jerk. What do you think antifa is? They’re nothing but the modern version of Hitler’s brown shirts. Communism and fascism go hand in hand, two sides of the same coin. FDR was the father of communism in the United States, he just didn’t want Hitler to upstage him. You’re a deluded, indoctrinated, ignorant fool Mighty Jerk.

  22. So what are you going to do with the 65,000,000 million people that don’t back tRUMP. Do you plan to open re-education camps or just dig trenches like your heroes in Germany and put a gun to the back of the head like they did to the Jews.

  23. Well your words are quite vivid but damn I agree ☝️ Adam should be sitting in a jail cell waiting on his trial for Treason ! He’s a liar and continues to fabricate vicious stories against President Trump. PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS DONE A OUTSTANDING JOB AND I WILL BE VOTING FOR HIM AND HE WILL WIN

  24. I agree Steve. I’ve noticed the communist left only backs up it’s lies with more lies. These morons like Snott are too stupid to realize they’re only useful idiots to the communist elite. Once the commies gain power and the idiots are no longer needed they’ll be subjugated, starved and murdered just like the rest of us. Communism is and always has been about the enslavement of the populace and absolute control of aspect of the nation to the detriment of all but the elite dictators and their henchmen.

  25. MJ, There you go again, one smartassed jab job after the other. You are really having a bad day and, from my perspective it’s no wonder, you poor thing.
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  26. MJ, Okay, that was a very feeble attempt at being clever but, failed and fell far short into the “bin of stupidity”! It made you appear to have no comprehension and understanding of words much less Craig’s comment subject, even though he did not specify Democrats, it should have been obvious to an adult…….Guess you are what being a good little Dem troll is all about, you take your “shots” where you can get them.

  27. Where has there treason oh you mean how tRUMP lied and how he asked the Chinese to investigate Vice President Biden. Yeah you are right that is treason and he should swing from a tree with a rope around his neck.

  28. Grizz Mann, Yes, I understand A. “Schit” “thinks” he is “untouchable” because he is related to George Soros by marriage…..I have news for A. “Schit”, he can go down like anyone else!

  29. Scott27, Oh Scottie girl, have I mentioned what a great hair day you are having and what a lovely shade of hot pink lipstick and nail polish you are wearing today? You are thinking about now, this guy cannot be serious! I am being as serious as you sound with your gibberish! One thing I am serious about though, you really do write like a girl, one of those girls who qualify as a space cadet and airhead, to be paid NO attention to! In fact any dummy male or female makes more sense than you do!
    Today is a bad one, even for you so, why don’t you just take off your makeup, put on your jammies, get a glass of the sweetest red wine you can find, drink it, go to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow………. 🙂

  30. T BELL . BEST ANSWER I HAVE READ SO FAR.. RIGHT TO THE Point!!!!!So what do we AMERICAN’S DO????? since our voices are NEVER HEARD??? What do we do??? I feel sorry for those Agents that have to protect them. They should be thinking how the Hell that they got assigned to these ANTI AMERICAN RATS… FLY OUR FLAG AMERICA to show our COMMUNITIES That he Honor those who died for our FREEDOM….

  31. Charles, Why thank you Charles, we are so happy you are voting with us! The best part is, you realized you were being lied to by the Democrats and the MSM but, refused to “settle” for the status quo! I hope you have joined the Republican party and if not, please do! TRUMP 2020 TO KAG!

  32. Scott won’t answer your questions about lies because Scott himself is lying.
    Scott is a liar accusing other people of lying.
    Besides Scott’s asinine 12,000 lie post he also claims Trump is shredding the constitution too. Don’t bother asking him to defend that post either I already tried.

  33. Don, you are 100% correct … Shifty Schiff’s sister is married to George Soro’s son … They won’t do anything not to rock the boat so they can keep the endless money flowing from Soros … Soros is so corrupt himself but he will never get in any trouble for it … Makes me quite angry, that’s why we need to have a “convention of states” through Article 5 of the constitution

  34. Scott, your brain dead if you believe a democRat, stupid ldiots the whole lot of your party….. Party of hate, party that kills millions of babies, if you disagree on a single topic your called racist , homophobic , whatever you feel the need to label God fearing country loving patriots ….. Snowflakes with TDS you peeps are so sad, but funny same time…. Have a nice day, God love’s you even if you hate him and his great land of the free and the brave!

  35. No he isn’t asking china to interfere he is asking them to find out how China agreed to send 1.5 billion to a little known equity group with no results to show they can take on that kind of money and manage it correctly. Just because Biden is running for president doesn’t absolve home for what I’m the surface appears to be shady they are trying to get trump out because of he stays in the swamp will be drained a little more

  36. Name some of those lies Snott, and no made up commie propaganda you Marxist sh-t heads like to throw out there. Give us just 10 real lies President Trump has told. It’s just astounding how stupid you jackbooted Nazi communists are. If China is interfering in our elections you can bet your donkey ass it’s definitely for the communist left.

  37. You hit the Nail on the Head x Its about time that REAL JUSTICE is meted to ALL the Real Criminals who are in Government n Political Office – Past n Present

  38. While I feel the same way that you do, unfortunately, it is not that simple. First, did Schift lie? To us, it seems like a no-brainer that he did, but he will claim that his use of the word “we” in the sentence “We had no direct contact”, was meant to refer to himself and other Congressmen on the Committee. Also, he probably wasn’t under oath, which means it isn’t perjury. And he wasn’t saying this to the FBI, so it wasn’t lying to the FBI. See how this works. If you are a Congressman, you can lie and get away with it.

  39. It’s because Washington protects its own on both sides of the aisle we as Americans have the final say at the ballot box vote them out let’s do out part to drain the swamp

  40. Right x Maybe its a Fake “ghost” Non Person x If Indeed this is a Real Whistleblower – he will be protected indefinitely – change his face n identity and he can live wherever he wants x In the meantime let him testify at the Senate to determine what he is implying to get to the bottom of all this Hysteria to determine if indeed there is “Something”-
    if not Investigate further n Prosecute All Characters and Individuals associated with this Circus Mania

  41. I was a Democrat for 40 years because I believed what the main stream media was saying then I realized during the Clinton impeachment that the main stream media does not tell the truth they all rushed to Clinton’s Aid even after he was proven to have lied about his affair. The main stream media and the Democrats are nothing but a bunch of lying hypocrites I have voted Republican ever since Bill Clinton was impeached. Keep America great vote Trump 2020!

  42. Have you listened to the 12,000 lies, and outrageous things said by your dear leader? And you think it’s ok to ask communist China to interfere with our election? It’s just astounding how foolishly hoodwinked you folks are.

  43. I Recall those media statements made by SCHIFFTY SCHIFF…Why have not the MEDIA Confronted him concerning THOSE STATEMENTS!!!!!! Rep Adam Schiff never had any concrete evidence on Trump NEVER!!!!!Then on top of that he made up a completely FALSE statement against POTUS. Which too has not gotten the Media exposing him yet again!!!!! As for that so called whistle blower….That person or persons ARE NOT witnesses NO first hand knowledge of any kind. HERESAY SPECULATION!!!! Not ADMISSIBLE in any court… Where is the media on that too??? It’s not all DEM – RATS That are making a mockery of our Government. It’s just 8 or 9 of them America you know their names.. What I hold against the rest of the DEM’S IS that they don’t step in or up to stop this WASTE OF TAX payer dollars..Putting an end of this poor leadership and REMOVING THIS STAIN FROM OUR GOVERNMENT ONCE AND FOR ALL… WE THE PEOPLE AMERICA FLY OUR FLAG IN HONOR….

  44. One major thing I would love to know is why haven’t these Felons been arrested and charged when their Crime’s are so transparent and obvious. Who handles this violation of our law and crimes against America and it’s Constitution. I don’t think a single lying traitor has been arrested. Somebody needs to get off their ass and take action. I’m sick of seeing these people running free and blameless. It;s a crime against the American People. GET “ER” DONE

  45. Stop talking about it. Have him arrested, tried for treason, then hang his lying sorry A**. That’s what you do with treasonous SOB’s.

  46. Okay, if we know he’s guilty of treason, why doesn’t Attorney General Barr? Why has he not indicted this criminal? Is Barr still in charge of the DOJ?

  47. Hi Cheryl. I agree with your comments except for a brain transplant you would have to find shifty’s brain first and I don’t believe he has one!

  48. Schiff and all his disgusting anti American criminal democraps should be fried in the electric chair! Years ago they would have been jailed for a long,long, time as they should be.

  49. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are not following the constitution therefore they need to be in jail period.

  50. Adam Schiff is a fool. If he was my house rep. I’d do all I could to get him voted out. He is lower then a snake. He needs a brain transplant. The one he has is damaged. He is not dealing with a full deck. Maybe his nose will start growing with all his lies.

  51. Every Republican on the face of God’s green earth was educated to the “extreme lying machine” Adam “Schit” during the Mueller investigation. He got in front of every TV camera possible for two years stating he had “concrete evidence that President committed conspiracy and collusion with Russia” which he FAILED MISERABLY to produce! He had not one sentence, not one word of evidence against President Trump!
    He lied then and, he lying now and to no one’s surprise!
    Adam Schiff needs some serious jail time for what he has done to America and her citizens, to DJT, and to the Constitution! He has lied, committed perjury, obstructed justice, committed conspiracy, and other things! And, there are other Dem leaders who need to go to jail as well………………They are a disgrace to America!

  52. It’s amazing that the commiecrats always chose the dumbasses to take the lead on their corrupt actions. What fool would get on live television and completely misquote the testimony of some lying snitch. The “whistle blower “ had better hope he/she doesn’t go to jail over the lies. The inmates know how to handle rats ???? Especially lying ????

  53. You do not get to be such a good liar in that short of time. He has had help from the DNC and MSM. BTW, has Adam ever come up with those nude pictures from the ”Russians”?

  54. There is an old bumper sticker that says,” save our government, vote them all out”. Right now I believe that refers to the Democrats and some Republicans.

  55. Well we all know he’s a lier and has been since 2015, but theres not much we can do the only one who can fire him is pelosi and she won’t do that, the only avenue we could have is the charge of perjury and censure him and demand him be removed as intel chairman, or the supreme court , but that is a well.

  56. Pencil neck said he had all the goods on TRUMP in the Russian hoax and didn’t have ZIP! This clown needs to be kicked to the curb. Now its all about Ukraine and another Schiff lie. We’re tired of the DEM’S BS.

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