Adam Schiff’s impeachment dream turned into a nightmare with this leak

Adam Schiff was riding high.

The Democrats’ point man on impeachment thought the case to impeach and remove Donald Trump from office was all sewn up.

But Adam Schiff’s impeachment dream turned into a nightmare with this leak.

Democrats and the Fake News Media buzzed around the Capitol on Tuesday with news that European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland changed his testimony to admit there was a corrupt quid pro quo between military aid to Ukraine and an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden.

So-called “journalists” claimed this was another smoking gun where a Trump supporter admitted the President was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

As usual, these were all lies.

North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows cited the revised transcript to show that Sondland only guessed that military aid was held up because of a quid pro quo and never offered any concrete proof or testimony.

The Fake News Media is so desperate to will impeachment into reality that they will lie and spread misinformation at even greater levels than normal.

Despite all the screaming cable news graphics and sensationalized headlines, Sondland’s testimony never changed the fact that no one actually has any proof there was a quid pro quo.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Repost/ Take Heed ___
    NOVEMBER 5, 2019 AT 9:03 PM
    0ne of Schiff’s fam Is MARRIED to a SOROS ‘spawn’
    > A Huge REASON, he Can SAY/ DO ANYTHING ___
    Has SOROS ‘protection’.

    The Real M
    NOVEMBER 5, 2019 AT 11:14 PM
    Hey snark, Adam Schit’s sister, Melissa, married to George Soros’ son! Talk about a nuptial made in hell….
    … qualifies!

    zee & co.
    NOVEMBER 6, 2019 AT 8:17 PM
    Rite 0n Real M. Clarify. Schiff IS BOLD b/cuz of ‘THAT’.
    & make no bones about it.

  2. Their warm bodies came together and bodily fluids intermingled so half-breeds were brought upon us. Peace be upon them. In Allah’s name we pray Amen!

  3. I’m almost 70 now and I can’t remember the (mainstream) news media ever supporting a conservative President. It was never difficult to identify their bias but they did make some effort to appear unbiased. Today there is no pretense, no reservation. The media when it is not suppressing the truth is in direct competition with the truth. It has become a mouthpiece of the extreme ideology of the LEFT and is shameless in its dedicated support of the most extreme and radical elements of the Democrat party. If it weren’t for alternative media sources no one would ever see or hear about anything except the conjured testimony as coached by Mr. Schiff, and the POTUS would be in the eyes of the nation properly impeached. The mainstream news media has disgraced itself to such an extent that many in this nation cannot trust it period. If there were unbiased reporting Schiff’s dog and pony show would ended before it started. Because of the media’s unreserved bias, the show must go on to serve their interest alone, not the truth, and definitely not our nation.

    • I wish your realization was more widespread. I woke up today, a day after the Nov 5, 2019 election, to see that stupid voters have voted stupidly again. You would have sworn that after all the revelations, all the uncovering of corruption by the democrats, after the fake dossier reveal, after the Mueller garbage “investigation,” was unequivocally shown to be contrived and fake, you would think the voters would have learned, but NO ! The voters have proven their stupidity once again.

      How can you have hope for America’s rescue when the voters go out and vote like drones, basically bringing destruction down on themselves. It was hopeful before that they had learned their lesson, but it seems now that they are as dumb and ignorant as when they almost voted Hillary to be President. It’s sad, disgusting, and heartbreaking to see the level of ignorance and stupidity of the American voters.
      an attempt to overthrow the government,

      • To old Goat /Reach E’1 etc.
        Me too. Wow . Unbelievable.
        To ‘This’ IS WHERE & What we have come ??? After ALL
        these Yrs ???
        Not Good. BUTT, IT IS, For US, You/me, etc. that
        ‘WE’ MAINTAIN (0ur Freedom) !!! STAY STRONG. NEVER EVER “Give Up” !!!
        SAVE USA from Dem/Globalist Take0ver___ God Bless___

    • I too am an Old Goat:
      I have easily walked across that line separating age 69 from 70. I have seen a lot along this journey. Happiness, and sadness; death, and birth; brilliant and ignorant … I could go on but will not.
      What I have never seen before in my life is how the Democratic Party is behaving and why nothing is being done to halt the obvious abuses of many of ALL OF OUR Rights, all the things we are entitled to by Laws, Contract, Rules, and Regulations.

      I see two large issues; 1. Politicians
      2. National Biased Media Network.

      Let us speak to the Disgustingly Biased National Media, in all its Formats, Radio, Print, Television, Internet first.
      It has been calculated by other sources than me that 95% has violated all the Rules and Regulations they ALL were award when the FCC Granted them the Right to sned Broadcasts to all of us, send newsprint information to us, to send radio news to us, to use the internet to inform all of us. The National Media Network system is NOT doing what was promised they would do if they were given the Right to Broadcast with Professionalism. Why hasn’t the FCC made the Media fly right, be journalist, tell the new events to We The People, without the personal opinions. Opinions are NOT NEWS they are what they are just OPINIONS. FCC should shut down the Clients they have given Broadcasting Rights too.

      Next is the Politicians. These people have just lost their damned minds, period. I have a suggestion though. We The People organize ourselves. We find local sponsorship in the form of our Local News Sources. Our Local news HAS held true to their promises concerning Broadcasting to We The People, concerning the broadcasts they make to us locally, and their attempts at explaining National has been factual, with No Opinions by most local news sources.

      We all stop watching National News, with the exceptions of the Channels we feel are not Totally Biased. The objective is to inform ourselves in a fair and balanced equation.

      We ask the Local Media outlets to begin making a big deal Story locally, about these grassroots programs that were planted by We The People telling the Nation to FORGET their National News, just watch the Local News, switch to the Cable, or over air reruns when National News is being Broadcast.

      When TV Rating plummets, Advertisers will quit buying TV Time for News Broadcasts NONE of We The People are watching anymore.

    • Like you I am almost 70 (2 months) and have never seen the fake news media support a Republican in any way. But they used to try to appear so.

    • I JUST thank God every day that President Trump opened my eyes to false media. now i just use Google for my news but where do i go for honest reporting? i thought it was PBS but their donors must be turning over in their graves at this broadcast. i watched nancy woodruff pressure people to her view alone when they flat out trying to create a public forum like PBS is a total failure in my opinion.

  4. Loser lying bastards! That is all they do! It makes me hate Dem’s more and more and makes me sick that IUSED to be one!

  5. Tried lightning farts again. Can’t get it right. A little help Adam. Poor me. My mammy said to stop by and show her how. The bitch forgot that I live in her basement. She’s a retard. Smokey know it too. Wish white peoples were here. Tired of hood rats.

    • Their warm bodies came together and bodily fluids intermingled so half-breeds were brought forth upon us. Peace be upon them. In Allah’s name we pray Amen.

  6. The deep state believes that they run the government and set foreign policy. They cannot abide the interloper Trump interfering. Trump has other ideas which is why they must remove him. He will not let that happen.

  7. 0ne of Schiff’s fam Is MARRIED to a SOROS ‘spawn’
    > A Huge REASON, he Can SAY/ DO ANYTHING ___
    Has SOROS ‘protection’.

  8. It all comes down to the fact that these Democrats do not want President Trump to win another 4 years and they even said themselves we must not let Trump win another 4 years at any cost even if we have to Impeach him because if we don’t he is going to win in 2020. Their very words.

  9. The real problem is they actually believe what comes out of their mouths. They are so hellbent crazy on fundamentally changing the US to a global society They don’t want the country to be anything more than a third world nation and they had just about succeeded when Trump came in and screwed up their plans. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.We must vote all of them out of office and take this country back. The hard part is going to be getting the youth to see how they have been manipulated for the last 30 years

  10. This is just BULL. They are taking tip bits out of testimony to try to frame our president. But rest assure it will backfire. God said and I quote, “They will say impeach, impeach but it will be so, for he will be a two-term president. He will secure the border, he will make America great again. He will throttle the enemy, he will secure five supreme court judges and guess he will overturn roe vs wade.” and lots more. He cannot lose. God placed him there as a David that will take a small stone to kill Goliath. President Trump is a prophet. Where have you ever heard that 1.5 million witches praying for a president’s downfall? Think about it! a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. God choose him because of his heart for America not because he is righteous – but he will be. It’s a war between light and darkness – the darkness that the democratic party wants to bring on America. Wake up, people! Let us pray and fight for our president.

    • I agree, they would sell there own mother to get power back, but the dems are in some deep trouble, shciff,pelosi,Shummer will all be looking for a job when we get done with them how dare they take it on themselves to decide whom our president will be. I am never going to vote dem again.
      The dems have bashed and bashed this president but he is a real fighter look what all he has done for this country, this man never took one thin dime in salary from his presidential job, but nobody gives him any credit for anything, well I am here and I give him credit best president we ever had and I stand with him in this fight.

    • I like what you just wrote. That’s it! Prayer. Bond in unity for our country. We need to claim it back from the twisted direction of a few past leaders. They have a chance to make some constructive choices. If not, the result will be devastating. Selling your soul is somthing that you can’t do. Personally, I would prefer to be on the right side.

  11. This hostile clash between the Dems and Reps reminds me of a joke I heard:

    Two farmers were arguing over the ownership of a cow. One farmer was tugging at the head while the other tugged at the tail.

    Along comes an attorney who sits down in the middle and milks the cow.

    Political rhetoric has set ourselves against each other. Question is, who’s milking the cow?

  12. “I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those that do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation.”
    — Malcolm X
    … that time had come

  13. Ricco on Demorats!! Obama’s Administration most corrut in history.I pray they all get it!!CIA Coup…Need Fired.Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Democrat politicians Have conveniently chosen to forget why they were elected. They were elected to *** Do a job*** and that job is not about about ***overthrowing our duly elected President*** but they have discarded the job that they were elected for. For three years they have concentrated their efforts towards the overthrowing President Trump and they have neglected the job that they were elected to perform.

  15. Just more perjury going on. Arrest this former Ukrainian ambassador that suddenly has an Epiphany of magical miraculous photographic memory of Quid Pro Quo, that directly contradicts his earlier testimony under oath. Some people go to prison for perjury of this magnitude.

    • When the ship starts sinking, memories become clearer and testimony often changes. Sondland doesn’t want to end up in the Big House with Cohen, Manafort, Flynn and the rest of the gamgsters. Roger Stone sh*t his britches yesterday in court when the possibility of going to the penitentiary suddenly became a reality.

  16. There was NO QUID PRO QUO AND SHIFTY SCHIFF you and Nancy know it. You people are so un -american with all your lies and corruption. I could never trust a democrat again. Nancy you ruin what you stood for and you are a HUGH disappointment to all woman. You allowed the 4 new babies in congress to control you and your job. NANCY YOU ARE A LOSER.

  17. How moronic is the demoncratic party, leaving schiff to coach witness and lie his ass off. Pelosi no smarter! When the finger flies the pelosi lies. The demoncrates have no sense of reality,the whole U S A. can see for themselves the stupidity demoncrates are. LOSERS all of them. President Donald Trump will make America GREAT as he has shown so far even without help from demoncrates

    • Dan T, Your comment reminds me of a song! Get out your fiddle and play along while I sing about old “Schit For Brains”!
      Bet we could make a lot for contributions to the DJT reelection!

      • I’m tuned up and ready Real M. We can use the minor notes. They are the low mournful ones. Appropriate for idiots like Nancy and Adam.

      • Nothing Real about you M, just another George Soros lemming. It’s a farce, your a farce. We drove our cars politely for a decade, it’s time to honk you horn and call a @#$%tard a @#$%tard. M you are a @#$%tard going nowhere. How much free stuff do you get?

        • Greg, You are addressing possibly the biggest DJT supporter in the universe! I don’t know where in hell you are coming up with this crazy insulting Soros and free stuff crap! You know a lot more about Soros and free stuff than I do! You are one cmf!

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