Al Gore is spinning bizarre tales in Dubai

Former Vice President Al Gore has profited immensely since leaving office by pedaling wild stories about global warming and later, climate change.

In fact, some recent stories say he may become “the world’s first carbon billionaire after investing heavily in green energy companies.”

But the latest round of fear-mongering by Gore left people dumbfounded.

While speaking in Dubai, Gore warned of “flying rivers” and “rain bombs” as an effect of climate change. reports:

Bizarre weather such as “flying rivers” and “rain bombs” are just some of the recent effects of climate change, warned former US vice-president Al Gore at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) in Dubai on Sunday.
He described flying or atmospheric rivers as long streams of rain-bearing clouds that carry huge amounts of water vapour over long distances, ending as heavy rain bombs over a small, concentrated area. Gore said a city in California was recently hit by such weather, with the ‘river’ in the air having flown thousands of kilometres from an area in the Pacific Ocean.

Tailoring his fear-mongering to his specific audience, the report notes:

Gore also said climate change could make large parts of the Middle East uninhabitable, which would create “climate refugees”, who would clash with settled populations in cities.

These sorts of wild stories by Al Gore, including many predictions in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” have led many to disregard the former vice president as little more than a climate profiteer, in it for his own personal gain.

The Telegraph reported:

Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, has claimed that Mr Gore stood to benefit personally from the energy and climate policies he was urging Congress to adopt.

Mr Gore had said that he is simply putting his money where his mouth is.

“Do you think there is something wrong with being active in business in this country?” Mr. Gore said. “I am proud of it. I am proud of it.”

What do you think?

Is Al Gore just spinning tall tales for his own personal profit?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Al Gore is spinning bizarre tales in Dubai


  2. Go on with your story, Al. To those who ignore the past, the Great Lakes were drying up and an ice age was coming in the ’70’s. The ozone layer was going to give everyone skin cancer a little later. Now we’re going to burn up or drown in the raging seas. When you wear out the global warming theory we will anxiously await the next bugaboo from fake science.

  3. It’s called a weather front Al. They happen all over the world every single day. When cold meets hot, there is always a front that drops a whole lot of water somewhere very violently. That’s what the national weather service warns people about with the tornado sirens and weather alerts.

  4. Al Gore is a bizarre tale. You can tell he is lying by just looking at him. If he is talking, you know that he is lying.

  5. I hate to inform you Mr Gore, but climate change has been occurring every day for millions of years, its called the weather. The hubris of humans like yourself to actually think we can change the climate is just astonishing. Try studying the sun and sunspots or lack thereof.

    • Carol: I wholeheartedly agree with you. If (God forbid) we experience something catastrophic, it is the same type of natural situation that has occurred throughout generations of climate change. Gore’s scare tactics bring in vulnerable people who are not kmowledgable with this phenomenon.

    • Carol I’ve been saying that for years. Sure you can modify weather a tiny bit such as seed clouds. If you want to see the fraud Gore is, bring up any of his mansions on google earth and look at the pool. How much electricity would you say it takes? I could run my house for a year on what his pool costs for a month. Nice ponzii scheme Al.

      • Robert (first of all, I’m a different Carol than the one who left the preceding comment)
        My brother lives very near Gore’s home in Tennessee. If you drive past his house at night, you’ll see a long driveway that’s lit up better than an airport runway and every room in that big ol’ house has it’s lights on. Such a hypocrite!

  6. It’s very simple. Al Gore is a fraud. He and his followers have used A very gullible segment of society and squandered precious resources in the process. As a country, we dodged a very large “bullet” when he was defeated in his run for the presidency- does this sound familiar?

  7. Yeah, wild stories, but hey, it worked for him! Can you believe that?! Wow, if I want to get rich, I can make up some stories to retire early. Just saying.

    I’m afraid that there may be a few rich naive Arabs out there that would shell out a couple of millions. Gore is a clever man, I must say …

  8. 0MG – i just a saw “flying river” & some ppl
    in a Canoe & a Sailboat. 0h wait a minute,
    here comes Carnival Cruise ship. Uh-oh, &
    Noah’s Ark.

  9. Al Gore Jr is a Social Justice Warrior par excellence. Why once on a road trip from DC back to the Gore Plantation in Tennessee Little Al gave his Black Nanny 1/2 of his leftover peanut butter sandwich because then US Senator Al Gore Sr would not allow his son’s African American nurse to eat in the same restaurant that the rest of the Gore family did.

  10. Words of wisdom from Mr. PooTayyToe. 🙂 A third grade child told him how to spell the word correctly. However, due to his SUPERIOR INTELLECT he told this child he was wrong. Incident was aired on National Television back when he was VP Monsoon rain in Southeast Asia might seem like a Rain Bomb to an Arab????

  11. Hey gore, name for me even ONE of your wild ass predictions that has come to pass??
    NOT EVEN ONE??? You SPEW shit and people eat it up, fools that they are!


  13. As a person he thinks other people are inferior, as a politician he’s inferior, as a loser he’s like Hillary and won’t admit it. If he crawled under a rock, I’d be fine with that !!!

  14. Dubai, to get there either you go by ship, or private jet, along with know telling how big of staff his has. Doesn’t he still get secret service? Why doesn’t he just stay in Tennessee, or they paying him to stay out of the state. He is nothing, but a snake oil salesman. MAGA

  15. When rivers grow wings and go hostile by dropping “rain bombs” on us, you know you are living in the world of algore. I think the cuckoo berries are in full bloom on the cuckoo berry trees in the mythical land of Algoria where the men with the butterfly nets run around catching the escapees from a peanut machine. Wow! What next: Rogue, murderous Unicorns?

    • Al is not crazy. Hes a used car salseman is all.
      He knows he’ll be able to sell this piece of tihs to somebody he dosen’t care who buys it.
      Hes in it for the money, just like every politician is. Its only business. Its not personal. .

    • Who do you think that Al Junior sold his TV cable company to? Hint- His cousin.
      Little Al sold his cable TV company to his cousin once removed, Al Jazzera.

  16. Isn’t this the same nut job who said parts of New York city would be under water by 2015? Uh, hello, it ain’t. The same Dodo who runs around screaming the sky is falling “sky rivers and rain bombs” really?? I might believe the varmint if he practiced what he preached. Parts of Dubai might be uninhabitable in the future? It’s practically all desert. Much of it uninhabited except for well drillers. Dubai is a country whose wealth is oil. Really Mr. Gore? Go home, waste our resources in silence. We are tired of hearing your dribble that the earth is being ravaged by weather caused by humanity.

  17. “Combining the data sets from NOAA and NASA finds:
    The five warmest years in the global record have all come in the 2010s
    The 10 warmest years on record have all come since 1998
    The 20 warmest years on record have all come since 1995”

      • George- Good evening and thank you for your reply. Those weren’t my numbers. They come from NOAA and NASA. What part of it do you think doesn’t “add up”?

      • Donl- Good morning and thank you for your reply. May I respectfully suggest that you go back and review the difference between climate and weather. When the scientists talk about global warning, they are talking about average temperatures over all continents and oceans. Just because the planet is warming, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cold day in Georgia. In fact in my amateur meteorological explanation, we are seeing warm high pressure systems which are melting the Artic and pushing the cold air that is supposed to stay up there further south and even into Georgia.


      • Butchy- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Since you put it that way, then I can see your point. Your capitalizations are a brilliant way to make a convincing argument. How could I have been so wrong all these years? I will now always seek your advice before I make any statements.


          • Good morning Butchy- I have never claimed to be “…SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE…” And concerning “..LOUD MOUTH..”, I started out simply quoting some data collected by NOAA and NASA.

    • Trouble is that NOAA recently admitted that they FUDGE the numbers they use in their wonderful computer models, and you know what that means? Garbage In=Garbage Out! Wow I wonder why NONE of their predictions have EVER come to pass!

    • You are drinking the cool aid. Try telling Europe about global warming this year. It is Spring where I am and we have snow coming this week.The weather is changeable as is the climate and always has been. Hundreds of years ago before the first SUV running on gas was conceived , global temps were greater than now. What does Al Gore say about that? Not one of the computer programs developed by the climate change alarmists has proved to be accurate when actual data is fed into them–not one.

      • Doug- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I can’t imagine why so many people are obsessed with Kool-Aid, but I haven’t had any since I was a kid and that was many decades ago.
        You are right- the climate has changed in the past. But what is concerning is the rate of change that is being documented. Just because the planet is warming, that doesn’t mean it can’t snow where you live. We are talking about global averages measured over all continents and oceans.

    • You are a total dunce. Don’t know what you have been reading or smoking but the global warming of Al Gore has not occurred and the weather scientists all agree. Gore and his minions falsified and or changed date to back up his lies. You believed him so that really tells us where your brain is! Gore is fraud. He is a huckster. Thank God he and Hillary were defeated in the elections!

      • Joe- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I am a “total dunce”? Well, I didn’t realize that. It sure explains a lot. While I am certain that I am not as intelligent as you, I try hard and do the best I can with my limited resources.
        Could you please provide me with your source for ” Gore and his minions falsified…”? I would like to see the concrete evidence for such a claim.


          • zee-Good morning and thank you for your reply. However, I have no idea what “Are You Albot” means. Please explain. I fully realize that lots of “conservatives” love to mock Al Gore. All I did was to start out by quoting some data from NOAA and NASA which appear to confirm some things Al Gore has been warning us about for years.

  18. Al Gore is much sicker than the low life democrate fed trash that murdered 17 people in a school house in Florida.

  19. He needs to spend more time with his massage guys and stop spreading fecal material. His data is flawed int he first place, but it just proves how scientifically illiterate the “followers” really are. He doesn’t do more than pick and chose information
    and half truths. But then he’ a politician and ho ever expects the ruth from a professional politician who spent his life sucking off the public for his own gain. More political demography for personal gain. Two faced to the end !

    • I feel sorry for Al Gore Jr. If I paid a 60 something year old Masseuse $800 for an oil massage I would also expect her to massage my man muscle, wouldn’t you?

  20. Al Gore should be ashamed of himself, but I know he isn’t, for lying to the world about global warming. But, then, that’s how he’s made his money by people being so gullible. He’s a fake through and through. If I’m not mistaken, it has been raining since God created this world, and I mean everything in it. Weather cycles come and go. Surely he isn’t too dumb to know this. No, I think he’s deliberately selling this lie, or he’s told it so long that he’s beginning to believe it himself. He’s out for Al and how he can benefit from it.

  21. Mr. Gore is one of the biggest opportunists in our country. It’s not a coincidence
    that he will profit greatly from his tales of global warming or climate change. I don’t
    believe it’s possible that he is unaware that, since this beginning of this earth,
    there has always been change – Greenland got its name because it was once very green
    but is now ice filled.

  22. What is astonishing is not his fear mongering. What is astonishing is that many people will believe it without fact checking.

  23. I cant believe that people fell for the biggest hoax placed on the American people, while this blowhard laughs all the way to the bank!

  24. One look at al gore’s mansion and his personal airplane should tell the world that he doesn’t really believe his own line of garbage.

  25. I believe all Al Gore cares about is how much money hes going to suck out of the stupid people and the dumb clowns in Washington.Its clear theres no climate change outside of the seasons changing. Al selling rain bombs and flying rivers the guys must be on drugs big-time. Maybe he’s going to run for president and Hillary as his VP????

  26. al gore has been wrong more than once ,hes a liberal and wants muslim rapists and central American ms 13 gangs roaming the streets here ,no body in his or her right mind should listen to anything he has to say EXCEPT for when he states that his pampers need changes and hes shitty again.

  27. Flying Rivers Of Bullmueller. Algorejazeera is classic charlatan, asking me to give up my car, my heat, my air conditioning so that the muslims who want to kill me can get rain twice a year.

  28. Peter Schweitzer’s new book, coming out tomorrow, will probably have a word or two about Algore. As PS documents, ‘green energy’ and ‘climate change’ have been a bonanza for the enviro-grifters from Soros to Obama to Gore.

    Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends Hardcover – March 20, 2018

    • I am working on such an umbrella now. Just send your tax deductible contribution to the ‘Billy Bob Jones Charitable Foundation and Sporting House for Wayward Women’ @ General Delivery in Zurich, Switzerland to be the first on your block to own this amazing umbrella. There is no need to divulge your mailing address or other sensitive personal imformation because after we process your donation we never intend to contact you again.

  29. global warming and climate change has to be one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the people of the world….ever……and the sad thing is that there are a large swath of people that have swallowed all this litter…hook, line and sinker…

  30. If there wasn’t control of the weather, treaties between nations would not have been signed in the mid 70’s to not allow weather control against countries. Gore is part of this globalist cabal that controls the worlds money, governments, and may be even the weather to some extent. That being said, don’t be too surprised to see “flying rivers” and “rain bombs”!!!

  31. Gore is delusional. I don’t know where this idiot gets all this crap from, but I sure wish some body would shut him up.

  32. Al Bore is always double talking – When you see him coming hide your wallet. Hillary also claimed that President Trump does not want to see black people get ahead – I wonder if both of them would like to elaborate on why it was Al Gore Sr. who participated in a filibuster to try and prevent the Equal Rights Amendment from coming into law?

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