Al Sharpton will have to apologize to Trump after his most insane lie yet

Al Sharpton is a race pimp who has milked every racial scandal to line his own pockets with millions of dollars.

Now that President Trump is in office, he is one of the top voices claiming the President is racist.

But Al Sharpton will have to apologize to Trump after his most insane lie yet.

Through his position at MSNBC, Al Sharpton regularly attacks President Trump.

He often pushes lies, but the latest one to come out of his mouth is more brazen than any before it.

Sharpton was on live TV with Rutgers University women’s and gender studies professor Brittney Cooper.

Cooper primed Sharpton for the lie of the century, claiming that Trump may start a war just to gain one “big key thing under his belt.”

She claimed that if the economy begins to fail, or if he doesn’t build his wall, he may start a war just to stay relevant.

Sharpton added to that by stating, “Imagine our country at war with him as commander in chief.”

But he failed to realize that the U.S. is currently engaged in overseas conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria, with the U.S. winning big under Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Cooper pointed to the “continued military posturing toward all of these countries” as something to watch for “because one of the old school American rescue missions is get us into a war because that is often seen as another driver of the economy.”

“And Trump wants one big key thing under his belt,” she concluded. “He either he wants his wall or he wants to ride out on the glory of the economy and if he can’t have that, I think he’s willing to start a physical war in order to do it.”

Sharpton continued with Cooper’s train of thought: “If you think the economy is sinking is frightening. Imagine our country at war with him as the commander in chief.””

What Sharpton missed, of course, is that the United States is currently engaged in overseas conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria under President Trump.”

Under President Obama, these conflicts got completely out of hand, especially with ISIS becoming a major threat to the world.

But under Trump’s leadership, ISIS has been virtually eliminated, and the Afghanistan war is nearly over.

Would you rather have Barack Obama or President Trump lead the country during a war?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. Mr. Pimp Sharpton, sir, you are a Race Pimp BATER, you love, just like HAMAS and ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, WAR! I wonder IF some one just pick you up and put you right on that Israeli Fence, either between Israel/Syria or HAMAS/Israel? I do NOT think that you would last very long!

  2. Mr. Pimp Sharpton, sir, you are a Race Pimp BATER, you love, just like HAMAS and ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, WAR! I wonder IF some one just pick you up and put you right on that Israeli Fence, either between Israel/Syria or HAMAS/Israel? I do NOT think that you would last very long!

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  4. Hey Skylar. You commiecrats see that you can’t win on the issues, so it’s racist all the way. You don’t bother me, as I get a kick out of your stupidity. Trump is going to be re-elected so you might want to try to find a home in Cuba. America doesn’t need trash like you. It’s people like you that makes millions of us determined to keep our guns no matter what. You commie assholes are a threat to freedom and democracy. But know this. We will not be governed by your kind. You and Sharpton spewing your garbage is why there is racial division in America.

      • BJ I don’t think I know any racists. Have met a few in my life, but none in my family or circle of friends. Not even some years back when I played for a country star. That topic didn’t come up.

  5. Waaay 0FFF Topic, in ‘trash’ comm’s.
    Skylar ‘invades’ & aggravates emotion.
    >let ‘it’ 0ut, i guess.
    BUTCHY SAY to Skylar – STFU>
    STFU is all you need to say.

    • You whites have high IQ’s. But that’s not common sense. Common sense is how we act.
      I think you all were ahead of most when you built this country but now you have to share. Except for sharing with the muslimps. They are very low IQ according to my research.
      Any way is you don’t hate us and want to be part of our great country, welcome, but if you want to rape us and control us, good bye.

  6. Listen up folks. It’s time to dump Skylar. This “person “ is just another commie troll trying to stir the pot. Racism isn’t a big problem in America. Yes, it does exist, but it’s a two way street. We would have much better race relations if the commiecrats would stop their divide and conquer crap. So let’s quit responding to this fool. Happy Labor Day!!!

  7. Who’s telling lies to who? Al, your only creditable or amusing to the rest of the Don King crowd and MSNBC for spreading lies but it’s about the Jews. We went to Afghanistan because after release of the Oxy plague in the U.S. we were running short on materials to make the pills needed to supply the street. Really, you think our Government and people won’t turn a blind eye because everyone has someone affected by the drug lust or their own lust for Opioids. Look when Oxy hit the street and look who was recently re-elected as President, old slick willie himself. The conservatives can’t pull those people back to morality. Their brain is completely reprogrammed and they will need a crutch the rest of their life and in steps the Baby Murdering Self Righteous Party to lay their way and pick up that vote for life. it’s kind of like Negro votes. Why does such a high percentage vote for the Baby Murderers? Is it they treat them equal as brothers and sisters or is it they buy your vote with handouts and affirmative action. Hell, look at Al! He knows how to use his race card to make and income so he really doesn’t have to work.

    • Piss on Sharpton, Dumbest man living. What dumb ass listens to anything this idiot says. I wish MLK would return and see what these brothers have done to what he started… He would be mad as hell….

    • This piece of rotten crap needs to be sent to another nation to spew his lying hatred. He’s nothing but a hog and needs dirty mouth mashed.

          • Truth hurts that you all are a bunch of openly racist cucks? Nah Cupcake, I’m not going anywhere. Rather be a snowflake than a racist pussy grabber supporter. Proud to say I’m not. You say trumpilthinskin isn’t racist but listen to all of you trump supporters. Absolute racism spewing out of your mouths. Everyone of you. And that’s what you all are proud of. It’s embarrassing that you are an American citizen.

        • skylar, you are very SICK!!!! YOU are a LIAR!!!! You have no concept at all of the truth. You attack Pres. Trump, but you are just fine with extremely vile, corrupt, lying Hillary and the muslim traitor Obama who lied his way into our White House. YOU are an embarrassment and if you don’t like this country, you are free to move to the commie country of your choice.

          • How do you know I’m ok with anything Obama or Hillary has done? Because I have a mind of my own, I’m not brainwashed into believing that trumpilthinskin is some godsend? I was a Republican when Obama ran so he didn’t get my vote. And I actually voted for our pussy grabber prez because I can’t stand Hillary. Figured he was the lesser of the two evils. I see the truth, Cupcake and it ain’t with trumpilthinskin. Not one thing I’ve said is a lie. You all are a bunch of racist cucks on here. Openly and proud racists. It’s disgusting

          • BJ, I hate you racist cucks. I’m white you stupid Moron. I don’t hate my own race or any race like you do. I’ve not said one racist thing on here. I’ve called you tacist asswipes out though. Sorry but my mindset isn’t that I’m better than any other race. That’s your issue not mine. And finding Obama’s racist remarks will dismiss trumpilthinskins racist remarks? Is that how that works? It’s absolutely ridiculous how you Dumbasses equate not liking our racist prez to loving Obama. Shows how brainwashed you are. Not all of us were Obama fans, Cupcake. And definitely not Hillary fans either. You keep on being duped by our pussy grabbing racist prez. We’ll stand over here ready to say we told you so. Such puppets

          • skylar, You are extremely SICK and need LOTS of help with your hatred. Please get it. And I don’t have a racist bone in my body. Never did. God created and loves all races. But you have no concept of God or the truth. YES, you are a liar!!!! You prove it every time you post. And you need a lot of help with your own racism. I am far from brainwashed. I have a brain to think with. You should get one. It is YOU who is extremely disgusting. I know HUNDREDS of Trump supporters and NOT ONE of them is racist. It is YOU who keeps bringing it up. It is all you think about. sad And Pres. Trump is not racist, either. He has done far more to help blacks than Obama ever did. That is a FACT. You need to go and get a life, fool.

    • No, Im White. What I’m not is a disgusting hypocritical douchebag like you are. White ain’t the Superior race, remember that. No doubt you’re a trumpilthinskin supporter

  8. Skylar you dumbass libturds can’t argue points of policy. You have to scream racism even though you are all stupid commie assholes. I really don’t give a cluster f—k if you and your crowd call me racist. I know you all are lying cocksuckers. And none of you commiecrats are good enough to lick Trump’s asshole. So take your bullshit propaganda and shove it up your commie ass. The same to all you antifa leftist bastards. I know you people want a civil war. Be careful. You will start it. We will finish it. WHITE POWER!!!!!

    • I can’t argue the point that you’re an openly racist piece of shit. I wouldn’t even waste my time. You aren’t worth it 😄😄

      • skylar….YOU are clearly the racist. That is very obvious. You are also a liar. And you need a lot of help with your sick hate. Please get it. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and NOT ONE of them is racist. They are all loving decent people who do a lot for others. They are FAR BETTER than you.

        • Whatever clears your conscience and helps you sleep better. You’re beyond help. You’re on this thread agreeing with these racist people, but you’re the exception, right? All you’ve heard me say is how I’m not better and neither are than any other race. That’s not being racist, Dumbass, that’s the facts.

          • skylar, look in your mirror to see a racist. You have no concept of what a fact is. You just come on here and spew your sick hate of everyone who supports Pres. Trump. Your ignorance is profound. You need lots of help. Jesus is there if you ever want Him.

    • I also agree with you Kevin. I still want to know why Sharpton isn’t in PRISON for TAX EVASION????? Oh that’s right he is Obama Bin Lyings buddy and he’s BLACK ,A RACIST,and a low life DEMONRAT and they don’t have to pay their fair share.DOUBLE STANDARDS AGAIN,If Sharpton be white he’d be in PRISON BY NOW and never get away with not paying his taxes.

      • skylar, Your ignorance shows every time you post. And they call each other the N word all the time. And blacks are far more racists than whites. Your hero Obama is very racist and hates whites. FACT. Read his own books.

        • Says the racist fake Christian. 😄😄 God is not a human. You really think you’ll go to “heaven”? You’re a follower of Satan, Cupcake. Racism isn’t something that your god approves of. But, you keep on thinking that your following in Jesus footsteps. You’re in for a rude awakening, aren’t you. 😄😄

          • skylar, I pity you. You have no concept at all of who God is or who Jesus is. Try actually reading the Bible. I am NOT racist. THAT is a FACT. But you don’t even know what a racist is. And I KNOW that I will go to Heaven. YOU are not my judge. Jesus is. I have done what YOU refuse to do. I have come to Jesus and had my sins forgiven and accepted Him as my Savoir. When are YOU going to do that????? YES, Jesus is part human. He loves us so much that He came here in human form to die for our sins and go to Hell and conquer satan, sin, and death. He defeated all and rose again and is back in Heaven. He will be back to judge us. Will YOU be ready????? He forbids your sick hate and lies. Jesus knows that I am not racist. What YOU think does not matter. I do not answer to you and neither does Pres. Trump. Jesus forgives ALL who come to Him and ask. Too bad about you

        • I believe you’re name is already on the registry at one of the mental institutions are fake prez wants to bring back. Like they ever went away 😄 He’s such an idiot.

          • skylar, YOU are the idiot. You prove it every time you post. And there is NOTHING fake about Pres. Trump. He won the election fair and square and he will again in 2020. You are the one who belongs in a mental institution. Maybe they can help you with your rabid hatred but I doubt it.

  9. President trump would most likely fight and let the generals win a war, as he is doing now. President Obama would apologize, bow to the opposition and tell the generals not to fight, getting US troops needlessly killed and losing the war, which he did.

    • Of course trumpilthinskin would let the Generals take control. The mans an absolute imbecile. He’d make things a 100 times worse because he’s so stupid and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      • So your GED trumps his Masters from the Wharton School of Business? Stupid people always become self-made billionaires. Go get ready for the short bus, you don’t want to be late for your special education class,

        • His Master’s? Says who, are lying racist prez? 😄😄 That’s hilarious. And Boo, there’s data that show blacks do not support trumpilthinskin. Again, it’s comical how you white people sing the praises of trumpilthinskins, that blacks love him and what he’s done for them. Just because you say it’s true sure as hell doesn’t mean it is. He’s losing many voters from many demographics. You might wanna look that big word up 😄 Facts don’t care about your feelings, Boo

          • skylar, your ignorance is profound!!! NOTHING you say is true. Try getting out of fantasyland and join the real world. But you will need a brain to do that, and you don’t have one. And please take an English course. You need one.

        • Self made? Daddy handed him millions even before he became 18. His father was a tax evading swindler just like trumpilthinskin is. You really need to do some deep research into the trumpilthinskin family and how Fred Trump did business. No excuse for your ignorance

          • And you’re still a racist cuck. Facts. Why don’t you be a man and just admit it. You think you are better that any other race. Especially the black race. You’re going along with all your racist brothers and sisters in here, so obviously you’re racist.

          • skylar, YOU are a very sick racist!!!!! You need LOTS of help. There is NOTHING wrong with liking who you are. EVERY race should like the color of their skin. Sorry that YOU don’t. Sorry you hate whites. You are very sick. God created and loves ALL races. He does not look at skin color, but what is in your heart and your heart is very sick.

      • Trump is not a racist…he never was. That is just made up lies by the fake media. It is you who believe all the lies that they tell you. You obviously believe everything you are fed. You have no mind of your own. Do some research. Go back and see all the Black American’s that used to love Trump. He was friends with Jesse Jackson. Mike Tyson said he has always treated him and his family great. He was one of the few people who didn’t turn his back on Tiger Woods when he had troubles i his life. It is you who would eat shit if they told you it was chocolate..and you would say you loved it. Conservative use facts…Liberals use lies. I challenge to go back and find anything racist in his background.

        • You should take your own challenge and find all the instances of trumpilthinskins racist remarks. The thing of it is, you don’t care. You could careless. You’re that brainwashed. Pitiful

          • skyar, take your sick hate and lies somewhere else. We don’t need you here. We know the truth that YOU deny. You are just a sick name-calling racist. Please go and look for your brain. It is missing. You just blindly believe the lies of your sick lib leaders without question like a good little robot. Brainwashed?? YES, you are. It’s time you wake up and dare to see the truth that you deny.

          • ‘pack it up’ Sklar. Hope You’re NOT
            a ‘bot’. IFF You ARE Real Human, you Surely
            have a prob. W/Too Much False info/ ‘indoctrination’.
            Try To See/ Think Straight. Get 0UT of ‘the Fog’ ___

          • skylar, please go and find all of Obama’s racist remarks. That should keep you busy for at least a week. You attack Pres. Trump but are willfully blind to the extreme corruption of the Clintons and Obama.

        • 😄😄 Funny how only White people say how much he’s done for blacks. Get some balls and go out on in street and ask random black folk what trumpilthinskin has done for them. Ask them if they like him or not. They’ll laugh in your face. I dare you to do it

          • skylar, when are you going to find your missing brain??? YES, Pres. Trump has done far more for blacks than Obama ever did. That is a FACT!!!!! And YOU are a liar. YOU come where I live and YOU ask the blacks if they like Pres. Trump and they will say YES. But you won’t find them out on the street where I live. They are in schools, have jobs, have busy lives, just like everyone else here. They don’t stand around on the street. YOU are clearly the racist.

          • skyar, do you even realize how racist you are???? You are extremely pathetic. You hate whites. That is very obvious. You need a lot of help with your sick self hatred.

          • skylar, your extreme ignorance shows every time you post. Do you even have any idea what islam is??? Of course you don’t. Read the Quran if you know how and do some research on Muhammad, who was extremely evil. Even worse than you. The goal of islam is TOTAL world control. ALL must serve allah or die. WAKE UP and dare to see the truth that you deny. The goal of islam the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. There is no freedom in islam. Try moving to a muslim country and see the truth. You are a fool. NO, I have no fear of islam. But I know the truth. You have no clue.

    • Sharpton everytime he opens his mouth he gets paid for it to bad MLK dont come back AND see what all his WONDERFUL friends and brother are doing he would be shocked and probably crawl back into his grave Sharpton is called a pump all he does is bring in the money and does nothing for it the pimp. supporter for trump

  10. Al “The Pimp” Sharpton can spew such nonsense because he had brainless followers who suck that crap down through their shit sucking straws.

  11. The United States never should have sent troops into Afghanistan, consider that it was not the Taliban responsible for the 09/11/2001 attacks, research it you fools it was the israelis and the G. Dubbs administration responsible for the destruction of the twin TWC towers,bin Laden’s assets were seized and it was not regular military who executed him if you recall it was Seal Team 6,the invasion of Iraq also based on lies, WMDs ROFLMAO, there were no WMDs, Syria is a case of the Trump administration being so easily taken in my members of ISIS gas bombing their own to gain sympathy drag our military into the conflict weakening those who were falsely accused that being Bashar al-Assad and his administration and allowing their terrorist brethren into the United States as refugees, all charity to all nations needs to stop and that money spent on downtrodden patriots.

  12. I have no respect for a media which will host al brawley sharpton, or reporters who will write a story about him. Anything regarding al brawley sharpton is scraping the bottom of the septic tank.

    • Hello!
      Al Sharpton.>>Ref:Parabola- Cleric Martin Luther King JR we know & they know too!.-“Reverend MLK! “himself” Day X Day being “Tossed” around and around.-Betcha “That Coffin” for sure!..”DISTURB!
      Rev. Sharpton! CRIED! “Don’t open your Alligator mouth, & OVERLOAD your HUMMINGBIRD ASS! (by all due respect).- Tks Coop Charlie G/Sr Chicago…USA!

  13. He calls President Trump a Racist when he’s a Racist himself.
    Dam Coon. Hang him and use him as a Pinata.
    Never take him seriously. He’s what the cat left in his litter box.

    • BJ on the day of judgment he will be told by Christ, depart from me, l never knew you. But there is still time for him to get saved by the blood of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. If not, he will spend eternity in the lake of fire with the unbelievers it isn’t about being good or bad. It’s about being born again. I’m sure Sharpton believes in Jesus. But there is a difference in believing in Him and believing on Him.

        • skylar, it is very obvious that you have no concept at all of who Jesus is. He forbids your sick hate and racism. But Jesus will forgive ALL who come to Him and repent. He loves you and is waiting for you. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross.

        • Free bees? 😄😄 You mean, freebies? Your lack of education is showing. 😄😄 You should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself.

          • skylar, read your postings. It is you who should be embarrassed and ashamed. You have nothing but hate, lies, and racism which is far worse than bad grammar.

      • Pres. Trump won our White House fair and square. If not for dead people and illegals voting and those who voted more than once, Pres. Trump would have won the popular vote. That is a fact, but you have no concept of facts. You have only hate and lies. YES, Pres. Trump DOES qualify for the title of president. We elected him. If you don’t like it you are free to move elsewhere. And you know who qualifies as a Christian? Really??????? Do you even know what a Christian is? A Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as the Lord of their life. They are not perfect, but they are saved and will spend eternity in Heaven. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus forgives all who come to Him. When are YOU going to accept Jesus as your Savior? He forbids your sick hate and lies, but loves you and will forgive you. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. And by the way, Jesus is brown. I thought you’d like to know, since skin color is so important to you.

  14. Al is one dumb nig, Question ?? Who would buy into this what-to-be- white nig??? Al hates being black, really I don’t blame him, would you want to be a coon–just sayin ??

  15. Sharpton will never apologize. He is a sick racist liar. That’s what dems are…hate-filled liars. They have nothing to offer that is good for this country and are very dangerous to our freedom

      • I’ve noticed that blacks today are a LOT more racist than most whites! What is it that they are getting for their racism? I think they are being paid for it! I wish whomever it is that is creating the racism would just drop dead…walk off a cliff…have a heart attack, whatever it takes to get rid of them! I’m tired of all of their baloney!

        • I live in a very conservative rural area of the upper Midwest and there is no racism here. Blacks are no different from anyone else. They go to school, have jobs, obey laws…just like everyone else. It is very quiet and peaceful here. Why?? As I said, we are very conservative, including the blacks. It is libs who are full of hate and racism. They are very sad creatures. We would never want someone like skylar or redidiot coming here. They have no understanding.

    • I agree…he was all about Trump when he wanted favors for himself. Walks and talks like a hypocrite! It makes for good comedy to see those who call Trump a racist…because it takes one to know one…only they aren’t even close to getting it right. Our President has bent over backwards to accommodate the minorities in the nation. He gets called names…no respect….no gratitude!

        • skylar, What I said is the TRUTH. But you have no concept of truth. That is very obvious. YOU tell us one thing that Pres. Trump needs to apologize for. You just spew your sick hate and lies and care nothing at all about the truth. And I am NOT racist. That is a FACT. But YOU are. You can’t post without talking about skin color. I couldn’t care less what color someone’s skin is. God created and loves ALL races. PERIOD. And your ignorance is profound. I am not racist, privileged, or a dude. I am a very low-income female. Idiot!!!!!

    • Mostly morons- hate Trump- and want to wave their hands singing kumbaya or some other crap, while their prognostications melt to crap and their claim to sanity withers from the heat. Other than that, what’s not to love?

    • I’m sure Trump would be willing to apologize for doing nothing wrong as soon as you are willing to apologize for being an ass. You need to get out of your house (apartment? tent? dugout?) and get a life that has nothing to do with politics.

  16. Some of the worst terrorist in the world are lice bait racist white-folks who think the worst of people of color dat they don’t really know. They are hopeless losers like the ones posting on here. hahahahhahahhahhaaha

    • The gang squad of four women of color and the speaker of the Congress madam make a great house of prostitution in Washington, even Ted Kennedy and his father Joseph P. would be proud.

    • REDMAN its people like you who always play the race card to shut someone down because you have nothing better to say the race card has been played out try something else something of substance for a change

        • skylar, the truth is very foreign to you. What Annette said is the truth. Overall, blacks hate whites. Not all blacks, but all lib blacks. Libs, you included, have nothing bout hatred and lies. Obama is very racist. Read his own books if you know how. It’s in there. Your racism is very sad. You must hate yourself very much to hate whites so much. You need a lot of help. Please get it


      • 😄😄 You aren’t black. And if you are you make yourself look bad by being a paid Conservacuck Ho’ for trumpilthinskin. You Black Brethren obviously aren’t brainwashed like you are. They see what Conservacucks are all about and have the common sense to stay away

        • skylar, you are truly deranged. You have absolutely NOTHING to offer except hate and lies. So now you are telling someone who is black that they are not black???? You are a lunatic. And it is very obvious that you have NO IDEA what a conservative is and have never met one. Conservatives are FAR from brainwashed. Most are very educated and have brains to think for themselves. Most are Christians and follow Jesus and His teachings. You know nothing at all about who Jesus is. And I live in a very conservative area and the blacks here are also conservative. They would not want anything to do with you. You are extremely racist. GET HELP!!!!!!

  17. TRUTH TIME FOLKS … QUESTION: WHO ARE THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET? ANSWER: OLDER BLACK MEN. (Al Sharpton is a perfect example of a RACIST.) … I LOVE ALL PEOPLE! EVERY SHAPE SIZE AND COLOR. If you ever have a chance to sit in a barber shop and listen to the Old Black Gentlemen … They are extremely harsh and RACIST against ALL WHITE PEOPLE. It’s a real shame. YOU want to know why? Because these guys are highly respected and admired by everyone. And they have a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to UNITE THIS COUNTRY! America has enough people ripping and tearing at us? LOOK, WE NEED YOU GUYS and YOUR PEOPLE NEED YOU GUYS! Please, please, please think about what you are doing to your children’s and grand children’s futures. WITH ONE KIND WORD … YOU MEN CAN CHANGE AMERICA FOR THE BETTER. May GOD Bless You and Tap Your Hearts With LOVE, and Your Tongue’s with KINDNESS.

    • Thanks for this reply and your words of wisdom. So much hate in this world. So many people adding to the hate when they are in a position to temper those words and turn the tide. Indeed, “May GOD Bless You and Tap Your Hearts With Love, and Your Tongue’s with KINDNESS!”

    • Just so I understand, One Kind Word, you sat in a barbershop and heard some elderly black guys talking in what you thought was a racist tone? So that, of course, applies across the board to all elderly black guys? How about you urge your dear leader to be kind, stop his bullying and his lying and using dog whistle language? Have you seen his latest campaign ad? It uses a lion image from a group that is 100 percent white supremist. I agree we could use more kindness all around, but maybe we should start with the one who is supposed to be setting the tone for the nation.

      • Scott, you attack Pres. Trump but extremely vile corrupt Hillary who lies every time she opens her mouth is fine with you. And muslim traitor Obama who lied his way into our White House is fine with you. WAKE UP!!! You are a fool.

        • Trumpilthinskin is vile and isn’t worthy of being our prez. Your deflecting with Hillary and Obama shows that you agree that trumpilthinskin is vile. We are awake, Cupcake. That’s what scares you people. You can’t convince anti-trumpers that he’s so “great”. You’re in for a rude awakening come 2020. Can’t wait 😄😄😄

          • skylar, it is you who is vile. Read your own hate-filled posts. And Pres. Trump has every right to be our president. He was elected fairly. If you don’t like it, MOVE

      • Scott27, Give me ONE PROVABLE instance when Trump said ANYTHING racist! Just ONE instance! You can’t do it because Trump is NOT a racist! But I’d bet my last dollar that YOU ARE!

  18. If you are black and call yourself reverend you can get away with anything. Does he really preach any sermons? Sorry. I haven’t found black power in the Bible. Or white power either.

  19. Brother Al , now he’s a special kinda Stupid , here you have a Pimp , crook , liar and A Racist of the worst kind , brother Al pimps and steals from his own people everyday , shame on the Media , for giving the Enormously stupid Sharpton any airtime whatsoever , Al your day of reckoning is coming , the Old Grim Reaper is patiently awaiting , for to deliver your Traitorous rear end way down before , have a nice day Al !!

  20. There are two issues going on here, First: Old Al should have been in jail in jail years ago for tax evasion, and Second: That Rutgers professor needs to be sanctioned about all the BS she’s teaching her students. I guess since I went to Rutgers in the early ’60s, they have turned PRO IDIOTIC IN FAVOR OF DEMORATS

  21. Race baiting pimple Sharpton obviously doesn’t like being black.
    He tries rally hard to straighten his hair to be like Anglos.
    It’s aggravating to see so many blacks who hold Sharpton in such high esteem. Of course they are the ones who grew up without a daddy, with several step siblings and on welfare!
    The smart ones have become conservatives and understand logic and that there is pride in working and earning your wealth.

      • Skyler, you know nothing at all about those who support Pres. Trump. That is a fact. You just come on here and spew your sick hatred. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and NOT ONE of them is racist. ALL are very loving decent people who do a lot for others. They are far better than you. You would never fit in. They would not understand your sick hatred.

    • Sir, FACTS are not lies, you deceive yourself with rose colored glasses and are a hateful person who could or would not debate issues with facts…you are a sick loser and all of your kind.

  22. Winning in Afghanistan-what a joke. We are trying to leave there any way we can. And good riddance to that God-forsaken land. Neither the nation, nor the people residing are worth fighting for. As soon as we leave, they will gladly restore their nation to the middle ages, mirroring most of the Arab uncivilized world. For them, such a life riding camels is Nirvana. Lets let them return to their Nirvana, just sending over about 100 or so cruise missles their way every time they launch another barbaric terrorist attach to promte their insane barbaric so callled religion.

    • I kind of agree with your comments that we need to get our military out of these God forsaken countries and back safely with family and friends. Maybe I am just not that savvy or smart but we could have needed a lot of wars and American deaths by just doing something similar to Hiroshima. For example why did President Bush send troops over to Iraq, Afghanistan, when we had the technology to end that war and avoid American deaths and spend Billions of dollars. Most likely because the govt. knew we could end it with a few missiles worth a few million and other defense and military contractors would not profit? Seems to me that if our govt. wanted to end these stupid wars they could and even our POTUS has stated we could end it quickly with our defense systems. We would still need a military force here to protect the USA from any invasions or terrorist actions. Maybe I am just talking out loud but we need to think America and it’s citizens first before greed and corruption.

      • 😂😂😂 Stop listening to trumpilthinskin! Your statement is so unbelievably stupid and false. Don’t speak on things you don’t understand, Cupcake. It makes you look dumber than you already look 😄😄

        • skylar, read the Quran. I know it will be extremely difficult for you to understand, but try. What I said is the TRUTH!!! It’s in the Quran. Muhammad was extremely evil. He hated Christians and Jews because they would not associate with him. So he went off into the desert to sulk and came back with the Quran, which commands that ALL must serve allah or die or be enslaved. islam is not a religion. It is Muhammad’s revenge. YES, his goal was total world control and if not for the Crusaders taking back their stolen lands, we may well all be facing Mecca five times a day to pray. Go to a muslim country and try to talk about Jesus and see what happens to you. islam denies Jesus His true identity as the Son of God. Muhammad would not have Jesus be more important than he was. Your ignorance of islam is profound. I did not get any of that from Pres. Trump, you fool. It is the TRUTH that anyone should have known years ago. I am not dumb. It is very obvious that my IQ is far higher than yours. All you do is come on here and spout your sick hate and racism. Truth means nothing to you

    • Al Sharpton a lying load of human shit the race baiter using a crises to cash in the load of shit thstvowes four million in back taxes and is not sitting in prison. Only Obama would be buds with this dirtbag. Trump cannot sue Sharpton he is a public figure open to critics like myself. Al is Obama’s buddy, good old Obama endorsed Cortez the communist showing his true treasonous character. Al and his pal Barrack got away with with criminal deeds, yet both have the nerve to judge others.

    • Ms. or Mrs. Diana Talmadge, Excellent Suggestion, and I would 2nd that motion, HEAR! HEAR! Oh, since he makes $$$$ Millions, Sharpton need’s to do the very same thing, like that Mexican Drug Lord needs to do, is donate the rest of that Ill Gotten Gains To The US Southern Border Wall Fund, and how about chipping a few $ Million To The US Military And Their Medical Care Fund, and I do NOT Mean CAIRE and its Abusing and Dangerous cousin ANTIFA, NEITHER!!!!!!!!

  23. Of course, if we allow race-pimp Sharpton to choose our leader into MORE wars, wonder who that might be? This is a very hateful racist with NO conscience at all for other than his way.

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