Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ended one Democrat’s career with these three words

There is no question Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most popular Democrat in Congress.

Every presidential contender wants her endorsement.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ended this top Democrat’s career with these three words.

Ocasio-Cortez sat for an interview with The New Yorker where she and editor David Remnick discussed Former Vice President Joe Biden’s disastrous first debate performance.

In the interview, Ocasio-Cortez dropped a bombshell that Biden’s debate belly flop “raised some questions” about the 77 year-old Biden’s age and mental capacity.

Breitbart reports:

“I think Joe Biden, his performance on the stage, kind of raised some questions in respect to that,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “But I don’t want to say just because someone is 79, they can’t or shouldn’t run for president. I don’t want to… use a number as a proxy for capacity.”

Remnick asked what it was about Biden that made Ocasio-Cortez think he was “not there” and how progressives “should behave” if the former vice president or any other centrist Democrat were to win the nomination.

“It’s not just about being centrist per se,” the congresswoman responded. “When you are struggling to talk about segregationists and you air on the side of discussing them in glowing terms, that is a big problem.”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to say Biden, who recently flip-flopped on the Hyde Amendment and has been accused by multiple females of unwanted touching, appeared to have “systemic” problems with women.

“I think struggling and talking about women’s rights is a big issue,” she said. “Struggling to convey respect for women in this day and age is a big issue. I think those are systemic issues, those are very deep, those are not gaffes, they are problems.”

Biden is only leading the Democrat race because of name recognition and perceived “electability.”

Polls show that very few Democrat voters have made up their mind about who they will support.

Ocasio-Cortez already attacking Biden for his age and lack of mental capacity is a signal to base Democrat Party voters that they should look elsewhere for a presidential nominee.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. We are never going to go back to what these Democrats and liberals gave us 8 years ago!!! We the citizens are moving forward and are not going to allow these Democrats and liberals take away are freedoms, rights, traditions, and security again and that isn’t a promise that is a fact!!!

  2. Neither are vociferous and intelligent. But these twits think they are the only humans??? in the US with any mental capacity.
    Hoping many will read this short article about Omar’s background in Somalia: “Nancy Pelosi Fears Ilhan Omar’s “Family” Problems Mean the End of Her Career” MOST enlightening! I truly believe Omar is a terrorist!

  3. Rickey, Very nice and you are right if things do not change soon it will not be legally it will be with blood, like a civil war and everyone will lose except Russia and China, because while we are fighting each other they will swoop in and invade us. I also agree about special privilages the only ones that are not getting then are WHITE straight men.

  4. Dan, i’ve Said it 100+ x. “if you don’t
    like our Country, then get the hell 0UT ! ”
    MANY MANY 0thers SAID & Still Say the Same.!!!
    POTUS Remark WAS NOT Racist!. Period.
    > If the 4 stooges were ‘white’ He Would SAY
    Exactly the Same. ie “LEAVE”.
    > The color ‘race card’ Is quite Convenient &
    Totally ‘twisted’.

  5. Ms AOC…….I was in the Medical profession for 40 years. You need to have your Thyroid checked. You have what we call bug eyes….seriously. Next you won’t be able to swallow.

  6. New ‘meme’ name for the BIG Dangerous 4
    Is ‘the Squad’___
    An Aside: & folk Say, Time for ‘women’
    To RULE. Really? ‘the Squad’> i don’t
    think so. a Margaret Thatcher, ‘they Are NOT’.
    Also, ivank ‘better be ‘careful’ re the Woman
    thang. Yes, many will be helped. But 0nly takes
    a few( like we have now) To Rot the ‘barrel’,
    If Not Removed. How? i don’t know. ___

  7. A.O.C. you have my sympathy.
    You are in water far too deep for your ex bartender experiences.
    You continue to prove this with far too many goofy remarks.
    All this proves that ignorance can be fixed by learning, but only the Creator God can fix stupid!

  8. I only read her comments to have a laugh for the day.She thinks she’s all that and she’s a moron!

  9. She’s not so “popular”. She is quickly losing the respect of her Democratic colleagues, the most senior and respected of which are now calling out her stupidity bluntly and openly. Give it a year: she’ll either wise up, get humble, and learn from her elders . . . or my guess, she WON’T. And she won’t be re-elected.

  10. “I think struggling and talking about women’s rights is a big issue,” she said. “Struggling to convey respect for women in this day and age is a big issue. I think those are systemic issues, those are very deep, those are not gaffes, they are problems.”


  11. Dangerous, dangerous ‘stuffff’…
    0mar in the ‘big 4’ ( have crept & snaked)
    Their Way Into Congress. Not Good. Even Pelosi
    Upset. See POTUS tweet re 0mar. Latecoming, but
    at least he Said What we’ve All Been Saying
    for quite some time.

  12. AOC has not said one thing that makes any senset where or if she had any schooling at all might she hace been partially aborted>

  13. Why is the Media wasting time on this 2nd Class Bar Maid? She isn’t even good entertainment..If I wanted to watch the three stooges, I will watch Whiskey Waters, Pissloser, and Pocahontas …I don’t even think AOC could make it as a good hooker..

  14. Even if biden is loosing it he’s still better than A O C how could she use the race card it’s the person who brings it up is the racist ones.

  15. Maybe they’ll turn to Hillary once again? You know, make her a THREE time loser.
    Lost to Obama for the 2008 nomination for the Democratic party,then again to Trump for the Presidency.

  16. She IS the leader, as you can see that Pelosi or anyone else in any leadership position has not come really down on here HARD, & continues to let her shoot her stupid mouth off.
    She is turning a bunch of Democratic voters OFF,as she seeks to do nothing but be an
    ” attention whore ” who the Lame Stream Media fawns over daily.

  17. I say let her be the spojesperson for the democraps. Then everyone in the US will see what a blithering idiot the democraps really are! Biden as the tottering old geezer, AOC as the blithering idiot. Goid pair, fine representation of the entire group. Those two can not string three words together to form a complete idea.

  18. Oh come on now, your giving ” hoe’s ” a bad name.At least they have some use, these gang of 4 have NO useage at all.

  19. When the demons get somebody that’s worthy of running, I am sure more voters will make better decisions. So far we have no one worthy of even thinking about.

  20. Why anyone reports on anything Ocasio does amazes me! She has a puppet master that gives her a daily script of what to say and where to go!! She is under investigation currently for campaign fund fraud, address fraud, email fraud with her so called staff, etc.
    As is Tlaib and Omar. Maybe all three will end up being removed from office and soon!
    Ocasio attacking Pelosi is basically going to be her downfall! Karma will not be kind to these treasonous, America hating, obnoxious women!! Hopefully it’s soon!
    Trump,2020. Our only hope! ????????????????????????????????

  21. WHY do current day “Journalists” (IE; the author of this article) insist on using idiotic predictive terms? “ended one Democrat’s career with these three words” What is that, wishful thinking? The only thing that’ll end his career is the loss of this election (inevitable) nd that won’t be from anything the little twit said.

  22. If you want the Country to reverse back to hate poverty and uncertainty vote Democrat. If you care about the only country that makes your dreams come true vote REPUBLICAN.

  23. I still can’t believe she made death threats o that cute little 9 year old that was making those short tapes mocking her! Grow up AOC, she was just teasing!!!!!!

  24. Joe Biden may be 79, and maybe his mental capacity is low, but AOC has the mental capacity of a 2 year old throwing stupid temper tantrums. There is no hope for any of the Democrats running for President.

  25. that’s why she is crying and trying to get her way now,he who crys the most get whats he wants

  26. This Hispanic Ditz has no business judging anyone’s mental capacity ! Joe Biden may be 79, however, OAC is still in her crib crying because she doesn’t get what she wants ! If she is not careful someone will set her ass up !!

  27. Talk,talk,talk. Why not try to do some constructive work? What is happening to the jobs that these Deathocrats were elected to do? I guess not much of substance is being accomplished. That has to stop and soon. Hopefully, in 2020 that will occur. Gruess Gott

  28. Biden may well be the least noxious of the damn fools trying to be the nominee by the dirty dems for president. The more he is attacked by the likes of “sleep-around” Harris and loud-mouth AOC, the better are the chances for President Trump’s reelection.

    And hopefully, when President Trump is reelected, so will be ALL the other Republicans on the ballot. The dems have shown themselves to be unworthy of participation in government.

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