Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got called out for illegal conduct and you won’t believe what happened

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back in the headlines again.

And, as usual, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

She got caught in some shady conduct and you won’t believe what happened next.

The latest Ocasio-Cortez scandal involved giving her boyfriend a email address and listing him as staff.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed it was common for spouses to get such an email address so they can have access to scheduling calendars.

There are just two problems.

First, they are not married so her boyfriend is not her spouse.

Second, when political consultant and blogger Luke Thompson pointed this out on Twitter, the social media giant suspended his account.

The Daily Caller reports:

Twitter suspended conservative political consultant Luke Thompson’s account on Friday after he revealed that Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts,
has a government email account.

Thompson posted a screenshot of a House directory that showed Roberts listed under “staff,” alongside a House email address for Roberts and the phone number for Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional office.

Twitter claimed Thompson violated “rules against posting private information,” even though the information he posted was a government email address and a publicly available phone number. Twitter briefly made Thompson’s tweet not publicly visible before later restoring it.

This episode demonstrated that there are two sets of standards on social media.

Liberals receive free rein to bully, taunt, and harass as they please.

Whereas the left-wing tech overlords look for any excuse to ban conservatives and censor their political view points.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Omg I’m just scared beyond belief.
    Agenda 21 scared the bejeeze out of me
    Now I find there’s an agenda 2030..
    Passed in sept 2015. I wonder whose
    Paying Ocasio. Her green deal is

    • It likes like she is doing a pretty good job booting herself out of office as she continues to damage the already corrupt Democrat Party. The next thing we will here is that Trump is behind funding her in collusion to cause trouble for the Democrats.

    • Yes..exactly. so sad but people today dont want to think..too busy with cellphones, social media stipidity, and working 2 jobs to pay for bigger houses. It takes time to find the facts and fake news is always in your face.

  2. With facebook and twitter censoring even civil conservative content and giving the progressives free reign, what is needed now is a new social e-medium entity with the specific mission to be non-biased. Such a medium would relegate the operators of the other two companies to irrelevance and change the entire landscape. I also think it would make lots of money. Ready to invest.

  3. I’d like to know exactly what his position is. What are his duties? What is his registered payroll salary? Who is paying it? If he doesn’t receive a paycheck, he’s not on staff. If he’s not on staff, Cortez lied when listing him as such. If she lies about small things, she will certainly lie about big things.

    • That is not what the issue is to the information given. This woman has and is laughing at everyone face and her political commies….WE the people need to keep our minds clear and follow by getting her out of the system.

    • Of course. Her entire position is a lie. She is a plant. They know it, it’s on YouTube for everyone to see.
      A waitress puppet. Look it up.

  4. Cortez wants to do away with Airplanes, Cars; wants everyone to buy a $100,000 electric cars, free health care, free education, etc.+etc. Now, how did she get from DC to the Bronx. Broomstick?

  5. Leave her alone,she is just doing what a bartender thinks is best for our country!let her continue to speak.every time she opens her mouth trumps ratings go up.encourage and support her to keep talking and posting her highly educated ideas

  6. Every demonrat needs to be fired. They all are a danger to government, American citizens, and our sovegrity! Just look at the crap they are putting into our government. We now have six radicals!


      • Not surprising they think the law can’t touch them. The FBI coup d’etat was probably orchestrated by Obama’s DOJ and the White House and it has been protected for two years by elected Democrats and some RINOS, all of whom hate Trump because he beat their candidates in 2016. We can only hope the new Attorney General will take action against those who tried to overthrow the duly elected president of the USA, including those who withheld evidence from the FISA court to establish and extend the Muller investigation, that illegal fishing expedition in search of a crime.

        • I wholeheartedly agree with you. If Clinton would have been elected instead of Trump, the corruption would have never come to light and would still continue.

  7. AOC should set up her won unauthorized, unsecure email system with the server in her bathroom. After all, Hillary did this, and it was supported by liberals as perfectly legal. Even the FBI and DOJ gave her a pass, so why not do the same for AOC?

  8. Luke Thompson should sue Twitter for harassment and violation of free speech for posting what is public record! As for that list someone posted above of all those f***ed up blue states, we don’t need them. Thank God we have the electoral vote system, so wisely and presciently put in place by the Founding Fathers to avoid mob rule. That’s why the Dems wanna do away with it, which we can NEVER allow to happen.

    • Don’t forget Cortez is Satan’s Daughter and favorite mouth whore. She’s a dumbocrat and can get away with it. Put a crucifix in her face and give her a wooden stake. That’s the only way to get rid of this biblical heresy.

  9. Jacque Prentiss you are 100% correct but sadly the People of New York aren’t the only non thinkers. California, Oregon, Washington State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado (especially Aurora, Denver, and Colorado Springs) and Massachusetts all voted in morons many for the third and fourth time so they aren’t thinking any too well either.

    • AOC Is a typical fake fraud Communist/Dem whose big mouth is promoted every day by Fake news who hopes one day she will come up with an original idea. Meanwhile they can use her to clean their office.

    • AOC is a complete idiot. I will never understand how she has made it as far as she has, and it hurts my heart that so many are so easily taken in by her ignorance.

        • Very good, spot on!! That’s what we get with THE DEMS RUNNING our EDUCATION SYSTEM, THE DUMMY DOWN OF AMERICA everybody should be able to look at these DEMS, like their looking through a sheet of glass!! They have nothing, they are worthless no good morons, yet they are able to tell there follower’s what is good for the how to live and this is the way it is, because they dummied them down can’t this for themselves, blatant communism

  10. I am amazed continually at the drivel she spews out! This is an educated adult with a degree???We should have an exam that politicians have to pass, determining IQ, logical thought, patriotism and citizenship in order to represent this country!!!What service has she ever done for her country, what sacrifices has she made for the good of others?

    • Without voter ID we might as well not have elections. They are a waste of time and money if Stalin’s “useful idiots” can vote. Josef Stalin said, “It’s not how the votes count but who counts the votes that counts.”


  11. The scariest thing about this is people for lack of a more appropriate name ok “ignoramuses” voted for 😳. I won’t even ask what they were thinking, because THEY WEREN’T! Perhaps, drinking, smoking but NOT THINKING!

    • Jacque Prentiss you are 100% correct but sadly the People of New York aren’t the only non thinkers. California, Oregon, Washington State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado (especially Aurora, Denver, and Colorado Springs) and Massachusetts all voted in morons many for the third and fourth time so they aren’t thinking any too well either.

    • If this path come to fluition then there can be no doubt that we have entered the Seven years called the Tribulation and GREAT Tribulation she most assuridly would be a puppet of the Antichrist.

  12. There should be a law that only born American should be in office not people from outside this country it should be USA only no Muslim and all the other Foreigner’s to help run our country

    • muslim demoncratic crap head who has the nerve to disrespect the President. See that’s why the demoncRats want open borders. I hope the folk who voted for her will live to regret their dumb azz vote. They should all have to wear turbins,, sadly most probably already do. Illegals voting. Democratic fraud. Look at the Iranian who was working for hitlary! Go figure!

        • Your jealousy is apparent. The question is: are you really that stupid and ignorant or are you just being paid to write garbage?

        • Betty I left the Democratic Party because I have been paying attention! If you like yourself and your life as it is, you will do some fact checking! secondly trump was voted in office fair and square,past time for Democrats and you too adult up! President should get an extra 2 years for all the time wasted on bogus interrogation preventing him from focusing fully, yeah look at all that good he’s done with all the distractions! Honesty is the best policy fact check it!

  13. I have already told you that she as well as all of the demonicoRATS can do what they want whenever they want and say whatever they want with no ramifications like the dreaded republicans and conservatives. Get used to it until we can vote out these pieces of feces and quit being scared of being called a racist or bigot or whatever idiotic term the scumbags come up with this will continue at best. Maybe get even worse, much worse. Get some stones.

    • This is THE Problem; WE have been bullied sooooo long – we are now afraid to stand-up. It IS time for America time to wake up, just as POTUS Trump is setting the example and take back our rights as citizens.

  14. Horseface AOC needs to go. She thinks she’s smart but the only thing that comes out her mouth is a bunch of nonsense. Oh and an occasional PigLosi Pube.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

  15. took yous long enough to figure this out , now how about fining and punishing these leftist internet overlords , just like yous let the fake news get away with phony reporting or pushing their so called propaganda ,they pick the stories apart reporting on anything that will make trump look bad , and refuse to report the rest , so you get crap

  16. Where is peoples morals and respect for others. OH SORRY, I forgot that went out when they took religion from schools and rights of the parents to discipline there children. Maybe if these people were given some discipline and taught to respect others we wouldn’t have these ………… elected to being with.

  17. Because this bug-eyed COMMUNIST is a “democrat” NOTHING (as usual) will happen to her. (if it does I will be SHOCKED) after all, there IS a “double standard” when COMMUNISTS (democrats) are involved. Just look at all the goings-on concerning democommunists lately..”CAUGHT” time after time, and “walking”.

  18. The girl doesn’t know shame, embarrassment, protocal, etiquette, decency, etc.. She believes she’s a Queen, but she acts like a trollop. The really sad factor is that she is probably the face of the future of the dem party. Come soon, Lord Jesus, come soon.

  19. well she thinks because clinton’s assistant shared email with her husband it’s ok for cortez to do the same. can’t we just quit writing about her and giving her our valuable time that could go to important issues. let her drop.

    • Between the brainwashed multitude that vote demonrat, to the dead ppl voting, to the illegals voting, to the dirty, slimy demonrat vote counters, did I leave anyone out? There is 49% of the country voting many times, which means ALL Consertives (notice I did NOT say republicans) MUST vote!

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