Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued one threat that kept Donald Trump up at night

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez positioned herself as Donald Trump’s archenemy and the face of the Democrat Party.

This is the high-profile political rivalry that will define the 2020 election.

And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued one threat that kept Donald Trump up at night.

Even though polls show impeaching Donald Trump is wildly unpopular, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to press the case that Congress must remove Trump from office.

The fact that the Democrats have uncovered no impeachable offenses and Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion and obstruction of justice investigations collapsed in failure doesn’t phase Ocasio-Cortez at all.

She is even going so far as to say Republicans who don’t support impeachment will be tarnished for all time.

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday signaled strong support for the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment efforts and dared Senate Republicans to go on the record and “knowingly vote against impeachment of this president knowing his corruption” so they can “have that stain on their careers the rest of their lives.”

“Once the House impeaches, the House has impeached the president,” Ocasio-Cortez told reporters Tuesday, despite the fact that the House has yet to hold a full impeachment vote, as Democrats fall over 80 votes shorts of a pro-impeachment majority.

She continued:

If they [Republicans in the Senate] want to fail it, then I want to see every Republican go on the record and knowingly vote against impeachment of this president, knowing his corruption so that they can have that stain on their careers the rest of their lives because this is outrageous to protect the amount of lawlessness.

There is no question Ocasio-Cortez is a true believer in socialism and impeaching President Trump.

And her ability to rally the Democrat base makes it nearly impossible for fence-sitting Democrats to buck the impeachment push.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • This brainless waitress from a wretched restaurant dictates what the president should do. She must be arrested and sent to prison for the rest of her life. Idiots in Congress should not be.

      • aoc, trying reading the Bible where King Solomon was favored by God (like Trump). King Solomon sinned…. God did not remove his favor….. (Like Trump) Trump was chosen by God to clean up our mess. Who ELSE could do this other than our beloved Donald J. Trump. Know off the stuff on Trump. He is suppose to fix our country for good.

  1. U KNOW IF BEING STUPID WERE A CRIME, THIS DUMB ASS WOULD GET THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Too Bad that AOC has artificial intelligence. Because she has absolutely NONE! If she was really serious about being in Congress and having others take her serious – she needs to keep her big mouth SHUT and maybe she can learn how to legislate! I hope that whoever runs against her – takes her seat! She has no right to be in Congress – along with the rag head Ilan, Big Nose Rashida, and that other one with the mop hair braids.

  3. The lesbian AOC makes President Trump look like a saint! AOC is a pro-terrorist lesbian who has group sex with at least 10 women on a regular basis!

  4. I don’t think anything this silly little girl can say would keep anyone up at night least of all our very strong President. CNN you are fools to print this nonsense and you are looking more foolish by the day.

  5. For all of the demoncrats and all of the Trump haters and accusers of false information I have a suggestion for all of you, move to Russia and start and start using your tactics against putin and see where you will end up. I’ll give you a few hints, you will either be hung in the red square for an open public viewing, tied to an ice berg in Siberia or even thrown into an open grave along with the other so called patriots.

    • Why does Cortez always say corruption and lawlessness but she never gives any examples. Like I post it on another site, I have wondered and wondered and it finally dawned on me why the symbol for a Democrat is a jackass.

      • AOC calls Trump a Nazi but she doesn’t know what a Nazi was. She calls border detention centers “concentration camps” but she has never seen a concentration camp. Those same exact detention centers were in operation under Obama and Trump has not gassed any illegals, or shaved their heads, or tattooed numbers on them, or made them work until they died. The illegals are not rounded up and put on trains and sent to the border. They do it willingly. Everything she says is a lie.

        • She was elected by 16,000 votes. She is simple a nobody with a big mouth and a brain of an ant…..sorry, ants are intelligent insect. She is simple an IGNORANT and IMBECILE, and those democrats that listen to her, are more imbeciles.

        • The popular understanding of “concentration camp” is “Nazi death camp.” The Progressive agitators know that concentration camps are not, other than actual Nazi and Communist death camps, but they play on the popular misconception.

      • I always wondered, too. Never mentions any evidence she has just states he is corrupt. Like we are going to take her word. Also, the plans she has come up wit, never mentions how she will pay for this. She is aware that the US is trillions in debt.


  6. AOC and the “squat squad” want to allow more Muslims into AMERICA.

  7. Actually I think the president stays up late at night to do work for the country I doubt he spends much time worrying about what some moron says or does .

    • Really, that fat bastard has time to tweet between shits!
      Golfing much? This moron lies about the lies he lied about!
      He is just a poser who is underwater in the world of politics.
      To date 45 Republicans have resigned, not sought reelection!

      I wonder why, they would rather run to than fight the orange baffon!

  8. Lets get something clear Casa kid, the Republicans who support President Trump will never be tarnished. They will always be respected. So get off your stupid high horse and get lost forever. You are the one Tarnished by the people and always will be.

  9. AOC you and other Democrats are such liars and are the biggest racist people in our country. You all are anti-American and do not deserve to be in this country i don’t care if you were born here. I don’t know what happened to the Democratic Party but they have absolutely lost their minds or fried their brains taking something but they are all ignorant as hell. If the American people have any sense at all they get all of you out of office, i don’t think any of you are doing anything for the State or the citizens that voted you in. none of you are fit to be in office.

    • The saddest common thread of all these loud and self assured democrats ( AOC heads the pack ) is they call President Trump all kinds of names ! Accuse him of all kinds of “corruption” , racial attitudes , lies , breaking laws , Etc ! And yet ……. they NEVER proffer specific examples of these terrible Trump negatives . THAT’S BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY !!! How boring !

  10. Go to YouTube and search for Pakistanis marrying first cousins. They do it all the time, moreso in Pakistan but also in London where they are told the chance of birth defects is high! They don’t care.

  11. She is so good(?) that the people in the area she is supposed to represent are totally fed up with her and her BiG MOUTH, all talk but no action to improve the the lives of the people and the area where she was elected. She is a total piece of rotten garbage.

      • If this stupid AOC is the face of the democratic party they’ve got a major problem. I’m sure President Trump was up pacing around his bedroom over her idiotic threat. If anybody should be impeached it’s AOC….try to figure out how she got elected…..

  12. Really? You put this into an article? Trump doesn’t waste time of these kinds of piss ants… Please, if it’s a slow news day, print the weather…

  13. Like all of you, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that PRESIDENT TRUMP concerns himself with the rants & raves of AOC throughout ANY night. Just remember who he has beside him … therefore, I am happy to step up to the plate and keep “Sandy” busy during those nights. Months ago I decided to stop following her political blabbing, and concentrate on that HOT BODY. Life is so much simpler nowwww …. haaaaa .

    But seriously … TRUMP IN 2020 … KAG ! !

    • Mr. Dan Gibson, Sir, I agree with you, and I would love to add that AOC and her Progressive Liberal CSAII Democratic Comrads, who are ILLEGALLY NOT FOLLOWING THE US CONSTITUTION ALL OF THE TIME AND NOT FOLLOWING THEUS CONSTITUTION TO THE LETTER, who truly need to go back to her and their US Congressional District’s, and begin to clean up all of the trash and exterminate all of that Plague Spreading Rats and other dirty Rodents! Because, I am a Legal Citizen Of The USA that do NOT WANT The USA to turn into The United Kingdom alias Great Britain, because back in the 14th thru the 17th Centuries, when about half of the population died from The Plague!!!

  14. Trump isn’t worried about this two bit hoe , for those who don’t know what two bits is , it’s 25 cents , there’s more important things , she’s just flapping her lips in tbe breeze , a Congress woman she isn’t , she is a joker , flat backing in the squad of you know what

  15. AOC is the biggest joke ever. She is as dumb as a box of rocks!!! The only one she is keeping up is herself on how will she ever stay in congress because she is a onetimer!!
    She will be voted off because all her constituents know what a bumbling idiont she is and stupid!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  16. AOC is the face of a Congresswoman being VOTED OUT-OF-OFFICE. Along with the other (3) Congresswomen who by-the-way have accomplished ZERO while in office? I want folks in Congress that do-their-jobs. And show-up-to-WORK! … These for Had ZERO REPUBLICAN CHALLENGER’S in their DISTRICTS. That is our FAULT. We gave it to them. OKAY, Now we will have Republican Challenger’s run against them this time! GUESS WHAT? The face of ANGST and CHAOS will be Gone forever. 2020 VOTE THEM OUT.

  17. I know people don’t like North Korea but at least they are smart enough to keep these Sharia Muslims out of there country. I wish our government had been that smart. I saw that Japan won’t let them in either.

      • Right, Red, at least you slimy white cowards hiding behind your masks and lying from behind your keyboards, claiming to be someone you, very obviously, are not. Your Pantiefa are nothing but the Brownshirts for your Nazi leaders in the House.

      • Too bad you don’t have a job to keep you busy, a mother to correct your naughty behavior, or a teacher to correct your spelling and grammar errors!

  18. The only stain left in our government is the one you and your squad are leaving all over the House of Representatives. But by all means keep running your mouth, it will be you who is back to tending bar in a few years. Oh, btw, could you please take the rest of the pickled demwits back to the bar with you?

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