Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just admitted to one act that many Americans saw as treasonous

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped in it big time.

The New York Congresswoman built her reputation as a social media star, but that online presence just created in giant headache for the Democrats.

And that’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just admitted to one act that many Americans saw as treasonous.

Democrats and the Fake News Media were thrilled at the fact that Donald Trump did not fill every seat in a building with a 19,000-person capacity on Saturday night Oklahoma.

The campaign received 1.1 million requests for tickets, but it turned out hundreds of thousands of them were fake as a viral campaign from by liberals and fans of Korean pop music using the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok signed up for about 300,000 fake ticket requests.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cheered Leftists using a Chinese-owned social media app – that the U.S. military bans soldiers from using due to security concerns – to meddle with the President’s re-election campaign.

“Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID.” Ocaio-Cortez tweeted in response to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. “Shout out to Zoomers. Y’all make me so proud.”

Americans were appalled at this comment.

Democrats spent years claiming the 2016 election was not legitimate because of the Russians’ supposed disinformation campaign on social media.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others in the fake news are applauding liberals colluding with a Chinese owned social media app – that many believe is a security threat to the United States – to meddle in the 2020 election by “pranking” the President’s re-election campaign.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Everyone should watch utube about Larry Sinclair Press conference exposing Barack Obama. Larry is now dead is my understanding. Watch before it disappears. Also there is another one with Obama in a Mosque in a middle eastern country where he tells the attendees that he was born in Kenya and he is Muslim.
    Further information of truth is that Obama’s and he/she partner neither have a law degree. They each lost their license in Illinois for lying to a judge and getting caught. Mechelle was told to give his/her license up or go to Jail. Obama was told about the same thing. I think one was in 1983 and other one about 1979. You can look it up. I do not think Obama knows how to tell a truth.
    I heard a rumor that Soros had moved his money to an account where the government can’t confiscate it and tax free now under Obama’s charge. Those who don’t know Soros one of richest men in the world raised under the teachings of Hitler now teaching Obama.

  2. Well, I’ve already had to become fluent in Spanish and several other languages including hood rat, I guess Chinese may be the next…

  3. And BJ if they think that the police is tough now wait until the cops crack heads and form firing squads for the people that oppose their actions. A wake up call is coming if America goes down that road.

  4. BJ that’s what John and the commiecrat fools want. They think that under social ism it’s all going to be pie in the sky. Maybe the people at the top but the majority would live hand to mouth. The people in Cuba have been in poverty since the so called revolution in 1958 while the Castro brothers lived like kings. The same with the other banana republics. Then the whining will start when they realize that they didn’t sign up for that. And then the prisons will be filled with the people opposing their new “government “.

  5. john, Pres. Trump is doing only good for this country. But you refuse to see it because you deny the truth. The goal of the dem party is total control over every aspect of your life and complete destruction of this country and our history. That is what you want?

  6. The left’s irrational delusional haltered of Trump is causing them to vote for man that belongs in a nursing home. Everybody, including democrats, know Biden is not fit to handle the job of president but they are voting for him anyway because of sheer childlike hatred of our current president. My grandmother would not believe what her democrat party has become.

  7. Aoc is one dumb twit. She has committed treason. She has meddled in this election. She thinks her reelection is in the bag. I’m waiting for the day to see this big mouth no brain twit is gone

  8. Over 1 million tickets reserved for the Trump rally last weekend, only a few of them actually showed up, fake news? Who were all those Americans who claimed a ticket? I can easily say the same about the current ‘president’, he steps into it on a daily basis. don’t see anybody from this site complain about it or write similar articles about it.

  9. I only have two reasons to like AOC … they are located side by side about 7-8″ below her neck, and about 10-12″ above her waistline. It’s a shame I have to report my PRURIENT interests in the Forum, but that is where my appreciation of her begins and ends.

    TRUMP IN 2020 !

  10. Scott, as I said it is obvious that you know nothing at all about God or even what a Christian is. YES, Christianity is EXACTLY what I KNOW it is. A Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as the Lord of their life and will spend eternity with Him. No, I will not be in for a shock when I die. I belong to Jesus. You can, too. You have the same choice as everyone else to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. Read the Bible. It’s all in there. You have chosen satan, but Jesus loves you and is there if you ever want Him

  11. T, No one is forcing you to come here. If you don’t like it, do something else with your time. You deny the truth anyway

  12. Snot27, I’d love to be the one to arrange the meeting between you and our good Lord God. He might be a bit upset with me for taking so much pleasure of pulling a Donnie Donowitz on your head with a nice Louisville slugger!

  13. Hey ! Let ‘us STAY 0n Topic’… ok ???
    >> TikTok IS A BIG Deal ie cmm’s W/ ‘underground’ –
    THAT IS WIDE 0PEN… meaning – ” Eyes WIDE SHUT”
    Remember that one ?… I hope So…
    > Anyway – Happy Belated ‘Dad’ s DAY !!!
    ~ ( Many ‘fathers’, (for sure) But, HOW MANY ARE Real

  14. I’m quite sure she had a dirty bar towel stuck in her mouth to shut her up on numerous occasions, due to the fact everything she says is utter nonsense…Kind of like Anthony Lukatella & Scott27 when they come on this site with Communist troll tactics they pull up out of the gyssie play book authored by George Soros…

  15. AOC = Asshole on Call. Not only a moron, but also the Democrap poster girl for abortions. She is a waste of an embryo. Could have had a pet pig instead. Lord hear my prayer.

  16. Dr. JD no one is saying that retard joe can’t have a rally. The truth is that he’s chicken sh&t and so are his campaign workers. The old fool couldn’t hold a torch to Trump. Oh about the Tulsa rally before you get started. Covid 19. Ever hear of it. But OMG what viewing on tv and on line. He’s still got his base while retard joe is looking for a

  17. bj, God does not like self-righteous people like yourself either that run around banging people on head with your bible. You going to be in for a shock when you die. Christianity is not what you think it is.

  18. Scott, it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about God or angels. God does not approve of her sick, hate, lies, trickery, and treason. But satan is very proud of her

  19. Comrade Ocasio-Cortez is simply another corrupted pawn for Communist China. Easy to detect traitors: unAmerican actions, disinformation. Former leftist commie David Horowitz just wrote a new book entitled “BLITZ” projecting a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for TRUMP. Unsurprising since the leftist tacky cyber interferences, defunding police, looters, CHAZ, continue to increase support for Trump from authentic Americans. Stand for the Flag, kneel for God, vote Trump. And, deepest gratitude for all veterans and armed forces and first responders — thank you!

  20. julio…Name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that is treasonous. Just one. You CAN’T!!! Trump has done nothing wrong. If you hate him so much you are free to move elsewhere. Please do

  21. I am certain that Alexandria “Bug Eyes, Rabid Dog, Stimpy” Ocasio-Cortez is 1 of those who was pushing hardest for not only the Heroes act but providing C19DRFs to foreign enemies (i.e.) illegal aliens.

  22. Tragically 99.9% of teens in the U.S. today are a major waste of resources, time to shutdown Tik Tok.

  23. dumb as rocks. all you lefties babbling as well as aoc. y’all belong in the same enclosure at the bronz zoo. youre IQ levels are obviously in the single digits!


  25. I looked up the definition of Moron: the definition included “see photo below”, and low and behold it was a picture of AOC.

  26. Just goes to show what huge hypocrites the democRATS truly are. They tried for over three years to overturn the 2016 election using false information and made up accusations. Now they admit doing the same things and are proud of it. It’s going to be so very, very funny to watch their jaws drop again just like they did in November 2016 when President Trump is re-elected in November 2020. The democRATS are the enemy of the people in the United States of America. I hope every single one of them lose their next election. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  27. AOC, OMAR, TLAIB, PRESSLY, known as “The Squad” should all be censured or better, removed from Congress for their ANTI SEMITIC, ANTI AMERICA, VULGAR RHETORIC, and now AOC’S endorsement of campaign tampering from a foreign group of anti Trump, anti Republican kids… How the heck are these 4 people still in office? Pelosi afraid to take action? Looks like only way to remove them from office is to VOTE REPUBLICAN EVERY CHANCE WE HAVE! ❤️🇺🇸🙏

  28. Childish pranks bordering on treason is the best the democrat, holding office in the United States Congress, has to offer, shameful. Sure doesn’t speak well of the voters in her district.

  29. AOC is an INGROWN SLUT !!!!!! If the liberal idiots from New York re-elect this wench ,,,, they are MORE stupid than I thought they were .

  30. It’s a damn shame I haven’t read in the newspaper that AOC and her thugs caught the coronavirus with terminal results. The coronavirus is hurting everyday Americans. It needs to visit these thugs in Congress and history hating decision makers in executive suites….stupid can’t be fixed, but the coronavirus can fix a few stupids permanently…

  31. Ironically renewed right calls anything else fake news when they’re nothing but a click bait bs website. There’s a difference between kids using a platform to reserve tickets for an event so trump looks foolish (there was no cap on reservations so anyone who wanted to go was still there) and a foreign government meddling in an election.

    Renewedright once again proving what the real fake news is… Basically any headlong they make.

    Also this isn’t meddling in an election. It’s the same as a US campaign using an attack add or something. Nice to see trumpies showing their true hypocritical colors tho… Remember when trump was telling you all to go and vote in democratic primaries so he could face the candidate he wanted to face? Sorry snowflakes, there’s nothing wrong with what they did, you’re just mad that once again trump looks like a fool

  32. Dear God,please call these Liberal cretins home so you can send them to Hell where they belong.Don’t forget Julio who deserves to go there also.Please remember Roberts and RBG so that President Trump can fix the SCOTUS for the next twenty years.And send poor sniffing Joe to a nursing home so he can catch the Covid 19 virus and expire too

  33. devildemocommicrats are evil to the core. I daily ask God to touch their hearts so they will change their allegiance from satan to God or to remove them from office, in every level of government. I ask the same for dem voters and the propagandists in the fake “news” media. Prayer and repentance are the only way America survives. We Christians MUST pray and stand up against tyranny.

  34. What kind of family is she from? Treason for sure!!! She needs to be canned and quickly!! To incite this kind of childish behavior is not saying much for her. But then, from her past actions and words…what can we expect?

  35. Simple way around this problem, ask for a ticket, you pay $10 dollars to be refunded when you show up at the door.

  36. AOC is simply following her nature. She is a liberal traitor to her country. She cannot help herself because of her nature. She walks in continual darkness. Yes, she has gotten power for a while, but when she has been used up the Elites will spew her out like a really bad pickle. Her end will be way worse that her beginning. The thing that is upsetting, is their hatred for one of the greatest Presidents in modern history. He has made so much progress towards freedom and personal rights. If any more Democrats either get re-elected or more voted into office we will lose our way permanently. We MUST vote in more Republicans to the Senate and the House and of course re-elect President trump.

  37. Poor little Chinese $1.5 Billion Joe Biden can’t find his way out of his padded basement to hold his children fondling campaign in public!

  38. AOC needs locked up. TikTok should be banned in the USA and any otherChinese entity. They should be removed from this country unless they are a citizen!!! People like AOC need to go also, they are all traitors and terrorists, including Obama. I have always said he is nothing but a terrorist!!!

  39. Look, obviously AOC and other democrats don’t think it’s fair that Trump can hold rallies when their candidate cannot. So AOC just wants to make it a fair playing field for both sides by messing up Trump’s rallies. If Biden could hold his own rally then democrats wouldn’t need to meddle in the election. Fair is fair.

  40. Wonder if Barr saw this, I’m sure he did and had good info on them meddling in it elections AGAIN! As all these emails and notes and stuff come out about 2016 them Dems sure are quite about it. Now mail in voting, gonna be crazy when there are more votes than people in the state. Had already been happening! How can we get rid of these stank idiots on the left!?

  41. I love honest democrats like AOC that are not afraid to admit that democrats engage in meddling with elections, and most certainly voter fraud.
    The saddest part of all of this is not one single democrat will be outraged by this because democrats don’t really believe Americans should have a right to vote unless you vote democrat. Even Biden said you’re not black if you don’t vote for him.

  42. AOC and her demented minions think they are clever by interfering with the 2020 election. Their mental midget short attention span crew just admitted to breaking the law by collaborating with the Chinese government. The very thing they have whined about for over three years – accusing President Trump of undue influence and media manipulation. She is too ignorant to understand her own malfeasance. How can someone so totally inept maintain her position and lie her way thru her career responsibilities? She is supremely unqualified and lacks even rudimentary skills necessary to function as an adult. Stupid.

  43. Hmm…isn’t that interfering in our election process? It seems to me that rather than cheering or the media celebrating his not filling seats at his rally, they should instead be outraged at election interference. Funny that there seems to be silence by the media.

  44. She is not even who she says she is! Her real name is HEBA ABEDIN, she is HUMA ABEDIN’s sister and the demonRATS her district for her to win! Her, Omar and Tlaib meed to go! They are infiltrators and foreign agents for Islamic terrorists!

  45. I have discovered that every time the democrats accuse republicans of doing something wrong the democrats themselves are actually the ones doing it, and this is just another example. Accuse Trump and Russians of interfering with an election while democrats are doing it themselves. Nothing surprises me anymore. There isn’t anything democrats won’t resort to for power.

  46. AOC is for China and any other corrupt and crooked country that’s wanting to interfere with the United States of America. AOC is just as treasonous as all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats are, that’s including all of former Obama’s administration and that’s also including Hillary Clinton and all the CIA, FBI during Obama’s time in office for 8 year’s.

  47. AOC needs to be voted out of office and all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats needs to be voted out of office as well. AOC is working to cause trouble for this Presidential Election, and she is working to help get former Biden elected into office so that everything that President Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and their administration’s have worked toward’s getting President Trump’s agenda ful-filled for every American citizen and our country and our communities, so that the corrupt and crooked Democrats can ruin everything that has been accomplished in these 3 year’s that President Trump has been in office.

    AOC is a disastrous person PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She can and has ruined thing’s for all of the Republican’s and their constitutes and all of the base for the Republican’s.

    AOC is as corrupt and crooked as all of those corrupt and crooked Democrats in office. Everybody need’s to vote all of them out of office this year and in the mid-term’s NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. This Anti-American government sure needs replacement by Libertarians & Conservative Parties with no K Street asses spending money ever again, time to replace alphabet agencies while at it.

  49. DEMOCRAT party and it member has joined the CHINA bandwagon! Anything to DESTORY AMERICA! And the fool will be the VOTER of the DEMOCRAT PARTY!

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