Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just came up with some bad news for Donald Trump

Democrats have one goal in mind for 2019.

And that is to impeach Donald Trump.

Now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just came up with some bad news for Donald Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez won a high-profile spot on the House Oversight Committee.

That prime real estate will guarantee the self-described Democrat socialist is front and center for the countless investigations the committee will conduct.

Any dirt Ocasio-Cortez and her pals dig up – or even scandals Oversight Committee Democrats can fabricate – will be turned right over to the House Judiciary Committee.

That’s because the House Judiciary Committee is where impeachment inquiries begin.

Ocasio-Cortez smeared Trump as a racist in a 60 Minutes interview and is constantly pushing Democrats to adopt hard-left positions.

A committee investigating every aspect of Donald Trump’s life is a perfect perch for Democrats to take advantage of her celebrity and harass the President with nuisance inquiries.

The committee already initiated its first round of Presidential harassment.

Democrats are demanding documents surrounding the process of the Trump White House granting security clearances.

This will be the first of many endless, partisan fishing expeditions designed to gum up the works of the administration to keep Trump from enacting his agenda.

And you can bet Ocasio-Cortez will be front and center.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Ocasio-Cortez is an radical politicians She and her group Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlais, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Warren, Sanders want to change name of the Democratic Party in Radical Party This is Obama’s propaganda That’s why Obama is not going to retired in Cuba But, still in US

  2. AOC is the Democrats new attack dog lol .. what they don’t see it will work against them. The more she speaks the more apparent she is illiterate. Thank you Democrats, Trump Pence 2020!!

    • The only thing these idiots can see is hatred for our POTUS and for america! They hate him just because he won the election and that dirty lying troll Hillary lost! Ocasio is a genuine moron that has no clue of what shes doing and before this is through galf the house will be gone due to arrests of these criminals! Adam Schift is in major trouble, Pelosi, Schumer and more are on the indictment list! They continue to cut their throats!

    • Did the people from New York not ever listen to one of her speeches on the campaign trail? Whoever placed a check by this nuts name has got to have voters remorse.

    • Listen For the ignorants to have something to say. (lol) I agree let her keep own talking out of the side her head.(retroanalcephalic syndrome)

  3. Hy demonrats…. Are any of you idiots even aware of all the investigations on your currupt party? I’m guessing not, since you watch the liberal owned lying media!Your all a bunch of brain washed fools!The only things you know are what the media wants you to know, and none of its the truth! It’s all smoke and mirrors for fools that can’t think for themselves.

    • Betty, you are a libtard that has no clue of the evil devils you support! God Himself is against these satan worshipping devils who are involved in the illuminai and are pedophiles, involved in human and drug trafficking, and murdering innocent babies! If you support this, then you are evil!

  4. Why would anyone care what a stupid NY c**t has to say? Intelligence is not any part of her statements. Her intelligence level is lower than whale s**t on the bottom of the ocean. It’s only higher than Nancy Pigosi and Lil Suckey Chumer. A fool is a fool is a fool.

    • They do! Because, “Birds of the same feathers flocking together!” Only fools understand one another! The DNC must be out of Intelligent people to represent that Party! Time for OTHERS TO RUN IT OVER!

  5. Little miss sunshine will be the face you’ll see on the bill-board of every street corner announcing “Big Brother is Watching”, who else would do, but the daughter of the Antichrist?

    • Let her graze on the White House Lawn and tell us all about the economy!
      I am sure from her statements she is prepared to dissect the Universal economy!

      • Dolores. The Sorry people now are the people who are realizing what a mistake they made in voting for president two years ago,a LUNATIC instead of a LADY! Thank GOD, that mistake can be corrected also two years from now.

        • Betty bloop….That’s a MAN instead of a lunatic murderer. You are such a sad excuse for a person. WE LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP and what he has done for the USA so far despite the blockade of you idiots and the morons you voted intro office, most;y by illegals/. here is a question for you …a starter question that I hope does not break what little brain you have. Why is President Trump a racist,since that is something that all you brain dead morons seem to preach?

        • You think that this mentally deranged person is a lady? You obviously have never looked at a dictionary in your entire life!

  6. Her idea removes all motivation for anyone to work! I work hard for myself and my family and I am very charitable to SA, Family Radio, and Animal Care here in my city. If they are going to take my money to help others I want to pick and choose who those others are! Otherwise, I’ll quit work and let her idea support me. Now, seriously, how much sense does that make? She is so out of touch! She’s been listening to drunks for way too long! LOL*

  7. As long as ignorant,uneducated cretins continue to vote these shams into office,the rest of our Republic has to suffer .Term limits and minimum literacy tests would certainly help.

  8. It is easy for liberals to become ‘non-believers’, it requires no mental commitment of a higher power that will hold them accountable for their bad behavior, they are satanic trash drunk on power.

    • Her qualifications for this office should be scrutinized as well as Pelosi and Schumer’s. The whole group is nothing but obstructionists who have no regard/feelings for the working people of this country as well as the government workers. It is because the left has taken over big states like NY and Calif. We need to change this direction of impending doom in a hurry or disaster awaits. RVN 68-69 MAGA


          • shame shame shame on you -President Trump is the most honerable person in the Government -He is up there with President George Washington and all of our grate men – Pray In God we trust to remove All the evil ……..

      • See, the obstructionists like AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, are only diverting attention from things they aren’t capable of doing, like their jobs in Congress, to whining, complaining about how this guy has more then the other guy, no matter one worked his butt off to earn what he has and the other never finished high school and has lived on welfare and food stamps all his life. And on it goes. They are to stupid to produce anything in this society, they are worthless blood suckers, and average good and decent American’s are hoodwinked by this scum and vote them into office because they don’t know any better! PERIOD – THE END!

  9. Who is AOC anyway? I never heard of her until about a month ago. So she’s a ‘celebrity’ ???? of what where when ??? She appears to be a puppet — who voted for her ????

    • Frank, they will never do that. Liberals & Progressives will never turn on each other. They might take out a moderate DEM but not one of their own. The LIBs run the DEM party now and that has gotten some Moderate DEMs to leave the party. Pelosi I think one reason for her playing such extreme hardball not to work out a deal with Trump is that – is the same thing their LIBs and progessives would do. She didn’t make a big win either I hear to get the SPEAKER position as the votes she just got by with enough. So she is trying to please them as she already knows they do not like her ! But she wanted that SPEAKER position for herself. Now she has to try to keep it. I think Trump knew this could occur and he was for her for Speaker. It may split up the DEM party. Which will deflate the party for several years after.

    • How or who is writing this bullcrap is wasting our time! Trying to rile people up! It doesn’t matter what these Demonrat’s say or do? They can an waste tax payer’s money! But any proposal’s suggestions law’s they want passed? Have to go through the Senate and Trump! They’ll never get their insane unreasonable crap through them period! These Dictator’s and King’s are delusional spun wacko’s! Thinking they have more power than the President. Sick! Sick! Sick in the head puppies 😷! Just like their follower’s. Mentally criminally insane rubber room ready loser’s!

      • Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about A.O.C. interrogating anyone on the oversight committee.
        She can barely speak coherently.
        I saw her in a grocery store, she was staring at a can of frozen orange juice because it read: “Concentrate”

      • Felipe, Your right ! The way they are working so hard on how to dictate & control us. Such as the Catholic guys with MAGA caps. Not yet have I seen a single report about those Blackish whatever they call themselves and all that deep hatred & trash comments they said to those Catholic guys. All these jerks LIb news did was try so hard whatever way to trash those guys. They didn’t do a single thing wrong at all! I am not even Catholic & I have been defending them much better then their own catholic school has !!! It is lunacy from these DEMs now and by threats, and all they can dish out is saying that they demand to dictate & control whoever they dam feel they want to & no one else has a say so ! Sorry, we all have Constitutional rights ! They are at it to scare anyone who wears a MAGA cap now is the idea they are trying to dump out ! Now I want to get a MAGA cap and wear it outside in public. We think allot alike Felipe ! Republicans seriously need to learn to fight back, and not 6 years from now either. The DEMs want to dictate & control everything & by force if necessary. That guy who says he is a Vet and served in Vietnam LIED ! He was a 3 time AWOL guy and never stepped foot in Vietnam ! The lying endlessly shows how pathetic the DEM party is now. Not an American party nor Christian or Jewish.

    • AOC wouldn’t know how to do an investigation at all. Aren’t those 4 all new on that committee ? If so, none will have the slightest clue how to do anything since not a one will have any experience on anything. First time rookies will most likely investigate how many times Trump eats in a day. These 4 DEM’s will come up with with stupidity stuff such as the Trumps use to much toilet paper in a month. CNN will run it as an impeachable offense. The hate of the Trumps from the DEMs will be at it’s all extreme highest. And the world will end in 12 days or 12 years whatever the bimbo AOC said it will anyway ! LOL !

    • Another reality! This Looney toons not fit for the job and actually doesn’t belong in our Government period! Under a law in our Constitution. Period!

  10. Who is going to see to it that she is vetted and investigated prior to sitting on that committee? Anyone who sits on it should have to pass a background investigation. It appears to me that there is a free for all of idiots in DC who can be privy to information that might be security sensitive.

    • I agree. Also, Trump is put down because he’s never had any experience in government. So why aren’t the Democrats putting her down? She not only doesn’t have any experience in government at all, she thinks rich people should pay 75% federal taxes. Doesn’t see realize that if that was the case, they wouldn’t be able to hire people in their businesses and would probably lay off thousands of workers to save money.

  11. AOC is not stupid, just uninformed and illinformed and the Democrats will use her until she is no longer worthy for them. She doesn’t know this and is loving her 15 minutes but she will be able to do a lot of destruction to this country before she is tossed aside.

  12. The democratic party shall RUE THE DAY that they labeled AOC as their “RISING STAR” …..

    Since PELOSI can no longer utter a complete sentence, and is now verbally orchestrating applause for her speeches …. AND since FEINSTEIN has fallen and cannot get up, we are faced with two years more of the chirping WARREN, the villain snake HARRIS, the ruthless WATERS, and the nimnul HIROMO. Are we to surmise that AOC’s (not so) secret plan is to lap all these demo females, and race to the tippy-top of the party leadership ??

    • I hope she tries to run over everyone in the democrat party and cause so much trouble they all crumble and fall apart. The democrat party of today has turned into a communist party. They only want their way with no debate or questions asked. When they get it they are so messed up they refuse it. It seems like they have all fried their brains(if they ever had any)trying to defeat President Donald Trump. They don’t care about anything else. He has rocked their boat until it has about capsized. All I can say is, Rock, Rock, Rock around the clock until they sink in their self made quicksand.

        • GREAT RESPONSE LARRY. I SURE HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT. I have never seen such hatred in my 72-years and it is completely disgusting to say the least. I don’t care what political party they represent. THEY SHOULD ONLY REPRESENT US TAXPAYERS AND CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY, ESPECIALLY THE ONES THAT HAVE FOUGHT WARS AND HAVE LOST THEIR LIFE TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS. I would like to kick all their asses. They are totally despicable human beings, especially when they only focus on ruining lives of other human beings that want to MAGA.

      • I am so sick and tired of all these investigations of Republicans, and nothing is ever done about the Democrats and their misdeeds.

      • Larry, I agree, but we CAN NOT just sit and let them pull BS even more. They will not stop ! Time that we have to take a stand. We outsmart them. Get creative and beat them by outsmarting them. Notice how they attack the INDIANS and everything that has been named after them? That is an honor in this country. But the DEMs want all of those things removed. Guess what? That is being RACIST !!! RACIST by the DEMS on Indians !!! Think things out and give it back at them !!!

    • I’m betting that is exactly her plan. Before she even took office she was trying to find someone who could get the minimum age to become president lowered from 35 to 29-HER CURRENT AGE. She is STILL trying to convince people to get a bill passed for it. Before she even took office she was planning on running for president!!! Now that’s about the scariest thought I could ever perceive happening!!!

      • She is stupid alright! You cannot amend the Constitution with a bill. It needs to go before the people for a vote. 2/3 of the the voters in 2/3 of the States need to pass it. Putting it to the people for a vote is all Congress can do. AOC seems to think a bill means it is as good as a law and there is nothing you people can do about it. Wrong Cortez, as usual.

  13. This woman has the intelligence of a soda cracker, if she had any brains she would take them out and play with them. Her election is a direct reflection of the intelligence of her district’s voters. So sad.

    • You nailed it Ross. But I believe her having the intelligence of a soda cracker is giving her just a little too much credit. Some of the ones that elected her may have that much though. She’s about as useful as a pan of ashes thrown into the wind.

    • Ross, just FYI everyone: a DEM actually finked her out ! When she was running for that district she played her bartender job as if lower income person. Then she also played it as if a poor person by talking in that area in the words and terms used by Ghetto people and poor or low income people. Exampe: “pulling train” she used during her campaign.
      This DEM told all of her locations that she lived were upper middle class or higher even by another persons say so. She went to BOSTON U. which cost her about $59,000.
      I hear that she doesn’t mention that either. So she lied and she played it all as lower income candidate in that district to get her elected. So do not take her as completely stupid as she might not be as stupid as she makes herself appear to be.
      She fooled all of those people in her district that she was a low income person. As I see on TV the interviews from those people in her district are as stupid as she portrays herself to be. They like her and she represents them!!!

    • Right On, larry, Like d.trump is about as USEFUL, as HELPFUL & as DANGEROUS as gasoline thrown on a forest fire? Maybe some day, GOD Willing, he’ll make an “ASH” out of Himself.

  14. Would anyone understand her what with all her likes and you knows? Her cold blooded murder of the English tongue makes every word she utters risible. Plus, she says it with a New York accent, arrrgh!

  15. This STUPID WOMAN better put her big girl pants on and get a brain transplant before she attempts to challenge President Trump, He will eat her up and spit her out!

    • I would love nothing more for this dink of a congresswoman to eat her own words. She got in by luck it was set for her to win. It be great to see her be one term congresswoman and be kicked out of this country

  16. If the Dems have grounds to IMPEACH then do it. Otherwise shut up and govern like adults rather than act like idiots from the funny farm.


  18. There’s a couple of old sayings. “Be careful how you treat people.” (and) “Payback is a bitch.” I give her and the other ones who are “activists” one term. And if it takes longer for things to catch up with her and them, “Payback will be a real bitch.”

    • I bet she will only serve one term!She should spend more time reading the Constitution.Some pretty stupid stuff comes out of her mouth!Being a former bartender you would think she was a better listener!

  19. AOC is laughably stupid !
    You could give her $1 million and she could never get Trump in peach even in the house!
    She had to look up the meaning of the word impeached.
    When first asked she thought it was a fruit tree !

    • I’m actually not sure if she’s dangerous or not but as much as she’s out there-and it’s EVERY DAY-she is getting TONS of attention and she shouts loud. She has new stuff every day. She’s now on committes that CAN do damage by just digging heels in and holding all kinds of things up. She is so freaking crazy I think she COULD be dangerous. She definitely needs to be watched. AND-who is bankrolling this gal? Who is she the mouthpiece for that’s hiding in the shadows?

      • She is very dangerous she caused a job she worked for to close and she’s demanding Americans to pay 70% more in taxes. She has the millennials behind her and that’s somewhat how she won. Cortez is also looking out for our finances no thanks to Maxine waters. Between her and Cuomo they will make new Address more of a living hell.

        • I remember something about her getting a restaurant or club where she worked closed down but I don’t remember why or how-can someone enlighten me?

      • I think you’re right and she could be dangerous. It’s very obvious that there wasn’t any common sense involved where she was elected. And it’s very obvious that the Dems are in favor of her causing trouble by putting her on this committee. As we constantly read about our Universities, we know that MANY young people somehow think they got a bad deal in life, and think that life OWES them something, as she does. They probably don’t have good enough listening skills or common sense ability to recognize that this woman just doesn’t even make sense most of the time.

        • Wyn you make a lot of sense. It’s obvious you aren’t a young woman. You have common sense and could probably survive if the power went away for a month. Just try to imagine these ‘smart’ college kids going berserk without their technology!!! Now THAT would really be scary! Kids today text the friend sitting next to them! With all these online food places where you are shipped a week’s worth of food and recipes-that’s ALL the food people have on hand. No technology-no food. Food for thought!

      • Mysty, Your doing good ! Keep thinking things out. You may have to go deeper and look at all different angles. Look at how and why they might think about something- as in a possibility. You might have a few possibilites to hold onto. But you will stay ahead then knowing how whichever one it is, that your still one up on them – ahead of them- to beat them.

  20. Sign the petition and have AOC removed from Congress… I signed it.. Just Google it it will pop up there’s also one to remove Rashiada Talib

  21. Maybe the Republicans should investigate her I’m sure she has a lot of cobwebs in the cellar. The Democrats are playing with fire with this Nitwit.So out of the blue she knows everything about everything how amazing. Where is the out rage over all of this crap being done .Why are they letting all this crap happen? Why aren’t the Republicans and conservatives fighting this. They need to start doing it now.So now we have a racist black woman and this other young dumb ass running the finances isn’t that a hot one.m

    • Don’t get so exercised over this sub-microcephalic’s drooling’s. They’ll dig it up and turn over to my Senator from Iowa Chuck Grassley and he’ll just shovel it out with the rest of the bullshit. Or he’ll table it so long the paper will turn to dust and blow away if even a mouse farts. He is the head of the Senate Justice Committee, where it must also go. She’s sprung- too much crack.

    • I haven’t heard of anyone even questioning her ‘credentials’ and who is she other than a bartender? Personally I think there’s a LOT of questions to ask. She’s already lied about where she lived while growing up, said they were poor but then the truth came out-parents are affluent, she never lived in that poor area she claimed. Said she couldn’t afford rent in DC but she had PLENTY of money in the bank. No one watchdogs ever pushes this info to get real answers. Why not??? What ELSE is she hiding??

      • That terrorist supporting Muslim Tlaib lied about her address. She used her parents address to get elected in that district. Now anything goes and nothing is questioned if you are a democrat.

  22. This woman is brain dead she got elected because of
    Voter fraud just take a good look at congress
    A couple of terrorist got elected how the hell did that
    Happened all i can say is thank god for mr Donald
    Trump greatest president America will ever have

  23. What about obama and all the rappers he let into white house that woman needs to look in her back yard before talking down the president at one time she would be called a traitor to our country and she should have all these illegal yes i said illegal aliens go to her hoa neighborhood and see how bad it will look in a matter of weeks they keep bringing then and dropping of in our neighborhood and we have illegal dumping all the time this area is looking like crap now

  24. President Trump took out Hillary Clinton. No matter what you may think of Hillary you have to admit she was a hell of a lot smarter and more devious than Ocasio-Cortez will ever dream to be. Of course Hillary appears to be as loony as Nutty nancy anymore. Not quite able to get in focus anymore.

    • Late onset of a or Alzheimer’s. A psychiatrist could tell. I think she’s just plain nuts. She falters in her delivery, she gets excessively upset over any and everything, takes on an imperious aspect when speaking, raises her voice unnecessarily at the wrong times, and acts like she’s afraid of taking a tumble. She should be scared to dearth that the real dirt on her is going to get so widespread that even the “media” won’t be able to avoid bringing it up.

      • Well that’s what they promised coming into the mid-term election. I’d say they are delivering. This must be the only election they have not lied about with their basic theme.

  25. Even if they were to impeach President Trump in the House, it will never get past the Senate and impeachment doesn’t mean out of office. Only 2 Presidents in US history have been impeached. Both were Democrats and both completed their terms in office. All they’re doing is wasting time and OUR MONEY doing anything and everything EXCEPT the job they were elected to do. The truly sad thing is that Democrats have absolutely no other platform or plans except to impeach or obstruct.

    • You’re exactly right. That is their entire platform. They don’t talk about making us safe, bringing in more jobs, lowering taxes-in fact that crazy loon aoc intends on RAISING TAXES TO 70%!!!!! That is beyond shocking!!!! Venezuela here we come if she gets her way. I do understand ‘The Last Patriot’s’ comment about Chris Kylie but there has to be a better way.

    • I know-she just opens her mouth and something else beyond comprehension comes out of it. WHO IS BEHIND HER??? Surely she didn’t start this whole thing by herself, did she?????

  26. That crack head has real issues! LMDAO Go ahead and try impeaching our president, it will not happen. And my question is ,what the hell is Mueller doing ,if it also takes the Democrats to do their own investagating, after all the millions that has been paid ,and a whole two damn years of investagating, where is the crime? There is no crime, and they have to cover thier damn lies up to the 2020 election cycle! 5hey are pathetic and currupt to the core. That bugged eyed BI- TCH needs a wake up call!

    • Investigate every Democrat like a proctologist
      We all know that they are all dirty and the people that voted for them are idiots and traitors and anarchist

      • WELL DONE, SIR!!! DO CARRY ON!!! My best laugh of the day, and believe me, I do read some crazy shit on these blogs. You ain’t crazy – you used so few words to put in perfect perspective. Good job11

    • There are a lot of blind Democrats ready to vote.and what they don’t get the right way they make up. Voter fraud is big with the dems. That’s how they got the house. I pray a lot for the President. I don’t trust anything coming from the government. If they say the sky is blue I check.

      • I’m with you Diane, I pray all the time for PRESIDENT TRUMP and I pray for God to intervene in the dems plans. They are such liars and cheaters I don’t know how they can even get into bed with themselves at night!!!

        • I doubt if any of them have any mirrors in their mansions. Pelosi and Feinstein would be scared to death if they looked in one. If being ugly was a crime, Pelosi and Feinstein would get the electric chair without being put on death row.

    • And the tab for that crappy ‘investigation’ is now OVER 20 MILLION DOLLARS!!! And some dem judge just gave him as many YEARS as he wants to continue digging for dirt on Trump!

    • Cortez is typical for the democrats ~ she is moronic, badly informed and just plain stupid… she should seek a position on m Cuomo’s advisory committee of Failed Ideas. Is she even literate..: really just a ideotic radical fool

      • But she has wrangled a position on the committee to push forward EVERY KIND OF RIDICULOUS INVESTIGATION on anyone she doesn’t like and we taxpayers will foot the bill.

  27. The truth is nobody in Congress will take trump down he been place by God in the white house not by men those ass wipes dumb democrats don’t get it there the ones that are pure evil suckers not trump there the jerks need to be inpeached pureass jerks

      • How did a bartender get so many ‘followers????’ I was a bartender in my younger days as well as a cocktail waitress for 20 years. I doubt I could have amassed enough ‘followers’ to actually get me elected to Congress!!!

        • Millennials vote for people based on popular votes from social media because almost all of them are to stupid to think for themselves. Don’t let that get to you. Lets all band together and get this braying jackass out of her job.

    • Thank you Kurt, you just put my feet back on the floor. I know God put him there. I know he’s by far the strongest man to go what he goes through and STILL works 18 to 20 hour days for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and Her citizens. God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP!! MAGA!

    • That ‘why bother with her’ braying jackass is only high on stupidity… the Dem partys’ drug of choice. One question. Who would want their party to be logo’d by a jackass? Answer; Dem candidate Andrew Jackson in the election of 1828.

    • True! She’s on something, or having an unmedicated attack of mania.😲 She’s already making enemies in the House. The senior members don’t appreciate her big mouth and abrasive, arrogant, entitled personality. I don’t think she will get too far. Those people don’t like being pushed around.

      • Just give her enough rope and she’s going to hang herself. With her attitude it shouldn’t be too long. You can’t fix stupid. It’s been tried too many times.

    • Nah. She’d look 50 by now. That junk ages a person HORRIBLY!! It rots their teeth and hers sure aren’t damaged. Think about the creeps that get arrested for meth. They look ravaged. She’s 29 and so full of herself she’s just high on HER.

  28. It’s such a shame that in this free country we have someone that tries to dictate what everybody should be and do. Now that she makes so much I wonder how easy it will be for her to give most of that money back to those she thinks have nothing? This is terrible to have a fool that thinks she is so righteous.

      • Her daddy was a partner in an architecture firm in NY. You know he made some money. She went to expensive private schools. She’s a liar, a hypocrite and a moron, If she manages to stay in Congress, expect her to be another Nancy Pelosi: stupid, stubborn,corrupt, and a filthy rich drunk.

      • Yes. She does. Although she lied about it. Someone did a little digging on her and found out she was lying about it. She wore very expensive clothing all the time-designer expensive- and they started looking behind her words when she said she couldnt afford the rent in DC.

        • It’s all in the trick of crafty wording. She couldn’t afford the rent in DC… without daddy’s money. If you notice, the democrats tend to leave off very critical words when they quote or talk about what a republican said. When President Trump was talking to Pelosi and Shumer in a meeting they quote President Trump as saying, “I’ll be glad to shut down the government.” when he actually said, “I’ll be glad to shut down the government over border security.” See what I mean. They never say those last 3 words and it changes the whole meaning of what he said.

    • Totally agree with you .. Guenther. However, the one answer to your question “why would the people in NY vote for (AO-C)stupid” .. is, as equal to the answer that does apply to the very same “problem” .. here, in the once great State of California. Answer: Stupidity. Loads of ignorant individuals who mainly reside in the known “blue-liberal” States. The places best known for the ‘generosity’ of their elected government officials who are not much different or, equal to parasites and thieves. For only the most foolish would choose to be “represented and served” by a total ignorant hag.

    • Because the people of New York are a bunch of dimwits, with stuck on stupid. Look what came out of New York, liar’s, thief’s, murders, low life’s. Oh and let’s not forget bartenders bloody Mary anyone!!!

  29. That idiot is making $175.000 a year from the tax payer .She is thy most dangerous idiot in D C She is becoming the future of this great nation ,sad ! God help us all I see a civil war on the horizon sneaking up This hate can,t go on much longer Thank God for Trump 2020

    • would like to see AOC donate $122,500 of her salary back to the government. Doesn’t have to be a new tax law, just DONATE it of her own free will, because it’s the right thing to do. Can we all follow-up and see if she does it?

      • When a reporter asked her if she was going to collect her pay during the shutdown, she said, “Gotta go…Buh-bye!” and flashed her dumb-as-a-cow smile.
        Nancy Pelosi is still collecting her pay also. I don’t know why: she can’t take any of it to Hell with her.Shes 78 years old, so it won’t be long now.

    • I do think she can be dangerous. People are flocking to her, the press LOVES her and when the press loves someone they pump her out like crude gushing. They glorify her. She’s almost wearing a crown!!!

  30. I can’t believe what is happening to our GREAT country”’with hate’r’s like her Pelosi”’Schumer Waters and the rest of the left raticals we are doomed”’we need to stand up to them and FIGHT to take back OUR country”’to start we need to get out the vote in 2020 or say good bye ”’AMERICA””

    • Ok Mark, you just totally ruined my entire evening! Now I have to shower for the next hour to try and wash thoughts of her for 12 years!!!!!!

    • I can barely manage to type, I’m laughing so hard at your comment. Even though it’s 19:00 (7pm) here in Iowa, I’ve gotten some damned good laughs out of you folks, and I want to say thanks for them. Made my day in spades. Yeah – this little girl is going to make lots of friends, and most of them will do their best to bury her is my guess.

  31. If that air-head AO-C thinks she is going to make her political ‘bones’ on Donald Trump, she is setting herself up for a YUGE disappointment!

    • He’s so much smarter than just about every one in DC. And he’s the STRONGEST president we have EVER had. He’s better than Reagan and he was no one’s fool.

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