Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just confessed something that you won’t believe

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a walking disaster.

Every week there is a new scandal or gaffe that threatens to consume her career.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just confessed to something that you won’t believe.

One of Ocasio-Cortez’s career defining gaffes was claiming the world only had 12 years left to exist unless the government took extreme action to combat climate change.

That led her to introduce her 93 trillion-dollar socialist green new deal scheme that would have curtailed Americans’ rights to eat hamburgers, drive fossil fuel powered cars, and fly on planes.

Critics widely mocked Ocasio-Cortez for her hysterical prediction and her even more preposterous solution.

After weeks of social media and cable news ridicule, Ocasio-Cortez finally admitted defeat.

The freshman Congresswoman falsely tried to claim she was joking.

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed Sunday that people who believe the suggestion that the world will end in 12 years have the intelligence of a “sea sponge,” even though Ocasio-Cortez made that very claim in January.

Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Republicans too often mischaracterize her dry humor and “fact check” her jokes, claiming that they take them too literally. One of her alleged jokes includes a January claim that the world will end in 12 years if we do not address climate change, comparing it to a modern World War II-style struggle.

“Like the ‘world ending in 12 years’ thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal. But the GOP is basically Dwight from The Office so who knows,”

If this were true, Ocasio-Cortez would have immediately clarified her remarks that the planet only had 12 years left was merely a joke.

Instead, she let it sit out there for weeks.

Critics believe this is nothing more than a poorly executed attempt at damage control.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!! AOC thinks she is cute and Young. But she actually is like a herd of cockroaches that are invading, not only her party, but the American people who are sucked in by this, and many other cockroaches!!!!

  2. The reason our kids are listening to this moron is she keeps having “town hall” meetings in the grade schools. They are the only ones not educated enough and believe what she is saying. The tragedy is she is scaring the hell out of them and is not affected by it. Their strategy is working for future voters. Let us hope she is not around when they grow up.

  3. AOC is the female equvalent of Joe Biden. Open mouth insert foot! The Dems deserve these folks, if they didn’t exist the GOP would have to invent them, they are, like Obama, a gift to the GOP!


  5. Probably an Obama plant. Same as Cortez and a few other. Is Omar even here legally.
    This is what happens when you put to many refugees in one area. They take over. They don’t follow our government and Constutional laws. Little by little they work up to Senators and Congress. This is one reason to stop all Illegals and non-vetted refugees. We must do what was done years ago, screen and quarantine. No more anchor babies. It’s creating to much fraud. Woman don’t want to work or better their life with education. They are happy to shop, watch TV or gamble. Have a baby every 2 years to stay on Welfare. Abortion in between at the expensive of taxes. One big rip off to taxes. God Bless Our Country. Nellie

  6. Once again, Odumbo brought in a bunch of illegals & jerry mandered (dumped them) in parts of the country with people of the same ethnicity so they would be the majority. How do you suppose Ilan Omar the semolian got elected? She lived in a place where , her countrymen were the majority. One of the first things Odumbo did was change voting district lines. He wasn’t a neighborhood organizer for nothing. Get it now?

  7. So AOC was just joking (lying)? Well, guess who else is dumb as a “sea sponge”. Elementary school children. I remember seeing them on TV practically in tears that their lives would end soon. I immediately surmised that these hysterical children must have been the offspring of some dumb liberals because any normal conservative parent would just tell their child that this was all bunk & that they shouldn’t believe anything crazy AOC says. But since these lefties fed into their childrens’ hysteria ,on tv no less, they just had to be followers of good old Bugeyes herself. You just can’t make this up.

  8. This womans Insane comments show just how desperate that the Dumocratic Party had become . AOC is a Dumocratic Nightmare .

  9. I think the democrats will primary her in the next election. Some in that God awful party love her but the rest are embarrassed by her and cringe every time she opens her mouth. Naïve stupidity does not instill confidence in voters and I think she’ll eventually be voted out before she can do more damage to the image the democrats are trying to portray.

  10. Yep. she’s definitely stuck on stupid. But what does that say about the idiots who voted her in? Remember what a great Star Wars character said:
    “Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?”

  11. Why does anyone give voice to this moron. The only ones she impresses, is the idiots like herself. Phony, self serving, liar!

  12. As everyone keeps saying, she’s “the gift that keeps on giving”. Sad, but at the same time kind of funny and definitely entertaining. The recent “AOC and Berney” show was great, what a pair…LOL

  13. She was DEFINITELY “born” into the WRONG Century, 200 years ago there were no FAST FOOD joints, cars etc…..!!! Maybe we should put her in a TIME MACHINE and send her BACK to the PILGRIMS…..!!!!!

  14. Face facts. AOC will be in congress for years and years. She will be there long after Pelosi is gone. Pelosi said it herself when she stated a stone could be elected in AOC’s district as long as there is a D before her name on the ballot. Intelligence, leadership, common sense, have nothing to do with it. 80% of congressional representatives are reelected.

  15. Not only an idiot, but a liar that for expediencys’ sake, now a liar that will not stand by her platform with any conviction. We might forgive you for being stupid, but now you have proven to all you are dishonest. Don’t you dare hurl anymore baseless accusations at our President.

  16. Fads and infatuation are like shooting stars that are instantaneous wonders that become short termed history that disappear as quickly as they momentarily blaze across the sky! Like all lamestream media promotions, frauds are found out for what they are and almost immediately disappear into the dust bin of irrelevancy! Kotex will soon be an extinct shooting star! Lolz! Stupidity seems to maybe at least understand stupidity when stupidity realizes stupidity is nothing more then stupidity! I hope!!!!? Vacuity is not a good attribute to be branded with! Kotex! Go back to your bar tending job! Please! Pretty please!?!?

  17. Damage Control? It was hardly Bladder Control, in which case the Democrats are pissing on OUR Constitution.

  18. Michael, I agree partially with you, but if you want to “educate” AOC, check your facts: southern England benefits of the Gulfstream which explains the warmer climate and palm trees on the coast. I grew up skating on the frozen Dutch rivers, it existed indeed which is why the Dutch are amongst the best skaters in the world. This being said AOC(Momo) is an embarrassment to women, she is the epitomy of the ignorance and should be voted out!

  19. AO Cortez…like a baby who has broken out of her playpen. Just be glad it is not the year 1909 in NYC where Mama would hang the playpen out the window 15 flights UP.

  20. This is nothing but damage control by Nancy P. I know die-hard demos who have been rethinking their political affiliation because of AOC. I wonder what Nancy had to threaten/reward AOC with to get her to back-off and shut up?

  21. //// Hey Joe ////
    I didn’t word it right === oops!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  22. AOC is not getting enough attention so she will always come up with some idiot idea just to remind us she’s still here. She will lie about most anything so lets all give her the best attention for all of us. Let’s deport her to an island far, far, away.
    When is FEC going to send her to jail?

  23. Have any of you ever heard the saying if people talk about you let them its okay, it’s when no one is talking about you that’s when you worry? AOC should worry. stop giving her recognition even if it’s stupid.

  24. I know a lot of people from New York the State Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) represents. The people that elected Alexandria must all be the DUMMBEST group of people left. Why don’t you all take her back to Dumb Ville.

  25. That’s only partially true, Linda. Yes, Michael appears to be quite intelligent, but being so, I’m sure he’ll be one of the first to remind you that “…you just can’t fix stupid”! And AOC is every bit of that! On the other hand, what does that make the people who buy into her rants? And she’s lose in the halls of government!

  26. AOC, only God knows when the world will end – you don’t! And I don’t think God would think we are “sea sponges” since He made us in his image. Get your facts straight or leave Washington.

  27. Because she’s a liberal Democrat and that’s what the news media does! I’m sure you already know that.

  28. I was in high school in 1970 during the first Earth Day and I had joined the hottest new club at school,the Ecology Club. We were told (and truly believed) that the Earth would be uninhabitable in 30 years. In honor of the first Earth Day we had been busy collecting trash from all over town. We knew we were being responsible and saving our planet. The more artistic of us sculpted the trash into some kind of animal looking thing on a wagon. We then paraded it through the town to the Mayor’s office. We were so proud! When we got to the Mayor’s office the Mayor came down as the press arrived. We were going to present the Mayor with our trash sculpture. We had a speech prepared but were told we had to let the Mayor speak first. As the Mayor spoke the press took lots of photos of us with our sculpture. As soon as the Mayor finished his speech he turned on his heel and went immediately up to his office leaving us and our sculpture standing on the sidewalk. That was the day I learned the meaning of the phrase, “Symbolism over Substance” even though this phrase was not common back then. Since that day there have been many doomsday predictions and I laugh every time. Al Gore and AOC are fools with their predictions. I simply can’t take them seriously. I only hope that AOC’s constituents will vote her out of office.

  29. Anally Orally-Constipated is an IDIOT. Seriously hope she’ a one termer, along with her fan club of Anti-Semites Tlaib and Omar.

  30. Amen. If they have any knowledge of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights they would see that it is based on Biblical principles.

  31. Joe, so you have no concept of what islam is or its goal to totally control the world. You need to wake up and face reality. There is no freedom in islam. Either you serve allah or die. But guess that is fine with you.


  33. And children were protesting and buying into AOC “end of the world…sky is falling” fable too. She is not to be followed…she is not a good leader…she needs to be removed.

  34. And children were protesting and buying into AOC “end of the world…sky is falling” fable too. She is not to be followed…she is not a good leader…she needs to be removed.

  35. And children were protesting and buying into AOC “end of the world…sky is falling” fable too. She is not to be followed…she is not a good leader…she needs to be removed.

  36. So AOC said that the New Green Deal that is based on the world ending in 12 years was a joke….lol…20 Democrats are running for President of the United States all pushing her joke…

  37. So AOC said that the New Green Deal that is based on the world ending in 12 years was a joke….lol…20 Democrats are running for President of the United States all pushing her joke…

  38. Does this mean she is NOT the brightest sea sponge in the room?

    (they said this was a duplicate post but I don’t see it)

  39. This is what Islam is all about. Lie to the Infidels Never tell them the truth. This evil book called the Quran tells them to Kill all of the unbelievers and Christian and Jews. They should never have been allowed to be in our Congress. These Democrats in the Senate and Congress are systematically Deleting God from all of our Congressional Proceedings and even our Military. The war on Christianity is real and Jerry Nadler is heading the Anti-Christian war in our own United States Government.

  40. Brenda, She’s not a Muslim. She’s a bartender. I don’t see how she was ever smart enough to mix a drink without a script. That’s how she does it now, she follows a script.

  41. Mary, I hate to tell you this but that stupid broad is in her own country. To bad for our country. I was trying to find a petition to get rid of her. I hit the Jackpot when I googled, How to remove AOC from the House of Representatives. Not only was there one for her but there was one for the rest. There was one to open Obama’s sealed papers. One to get rid of George Soros. And many, many more. Like I said. A JACKPOT.

  42. Or dumbass Beto! Both liars!
    Neither have enough sense to run around the block much less President! However they are a match to their mentor Obama. Liars, deceivers, corrupt to the core, souless! Dumb as a rock!
    MAaGA 2020 and beyond!!!
    God Almighty Forever

  43. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

    If the world’s climate was really as unstable as AOC imagines, it would have destabilized to the point of no return long before mammals – let alone humans – developed.

    We’re only now recovering from the mini ice-age which started in the late Middle Ages. Remember the old stories about Dutch kids skating on the frozen Rhine River, where it flows into the North Sea? Has anyone seen the beautiful Dutch paintings of very snowy winter scenes? It doesn’t do that over there now, and didn’t before.

    Wine grapes can be grown again in southern England. The Romans used to do that during their occupation.

    OK, the overall global climate is warming, but this appears self-regulating. Warmer temperatures will mean more surface seawater will evaporate. This forms clouds, which have a far higher albedo than land or water. This reflects more sunlight, back into space.

    These clouds will naturally produce rain, and since CO2 is very soluble in water, the CO2 emissions will wind up in the oceans, where they will be recycled into more calcium carbonate rock, a.k.a. limestone.

    Where does AOC think all the limestone in the world originated in the first place?

    As an aside, AOC is terrified of her kitchen garbage disposal. Since the acronym for InSinkErator, a common garbage disposal brand, is “ISE”, she most likely thinks this is “ICE”. It might be out to get her.

  44. She stuffs her bra. What you see are falsies. You do not have to take my word for it. Look back a some of her earlier footage where you can clearly see no boobs but loose shirts/blouses. Sorry she is 100 fake and stupid.

  45. So “Sandy” … You were just “JOKING” huh … so do you think this latest announcement has moved the needle at all ? Let’s say a resounding YES ! You are now judged to be a lower grade of Fool than politics has EVER SEEN. You still get points for a great Rack — but in a close call, it “AIN’T ENUFF, GIRL !!”

  46. Don’t tell people you voted for that,,, the only thing worse than voting for aoc would be voting for ol’crooked !


  48. Like many other snake oil salesmen, it’s just another scam perpetrated against the ignorant. Far too many people take thus kind of crap way too seriously, and are willing to fork over their life savings to these demwits. Nobody knows how or when our world will end, and these gloom and doom sellers aren’t after anything but your money. Wake up people, keep your money and let these idiots know that you aren’t interested in their BS.

  49. Can’t reason with her or Hillary or Maxine or Omar or Diane or Betty.

    They are death to “unwanted kids”.

    Disgusting people.

  50. Google, How to remove AOC from the House of Representatives. You won’t believe how many petitions are there. One is to open the sealed papers of Obama. I signed petitions for over an hour.

  51. There are hundreds of doomsday predictions made by so-called “scientists” over the years. Nowadays based on computer models and none of them ever panned out. I remember the prediction about February 4th 1962 that there would be earthquakes and huge tidal waves and maybe even the breakup of the earth itself due to a rare planetary alignment involving the moon, the sun, and several planets whose huge gravitational pull would cause this and none of it happened. Climate Change could never be caused by mankind’s use of fossil fuels, cows passing gas or any type of animal behaviour. Climate Change can only be caused by solar activity and volcanic activity. Mount St. Helens spewed out about a million times more greenhouse gases in it’s eruption cycle since mankind’s existence the doomsayers like the hypocrite Al Gore say that we must stop using fossil fuels, doesn’t practice what he preaches by running around the country from city to city is his private jet and riding in his gas guzzling limousines. We will still be around for millions of years as climate change comes in cycles. We are currently in a warm-up period which will someday reverse itself and we can’t do anything about it.

  52. So where does that put Beto who now claims the world will end in 10 years? Or does this mean that Alessandra thinks that sea sponges are extremely intelligent? I wonder how much “research” Alessandra has performed on sea sponge farts?

  53. I definitely would not vote for AOC
    Until she’s learned the complete
    history of our Country
    AOC seems to be smart enough to either
    be Caught up in the corrupted
    Deep States crime wave
    join the Truth

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