Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just released a coronavirus plan for illegal aliens that will shock you

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to prove she doesn’t care about American citizens.

Her entire agenda is about putting Americans last, while bending over backwards for illegal aliens.

And she just released a coronavirus plan for illegal aliens that will shock you.

The spread of coronavirus has flipped the U.S. economy upside down, with millions out of work, and small businesses being forced to close their doors.

To respond to these problems, the government has chosen to enact welfare at rates which have never been seen in the United States, while resisting any calls to re-open the economy.

And the radical Left is demanding more and more with every day that goes by.

Among them is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has used the crisis to promote her socialist “Medicare for All” plan, along with her so-called “Green New Deal.”

Those plans on their own are already impractical enough from a cost perspective.

But Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t care about that, and instead wants to find more ways to spend taxpayer money.

In a series of videos and Twitter posts, she is now calling on stimulus checks to be cut to illegal aliens living in the United States.

She states that these criminals deserve their “fair share” because some of them pay taxes.

In one Tweet she wrote:

“If you don’t believe undocumented workers should have access to relief during #COVID19, does that mean you’re willing return the billions they pay in taxes each year? Will you defund your schools?”

Ocasio-Cortez’s claim is absolutely ridiculous to anybody who looks into it.

While it is true that some illegal aliens pay taxes, their impact costs exponentially more than any taxes they pay.

On average, illegal aliens contribute $12 billion a year on taxes, which generally comes from automatic payroll contributions.

But their effect on the economy costs upwards of $200 billion a year, not to mention the impact they have on wages for legal American workers trying to compete with them.

Despite her weak arguments, she didn’t stop there.

In a video she posted online, she continued.

“Undocumented people pay taxes. So these folks, the folks that are working the farms to feed us, the people that are delivering our groceries and driving us from one place to another or doing our laundry and cleaning our clothes and our homes—these people pay taxes,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “They pay for the very recovery funds that they are being cut out of on city state or federal levels, and so we have to make sure they get their fair share and that they are included.”

Do you think illegal aliens should get stimulus checks?

Share your thoughts with Renewed Right in the comments below.


  1. She was brought here byher parents, now is the time to deort her back to where she came from . Then we will see how long she lasts there.

  2. So the question is: if an illegal immigrant pays taxes every payday during the year how much does he or she get returned to them at year end???? Guesses anyone?

  3. Illegal immigrants are in this country ILLEGALLY! They are deliberately breaking our laws. The are legal means to gain access to the United States. They have chose to come here illegally!!! Therefore they have NO RIGHT to any of our resources period.
    All illegals should be deported post haste.

  4. If people are not citizens of our nation and they are in this country illegally they need to go back where they came from; they are not entitled to receive stimulus checks whether they pay taxes or not. They don’t belong here.

  5. What gets me riled up besides AOC is so blasted stupid it’s scarry. Now why in the name of God does she, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Maxine Waters, Feinstein, Shiffty Shift etal. want to pay the illegals more. They are all ready living here for free to the detriment of the American People. It;s all about political and the God Almighty Vote. Every one of them need to go. Get behind them while they are paying their grocery bill with a federal Check in the amount of $340,00. How wrong is that. The Demos do not care about America nor the American people.

  6. AOC will pander to anyone especially if there is a chance to get a vote to keep her worthless carcass in office. She would pry from a Veterans dying hands his last $20 and give it to a illegal. On her head-stone it should say: I Loved Illegals; and Hate Americans. If she is cremated hopefully they drop her Urn in with euthanize Pig remains. Harsh yes but she has proven she has no love for the country that gave her so much and didn’t ask for anything in return except to respect America!

  7. What’s with this Monty Jackson?? He is a moron! He couldn’t carry a soldier’s underwear.
    Now for AOC. Another bone head. How can anyone lead others with doing nothing to be a leader.
    She says she is from a poor family. Ha Ha Her parents are upper middle class and sent her to a private college. What do you think of her narrative now?
    She is about the most stupid person on earth. And you know once you become stupid you can’t be fixed!


  9. NJ and Ca gave out checks to illegals yet they’re 2 of the democrats states that are crying they have no money. Stop giving and providing to illegals for votes and the states would have money. Democrats have proven they can’t budget worth crap so people shouldn’t vote for them. If you value your pensions don’t vote for them. AOC needs to go. She is so anti-American along with the squad , it amazes me that she can walk down the street without being shot. She is Soros’s pet and nothing more. He wants her to spread evil because he is a nazi. She also the biggest idiot around. Maybe people in NY need to spit in her face like she does theirs every time ou see her.


  11. Dick Hamlisch,knob gobblers and dick dumpsters like you and aoc deserve eachother.and yes,there is a lot of hate out here.hate for America hating add hats like you and aoc

  12. This C’nt is a demented Insane POS x She wants to pay – use here own Funds and that of her democRat Politicians and see how many will follow her lead but not a Dime from American Taxpayers x There needs to be an Independent Board of Doctors and Psychiatrists to check The Sitting members of Congress n Senate and determine their Lunacy and Mental Capacity so as to weed out this group and haul them to the Funny Farm

  13. not no but hell no AOC you should be charged with treason you are sick low life they don’t get anything you can stick that stimulus where the sun don’t shine you and the rest of the squad are anti-Americans and don’t belong in our government Trump 2020 , Pelosi Schumer, Schiff Nadler and the squad will be no more you all have done all the damage to this country your going to do. you want war you got it

  14. Only the scum in the arm pit of the would vote this deranged idiot into office!! All the scum that vote for her need to executed or deported because they are not Americans!!

  15. I don’t know why anyone voted for her. She does not represent the values our country was founded on. At the beginning we did let people in. But now we Americans need to be taken care of first not someone who BROKE the law coming into our country. Why reward them for sneaking into our country and giving them more free benefits that we don’t even get?

  16. “If you don’t believe undocumented workers should have access to relief during #COVID19, does that mean you’re willing return the billions they pay in taxes each year? Will you defund your schools?”

    Assuming your lie is true, sure, we’ll give back “the billions” when we get back the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS EVERY YEAR taxpayers spend on supporting them. Eat my @$$, dumb whore.

  17. Tim,
    That probably wont happen because the illegals are smart enough not to give this info out or will give false info. As to your comment about me being a dummy, your comment is pretty much the same. I do not care what names I am called because I am better than that.

  18. Day Laborers and those working off the books don’t pay income taxes dummy but it might be an idea to give them something because to get it millions would have to identify themselves and supply an address enabling us to know who to deport and where to find them. Be very, very careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

  19. AOC continues to demonstrate her disregard for the law of the land and displays her simplistic grasp of the the full responsibility she has as an elected representative of the people who elected her and the laws that govern that which she has sworn to defend. She should be ousted ASAP.

  20. If she doesn’t respect the fact that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are here against the law, they should not get any other help from our government. She should be fired from her job if that can be done.

  21. A.O.C. is a proven ‘$#!+-magnet’ most of bozos who voted for her are either dead or dying…so she needs illegals to ‘replace’ them.

  22. Wheres does this idiot get her statistics. Off of a box of Fruit Loops? There is no way that 25 Million illegals pay $200 Billion inTaxes. The majority Ihave known in Texas and surrounding states, including California and Florida do not pay taxes at all. How many of them really do have TIN numbers (private SS numbest that normally most illegals get)She has nothing to back her figures except a bunch of hot air. This woman does not know how to talk unless her pupeteers of Soros’s group Move on, ad Justice for Democrats. 2 extreme organizations who get idiots to run for their office like AOC and tell her what to say. IF she ever has to speak on her own she can’t do it. She needs a script. Go home and bartend.

  23. The only reason AOC wants to give illegal aliens free money is because this is a future voting block for the democrat party.

  24. What part of “illegal” does this air head not understand? And this idiot works in government? VOTE her OUT and elect people who work FOR government.

  25. The key is ILLEGAL ALIENS . They already take FREE healthcare, FREE education, FREE housing, FREE food……. With all the American citizens in need, focusing on ILLEGAL ALIENS, is stupid and unfair to legal immigrants that have followed the rules and taken the oath to become American citizens.

  26. Never mind giving them a stimulus, send them all packing and they can take the “squad” with them. All these illegals she talks about that are doing our groceries and cutting our lawns and all kinds of work for us must be doing this for people making a lot more money than I am. You should give your stimulus check to these people because I guess you really don’t need it yourself!


  28. Democrats want the illegals here to gain their vote even though they can’t vote legally. Many states like California support voter fraud. An illegal immigrant in California can get a driver’s license by taking the driver’s test. That’s the only requirement. They do not need to prove they’re citizens. Once they have their license they are eligible to vote and by using their license to meet the valid voter ID requirement, they are allowed to vote. Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Win Came entirely from California.

  29. The answer is “NO! NO! NO!” to AOC! She wants them, she may gives supports to them from her money! Never on the backs of the TAX PAYERS! We the American TAX PAYERS, we say our own MILITARY and NEEDY FAMILIES must come FIRST! Ship the ILLGALS back to their ROOTS!

  30. All the things she mentioned illegals do… pick our food, deliverer our grocery’s, drive us from place to place, does our laundry, our house cleaning who is she talking about??? I don’t know to many average Americans that can afford that… That’s all the things I have to do myself.. Sounds like Miss crazy doesn’t know much about average Americans..

  31. This should tell the true Americans and dumbed down how far into the communist takeover of America we are and we should be at war here to remove all the bastard nomads. Where is our military as that is the only way to do it now!! Hell what do you all think the dam corona is meant for? To kill all Americans as well as fetus murder, chem trails, ground pesticides, all of food, water, trees, space, and all the rest the deep state satan woshipers continue to tell us just what they are doing to the true American. GET OFF YOUR a** PEOPLE, DO SOMETHING ! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO BE LEFT AFTER THIS? DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU CAN’T. OOPS TOO LATE !!!!!!!!

  32. Federal money is not to benefit illegals. If you want them to have money pay it out of your pocket. The way you are crying about this you should be able to do this and continue to pay your taxes. If illegals hate what they have in the US, they can move back where they come from.

  33. Only stimulant needed is the SQUAD defeated on November 3rd by Americans who love their Nation.

  34. Go back to your mother land fight your fight there. Then they will not have to be illegals fix it for then there so they can stay home if you care that much about them

  35. Hey head nitwit, AOC and your band of absolute anti-america haters you want Illegals to get money from America give them your check plus the checks from the other bleeding, no blood bleeding more like used engine oil bleeder liberals. That is over 1 million in free money. Since the square are a group of lying, cheating politicians you can easily extort money for your use. That’s what people like you do. Can’t your group get run-over by a Rain Deer? America would appreciate it just done hurt or poison the Rain Deer

  36. How long are we going to tolerate AOC and the squad? I understand why she ran for political office. She probably couldn’t handle bar-tending. Who would want someone that stupid serving them drinks.

  37. I completely agree! When the U.S. allows what the Dem’s call “good illegals” into our country. They don’t seem to realize that the U.S. is stealing “human resources” and the “good ones” from countries that need good people. The Dem’s are not really concerned about other countries or the families of the illegal aliens. All the Dems are looking at is “more voters”, which is disgusting! If the US takes in all of the “good ones” who is left to help the other countries turn around and be a “good country”. The Dem’s are basically saying they are willing to “steal human resources” from other countries to hopefully gain votes. The Dem’s don’t seem to care about what happens to the other countries when what they themselves refer to as “good ones”. Let the “good ones” stay in their own country to help fight for what is right. SHAME ON AOC – THE SKANK!

  38. If they are here illegally, they should pay taxes on the money they earn. Become legal and reap all of the benefits citizens earn and deserve. They should pay taxes on the money we let them send back to their homes in places I don’t even want to go in to. Do they deserve to collect a covid check??HELL NO They take more than they give so why should my hard earned money pay for them to stay here illegally?? A.O.C. is just another democRAT p.o.s. like the rest of them, why is she collecting a paycheck for sitting back on her big fat a** and doing nothing to earn her keep? GET BACK TO WORK AND GIVE UP THE RIGHT TO TELL AMERICANS WHAT SHOULD BE DONE WHEN YOU AREN’T DOING WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW

  39. SIX and her whole squad along with Pelosie and a whole lot of others in Congress should be arrested and charged with treason. And not only stripped of their citizenship, but have all monies and property seized by the government. They have done nothing in the last 3years but try to but a duly elected president instead of taking care of the people that elected them. They are the ones that have been working to divide the country. They should be sent to Levenworth for life of not executed. It’s high time for the people to take our country back. Get rid of those in government that want to give it away!

  40. The United States Supreme Court has just ruled that aiding and abetting illegals within the US borders is a Federal Crime!

    She, and any who help do this, should be prosecuted!

  41. The Constitution of the United States is something we don’t hate. When Liberals spew their poison it bothers true patriots. Especially when parasites leach off this country one day and hate it the next. You don’t like the channel, change it DICK…

  42. It is absolutely unbelievable how much hate is generated by this forum. Is there anything you don’t hate?????

  43. That woman is a lunatic, dumb as a box of rocks and doesn’t give a d… for the law abiding American citizens, even the ones like me that came into this country legally. What an idiot!!!!!

  44. Yeah, great idea. Cut all the illegals checks and when they cash them,have ICE waiting to escort them back to the border. Let them keep the money, just don’t come back.

  45. AOC is worse than crazy!!! She’s plain STUPID!!! She must be the Apple of her parents eyes!!! LOL!!!!£

  46. Renewed Right, after reading the posts of monty jackson which were as filthy as any I have ever seen on any posting site, you had better not ever block me again for using one foul word in my post.

  47. My late mother, who was an animal lover, used to say, “If you feed a stray, it will stay.” I think this also applies to illegals. If you want to stop them from coming, quit providing food, housing, medical care, education, ect.

  48. Maybe Trump should take all these communist Democrates that love China’s properganda and fake news and put them all on a slow boat to China .this would make them happy. No Trump there. Then the Democratics will be the illegal aliens.

  49. AOC is a moron and a State Representatives from the Bronx NY vote this Moron out of office in November.

  50. We are slowly losing our right in this country never thought I would see that,people need to rise up and vote these Democrats out they are turning this country in a dictatorship and that is not good vote them out everyone of them.

  51. A.O.C. is the stupidest person in New York,except for Maxine watters
    Go back to beer slinging and taco serving,or back to the street corner giving ten bucks blow jobs you mute

  52. I did write a comment earlier, but I guess it was not posted because I used the actual words rather than just a letter and everyone still knows what the word it, so will write it again. I sent a complaint to regarding an individual who has, many times, used racial slurs and written hateful comments about a particular race that he seems not to like or is intimidated by. “Monty” uses the “H-word” many times when commenting on various articles. I reported him for this. I find it appalling that he is allowed to post such a racist and hateful word. Yet, if someone were to write out the “N-word”, that is not allowed to be posted. The “H-word” and the “N-word” are equivalent, derogatory terms used by ignorant people (like Monty) to encourage racism. This is the same message I wrote earlier, but I just used “word” instead of spelling out what everyone knows. I did file a complaint against “Monty” for his appalling posts.

  53. I love a o c I think she’s one of the smartest women in New York I think we should pay all the illegal aliens the problem is most of them don’t have a checking account for direct deposit and they don’t have a checking account they don’t ever home the poor people I think we should give them a home to live in so they can receive their checks every month

  54. Tell AOC what, yes, cut checks for illegal immigrants and have them hand delivered by INS agents. How much will someone bet me that the illegals won’t be found and the checks go unclaimed? If they are there to claim the money, they get taken into custody and deported. Problem solved either way.

  55. Peter Pirzadeh – great point! The Mayor of San Francisco is currently faced with a problem like this. She went on the news saying how the city is putting the homeless in hotel rooms, bringing them booze or weed (they are addicted and this will keep them in their rooms and they won’t be out spreading the Wuhan). Then, she hears reports that hundreds of homeless people from other cities are showing up in SF asking for hotel rooms, booze, and weed. Now she is very angry and is saying we are going to take care of SF’s homeless first and she doesn’t want any additional homeless (legal citizens) coming to SF. Yet, I’m sure she still wants illegal aliens to come to the city.

  56. Alexandria, what part of illegal don’t you understand? You were elected to UPHOLD the Constitution. Maybe you should READ IT. Fool.

  57. Aoc is a freakin’ NUT !!! Even the liberal libtards in New York should know enough is enough ,, GET rid of her . New York has been busted and now they want the Goverment to bail them out . Aocs’ plan will bust New York even more not to mention the rest of the country .

  58. I see it like this:
    If I sit in on college lectures, do all the homework assignments and learn the material I do not get a sanctioned degree just because I put in the effort. I didn’t register or pay the tuition so I do not get all benefits from my efforts.
    I wasn’t there with any permissions and neither are “undocumented immigrants”.

  59. She needs to read the Supreme Courts ruling, that if you encourage illegal aliens it is a crime and benefits and money is a encouragement to,stay! Makes you a criminal! Your plan is shot. They deserve nothing but to be deported and you along with them!


  60. Hell no,illgeals need stay in there on country. That is one reason the US is in trouble now.
    AOC needs to be put a mental institute.

  61. At least the SCARECROW made since BEFORE the brain was installed!!! This DUMBO probably has trouble filling a drink order (if there’s more than 1 at a time)!!!!

  62. The illegal aliens should not receive a stimulus check. They are breaking the laws of the United states by coming in improperly. As far as health care, they can walk into any public hospital and get medical care. It’s unlawful to turn anyone away. If their illness is life threatening, then no hospital, including private ones, can turn them away. I have a right to thus opinion. My son in law is here legally from Kenya. I support him for his green card. I want to know, all these people who want illegal aliens here with full American benefits, how many do you support to help them get their green cards?

  63. I am a citizen of the USA since before I was born 63 years ago. I have not received my stimulus yet,and I’m not sure if I will. I am working 5 hours a week for $10.00 per hour and I pay taxes on that. I’m not collecting any government entitlements like welfare or food stamps. And I’m trying to survive one day at a time. AOC is absolutely crazy to even suggest that these illegal immigrants are entitled to any sort of stimulus money. They are illegal. And they are able to work here. That should be more than enough benefits for them. They don’t try to get their citizenship and they live in the shadows. That should be more than enough for them. This pandemic is going to bankrupt the world and US debt is stressed enough just helping its citizens. And for illegals to receive stimulus money when actual citizens like myself can’t is really messed up. They are breaking the law just by being here with no documentation. They definitely don’t need to be rewarded for it. AOC needs to come down off of the snow cloud that she exists in and try to help Americans that are suffering in this country. She is absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!

  64. Also, let me get this right. If Trump had left the gate open and allowed, per liberals, anyone and everyone to cross our borders, say by hundreds of millions, would AOC position be to get stimulus checks to those as well??????!!!!! This is what the defective grey matter does to the brain once it reaches the height of its potency.

  65. Citizens pay tax for the benefits the government provide, illegal aliens pay taxes for the benefit of working illegally.
    And many don’t pay taxes as they work for cash, under the table.

  66. All of you are missing the point. AOC is a racist who does not belong in this country. Just because I am a Republican does not make me racist Monty Jackson but your words do. I will continue to support the best President we have had. The President that believes in the American People and not the illegals. President Trump will be re-elected and continue to support the American people. With President Trump the American people will remain free with the Democrats you are looking for the Communist party and if that is what you are looking for leave and find that Communist country but remember when you get there, there will not be any freedoms.

  67. All I have to say is that she is too confused, if not dumb, to make any coherent statement that is logical. All she does is expressing ideas hat fits her wrapped perception and believes that the rest of us are dumber than her to buy into them.

  68. Wake up. Illegal aliens NEED HEALTH CARE so that they don’t get the rest of us sick. It is a public safety expense, and whoever wrote this dumb, hostile story is choosing to ignore how the spread of illness happens. Why let sick people walk around getting all of us sick? Because you’re afraid of progress, and because you hate illegal aliens? It is sheer stupidity.

  69. AOC is concerned about illegal aliens because there are some attractive women in this category! The big-time LESBIAN AOC wants to have sex with illegal alien women as well as women born in the USA! If having lesbian sex was an Olympic event, AOC would win the Gold Medal running away with no serious competition!

  70. Michael Schneider has it all wrong because AOC doesn’t give BJs because she does NOT like men! AOC is a lesbian and either has a pu$$! in her mouth or between her legs or both! She has group sex with at least 10 women a week and she LOVES having sex with other women!

  71. If AOC thinks that illegals deserve a check maybe she can Donate her pay check to them!! We has American’s taxpayers are rewarding them for breaking our laws is Absolutely wrong t0 do! NANCY PELOSI SAID WE ARE A COUNTRY OF LAWS!The time for the Democrats to say it’s ok to break the law when voting time comes so that the illegals can vote for the DemocRATS!

  72. The only ones you can blame are the morons that put her in office along with the other morons they voted in stupid is as stupid does.

  73. Many of us Americans didn’t get our stimulus checks; WHY should ILLEGALS be handed stimulus checks for barging into our country or the handouts.!!?Send them Home. We have enough trouble here with people like AOC trying to run our government and defy our president as if he didn’t exist. She doesn’t make the RULES! Get her out of office NOW!! before she causes any more damage and dissent. She’s Nothing but a Troublemaker funded by soreass. He is sitting there laughing about the trouble he causes by funding the deep state and communists in our congress.. DEPROT him and freeze his money. We don’t want stress in our country causing Treason, trying to turn us into a third world country with illegal aliens who can’t support themselves.

  74. Let me see. They pay in $12 Billion and cost over $200 Billion a year.
    1/3 of our prisons are made up of illegal aliens. Do thy make up 1/3 of our population?
    Seems to me, if they’re already adding a Trillion dollars to our national debt every 4-5 years,.we are already paying for them on borrowed money
    BTW, What taxpayer money is she talking about?
    The money from the air that doesn’t exist until they pretend it does?
    She is the FOOLS FOOL.

  75. I accuse AOC of attempting to overthrow the U.S. govt., of sedition, espionage & TREASON. I know the penalty for TREASON IS DEATH. There are many other
    deMoncrats that are guilty as well, i.e. PELOSI, SCHIFF, SCHUMER, OBAMA, CLINTON. To show that I am NOT 100% biased & prejudiced, I include the BUSHES.
    As each has lived as a predator, it is best to die by predator.
    G-d provides predators by land & / or sea. UNLESS We the People want to see their heads roll & roll & roll ….

  76. Time for her to go away she is taking out of her butt and not for the American people go and get out the people that what to work and surport the usa need a pay check she is being paid and we are not

  77. Thank you Democrat voters, your the ones that put idiots like AOC in office to suggest such anal thanking. I guess if they want to take money away from Democrats only, to support the illegal immigrants that would be fine but be damned if Im giving them s***! The citizens of the United States are the most charitable people on earth but that is their choice not the government’s choice to give our tax dollars away.



  79. The biggest problem is the mentality of the people who elect these anti-Americans like AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Boxer and Feinstein.

  80. AOC should get out of the House. And move to Mexico that is where she is representing. She sure is NOT REPRESENTING THE US. Don’t let the door slam you in the ass on your way out! YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED!! I do hope you know you will be out of a job in less than a year! I would think about that on where to go! You do know that you have pissed off almost every one in the country! YOU CANNOT EVEN REPRESENT YOUR DISTRICT!! You had a chance to get more jobs in your district but you chased them away! WAY TO GO ASSHOLE!! (Amazon Headquarters)

  81. ACO should go back to giving BJs in the men room toilet stalls. It’s what she knows best.

  82. I would support her 100%, if her idea was to bring them all to her house and for her to support them.

  83. Cortez you don’t come close to being a hero. Look at Shelley Luther and Sidney Powell. You are weak girl! And dumb too!

  84. I think Aoc miss her calling…with all the great lip service she gives …but I wont pay $5.00 for it

  85. AOC is an ASS&^*&LE !!!!!
    She is not an American…..
    Please vote her out of her senate seat
    # remove AOC

  86. AOC is an ASS&^*&LE !!!!!
    She is not an American…..
    Please vote her out of her senate seat
    # remove AOC

  87. Monty Jackson you idiots on the left are the reason that America is divided. You fools live in the past. When Lincoln got the emancipation proclamation the northern democrats fought it with all they had. So shut up about things that you know nothing about. It’s interesting that the many people of color that I’ve known aren’t interested in fighting the civil war over again. You radical commies manage to seek out the radical hotheads and rile them up with liberal BS Dan Tyree was right. People need to shut up about it.

  88. Maybe instead Monty of the Children’s Social Workers Hot Line, you need the number for the Crisis Emergency Service’s in New York. It’s government funded, no charge. 1-888-692-9355

  89. Monty Jackson I will also say that if things would have been done as you said with the south, the people would have let the blacks get settled in the homes, and then they would have burned them out and watched their nigglets claw at the windows. Slavery and Jim Crow is over, thanks to the republicans and a few democrats. People talk about race relations. A good start would be to stfu about slavery and Jim Crow. I wasn’t around during those days, so my hands are clean.

  90. Dan Tyree I don’t want your land down there in the south what I said was they being the Union should have cleaned out the ruling classes, As I said they should have hung all Land Owners, Slave Owners, all southern Politicians, Southern Business Leaders and Confederate Military officers all of them should have been excuted for the war they started. Then the land seized from the plantations opened and redistributed to the African Americans. The rest of the whites should have been put in camps or forced out of the south. And yes Dan I am a WASP. And I count my ancestors in that group they were traitors to the United States and all white southerners that had Influence in the Civil War needed to be excuted including Robert Lee.

  91. “There are few, I believe, in this Enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political Evil. “ Robert E.Lee” But at the same time, by taking out Muammar Gaddafi, Hillary Clinton & Obama opened the biggest slave trade market in Libya since the beginning of the 1800’s and got a America ambassador killed and lied to cover it up. Stand Up Citizens…Wait one of them was a citizen!!!

  92. Mack Ewing why don’t you get off of your fat REPUBLITHUG ASS and come shut me down you F–king racist fascist.

  93. Jimmy I am a WASP if you don’t know what that means go look that up moron so no they did not own my ancestors. So Jimmy are you a WASP.

  94. Monty’s mother probably hates that she got drunk while the special olympics was in town

  95. Jimmy and Dan you guys did a good job shutting up monkey Monty. His kind with fold up and be gone when called out.

  96. Monty Jackson I don’t think you like Dan and Craig. Their ancestors might have owned yours

  97. Monty Jackson I agree that the assholes in Georgia should pay out the ass if and when proven guilty. You want white people’s land. Well come on and take mine and bring your damned antifa coons with you. I could use the target practice. FU jiggaboo. Bring it on buckwheat.

  98. Dan Tyree what should happen is those two white REPUBLITHUGS should be hung by there necks. Yes Dan I am a WASP but to me my family they were traitors and they along with the rest of the Land owners, Slave holders, Politian’s, Military Officers all should have been hung after the Civil War and all whites stripped of their land and redistributed to the African Americans.

    I look forward to the day when the Black man can put his JACKBOOTS on the neck of the honkeys.

  99. Craig you are nothing but a RACIST/REPUBLITHUG FASICST so brother KISS my ASS MF.

  100. So to all of you F–king racist REPUBLITHUGS I see where your two FASICST brothers are in jail in GA and charged with murder and the GBI is now leading the investigation. They need to just lynch those two honkey’s. HAW HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. AOC gets paid $174K per year on the taxpayers dime for coming up with a 6th grade class assignment she calls the green new deal.

  102. Monty Jackson you’re saying that whitey should be lynched? You stupid monkey. You don’t have the balls to lynch anyone.

  103. Hey Monty, You might want to do more reading on the black kid who got shot attacking a white guy, or did you miss that part, the white kid was DEFENDING himself and it shows in the video so try again.

  104. I see that, Julio, doesn’t owe anything to vets, called them jackbooted thugs, paraphrased, well I’d say you owe them a lot, because you get to live free, and spout your racist b.s., try that in China, Iran, Venezuela, you’d never be heard from again. You are a piece of garbage, you don’t believe in God, you hate America, you are the perfect demorat, a no brain, butt wipe!

  105. AOC’s call for assistance are for people who have chosen to supplant themselves in the USA. They shouldn’t be here in the first place. At a time like this when the nation’s resources are stretched thin by the demands of the current crisis she needs to have her head examined for serious malfunction.

  106. I know it Craig. Remember David Tyree the football player that caught the winning touchdown pass in the super bowl some years ago? He could be a cousin by ownership

  107. Dan Tyre, my last comment to you was in reference to your comment to the rantings of the Crack Head fool Monty Jackson, is it not amazing that there seems to be way more Negroes with the Surname Jackson when it was a name the Negroes adopted from their former masters.

  108. Dan that is being way too polite and I would tell that racist piece of garbage exactly what I think of them in more derogatory terms than you could shake a stick at except Renewed Right would probably remove my comment, because it seems even these so called Conservitive online Magazine/Forums only censor Whites using racial slurs towards Negroes.

  109. Mindless Monty, words of wisdom you need to snort more Crack Cocaine rendering yourself incapable of vomiting such drivel, you are an immensely damn fool.

  110. Yes Laredo I want you and all the components of that terminal viral pandemic plague that floated in invaded and infected our nation from that terminal viral pandemic plague nation known as Mexico to die and the sooner the better.

  111. The woman is either as delusional as they come or brainless, illegal aliens do not pay taxes, doh!

  112. Monty Jackson you’re calling people honkey? Is you a darky? You come across as a hood rat.

  113. Let us remember those who have gone before us and let us thank God that such men lived. God Bless 🇺🇸 Sua Sponte & Rangers Lead the Way!

  114. so. you want them to die. how Christian is that. even I, an atheist, finds that attitude reprehensible.

  115. So you say Dolores some of us are fine with that maybe you are the one who is nuts.

  116. Jimmy 75 Ranger Regiment Department of Public Safety f–k the veterans I owe them nothing especially if they volunteered like you. I hear you are an Ex-Jarheaded JACKBOOT.

  117. So I see two of your REPUBLITHUG/FASICST killed a 20 year old African American in GA all of you honkey RACIST/REPUBLITHUGS should be happy now. Personally I think those two honkey’s should be taken out and lynched by like you honkey’s do to the African American’s

  118. What about veterans that don’t have a roof over their head and no food??? But that’s OK right, while we give money to illegals that committed crimes against the United States. This lady should be air dropped in the middle of Syria…

  119. AOC you represent stupid people who don’t have a clue about the country or laws! I have seen do many on here that doesn’t know a dam thing they are talking about! Just follow the jackass who lies!

  120. AOC are you insane? Not sure if you are represent the AMERICANS CITIZEN in your district. Or the illegal immigration! Best if you RESIGN! Because only people who suppose to be in our Congress are AMERICANS CITIZEN. And those who WORK FOR AMERICA! Give the illegal immigration your 174k you claim you can NOT LIVE ON! No illegal do not pay taxes! If they do it because we have to education their children!

  121. Very funny to see what is doing a demo-rats for American People ! They does not work for them, they sabotage of all of real help to the citizens and redirect it to an illegal aliens ! Just total dmpest idiot can get his vote for these bastards !

  122. Lock up an American citizen for opening her salon but let all the criminals out of prison and jail. Give illegal aliens taxpayers money? AOC is an IDIOT

  123. If they become legal then and only then will they get anything from the government, they already get free health insurance, more snap money than I get free education what more does AOC want to give the illegals in this country

  124. No they should not be allowed a stimulus check! If you’re not a Legal American citizen then you shouldn’t get anything that the American people get. We’ve already (& still do) paid for enough of their stuff. Their Unpaid medical bills, food stamps, taxes they should be paying for, the list goes on! Alexandria is in the wrong 100%. She should be fired and all of her benefits taken away! If she can’t stand up for the true, legal American citizens; she shouldn’t be able to speak at all!!!! She’s a disgrace to our America🇺🇸

  125. She needs to be stopped…totally ignorant! Come on, get someone who will take care of Americans we’ve paid our dues…these illegals need you go back to their country…..

  126. This is how Far into crazy town we’ve come…Just Crazy is Normal now.How much more upside down can we Get!!?? What Happened to the word IllEGAL!!?? They Broke the Law coming here in the 1st a Sane world they Should be locked TF up and Deported,And This Idiot wants to give them tax payer money!You Just can’t make this s… up anymore.Mama mia!!

  127. No; they should not get stimulus funds. The keyword here is illegals. They are breaking the law for being here illegally. Would you give stimulus money to a burglar, a rapist, a robber? Most of these illegals are also committing these said crimes. Those that are here legally, that contribute positively to society, work legitimate jobs, pay their fair share in taxes, have earned a part of the stimulus.

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