Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said something horrible to a war hero to cover for Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 comments

Rep. Ilhan Omar is in hot water after downplaying the terrorist attack on 9/11.

She dismissed the Islamic terrorist attack simply as “some people did something.”

Now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just came to her defense by launching a disgraceful attack on this war hero.

Following Omar’s horrible comments, there has been near universal condemnation from figures across the political spectrum.

The New York Post even placed her quote on their front cover, with a picture of the World Trade Center attack shown in the background.

But not everybody is outraged, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the effort to defend Omar.

She has taken to her massively followed Twitter page to claim that the quote is taken out of context, and that Omar has “done more for 9/11 families than the GOP.”

And in one tweet she goes directly after former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

Ocasio-Cortez tries to claim that Crenshaw, a ten year veteran Navy SEAL, who lost his eye serving our country overseas, isn’t doing enough to help the families of 9/11 victims.

If there is anybody who has a reason to be outraged at somebody downplaying the attack on 9/11, it is Crenshaw.

This isn’t the first time the tandem of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar crossed the line with their comments.

In recent months, Omar has been under fire for making anti-Semitic tweets, nearly resulting in her losing committee assignments.

And her ties to figures connected to radical Islamic extremism continue to come to light.

In fact, the conference she made her 9/11 comments at was for the Center for American Islamic Relations, which is itself considered a terrorist organization in some countries.

All of this is ignored by Ocasio-Cortez, who instead tries to deflect by bringing up right-wing extremism, citing the highly partisan ACLU as a reference.

Honor and service are something that neither Ilhan Omar nor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understand.

They are working overtime to fundamentally change the United States, and shift it towards being a socialist country.

It isn’t surprising that they have little respect for veterans, considering the U.S. military has fought against socialism in recent history.

Do you think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crossed the line with her attack on Dan Crenshaw?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!



      • Obama Obama Obama He’s to blame. Soleley Obama’s stupidity…just like the people who voted him into office.

      • She beat the incumbent Democrat, with 18,000 votes, in a primary in which only 30,000 people voted, in a deep red district with roughly a couple million voters. IOW, she’s there because 6000 more NYC hipsters voted for her.

        • AOC AND OMAR are working for the Muslim brotherhood. once a traitor, always a traitor. that includes the entire DEMOCRATIC PARTY. net roots nation is a big gathering place for traitors.

  1. The only question that needs to be asked about AOC is whether she is a good f**k, because that is what she wants to do to the entire United States of America.

    • I don’t swing that way….She needs to have her mouth wired shut, sit down and Listen to the people she represents, Her EGO is so huge , she may eventually be ok…but certainly has a very long way to go right now. She didn’t bother to learn the job and see how things work before running her mouth. Now most people especially me, think she is to stupid to be in such a position of power and just needs to get OUT of Politics and go back to Bartending.

      • I agree with you Lyme.
        Unfortunately, the innocent or stupid people that elected her are still sleeping. I hope they wake up when re-election time arrives.
        This political accident happens when good people are managed and convinced with words from the mouth of despicable charlatans.
        Rafael H Merino

      • SHe’s too stupid to have an ego. Two year olds learning to form complete sentences have no filter because they haven’t learned that skill yet. Cortez is very much the same. Somewhere along the line in her development, her rational thought never developed.

    • We need to send that Bitch to Super Max and let them F**K test that mouth of her’s till there’s nothing left but a Dead Skull!!!!!

  2. There is an old expression you can’t fix stupid. I don’t know if there is an old expression for down right rude, ignorant and hateful, but the sooner we get this Omar woman and AOC out, the better off we all will be and the better off this country will be.
    The only way they could have gotten voted in would be by people that had the same sick minds that they have that hate America and hate God.

    • AOC was voted in because she is a female, Hispanic. Omar was voted in because she a female, black, Muslim!!! Those are the ONLY REASONS and the WORST REASONS to elect a person or hire a person PERIOD!!!
      I do not want to hear that I am a racist because I am not. I am of Hispanic descent AND I do not believe in voting, hiring, giving, etc. a person a position because of their race, gender or religion. Qualifications are what is needed and these three idiots AOC, Omar and Talib are an embarrassment to our government and country. The Democrats and the Republicans have no backbone when it comes to taking action when it comes to these three rejects!!!!


  4. dummycrats have gone completely crazy people who vote for these plp should be put on the same boat shipped to one of the countries that believes the way they do PRAY FOR THE USA

    • Just put them in a boat and rig it with explosives before their lack of caring for our country let’s a few thousand more terrorists come through our unprotected borders.

  5. Why get upset by the utterances of an ignoramus? Even if 100,000 people believe a lie, it is still a lie. Every time this ignorant bartender/actor playing congressman opens her mouth, thousands more are aware made aware that she is a stupid, brain-dead fraud and tune her totally out! Keep talking Kotex, you are helping guarantee a huge Republican landslide in 2020.

      • Donna:
        I know, the ignorant bucket mouths get on my nerves sometimes. But then, you have to stop and realize that they have nothing else to say or do, so they just spout off with grade school playground insults. Just like our friend Eric, (or is it Erc) they can get even by calling names. Maybe he’ll get so upset he’ll lay down in mud and kick his feet.
        That’ll really show ’em, wont it little fella ?

    • Eric prisoners of war such as John McCain, are not heroes he was a Traitor and by the way to bad he’s dead as he’d be investigated with Obama for this witch hunt on our President.

    • another 1 with constipation of the brain an diarea of the mouth , oh someone who never served in the military yep another protected demorat

    • What is wrong with you they lose not only their eyes but their limbs and half their faces then come home and help others so evidently you don’t know what a hero is.

  6. Think I will send them departing gifts since they wont last long! Rabbit eared vibrators with sandpaper on its ears!! Oh that’s right Omar is probably is missing the part the ears work on!! Guess it will need sandpaper on the other part for her! Then they will have a reason to make those expressions with there mouth like they do!! Ooooh!

  7. Everytime you say something about these 2 idiots or camel jockeys or there stupid Minnesota group this site wont send it!! Who you protecting!


  8. I am hopeful that these two people, AOC and Omar, by their actions, made it plain to all how they feel about this country. I think they will be a one timer in office.Both are a complete disgrace.

    • It is so far beyond “disgrace” and voting them out of office is not justice enough for the things they have done and said. They are Anti American, have cheated on their residences for election opportunities, have cheated on the financial requirements of Political campaigns and they have assisted, through their sincere affiliations, in the destruction caused by the Islamic Extremists who are nutured by these fanatical organizations. They need to be stripped of their citizenship and extradited out of the USA.

      • Amen to that. Lets strip them of their citizenship, dip them in a bathtub full of pig lard and send them packing. They hate this country and everything it stands for. Who do they think they are and how did they get where they are at in the first place.

      • They know they will not get anoter chance so they will do as much damage as they can and we all stand by and the government lets them get away with it like Waters saying she wished someone would kill POTUS and telling people to fight the working WH people if they see them. God help us, we have a mess in our government and no one seems to know what to do to fix it.

    • I sure hope that they are both voted out of office. Scum like these deserve to go back to live in the squalor they came from. Both of them are ungrateful idiots.

      • Unfortunately, the only ones that can vote them out are the ones are the same ones who
        voted for them in the first place. If they have disgraced sufficiently their place of origin,
        that may happen. Ocasio-Cortez (NY), maybe. Ohmar (MN), ?

  9. These two women, and I use the term loosely, are a straight out disgrace to this country. One has to wonder what kind of a concentrated area of like kind would elect such a sample. Beware of the area they represent, there are many more just like them. They should both be on the Terrorist Watch List.

    • And Omar too! They both be tied up and put over the Back of a 2 hump camel and released into saudia desert! To brainless for goverment work! Look up Islamville in the U.S..

  10. Minnesotans are so dumb they elected Omar to the house of representatives, to a seat formerly held by another muslim, now attorney general of the state which has become a democratic swamp. We need more republicans to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”

    • Its too bad that we have come down to letting people like cortez and omar and iliad become congressional members and spread hate and discontent with out doing any thing about it. One thing I will be doing about this problem is using my vote against all democrats and urging friends and family to do the same. Then I will arm myself and family to defend ourselves against the communist party from the left. That’s what the dummicruds want.

  11. Cortez Omar, and that other Palistian idiot are all a disgrace as humans, a disgrace to all those that died, a disgrace to our military heros, a disgrace to us citizens, a disgrace to our country, and let’s not leave out, a disgrace to congress! They need to removed!

    • Sharon yoou so right. I am a retired Master gunny sgt USMC a combat scout sniper with 32 years service to this great country It is time to stand up for right.Hate will not prevail treason with a coup stearted by obama clientons and commie demogogs.Love it or get hell out of my area. SEMPER FIM


    • They are still in the wrong and one is committing an offense against the U.S. Constitution. Cannot combine matters of Church and State. Don’t defend their inappropriate actions because they are first term WOMEN. Inappropriate is inappropriate. In this case if it were men, it’s guaranteed the reaction would be the same.


    • None of these three gives a shit about this country, they are in it to push their agenda and get rich off the wworking man. Hopefully they will lose at the next election or just be kicked out of office , they are ignorant to politics and constitutional law.

      • Teach them a lesson remove them from any committee work they are all so hateful and know nothing about government and our GREAT Country nothing worthwhile comes out of the mouths

  14. AOC’s New Green Deal is absolutely ridiculous and made her look like the imbecile she truly is! How did those two Muslims and AOC get elected? What’s wrong with voters? Are they paying attention or voting willy nilly? Omar took her oath on the Koran! This is America! We use the Bible for oaths here!
    I agree….these three women need to go! They should be kicked out of Congress, and the country! They are blights on our country and Constitution!

    • Several writers on this blog have asked how these women were elected. President Obama sent a large number of Somalian immigrants to Minnesota, and I’m supposing that they are all Muslims. That’s also how Omar’s predecessor, Ellis, was elected. They vote for their own. Tlaib is a Palestinian, and Michigan is full of them. They have taken over communities large enough to elect someone to Congress, and I’m guessing that they will continue to do that. Very few of them really desire to be Americans. Ms. AOC defeated a strong Democrat leader in the primary, but he, despite his established power in Congress, is a white man, and some folks consider Hispanics to be another race, so all of these women were elected because of their ethnicity. I think the adults in NY stayed home during the primary and congressional election that put AOC into office. Many of the younger voters just want the “free stuff” that AOC and the two Muslim women offer. Be strong, folks! Those Muslims and “Freeby collectors” are still there.

  15. This asinine muslims in congress who should not be there in the 1st place, are total brain dead camel crap from their butts. And these demo’s does not care about Americans only about Illegals and terrorist. ALL DEMO-CRAP AND OTHERS IN CONGRESS SHOULD BE FIRED AND REMOVED ASAP AND TRIED FOR TREASON AND TERRORIST.

  16. Both of these women are a disgrace to our country. If they don’t like it here……go back to Somalia and take AOC too. WE WILL NEVER FORGET…..MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!

  17. Everyone has a comment about both of these ladies. But the true question is if they are like that what does that tell about the people who put them in office? These are the one’s that truly need to watched.

    • The main problem with these ladies and every other politician is that they think that are somebody of stature. Each and every one of them is a “public servant”, and they work for us. They seem to forget this fact while they are raking the big bucks from their buyers. Don’t forget ‘karma”.

      Nancy, you are defending the indefensible and you will pay for it.

    • Excellent reply. I always wonder myself what kind of people would select these people to represent them in congress. We now have people who are not at all familiar with the American political system. The voters of the Democrat party is made up many times of none citizens, illegal aliens even they propose letting harden criminals vote and a proposal to let 16 years old kids vote. These are troubling times to let unqualified people into our political system.

    • You are right Who are their constituents, the people who voted them into office. They are all muslim also. Minn. is over filled with Muslims, it is where they all go to be “together”. Why in hell didnt they just stay in their little huts where they were from.But to come here and expect us to change our rules and regs for the is ludicrice.

  18. I can’t stop thinking that we are fighting WW3 – against Muslim Invasion. Not a single shot is being fired. They are conquering Europe and are moving against us in the US of A. Democrats, in their lust for power, will not see this is happening. And their followers, just thinking about winning elections, are acting like useful fools. Which is why some of us elect these idiots – the enemies from within.

  19. She is controlled by the Devil if ever I have
    witnessed before – not a mind of her own and does harm every where she
    goes and everything she says – very ugly soul.

    • Why is it every time things like this take place, people blame the devil? Can it actually be the devil usn’t involved in this at all? Why do Christians believe the book of Revelations only pertains to the middle east? Unrest will happen everywhere. Part of God’s plan isn’t it? We all have ample warning. Its how we deal with what’s thrown at us that is important. Do we damn our souls with vitiolic banter or do we take action via our representatives and congressmen and women. How about starting petitions? Drive these women out!

  20. I believe that Cortez and ohm,ar should be dropped out of a C-130 over Iran or Syria at about 30.000 feet without a parachute. That way they will have time to think about their stupid ass remarks

  21. I agree AOC! When are WE going to address the domestic terrorists in America! Like Rep. Omar said, “some people did this bad thing”! Like some Christian have done some bad things! Let have a conversation about something we can change like domestic terrorists (who happen to be white) ijs

    • The best way to solve this is.both have committed crimes that allows them to be deported immediately back Home .Where are you TRUMP? do something.theybroke the laws

      • Ambrose Rajamannan – President Trump cannot do anything concerning these traitorous imbeciles, but Congress can. They can first remove them from ANY committees and then start impeachment proceedings. They are a disgrace to anything American. The one good thing about them is they’re good for the Republicans to take back the House and a guaranteed re-election for President Trump.

    • Omar said “some people did something”. She did not say “this bad thing”. What domestic terrorists (who happen to be white) are you referring to? Antifa? What does Christianity have to do with anything? Enlighten us Christian white people on who you’re referring to.

      • It’s too bad Omar wasn’t aboard one of those hijacked airliners on 9/11.The world would’ve been a better place without that hajab wearing bitch.

    • Some people did a bad thing? Read that statement. Then watch EVERY video you can on exactly what happened on 9/11. Some of us were on disaster teams then. “A bad thing?” Try a heinous thing. Unconscionable. Call it what it was. A TERRORIST attact on U.S. soil. We now have a congresswoman who is tied to radical muslim groups tied to terrorist groups and she is demonstrating she is unable to separate church (religious belief) and state. This happens to be against the Constitution of the United States. Then there is OAC. She is just siding with her friend and has absolutely NO right to verbally or in writing attack an ex-navy seal who served his country. Especially when she does so with misguided information and an off base agenda. Both congress women need to go before our country is put in greater harms way. This is not a Christian v. Muslim issue. This is an issue of upholding the Constitution of the United States and preserving our freedoms provided in it. Anyone that can’t see that, needs to watch Great Courses Plus videos on our Freedoms and our Constituion. AND, develop independent thought and a belief system of their own.

    • Loving America. White domestic terrorists did not cause 9/11. Please elaborate on what you are meaning by white Christian domestic terrorists. Help us to understand where you are coming from. There is quite possibly something we as a collective don’t see much less understand. Won’t you elaborate so we can think about your perspective and decide for ourselves?

    • Someone needs to take her down a couple of pegs, she is a total disgrace to Congress and they are too phukkin weak to speak up. What a country.

    • Ocasio should keep her mouth shut and let people think she’s intelligent , rather saying stupid things constantly and removing all doubt

    • Fully agree. Both are sorry excuses for ‘Congresswomen’. Disgusting to think scum like this can be elected to such high Office and their actions in creating Laws/Statutes that may affect every person in America. Only an idiot would vote for such America- hating fools such as these: CAO (whatever her moniker is), Omar and Tlaib. Anti-Americans all! Yes, IMPEACH now!

    • Keith,

      I agree. If any. Normal citizen was to advocate violence against Americans they’d be arrested. These two low lives should be exiled. Their worth-less pieces of garbage.

        • Not because of their steam rolling tactics and not because of their disgracing those in uniform, but for their sneaky tactics of getting seats in congress by embezzlement of funds for their seat in congress and even not represented their districts.

          • Robert Quigley – Isn’t Omar marrying her brother to get him to the United States illegal? I think it’s illegal to marry close relations and it should be illegal defrauding the United States by marrying her brother and then using her campaign funds to divorce him.

    • Muslims are not allowed to uphold anything besides Islam. The Koran also says it’s OK to lie to non-muslims. She should be tried for treason and shot! As for AOC, I am beginning to think she is a closet Muslim! Especially considering her Green idiocy which, if put into practice would trap people in the cities with no means of escape and, I’d the libturd have their way, no weapons to defend themselves.

      • These women are in the House of Representatives. Not Congress. Their titles are U.S. Representative, not Congresswoman. Either or, they plus Rashid need to be kicked out of office.

      • Polly, I’m not defendin Islam or the muslams in any way, shape or form. However I am all about ther dissemination of correct information. Have you actually read the Koran?
        If we have not read or studied a book a culture bases its relgion and way of life on and we incorrectly say it condones wrongful action, then we are assisting in bias and hate. Are we not. Do Jesus’ teachings not teach us to refrain from doing this? Are we not to love our neighbors? It doesn’t mean we have to like nor agree with them does it? Jesus taught us to love ourselves and our neighbors, to be kind, seek knowledge and to apologize from the heart. That’s his teachings in condensed form, yes? The three representatives in Washington D.C. need to be removed that is certain. Please be certain, I AM NOT being critical of you. I AM NOT pro Islam nor Muslim. I am trying to be fair on the basic level of what the words of Jesus taught.

    • Omar is obviously a Anti-American Threat. Cortez is a mini threat, because she is as Stupid as Colonel Klink. Sher doesn’t have the brains of a dog. Even though she is one. But that Omar needs to disappear. Call the Clinton’s, they know how to make people disappear.

      • Dick – Do not compare these idiots to the animal kingdom. Animals do not behave this way. My dog is far more intelligent and he’s only 1 year old (7 in human years)so please don’t insult the canines. Swamp scum, bottom feeders, etc. will work.

    • Larry Beck – The problem is, Omar was sworn in on the Koran. Any words she was swearing to mean nothing. It should be mandatory to be sworn in on the bible or not sworn in at all.

  22. Let’s not bullshit anyone, the writing is on the wall. How many including Omar would like us to be “The States of America”. Our strength is in unity and a couple more years with open borders or what Cortez would like to happen, it will be much easier. Did I ever think New York would ever go along with a law that legalized killing a baby the day of birth, no matter what the circumstances. California no longer has the countries interest in mind. They had open borders and brought in so many people that believed in welfare, not the other sick shit the Dems think up but the welfare part that the business of welfare and the dollars it brings is a new industry for the state. Now look at Michigan, the state’s economy collapsed, the housing in Detroit and other places became so cheap it brought in a lot of trouble people and now has changed to a middle eastern country by shear numbers. The “United” States has just about vanished and it’s all because of people (Dems) who hate the country. It’s oir domestic terror within and just because some liberal msm hasn’t labeled it that way doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    • 100% agree Their injurious democrat-style yapping (without a shred of concern about our country or our people) has gone too far. Our beautiful United States of America is strong, but it’s being torn to shreds by idiocy. They both need to go back to where they came from…and STAY THERE. America welcomes those who come here to love our way of life and be a part of us but those two have hate our lifestyle and will never conform to being decent persons. Get ’em outa’ here !!!!! But, having said that, we are guilty of feeding into their crap by giving them attention. Our news sources are very, very guilty of deliberately spreading their crap just to infuriate us and get us to follow them.

  23. The funny thing is that these women have more in common with the KKK than they realize. I also think that if Omar gets exiled to Somalia, AOC should get exiled to Venezuela.

  24. How I hope to hear how ‘someone close to both freaky women’ tossed acid into 1 or both of their faces permanently scaring them. It will be a Crusader diligence. Sanctitude sanctorum.

    • Padric that was a stupid comment. That sounds like a threat from the type of asshole on the left that shot the Congress members while they were playing baseball.

    • They should be removed from their Current Positions in our Country within our Society! They are UN- Amercan! Their devotion is to their PRIDE AND FAME! They are unfit to be Americans!

      • Neither of the new elected “Free Loader Representatives are True Americans” They’re goal is the salary, specially the waitress, and the Muslim. They are infiltrating our Country with the help of ignorant voters, donors and some American haters. The Democrats are desperate for anyone who is worthless and can’t go any further…they become Democrats!


  25. AOC keep hitting the headlines. When will the Congress expel her?

    Look at Omar. Her heart is NOT American. That’s why she keep commenting offensively. She has no idea what it meant to be American. Zero. Then how in the whole world could she ever end up working in the House of Representatives? I can’t believe that Minnesota constitutes elected her.

    I think that there may be a big difference between a refugee and a LEGAL immigrant.

  26. ISIS
    ))))))) SNAKES (((((((

      • Diane,

        Here is what you can mention to your Rep. if you contact them.
        U.S. Senator (insert senators name) this should bring up links, including Contact.

        Reference this with your stated complaints based upon what these traitors have done:

        Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

      • I can’t believe she was elected to Congress, either. What were they thinking? I’m embarrassed for and ashamed of the entire state.

        • Patricia – It’s voter fraud, which is still being investigated. Imagine the shock when they found voter fraud in L.A. and Colorado?! The investigations of 2018 voter fraud is still on-going because it’s so massive throughout the United States.

          • AOC needs to be voted out of Congress she is not a Congresswomen and what has she done for her people to represent them??? Going after Dan Crenshaw is just plain Dumb and I wonder if she was Drunk at the time. I tell you even her district is mad at her. We will see what will happen to her and the other idiot she pals with. They both need to be sent back to their home land AOC will be harder but she is not an American and neither is the Somolian. She hates America and the Americans who live here. If I was Muslim I would ask myself how is she representing my religion and my interest and do I really want AMerican to think this about Muslims???

    • When you put aside all the stupid politics to gather notoriety . Cortez just does not matter. To anyone, she does not matter on any front to anyone! Period!

  27. How abbout we give both of them equality…draft them into the Army then send them to the war front but without any weapons since they claim to not want any citizen to have them. I think they would be good in the bomb squad trying to defuse them.

    • She is SO completely insane, she doesn’t even SHE can’t see it. Ilhan Omar says what she says PURPOSELY and for intent. AOC is clueless. What has Ilhan done for victims of 9/11? Can we have facts?? What has Crenshaw NOT done?? These two, along with Sarsour and Rashida, are DESPICABLE. Ilhan, Rashida and AOC, should be removed AT ONCE from their traitorous seats in Congress!!! They are an AFFRONT to the Constitution!!!

  28. Alexandria Ocasio-Communist, Here’s a simple history question for you. How many Jews have attacked the United States? answer=0, How many Muslims have attacked the United States? answer= To GD Many!

  29. RenewedRight, have you ever for fun, tried to ask Boston U. what they think of their little darling student AO-C? It might be amuzing unless they’re so far left they need to be considered gone! Are they proud of her idiocy? One wonders. : )

  30. Cortez, you and Illhan Omar both need to be booted from government. You both are not acting as U.S. citizens or Representatives. Ilhan needs to be stripped of her citizenship and sent back to Somalia since she doesn’t want to be here as a real citizen. Her actions clearly show she is an enemy agent. Cortez is starting go down that road. She needs to be warned of her treasonous actions she is starting. Her standard level of ignorant rants, ravings and ideas is one thing but her new path is another. Apparently she is to stupid to comprehend anything over a 5th grade education. At least 5th grade by my school systems standards.
    Has anyone noticed the the University metality is to usually be very proud of their graduates who make it this far in life but the Boston U. has not uttered so much as a squeak about her being a student of theirs? That’s amuzing in its own right! : )

    • Yes you are being censored because if your pro Trump and negative democrat they will not in most cases post it. This is what these communist sites have become.

      • ??? I never have any problem posting pro Trump, negative dem stuff and that is “you’re”, not “your”. Huge difference

  31. Right-wing extremists were behind almost ALL domestic terrorist attacks in 2018? This is news to me. I never heard radical Muslim terrorist sympathizers referred to as right-wing before!

  32. AOC and Omar need to have a history lesson taught to them. They are both terrorists that need to be eliminated. They are ignorant women that shoot their mouths without knowledge.

  33. 3000 people plus untold numbers either died or were left with life threatening illness as a result of the Muslim “something. The remarks by these three unremarkable women, AOC and two Muslims seem to have lost sight that this is a Judeo-Christian country, not a cult inspired one. Indeed if Congress had maintained the standards of more than 200 years two of these rabble would have had to use a bible to take the oath. They would not have done so and we would have been relieved to know that our national values would be preserved…two new elections would have taken place and our peaceful existence less threatened. Instead the two Muslims have spent the first 90 plus days of this congresss trashing the country. Basically this is treason. As for AOC how any New Yorker could advance her re-election is beyond reasonable credulity. She represents her mouth and communism, not NY.

    • Noone should be allowed to serve in Congress unless they have served in the Military first. Then maybe they would understand why they took and oath and that it is for life.

      • I totally agree, John!! It would give these spoiled brats some perspective. Living here is not a right; it’s a privilege and we should show appreciation for the gift to live here.

  34. This Women is an arrogant, ignorant bug eyed idiot and Omar is maybe worse. America will fall from within and Cretins like these two and their ilk want to speed things up they are the beginning. Looks like they will have help from 4 or 5 RINO’s.

  35. I think that AOC is just a shit disturber and Omar should be deported back to the country where she will feel at home,she is one ungrateful piece of work

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