Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just suffered the biggest embarrassment of her life

This was supposed to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shining moment.

But not everything went according to plan.

And instead of celebrating a career highlight, Ocasio-Cortez just suffered the biggest embarrassment of her life.

Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her long awaited “Green New Deal.”

The freshman Democrat previously claimed the earth only had 12 years left and the government needed to take dramatic action to combat so-called man-made “global warming.”

But her big moment quickly turned into a massive embarrassment.

Americans looked at the fine print of the proposal and quickly realized that Ocasio-Cortez’s law is devoid of any serious thoughts or ideas.

Her “Green New Deal” had the stated goal of eliminating air travel in ten years.

It also called for tearing down and rebuilding every building in America to make it environmentally “sustainable.”

Finally, the program called for a guaranteed income for individuals “unwilling” to work.

Democrats have long argued their global warming policies are not a communist takeover of the economy.

In one fell swoop Ocasio-Cortez proved the critics right and turned the climate change crusaders into a national laughing stock.



  1. I don’t think you can embarrass this stupid woman. She wouldn’t know it even if you did. And, that goes for the stupid people of NY city. Sometimes I think those that voted for her did it as a joke. Well guess what the joke is on them and now the rest of the country will have to suffer through her and those who are bowing to her threats. Think about this in two years it may just be too late.

    • AOC- Will be announcing climate change melts the glaciers and when she went to the shore saw the water rising a foot in two hours, she figured 12 years the whole world will be gone. An 8 year old whispered to her, that’s high tide coming.

  2. The beginning of the Democrats meltdown acting like spoiled children who didn’t get their way is there anyone in that party that really cares about America. President Trump is going to win in a landslide in 2020.

  3. Wonder how many times she can use the word “Like” in the same sentence?
    We need more Democratic Roll Models like her. She will be the way to the Future.

      • Someone else said this first, but I can’t remember his name.Sorry, but it’s too good not to repeat. If you tied her hands together she wouldn’t be able to talk.

    • How does she know the world is going to end in 12 years? I do not see a halo over her head, nor do I see her dressed in sack cloth as martyrs dress. She is acting like she is a messenger from above all the while lying about things. BTW how in hell did she get elected? illegals and deceased?

        • G.S., you’ve forgotten a key point.Every Libtard in the country believes her, in the same way that Christians believe in the Resurrection.They have no higher brain functions. They’re like zombies.And their politicians are the worst of the bunch.Instead of lurching around mumbling “brains, brains” they’re after”power, power”. And they will do whatever it takes to get it. Global warming is not the threat. It’s a hoax. The threat is Libtards after political power.

          • There is no way awols plan will succeed. As much as I do not agree with Diane Feinstein, she nailed it with a hard cold fact. “This deal will not happen in 10-12 years.” demos will learn the lessons of hard knocks when it fails and see this ditz for what she really is.

      • All that shows about herself is how stupid she is and how much she hates America!
        And how much she hates American citizens! She’s a menace to herself and American interests! She doesn’t even sound like an American citizen! Where was she borne? This is what the democrats have come to sounding like foreigners spewing hatred for America!!! Is there any conservative democrats left in the country?

  4. I would like to know how a person this stupid could graduate from anything. Let alone Boston University‎ and cum laude. And the best part is she majored in international relations and ECONOMICS! Something fishy has gone on…..

    • She is not just another dumb Democrat, she is dumber than a box of rocks. If breathing wasn’t an involuntary act she would have been dead a long time ago. She actually makes Pelosi look like a genious.

  5. Like I have said before, there is no cure for STUPID in this life. Stupid cannot be embarrassed,along with the ones who voted her into office to GOVERN, not rule, like the the Democrats want to do.

  6. Use the fake global warming scare to get people to give up their rights and freedoms. Give up cars and individual travel. Give up cheeseburgers. Keep the country penned up in local zones. Except the elite can vacation in Hawaii and the Bahamas. She is insane and so is the Democrat party.

    • joe king, Yes she is insane as well as her party and we must make sure none of this comes to fruition! We must kill this crap at the ballot box!

    • I am not giving up anything! I am impatiently waiting for them to come on my property and try to take them away from me. I will have graves dug for each and every one of them because they won’t be leaving.

  7. If this is indicative of the educational quality of Boston University there are a boat load of parents who should be demanding the tuition be refunded. Apparently, her professors/instructors taught political activism, because they were inept at Accounting and “Climate Change”. There must be a lot of voters in her district who want a “do over”, including all the dead ???? ones.

    • Yes, sorry to say, “indicative of the educational quality of Boston University” On ‘various levels’.
      & “boat load,” Not 0nly of parents, But the RESULTS
      of “the BOAT LOAD” ARE HERE ! 0MG __

  8. And this is just the beginning of her self destruction. Like ALL self absorbed, mindless liberals, she will soon become the butt of well deserved jokes!

  9. Isn’t this funny topic to bring up because the US military considers climate change to be its number one concern after Islamic back terrorists

    • According to who? Please provide a source for that claim. The only time I’ve ever heard anyone in the US military say anything close to that was when Obama was in office and he was pushing the Paris ckimate treaty. Not sure if you’re aware but, if anyone in leadership in the military didn’t toe the Obama company line, they were forced to retire. That left our military with weak leaders and the smallest number of troops since before WWII. I was in uniform for 28 years and I can guarantee that environmental impact was waaaaay down in the pecking order. Have you ever seen military aircraft take off or the environmental impact of a MOAB or Tomahawk cruise missile? Or maybe the effects of a burn pit that was lit with JP5?

  10. Every picture of AOC is frightening. It’s her eyes, they are just plain scary. She really looks like a mentally disturbed person.

      • AOC = V. Sick person.
        RR blocking my posts .
        in a partial explanation
        of ‘why’, You etc. SEE
        what You SEE.

        • If she weren’t so young, I’d say she practiced mind expansion with LSD-25. Maybe she was abducted by the government at a young age and used as a test dummy, given experimental drugs and it caused mind regression

          • You’re ‘close’ in 0bservation (maybe)
            always remember MKULTRA. Monarch Program.
            Info, i was trying to relay is ‘simple’.
            > gmo diet/vacc’s/ processed foods w/
            artificial/natural flav’s (includes ‘recycled
            babie’) dyes/ aluminum. etc

          • 0k John F. RR just let me thru in reply.
            ‘Brief info i was trying to give HAS
            been blocked. But at least this ‘snippet’
            went thru.

          • John F.
            ‘they’ GET them, When they are Young.
            ocasio-cortez Totally ‘fits’ ‘the bill’.
            >Her ‘eyes’ ARE a ‘partial giveaway’.
            > Voice is next. She IS a Total ‘goner’. __
            I say no more. Except for: SHE Has Got TO GO
            (to where? )i don’t know, BUTT – 0UT of CONGRESS.
            > & PPL BETTER WTFU & SAY ‘SOMETHING’ re her.

        • Steelie,
          . . . . Would you please use English instead of this weird shorthand garbage?? It doesn’t mean anything.
          America: Love it or Leave it!
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Sorry dude, must speak ‘code’? . (kinda like
            ‘twitter shorthand crap, ok? ) WHAT Do you
            Not ‘understand’ ___
            Ask me to explain Your whatever In Not ‘understanding’
            >& Don’t tell ‘me’AM LARGE PATRIOT.

          • Steelie,
            . . . . First off show some respect. It isn’t dude. It is Richard or Rich to you. Second this is an English speaking country. So either use English or get out of the country. I can recommend several nice communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, or Venezuela. Grow up and act like a Citizen or get out.
            America: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • You are Rude, (dude). & i suspect ‘elder’.
            Do not ‘admonish’ me.
            Should a Patriot ‘trash’ Another Patriot?
            I don’ think so.

          • ps. MR.Pope (DUDE!) you trashed me. Therefore
            NO $ for your gofundme, begging.
            Actually, i went there weeks ago to help you
            & donation didn’t take. ? So, what do you
            have to say about that__
            > God Bless ya, Anyway. goodbye.

    • If AOC opens her mouth wide enough,she looks like part beaver with the upper 2 front teeth ready to do some gnawing! She must be a transitional species with the left over Bucky teeth she has!

  11. I guess Bettys’show was cancelled. I haven’t seen new material from her since her master obama turned the White House back to Americans.

    • Dan T., Yep, Betty is Demon Diane. Diane is using several pen names these days and Betty is just one of them. Diane has totally and permanently gone off the rails. This Betty pen name is Diane’s Mr. Hyde personality, a sicko! (as in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie, if that didn’t make sense)

      • See, Real M. (prayer re Dan T Answered!!! re Dan T.
        i Almost deleted this headliner ! EV’ry Thing
        HAPPENS for a ‘Reason’. boom.

        • Steel Magnolia, I saw a reply Dan T. did on RR today and gave him a shout out. I told him I wrote a comment on PP yesterday looking for him. Was glad to hear from him, ah yes, one of the good people!

          • i saw your comm on PP.
            Amen !!!ps. RR blocking a crucial Info
            to Real Dianne (top post.)
            >Will Persist Getting thru.

        • Mike, Diane may be a guy, I also believe he is black from some of his comments months ago. Race doesn’t matter, I guess we wonder about the gender and race when we are trying to figure out why and how some people conduct themselves as they do! You know, they are a low bred piece of garbage who is a waste of good air! Also remember, Diane is NOT gone, here under “another” name.

          • Real M. Diane etc. a ‘brother’ Man’ ??? Wow _
            I don’ think so. No Way jose’.
            ‘D’ is a ‘nasty female’ LOL.

          • Steelie, Mike seems to think Demon Diane is a guy. Always seemed like a trash talking smart as- female -itch to me. I frankly don’t care what “it” is, all I am sure of is, it is a nasty mean lying liberal!

  12. Never heard anyone else with such a lack of common sense.
    Bill Clinton would surely turn down Ocasio-Cortez for…guess who..
    Yep….it’s BETTY!

  13. This sick bitch just got a 10 million dollar deal for some ridiculous documentary or some such nonsense. There just isn’t any justice in the world.

    • If she weren’t so young, I’d say she practiced mind expansion with LSD-25. Maybe she was abducted by the government at a young age and used as a test dummy, given experimental drugs and it caused mind regression, irrational thoughts and unrealistic fantasies of ruling the world by her design. What an AH!

  14. AOC may be a college graduate, but we know that members of minorities many times get an “easy ride” through the curriculum and then are placed by “guilt-ridden” liberals in positions way beyond their abilities. Would Obama fit into that category? Certainly this “Venezuelan import” is a perfect example! I myself was an immigrant who came here legally. I shudder to think that before coming here, while in “displaced persons” camps in Germany after World War II, my mother, in desperation of getting rather away from the Russians, had once contemplated emigrating To Venezuela! I constantly thank God that we were able to come to the USA!

  15. I repeat: AOC is dangerous; she already has a CULT following; she could end up like Hitler, Marx, Mary Baker Eddy, Jim Jones, Manson, there is no telling the harm she can cause. It is so obvious she is nutz, yet look at all of the nutty people that voted for her. She is Dangerous and must be stopped!

    • She actually had a very small amount of actual votes. Most of the voters in her district were so sure Crowley was going to be re-elected they stayed home. That opened the door for this nutcase. I agree she is dangerous but I also believe she’ll be a one term has been.

      • Big Joe, I read an article a day or two ago that stated people in her district are not happy with her and are not in agreement with what she is doing. Personally I think they are very embarrassed by her and would like to have their votes back!
        I think she is a flash in the pan and will be there one term. We need her out of D.C., some weak minded people may start to believe in her and that would be a disaster. One person following her is one too many!

        • Perhaps a “flash in the pan”, However, Too Many
          will ‘take the message’ Just like Al gore’s Spew.
          > ocasio-cortez, 29. Knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING re
          Real World History. ALSO, this’ this MI
          Rashida Tlaib IS WORSE than ocasio IN ‘Mind Thought’.
          > Did you hear audio of Tlaib the other day ? Total
          INCLUDING ‘killing babie AFTEr Birth ( ie NY/ Va etc)
          Is MORE than ‘DEVOID’ of ‘brain/ Moreso Spirit.
          > I Remain LIVID.

          • & I Mentioned To YOU et al What ‘happens’
            w/ recycled ‘babie’. ‘They’ NEED
            ‘plentiful ‘ 0ngoing Supply for V. Nefarious
            Activities. I Have List of Co’s INVOLVED.
            &&& IN Stock Market Portfolios. (perhaps even IN
            your IRA, if you have one.)
            Can You ‘handle it’ ??? EX: Pepsi/Nestle/Cadbury/
            Gatorade/ Aquafina(water)/Campbells. Want more?

          • Stell Magnolia, That new Islamic nut Rep. from your St., I saw her on TV at her swearing in, she was a disgrace. She is some kind of a parent engaging in conversation like that in front of and to her son! Also, was that her making such a spectacle of herself at the SOTU speech when President Trump was recognizing women in the work force and govt.?

            It is just awful that those giant corporations are involved in that horrible drug that uses baby blood and tissue. No wonder they are all pushing late term abortion! It is all about the almighty dollar with them!
            Wait until those responsible stand before the great white throne of judgement, they can’t explain it away, God will be there to judge not listen to explanations!

          • MORE THAN AWFUL re Co’s using ‘babie.
            IT IS Completely Satanic.
            RR blocking INFO re the ‘babie’ Thang __

          • That Facebook noticed so many of us w received about Nestle et al…experimenting with aborted baby parts, was a hoax. I checked it out.

          • Not an expert on this but if I remember correctly, to collect the completely taxpayer-funded retirement for life you have to serve 2 terms in the House or 1 term in the Senate.

      • aoc is a great orator but an idiot. hitler was a great orator and a genus. He was also ruthless and he murdered anyone who got in his way. He came to power through murder and his speeches. Is aoc dangerous? YES! but it is because of the garbage that our education system is teaching and the propaganda being put out by the communist propaganda machine aka msm.
        . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  16. Everyday Horseface opens her mouth and she embarrasses herself. I don’t think she can help it. She pushes the Democrap agenda. I wonder if there is a time limit for their post birth abortion. Now would be a good time for her.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-Hoe tribe

  17. She is not the only one of her generation who really believe we are in dire danger. Some of them are even more radical they ignore the good done by fraternal organizations,the civic contributions by the J.Cs and a lot of them belittle religion of any kind. They stand for nothing and fall for everything that is the newest hot button.


  19. I have lots of questions about her “Green New Deal”, however, I just hope this one can be answered now, What is she going to do with farthing cows? Here in Texas there is a multitude of them.

    • AOC has a new answer for that. She said we have to hook a hose up to their blower and bottle that stuff and use it to heat our homes and power our cars. Burning it off is much better than letting it escape to the birds in the sky.

    • Best way I can think of to reduce the number of cows emitting farts would be to force every vegan and vegetarian in the country to eat one…

        • Dan T., I can’t believe AOC thinks America could afford all this crap if the wealthy paid 99% taxes and she must have been smoking crack when she decided no more air travel and how in Hades would all the merchandise, that is moved by trucks every hour of every day, be transported if we have no fossil fuel? This is sounding more and more insane as I go so let me just stop, now!

          • Real M these fools don’t think They have knee jerk reactions that usually comes back to bite them. Also to Zee. Thanks for being there.

          • FART 0N ‘Ev’ry 0ne ! The More the Better !!!
            Know Chemistry/Physics. LMAO .
            > Maybe eat more ‘cabbage’/beans? or whatever!
            Bwar har-har-har.

    • Nobody better mess with my red meat and ice cream. I’m hoping the majority of both parties have enough sense to bury this thing. Even Pelosi thinks it’s full of **** from what I hear. I have a feeling this will be AOC’s first and final trip to Congress. New Yorkers are NOT happy about her running Amazon off. Siena College poll in NYC said 70% of Black voters and 81% Latino voters approved of the Amazon deal. 58% of all NYC voters approved of it. We’ll see.

  20. We are all dismayed at the abject stupidity of these morons elected to Congress, as well as the even stupider idiots who elected them, but we look right past the big picture-how & why? The answer is we are unfortunately seeing the left’s victory in their long game of indoctrinating via schools and entertainment, the intellectually lazy, feeble minded drones whose basic ABCs and 3Rs have been dumbed down for decades. They’ve managed to convince enough morons that all these unattainable lies are the truth and somehow white working class voters are to blame and their enemies. I think we’re on the brink of our internet, electoral and media civil war getting downright violent and we’d better be ready. They may have the hate & vitriol but we’ve got the guns & ammo. The day this vermin can outnumber and outvote us, we either lock & load or we’re done!

    • Carlos Sanchez, I have been preaching and telling people what our liberal education is producing for years and it is now coming home to bite us on our butts!
      I heard a lady in retail talking about the reason her company had to put in the system being used everywhere today to check out in stores. She said it is literally because young people don’t know how to write checks or anything else that has to do with balancing their checkbook or anything about their personal finances. Now people, that is hard to believe! The worse part of it is, we were not taught how to do that in school but, we were taught the background and it came natural for us when we needed to do it. Nobody “showed” me how to fill out a check, they didn’t have to, crap, the check forms tell you what to put on each line. Does that mean we have lots of young people who finished school and can’t read?
      One thing the school system is sure of though, all students graduate with an A+ in liberalism!

  21. Am I the only one who thought this new “Green Dream” authored by AOC was some kind of a hugh very bad Dem joke?

    Ok, I’m kidding! I cannot believe that the bunch of folks standing behind her at the press conference actually were stupid enough to be there! What a fruit loop bunch of pansies. Do you suppose they actually believe that crap is going to fly with the American people?

  22. Hey, not to worry. She’s from New York, and they just got a new post birth abortion right. If we can convince her mother to get a one hundred sixteenth trimester abortion, the problem is solved. And as an added bonus, Mother’s Day should be a real bonanza for New York moms- if the kids don’t come through, Mom can just get a post birth abortion- even if the kid is fifty.

  23. Reinforces the term “Village Idiot” every time she rants to any person with basic common sense. What a waste of tax payers’ money and time!

  24. I think we as Republicans should throw in the towel and let the Dems have their Green New Deal. But lets take it one step at a time. and why wait…..Start tomorrow by closing every airport in the country to stop those nasty airplanes from flying that includes any nasty airplanes coming into or going out of the country. Millions out of work, no cargo planes supplying food, medicine, etc. people dying. It seems the only way to show these dem voters exactly what their politicans are talking about is to show them. Maybe then they will realize they are being lied to, used for their vote to further the greed, and evil of these insane politicians.

  25. And because of her stirring up all that local opposition to Amazon headquarters now they’re thinking of pulling out until New York won’t get the 25 to 40 times in jobs that they had promised what an idiot this woman is bringing jobs into her District anybody would welcome that so she’s really out of touch

    • She doesn’t care, she is getting paid by our tax dollars and believes all others should get paid even if they don’t work.

  26. She is a walking disaster and her words makes no sense. She got voted in by the most stupid people in her community. Who ever thinks that anything she puts forward with will ever come full circle is just like her so low class classless that she is a one timer in Congress. Most times you see and hear her as a crazy person that if you met her on the street you would run from her. What a waste of money from people that have been taken advantage of. She is such a fool and all those around look at her as such.

  27. // HORSE FACE //
    Stormy Daniels
    got nothing on AOC
    she’s got anti-american slim
    oozing out of her holes!
    //// OUR ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    • Why don’t we send her to venezuela, Cuba,or Russia where the corrupt leaders own the country. May be she is a leninist who would like to think that she can become the OLIGARCHS of America…..I wonder if she stands for the Prayer said before every session of congress. she will be the first one to ban prayers and take IN GOD WE TRUST out of all the dollar notes. She has to be an atheist…..Let us pray for her soul. She will want not to ban abortion also.What would have happened if her mother had an abortion to abort her. Watch the guy who taught her everything. He is laughing even though he is died in the wool democrat that she slept with him and slept her way to where she is now. She is a PUTA.

  28. Those who think ‘voting’ will change anything are delusional. Liberal demons will leave Americans no choice but to vote with muzzle blast. Liberalism is a disease and the only known cure is to….aim and squeeze.

  29. d. trump was supposed to make America shine from sea to sea but instead American’s Worst Embarassment & it’s Biggest Mistake is that Oval Office Blond, Brain Dead Orangutan Ape, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, Himself.

    • Betty I am sure you must be reading while you are on the toilet, make sure you drain together. You must be the lousiest American to not give the President support for all the accomplishment he has done IN LESS THAN 2 YEARS. MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR ASSHOLE OBAMA IN 8 YEARS. how about that Betty???.. so far he is making America GREAT AND BETTER EVEN WITH ALL THE OBSTRUCTION AND NEGATIVE BY ALL THE FAKE NEWS OUTLET, THAT RATHER EMPHASIZE IN LIES, just like you .. an idiot that is killing herself in hate,

    • Betty you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I have to wonder where in the world your head is right now!! The disgrace of this country is the democratic party and their liberal, murdering asinine ways!! The President is doing his very best with what he was left from that idiot Obama! It will take a while to get that mess cleaned up – but he’s working on it and not worrying about being politically correct in the process which is so refreshing!

    • Just wait a few more months, Betty. No need to do name calling, against anyone, including the POTUS. I don’t belong to any political party and I never will.

    • You keep repeating yourself Betty Boop and apparently have nothing constructive to say! Bet you are only on here to rile people up! So very sad and stupid!

    • Betty you talk like a useless piece of s*** of a liberal.
      You’re all live and if Tennessee will that would cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars and people out of work grow up

    • Betty. What planet are you living on? Is brain dead Cortez a relative of yours?
      Maybe you would like it better living in Cuba or Venezuela?
      Feel free to leave anytime !!

    • Hey Betty: You need to be with Cortez and leave this once fine country. Maybe with the two of you gone, we can get back to making this country great again.

    • Betty. Name calling does NOT validate your opinion.
      Raise up above the rest and make a statement based on fact, not what you read between the lines from CNN.
      You should join A.O.C. and her Green new deal. With all the methane coming out of you every time you speak, you would be the best source of renewable energy.

  30. What is worse, she is too stupid to understand how stupid she really is. She had some good ideas though. No more air travel. I am sick of airplane noise drowning out my TV. Rebuilding every building in America. Great, many are in need of a paint job anyway. And choosing not to work and get paid anyway. Why didn’t I think of that? What a total airhead.

  31. I have a question will the train to England be direct or do I have to change trains in Bermuda. I hope it’s direct I would hate to fall asleep miss my stop and travel 2000 miles out of my way.

      • Betty, I’m afraid you have misjudged Mr. Trump. He may not be suave and slick like most politicians but history has shown that politicians lie and real leaders do things to help their country. He’s no a politician. He gets things done. He doesn’t block progress, he initiates it. And, by the way, the opposite of PROgress is CONgress!! Pelosi comes to mine right away!!!

      • Betty You say D Trump is the new way to spell Insanity Please explain is it b3ecause He ran on a set of promisses and to date has accomplished everyone but two? He still is working on the Last one’s This can not be said bout your great Liar Obama .You call Our President a worthless worm Call Him the Brain dead Orangutan Ape in the White House when he has brought back Comapnies that had to leave our Country just to survive, Gave More Minorities Jobs including females of all colors cut the Welfare and Food Stamp roles by 2/3rds and when your side said he could never get Mexico or Canada to make a New NAFTA deal That is exactly what He accomplished He even before Being sworn in saved the American tax payers Millions by re doing the Contract on the New Air Force One Jets and Now while in office stopped the deal with Iran that was costing Us billions for nothing in return and You have the Nerve to call Him dumb? Dumb is the redoric your side’s new Wonderlady AOC is spewing.

        • Randel Garrett, Good reply to Betty. Unfortunately she won’t read it. She just wants the money all of you got for her when you replyed to her stupid comments.

    • Dan T. There you are, you rascal. How in the world are you ole buddy? I wrote a comment just yesterday on PP looking for you. Most of the time my comments and replys don’t transmit here on RR. I get a stupid message that the page isn’t working. I am glad to see you are still around, you ok?

  32. What this young lady needs to know that under the agendas of President Trump our country has had more growth than the last 50 some years in all rec9rds that show growth such as in Jobs for Blacks, Hispanics,and Military where we had fallen back to a very weak force prior to the President being elected to office. This green idea is very stupid for now we have low taxes, and and don’t need to change his agenda for us,businesses are hiring and expanding in growth.

    • Not a fan of Ocasio DimWit; however, she is the only democrat who has come up with some plan, any plan, no matter how childlike and idiotic it may be!

    • Richard, did you day “Lady”???? She is a hack, a twit, a loony, and the most aggressive grin with shark teeth burly white, the moment she opens her mouth, scary!

  33. This one’s just for you Ocasio… you and only you. Not trying to impress others here. Not trying to grandstand. Not really trying to get anything accomplished. I Just wanted to pass along a message from little ole’ Republican me….to you: “Everything you think, say and do….. sucks in the worst way possible”. I mean really, really sucks bad.

  34. She needs to go back to her crib. Her parents need to take a different approach in raising her. Besides being ignorant to the core, she talks like a baby and is a whiner. What a mess Congress has with her. Good riddance! Recruit someone else now to challenge her. She couldn’t win one debate to win her cause.

    • Irma, There is no doubt in my opinion that Ocasio couldn’t win a debate with “Tape Face”! I never realized that our country has such low standards or expectations for service in the U.S. Congress. What an eye-opener that is. Your comments serve to shed light on this very fact. Thank you for your well-written thoughts and opinion.

      • And wolf, the whole thing is so very humorous . All her fellow democrats as well as the fake news know and know very well what she proposes will fail from the beginning. Yet they cower down behind her so afraid and frightened to say otherwise. Including pelosi and scummer. It is just downright comical.

  35. We the people need to write our elected officials and demand they work together for the betterment of we the people and our country! It is sickening watching them bicker back and forth over their petty issues or Nancy’s issues. They need some type of standard to be in their positions, it is embarrassing to listen to their dumb ass’s. Don’t they have a edict school for them to attend before taking office or opening their mouth’s. It is pitiful…

    • Doc, you make a very splendid case for a course in “Statesmanship”. I know that such a course requirement would make for more critical thinking, improved communications skills. Perhaps a second course might be titled “Personal Ethics” meant to cover everything the course title suggests. You really have something of substance in your comment, Doc. I really appreciated your thoughts on this one.

  36. IF we get rid of ALL of our planes then the countries that might want to ATTACK us will then attack us and try to take control of our government by eliminating everybody in our government by bombing our capital and the are around it until there is nobody left to defend America from those invaders, because we would have NOBODY to fight the planes of the attacking countries.
    We could only fight off their armies on the ground.
    Al they would have to do then would be to bomb anything that even looks like we could fight off their armies until we had no armies left to defend America.

    • We have at the moment the largest army the world has ever seen. Licensed hunters 6 million. Armed citizens around one hundred fifty million. Confiscate our guns and America will cease to exist in less than a decade.

  37. Is this true? Is this really in her Bill? Is there any where I canard this for myself? I still wonder how in the world she got elected to Congress and this just makes it more of a mystery.

    • The people that voted her into office did it because she promised them everything for doing absolutely NOTHING. Bernie Sanders has done the same, the only difference is she is from New York, but old Bernie is smart enough to promise the world but not to put it in writing. Bernie is sure not the smartest rock in the bag, what does that say about AOC?

  38. And this is the little hair brain who said that Trump didn’t do his homework for the SOTU! And the one who said Trump is afraid! She is so stupid that she doesn’t realize that the attention she gets is mainly from those who are laughing at her!
    All said, though, I can’t blame her! She is who she is, and that will never change. I blame the fools with a pea-size brain who voted for her!

    • Every circus ???? has a clown ???? and the DNC has found another one. As far as being embarrassed. You have to have self respect and integrity. Which she has neither.

      • Your husband must be exhausted each weekend hearing all about OAC and the other female terrorist. Did you tell him about the other terrorist who was involved in 9/11 now in our Congress? Maybe you should have looked into that?????? She wants you to pay money to her terroists who had injuries……get your boring act together Nancy.

  39. What a noodle head she is! O-C is demented if she thinks airplanes will be outlawed. Pelooser would never back a plan that would keep her from making her weekly trips between California and D.C.

  40. Just think all of the people that are on every congress persons and senators staff, it is bullcrap. WE the People are paying all of them a salary. We the People need to have this whole system fixed/changed, our founding fathers did not intend for anyone to make a career out of being a politician at any level. We need one Congress person and one Senator from every state regardless of the population, but the only way that is going to change is by another civil war, they make the rules you think they will change anything that effects them? Since they have men with guns that will enforce the politicians will on anyone the does not agree with their agenda.

  41. If you want to know her SAT scores just let her open her mouth. How could she ever write a term paper? But look at all stupid people standing with her as she spoke, so what is their mentality?

    • I hope that she is the future of the Democratic Party. She certainly fits in. They are all in it for the power. However, to gain power you need a plan. And to formulate a plan, you need a brain. Looks like she and her Democratic friends don’t stand a chance of gaining power. LOL.

  42. Here’s an idea – let’s all quit work, stop paying taxes and be in the class of “unwilling to work”, sit back and draw our checks. Let AOC figure out how the country will run without the taxes. WHAT A FREAKIN’ IDIOT!!!

    • Yes indeed. And lets have a little fun and vision her telling a huge linebacker from the Jets that out of his 30 million dollar contract he will only yield 9 million. And oh, your playing the Raiders this Sunday in California so you have to be at the train station early Wednesday morning.

  43. I am not sure she wants to be a congressman. I think she is auditioning for a part as Goofey’s wife in the new Disney release: Washington has gone to the dogs.

  44. She is a complete moron. She couldnot get lucky on a Navy base .
    Bill Clinton would turn her down Better start giving IQ tests to NY

    • Sorry Joe but the answer to your transportation question for AOC is neither. She’s a politician so she’ll just keep using her airplane and her SUV limo.

  45. The Founders of this “ONCE” great country must be turning over in their graves. Who would have thought that nitwit Muslims like her and others like her would be sitting in our Congress? It’s clear to me that we are losing our culture and our country. This “ONCE” great “Melting Pot” has now become the smelly “SHIT POT” of the world. Eternal vigilance has been abandoned, and the Republican form of government Franklin said the Founders gave us “IF we can keep it” is going down in the SWAMP. It’s SAD, damn Sad! God help us!

    • Carl, You have respect for the founders of our country. You, yourself would provide a service 100X better than the young newbie… I don’t want to see the SWAMP envelop us either. Vote straight REPUBLICAN to continue to drain the swamp…
      Stay aboard the Trump Train in 2020 sir, and we’ll see what develops.

  46. After reading the comments, I did not see any positive reply. Does this mean people are learning what is happening to our country !

  47. She sure isn’t to bright. Think about the people that voted for her! I can imagine she was a pole dancer and ran on a dare and won! holy crap what is this country coming to?

    • It’s sure is scary, Doc… I only settled for Trump.. a self-made millionaire (with maybe a little help from Dad) I don’t think I chose to poorly, did I?

  48. End air travel. There goes Pelosi’s jet. Pay anyone who is UNWILLING to work. She is a lunatic. Only 14,000 voters put her in Congress and the stupid democrats put her on a committee. They’re afraid of her.

      • I’m sure AOC’s degree was just a University of Boston clerical error and with the attention Miss Stupid is publically displaying, they’ll announce the error and correction shortly. Most likely her degree is Liberal Arts, Iz Ium Stoopid.

    • She never went to school… did she? I heard she just watched reruns of “Dumb and Dumber” over and over again…
      Just kidding folks, but it sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

  49. To bad, but Cortez is too stupid to ever be embarrassed, also she a totally self centered person who really cares about no one but her egotistic self.

    • So true Robert and yet she wants to run for President but smarty never checked to realize that she has to be 35 to run and thye are already looking for someone to challenge her to get rid of her. I think she lkes to har herself talk thinking she has good ideas when in reality she is only showing how stupid she is.

  50. Did anyone see that Netflix has singed a deal with her to do her life story. You all know them, the ones who hired Susan Rice and the Obama’s. I bet that will be a great show.

  51. She’s the distraction of total stupidity that Kills Harris and stupid Booger need to look as though they can put two sentences together. Don’t be fooled. She’s the court Jester.

  52. college grad and the best she could do for 4 or 5 years was bartend she must been at the head of her class or wasit it giving hea oh never mind.

  53. Ocasio, does have a big mouth but no much brain she’s a puppet of someone behind could be the speaker of the house the witch of the east Pelosi

  54. She has to be an embarrassment to any thinking Democrat or Independent who has at least a high school education. Any economic analysis of her Statements shows how ridiculous her comments sounds.

  55. All of the above pretty much express my opinion of this dolt. Although being a conservative, I encourage my Democratic friends (and there are a few) to put a
    restraining devise on her, so she can’t blather anymore of these asinine comments
    to the public.

  56. AOC has an opportunity to do a lot of what would help America and our future. She is wasting it, except that she will help get future Republicans elected.

    • John: one would have to wonder who in the hell would have voted this idiot into office? She sure is a loose cannon that we could all do without. Everytime I see or hear her I laugh…she’s a joke.

  57. Everyone should write to their rep in Congress about reining her in. We can’t write to her unless we are from her district, the House of Reps site is tightly locked down to prevent anyone outside of a rep’s district contacting that rep. Think about that for a moment: A rep makes a statement affecting the whole country but only the people in that rep’s district can share their responses with the rep using the House channels. Doesn’t sound very democratic to me. Protest that limit while you are at it.

    • Do you notice that many of the people that block us from writing them are liberals or GOP people who are better than us and there is nothing we can do. Hell, I have written my AZ Representatives and have yet to get a response. Remember politicians are better than us and know what is best for us just ask them.

  58. I have two teenage grandkids that have 5 times the intellect she has displayed. She was a failed bartender just a few months ago and the flaming libs in New York elected her to the House of Representatives. This will make a movie in a few months that will win an Academy Award for the most outrageous comedy of the year. You gotta love her because she and the two new Muzzies will bring down the Lib party. She does not have one coherent thought and her immaturity during the SOU talk was embarrassing and she is too dumb to know it.

  59. What needs to happen is a complete blackout of her on tv for several months while the rest of us struggle to regain our national sanity which has been overwhelmed by pernicious stupidity. Please take notice e, that every one of the announced democratic candidates think she is a genius and espouse her ill conceived ideas. They need to be removed from office too, not given a crack at the presidency.

    • I blacked her out. I don’t watch any network news. I see enough of her on facebook. A check for able-bodied people unwilling to work???? I worked for Office of Family Security (Welfare) for too many years to see this happening.

  60. Well she got another notch in her Pole of Stupidity! Congratulations Media Darling of the jackass logo party! Keep up the great support by your own ‘intellect’ for President Trump in 2020! We appreciate your efforts!! We really do! ROFLMAO!!!

  61. If all that she wants to impose on USA is so good, why did she leave her home country if things were working so good down there??? She’s full of BS. Her country is a complete FAILURE. She may have even had a hand into why its so bad.

  62. I may have to sell all my TV’s and my computers. I am so tired of looking at her face & hearing her speak. This woman needs to find another line of work.

    • She needs to go back to her crib. Her parents need to take a different approach in raising her. Besides being ignorant to the core, she talks like a baby and is a whiner. What a mess Congress has with her. Good riddance! Recruit someone else now to challenge her. She couldn’t win one debate to win her cause.

  63. We better do something and soon .Don,t give this idiot the time of day But she is a gift to the GOP.She is beyound misformed and ignorant God help us all

    • Yes, “a gift to the GOP”. Let her keep on giving. Actually, put clips of her on a giant ad campaign for the “Walk Away” movement. Every time she speaks she supports the demise of her party.

  64. Where ever did this person come from how on earth did she get where she is at this moment in time… SHE is SO MISFORMED & IGNORANT

    • What worries me is that she might be smarter than we think. Is this a game? Look at the men standing behind her as she speaks. They don’t look like morons to me, not the uneducated type. We really need to watch her for sure.

      • She looks like a pole dancer and fooled the voters from where she resides, so looks can be deceiving. Just think about all of the people she has on her staff now and

      • Shirley Barnett–You may just have a point there. It is truly hard to believe her ridiculous statements. I hope that none of her fellow representatives are swallowing her rantings.

      • You could be right. Those men could be using her for political gain. That’s what they do. They will say n do and support anything just to stay in office. Look at the world!

    • Dumb ni***rs, spicks and guilt riddled whites in her district elected her. These losers fight over rent control, riding subways with vermin, can’t own a car or a gun, etc. They live in a dysfunctional dystopia, are filled with hate and resentment and wanna force it all down our throats!

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