Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just suffered the biggest embarrassment of her life

This was supposed to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shining moment.

But not everything went according to plan.

And instead of celebrating a career highlight, Ocasio-Cortez just suffered the biggest embarrassment of her life.

Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her long awaited “Green New Deal.”

The freshman Democrat previously claimed the earth only had 12 years left and the government needed to take dramatic action to combat so-called man-made “global warming.”

But her big moment quickly turned into a massive embarrassment.

Americans looked at the fine print of the proposal and quickly realized that Ocasio-Cortez’s law is devoid of any serious thoughts or ideas.

Her “Green New Deal” had the stated goal of eliminating air travel in ten years.

It also called for tearing down and rebuilding every building in America to make it environmentally “sustainable.”

Finally, the program called for a guaranteed income for individuals “unwilling” to work.

Democrats have long argued their global warming policies are not a communist takeover of the economy.

In one fell swoop Ocasio-Cortez proved the critics right and turned the climate change crusaders into a national laughing stock.