Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one insane decision that dug the Democrats’ grave

Democrats thought they had the perfect plan.

They would box in Donald Trump and the Republicans in the government shutdown fight.

That all went out the window when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one insane decision that just dug the Democrats’ political grave.

Democrats thought they could trap Republicans by passing a government funding bill with five billion dollars in border security funding.

The bill included no new wall money but Nancy Pelosi figured that since Democrats increased the amount of money they offered it would embarrass Trump when he rejected it.

But that wasn’t the big story out of the vote.

Instead it was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being the only Democrat to vote “no” on the bill because it included funding for ICE.

The Daily Caller reports:

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted against a short-term bill to reopen the government on Wednesday. She explained via Instagram stories that she opposed the bill because it contained because it contained Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) funding.

“Most of our votes are pretty straightforward, but today was a tough/nuanced call,” she wrote as the caption on the Instagram story video. “We didn’t vote with the party because one of the spending bills included ICE funding, and our community felt strongly about not funding that.”

Ocasio-Cortez has previously spoken out about her opposition to ICE. “A child died in ICE custody. The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights. The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all because right now what we are seeing is death,” she said after an 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died while in Border Patrol custody.

Instead of the Democrats coming out of the vote crowing about how they were the “adults in the room, ”the big news was that their biggest start explicitly said open borders is the only policy outcome the left will tolerate in any border security negotiations.

This is not the political ground the Democrats want to occupy heading into the 2020 elections.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The more pictures that I see of her the more she appears to me as an aging party girl, and with less common sense.

  2. Betty Hicks, I agree with you 100%. I donate $$ every election cycle, but, I do not donate to anyone whose name, or issue, does not appear on my Ballot. If some Senator or Representative from another State writes asking for a donation, I just put it through the Shredder.

    Jim L.

  3. Retired. You r correct! Those against the wall are the ones well protected by armed guards, high wall and fences. They are double faced ones with disregard for the well being of the citizens of this country.

  4. Great question that I’m sure she’ll not e able to answer reasonably. She’ll give you that womens choice crap!

  5. Only one thing is Obama was born in Hawaii not Kenya, but in order to get preference and federal money he did put down he was born in Kenya. Why is his records still sealed? He does have relatives in Kenya so it wasn’t hard for him to use that to get into Columbia. But more importantly his real father was Frank Marshall Davis anyone saying he isn’t has to be a deliberate liar to hide the truth or just not willing to look at the facts. Fact: His mother was a nude model for Frank Davis, he put in his biography that he was a photographer of nudes. So does anyone on this planet believe Stanley Anne Dunham was posing nude for Davis and they weren’t getting it on? She married two other black men it was apparent that was her preference. Fact: Google Obama saying to a Veterans group that he was always proud that his father served in WWII and got the help he needed from the VA. Neither of his claimed fathers was more than 13 years old at the end of WWII, look it up. Now this supposedly has been debunked as he was really talking about his grandfather and not his father. Really you wouldn’t know the difference between you father having served and your grandfather? We don’t know for sure if any of his relatives other than Davis served in WWII but we know for sure Davis served in a black army unit in WWII. Everything Davis said about America that it was a racist nation, What Russia, China, Iran, aren’t? That corporations are greedy, that he believed in income redistribution, etc. does any of that sound familiar. Fact: Obama in his book Dream From My Father he talks about his mentor a mysterious man named Frank. This was while he was in Hawaii. Fact: Frank Marshall Davis talks about having lived in Hawaii the same time as Dunham. Fact: The man who gave Obama his name left for Harvard almost immediately after marrying Dunham, he was not mentioned as playing a part in their lives after that, and when he finished at Harvard he returned to Kenya. Fact: Obama lived in Chicago and ran for President from there. Fact: Davis lived in Chicago and wrote for various Communist newspapers while living there. Obama had a crush on Putin and Communism as he was what you might call a “Red Diaper Baby” raised in the bosom of two Communist parents. There is more evidence such as look at his purported father than take a good look at Davis, which one do you think Obama looks like? The faked BC was not because of where he was born, but that his father was a known Communist by the FBI and back in the 60’s they weren’t exactly running for President as they are today, out in the open and Democrats.

  6. This is the new Democrated party! Actually there is no Democrated party any more. They are all communist! They will be the death of our country!

  7. Diane. Yes Democrats will seal their own fate as they blindly submit to crazy Cortez including following her blindly right off the cliff – no more Dems…Trump 2020

  8. Diane…yes Cortez is sealing the fate of DEM’s. And the whole wide world is watching as the DEM’s will blindly follow Coetez off a cliff if she tells them to jump. Not Drinking OC cool aid!

  9. Those are the FACTS. Either AOC has not heard them, or she dismisses them as lies?
    What about Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts,the most recent cop (forgot HIS name)& many, many more, who were killed by illegal immigrants.
    AOC is not rational. She appears to have no common sense.
    AOC is literally brainwashed and/or b@t$h!t crazy!

  10. Pelosi plays with her dentures… constantly. She’s not all coked out & grinding her teeth. She’s been doing this for a very long time. It has been brought up, quite often, I might ad.

  11. Could be. The people who voted for her is as crazy as she is. I read somewhere she had children , I feel sorry for them.

  12. AOC is a bit job this is evident even if she does not speak. She has crazy eyes, demented, insane, scary. She does not know how a bill is brought forth in the House or Senate. She does not know the three different levels of our government. This was in a interview, it’s online I’m not making it up. When given the answers she stared at the camera and said “well, those things are not important”. Like Pelosi saying “you have to pass a bill to know what’s in it”…..
    Could someone please tell me what is it that Pelosi does with her mouth? All during the SOTU address she kept fiddling with her mouth sucking her teeth and moving her lips back and forth
    She was either high a a kite or her dentures don’t fit. Look at a clip. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

  13. I agree… Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya he was and not a citizen of the United States. The first one to bring that up was Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary run for the presidency. People forget that it was hildabeast who first brought that to our attention. Barry AKA Obama took hundreds of thousands of dollars and United States money to go to school at Harvard Yale and Columbia on his loan applications he put down He was from Kenya Africa.

  14. Only one point that you’re wrong about. chelsi is the horse faced one. Maybe we could compromise. chelsi could be mule faced, and arc could be horse faced?

  15. AOC is scared to death of ICE. She is hiding something in my book. Maybe she has a bunch of Illegal relatives.

  16. These people that are coming here are so full of diseases . I read this weekend some even have the flesh eating disease along with that polio disease that is spreading in kids in the US now.

  17. The demon rats want sensors and not the wall because they could turn them off. Like slick Willy did with the gun purchase system. Obozo let them burn cities so they could vent. The rats only want to bankrupt the economy and the minds of the uneducated, drug addicts and the illegals to keep them in power. The hatred they have is so I imbedded they can’t reason anymore. They have the mark of the beast.


  19. The child died because the ¿father? Drug her across central America and didn’t say anything till she was almost dead! Do these people not hear or are they just allergic to the truth?

  20. Peter – We also have to remember those who voted for a reality TV host who thinks the best way to fight a forest fire is with a rake.

  21. Butfuk H Obamarx is not THE AntiChrist. His forehead says 665.78
    The real AC will make Obamarx look like Mr.Rogers.

  22. Only one Insane decision ? Rookie ! Wake me when her number of insane decisions reaches one per cent of number of the Insane decisions that Captain Bonespurs (the draft-dodging Dictator) has made.


    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  24. As Cindy said she is insane. As I see it she is just to stupid to comprehend your explanation. I hope you don’t waste hope by hoping for her to get a grip on reality. She really is to stupid to do that. It would be nice if I were wrong but I truely believe I’m right.

  25. I hate to break it to you this way, but the U.S taxpayers paid for her education. Boston University will be a long time living down the results of her vast knowledge of economics. Sheesh!

  26. //// TIME ////
    //// SO ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  27. Death to the Communist whore, she is a spawn of Satan!!! Watch out Nancy Pelois she is after your job, a communist in wolf’s clothing…

  28. All those people that thinks we do need the wall. I invite you to leave your doors unlocked, and open. That way those people can come right into your house, sleep in your bed, eat your food, take your money, and kill your family, because you took down your wall. A wall is used to protect what is of valuable. A wall is to protect your way of life. This is why houses have walls, to protect your family, and the ones you love. Those people that thinks walls are not needed don’t care, because their protected by WALLS, AND DON’T LIVE ON BORDER!!!!

  29. Democrats are in a bind with the likes of Cortez. She’s exposing their evil agendas too soon, a problem for the next election. They would rather slip back into power and then implement their deceit on the public, as they have3 always done.

  30. Donald…no lib has any knowledge of those things. They hate this country and our freedom. They want total dependence on government and have no clue what this country stands for.

  31. suz…We already had a Muslim president. Obama is Muslim. He was a traitor, as he put Islam first and hates the Constitution and our freedom. There is no freedom in Islam

  32. Diane…Libs are putting people in our government that know nothing at all about what this country is all about. They know nothing about our founding fathers, our history, the Constitution or what this country stands for. You are a prime example of liberal ignorance and hate.

  33. Ocasio-Cortez still has a pretty big learning curve as do many modern day Democrats. ICE does not directly man the border. The child that died in custody , cannot necessarily be attributed to any negligence of any one person or organization at the border. The responsibility lies with those that prompted and organized 1,000’s of immigrants to cross thousands of miles without any real life sustaining food and water rations and a full plan. These caravans are being formed , supported and sustained by those with a very negative agenda for our country and who care very little about human rights for these poor people. The Democrats are big on lip service and virtue signaling , very little on substance. Where are these rich Democrats with all their fake altruism?
    Ocasio-Cortez is a child who is being used by the Democratic party… They could care less what ridiculous things she says as long as it gains attention and brings in the younger millennial vote. This is all about the 2020 election not human rights nor caring..

  34. I think all politicians should only be able to get donations for campaign money from the district they represent with no outside funding as that is the people they are suppose to represent. No Big Money to run in an pay for ads.

  35. The demon rats can say anything they want because of the lack of intelligence of the people that vote for them. If they had to defend their stupidity in a real platform of a educational debate they would yell racist instead defend their actions. Make them explain how all the give away programs will cost every American. Another four years of a nut like Obozo running up a dept like he did. The demon rats run everything they control into the ground. They want to do to the country exactly what they did to Detroit. I believe with all my hart obozo is the anti Christ and his followers have the mark of the beast.

  36. She’s doing a good job for the Demon-rats, let her be, she’s putting a a whole bunch of nails in their coffin.

  37. The people in her district were asleep during the election. They were so sure Crowley would win re-election that most stayed home. She won with a very small percentage of registered voters. Nobody, including her, ever expected the outcome they got. She is a mistake that I hope gets corrected when her term is up.

  38. I don’t see pretty. I see a loon with very little between the ears. In fact, she looks like someone with serious mental problems. The money spent on her education was waisted. She either got through college sleeping with the right people or the school was paid off to graduate her.

  39. There we go again! Pretending to actually care about children, but her party is OK with killing babies and selling their body parts to fund their party’s campaigns. How ludicrous!! How biased! She should be ashamed of herself. But she won’t. People without compassion do not have the propensity to have feelings of shame. (I would love to see the kind of people who would elect her…I can just imagine.)

  40. How she got elected go to her neighborhood
    Take a good look that’s how she got elected
    Voter fraud along with the other
    two terrorist she is all about the attention she is getting doesn’t know anything go back to
    Bartending what you know best
    Lock and load America

  41. You have that right Lawrence . Or close to it. With them and the looney liberals thrown together, nothing is going to happen that is good. Neither group has and agenda to look at.

  42. Just guessing here, but I would say she voted the voice of the majority in her district. Remember she got elected and had to have the majority vote in her district. That being said I also admire her for 1) voting the platform of her constituents, which is such a rare case in Congress, although that is how it should be; 2) Voting against Pelosi. How long will Ms. A O-C last if she continues to take a stand against Ms. Nancy?

  43. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with all the insane things Alessandra says. I’m still working on on the people she claims work a zillion hours and live in their cars. I don’t know what a “zillion” is but I do that if these people were to work a mere trillion hours at a penny an hour they would have about $10,000,000,000 that must be one hell of a nice car they are living in. it’s HARD to believe she spent about $400,000 of someone’s money to get a degree in economics from Boston University. Of course after graduation she was working as a bar tender – so it’s a safe bet she WAS NOT the class Valedictorian.

  44. This woman has never had to work, manage a checkbook, live within a budget, learn more about the issues, etc. She is just a squak box. Yes, pretty, big eyes, all men listen to her. ..Remember Jim Jones, David Koresh, not a good outcome with either of them. Watch out for her kool-aid.

  45. With all the idiotic things Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does say, the one thread of light in this comment is “…our community felt strongly about not funding that…”! Now, say what you will about her, but standing on the platform of the voice of her constituents is a commendable position to take! The only real bad thing about doing this is . . . this may be the voice of the minority of constituents from her district, not the majority! If this is true, she has not only lied about why she voted the way she did . . . she is imposing the minority voice over the majority voice in government! This is not how the laws of our land are to be made, nor how the determination of funding is to be made!!!

  46. Now what the President should do is wait till the deadline and then declare the National Emergency….and build a 30-foot concrete wall from sea to shining sea.

  47. Young doesn’t means brains. Often today it is just the opposite because of the modern teacher who refuses to believe and teach American exceptionalism. They have denigrated America’s place in history and distorted teachings that those older people you mock remember as fact. Unfortunately it is too late for some but there is hope if conservatives can replace the idiots who have done so much damage.

  48. Her and her stupid talk , should seal the fate of the demon rats. This nut has the mark of the beast as most dems.

  49. She and her far left pals will divide the Dems especially at election time making easier for the president to be reelected.

  50. She was elected by the people in Brooklyn but lived on Long Island, go figure. NY is catching up to Mexifornia to see which bunch can be a bigger bunch of a$$holes.

  51. Actually she is not very smart at all for someone who has a degree in economics. She has already embarrassed herself countless times on basic questions, and she embarrasses our generation with her stupid diatribes. She needs to wise up and realize she is backing a hopeless cause.

  52. Linda I didn’t vote for her but maybe your kids did as they all want free this and free that. People better wake up with this younger generation . Pretty soon we will have a muslim Pres.

  53. beaver cortaid is a wack job she is a racist and hates this country the world will end with this screwball and we wont have to wait 12years. god bless the usa and god bless president trump

  54. You can laugh now, but if her ideology gets teeth we’ll end up like Venezuela.
    And it’s ignorant voters like like you who will have voted for the AOCs of this country. You and they will be responsible for the chaos you will crying the loudest.

  55. She is a total nut case. Just look at her eyes . Like a deer in headlights
    I wonder if she listens to what she is saying. I can’t stop laughing at what comes out of her mouth. Remember we only have 12 years left on this planet

  56. Well, she’s insane, like all the other Demorats. And we should believe them???? They are no longer for America and haven’t been for a very long time.

  57. OMG she’s a dim wit . Nothing between the ears. We should send her to Venezuela but I’m so glad she’s a Democrat because she’s a thorn in their side

  58. Walter – Yep. At least she’s not 100 years old like most Republicans (including you)! She’s young and smart and will bring a vitality to the Democratic Party. I love how you don’t know what to do about her. Nor does Trump know how to deal with Pelosi! He caved today…………..bigly! Makes me laugh!

  59. Diane think Ocasio-Cortez is doing great while many Democrat leaders already abhor her. Even former Senator of Missouri McCaskill asked a puzzling question: “ … why [Ocasio-Cortez] is a thing?”

    Nice try, Diane.

  60. Of COURSE she’s against ICE… She hates America, and ICE is keeping out her new (illegal) voters!

    GO ICE! You’re doing a great job!

  61. Ocasio-Cortez and Nutty Nancy remind me of a cartoon where two people are sitting on opposite ends of an I-beam both sawing away on their end.

  62. The bad winter weather has produced another snowflake with disasterous results. You cannot make fun of Alexandria, she does it to herself. Putting her on these committees is the worst mistake the left can make except for running the card table with all of their Presidential hopefuls. MAGA RVN 68-69

  63. Restrictions on how the president or military spend funding is not a plan…it is a mockery of decisions by the experts on how to spend money.

  64. That teeny bopper is a gift for the GOP !So now we have a nut case one that has dementia one mad max one thinks that Guoam was gone tip .And the list keep going A ex President if you can call him that went to 57 states and one more to go Is married to a he/she What a party thy have ,keep it coming Democrats WE love it dig your own graves dig them deep .


  66. Oh brother. A 2 person comedy mentality is now the structure of the Dem party. Is there a parental chew out to the braying jackass child coming?

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