Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one surprising move to help Trump win in 2020

Democrats are fuming.

They were counting on a united front to defeat Donald Trump next year.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one surprising move to help Trump win in 2020.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is walking a tightrope.

He’s trying to win the Democrat nomination without running too far to the left.

That trick got much more difficult when Biden rolled out a five trillion dollar global warming plan.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the co-sponsor of the Green New Deal – dismissed Biden’s effort as insufficiently leftist.

Breitbart reports:

Ocasio-Cortez co-authored the “Green New Deal” earlier this year. It calls for the total elimination of fossil fuels as an energy source in the United States by 2030. (Previously, the most ambitious plan, adopted by California, aimed to do the same by 2045; critics have pointed out that no one is quite sure how the state will achieve that aggressive goal.)

Biden’s plan, released Wednesday morning, calls for fossil fuels to be eliminated by 2050, after spending $1.7 trillion in federal funds and $5 trillion in state, local, and private funds. The former vice president also called for building “small modular nuclear reactors at half the construction cost of today’s reactors” to help replace fossil fuel energy.

But 2050 is too late, Ocasio-Cortez said, according to The Hill. “Scientifically, anything that is less than helping us cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 is going to be too late,” she reportedly said.

“It’s a start, and I think that what that has shown is a dramatic shift in the right direction, but we need to keep pushing for a plan that is at the scale of the problem.”

Fighting so-called “climate change” is a key litmus test for Democrat primary voters.

Biden has seen his poll numbers decline since entering the race.

If he thinks he needs to shore up his left flank, he will work to appease Ocasio-Cortez on his plan to combat so-called “climate change.”

But in doing so, Biden could compromise his General Election chances.

And President Trump could owe his re-election in part to Ocasio-Cortez’s insistence that Democrats bow to her whims on the Green New Deal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in the 2020 presidential election.



  1. Taylor you are Nutz!!!! Open your mind to the BEST President EVER, Donald Trump period. Trump has uncovered the Democratic Party of idiots, stupidly, hatefulness, uneducated, mean and nonsense. They will never ever have power again and Thank God for that. 2020 will be a landslide for Trump. The Trump JR. and Candice Owen or Ivanka Trump. Gooooooooooooooooooo Trumps. We have the best of everything in the World today. Tell me Taylor, last night his rally brought 120k people to watch him. You really think he’s going to lose? NOT! I love you President Trump and Melania who is the most precious lady in the World. Thank God for you and God Bless America

  2. Betty are you for real? Where have you been for 2 years? Trump has done for ALL American’s than any other President put together. The Dem’s are angry, hateful, ignorant, idiot’s, uneducated. Trump has shown us their true colors. The Dem’s will never have power again. They stand for nothing. God put Trump in power. Last night was beautiful. Trump pulls people together over 100k people came and watch him. He make sense. What do the Dem’s stand for. Getting Trump. open boarders, hate, wrecking the world, free everything, standing up for their cronies. In other words NOTHING. They are DONE, WELL DONE MiMi from California

  3. AOC and creepy porn lawyer great team! President Trump has done more for ALL American’s than any other president put together. The Democratic Party in well-done Trump has uncovered the true Dem’s. How they ever were elected I don’t know. They are a bunch of hateful, mean, stupid idiots and uneducated. Sit back and watch the investigation coming soon. Clinton’s and their followers will pay big time. Thank You God and thank you President Trump. I love you and Melania is the Queen beautiful inside and out. 2020 Landslide here we gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    • Well said, MiMi … Any group that puts PEWLOSI & AOC out there as their voice is surely doomed. Please encourage all your friends to vote 17 months from now. Let’s make it a RUNAWAY that will remind oldies like me of the Landslides of IKE in the 1950’s. Great Job, MR. PRESIDENT, please continue your hard work to MAGA !

    • Hi Dan, thanks. Where do you live, I’m in California. I want to have a Pro-Trump march to raise money for his re-election. I need help in getting it together. Do you have any idea’s?

  4. I am proud to call President Donald P. Trump, our President. He has been the best President since Ronald Regan, and possibly he may surpass him. We may not have had a USA if it was not for him. Get behind him and support him, because he deserves it.

  5. Fantasy article of what conservatives HOPE will happen. However not only do the latest polls indicate that Trump only has 33% support among women, they also show: Poll of the week: A new Glengariff Group poll from the state of Michigan shows that former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2020 matchup by 53% to 41%.
    This follows a January poll in which Biden was ahead of Trump by similar low-double-digit margins.

  6. Betty, I’m curious. Which candidate do you want to win: Biden or AOC? Never mind the other Dem candidates.

    Don’t bite. Just answer.

  7. It’s going to get interesting soon. So far the demonazis have nothing to run on but climate change, free stuff,and hate Trump. The leftist propaganda machine media and common core teachers has given America self entitled snowflakes who think the government is their magic wand. Just wave it and proof free everything. Going to get very entertaining when they find out how all the “free” stuff is going to be paid for.

  8. Anyone who answers this idiot bitch/bastard who calls her/him “Betty” should not reply to those rantings as they are reducing themselves to their level. Buck Fetty and the horse that he/she rode in on.

  9. President Trump, ICE, the authorities at the southern border all know that there needs to be immigration reform, there needs to be a wall to keep illegal aliens out of the country and there needs to be solidarity. We have drugs, gangs, hundreds of thousands of illegals coming into the country. Now they are coming in from Africa & Cuba and God Knows what diseases will be coming in with them. Congress knows the problems but won’t do anything. The Democrats know the problems but they won’t lift a finger to help President Trump and they have all turned their backs on the American people. How many innocent lives have to be lost before Congress fixes the problems? How long will we be placed on the back burner so the democrats can have their own way?

    • you are 100 percent correct. pretty bad when they let the country go to pot just to punish president trump for winning the election. surely we have a few who can figure out their game plan.

    • The U.S. Congress dems & rinos are on the Patriotic voters list to eliminate from all government bureaus & ther real traitos are also on the deort list with bo& cronies ! Either deport or execute for treason is a priority to “Make the U.S.A. Great Again”.

    • I believe we have Soros and Bloomberg to blame for these incoming invasions of people on our southern border. Someone is financing them in order for them to reach our border. The two aforementioned communist nazis have the funds to do it with, and they have the hate in their hearts against President Trump as their motive. We didn’t have these so called “caravans” of immigrants marching to our border until we elected a President that promised to stop illegal immigration by building a wall across the US/Mexico border. Then the democRATS started crying and fighting him every step of the way because they need all the ILLEGAL votes to be counted so they can win an election. This is the United States of America. If all these democRATS want Mexicans to vote them into office they need to move to Mexico and run for office down there instead of bleeding us dry up here. All they’ve done for the last two plus years is cry and complain and act like a bunch of spoiled rotten children that didn’t get their way.

  10. Looks like BIDEN has stolen some one else’s work, added to it and now calling it his
    own. Will he never learn, maybe he agreed to take her on as his running mate in place
    of Hillary. Do you think AOC will let Old Biden sniff her?

  11. Climate science is one huge stupid insane globalist political traitor hoax. Anyone promoting or believing it is no scientist, only an ignorant dupe. MainStreamMedia keeps this lie & many others alive with George Soros money. Our taxes are even going to fund Soros projects, including Antifa terrorists, commie school teachers & illegals.

    • You ARE TOTALLY WRONG, James. Representative Bridenstein, a former Tea party conservative thought that for years until he became head of NASA. After only 10 days where he read the scientific evidence, mostly gathered by satellites, he did a 180 turn around and admitted it was based on SOLID evidence. The people that are trying to DUPE people that it is a “hoax” are those sell-outs for the Oil and Gas industry that are seeking personal profits. They are exactly like the Tobacco experts that said for years that cigarette smoking does not cause health problems so they could sell more cancer sticks.

      • Dr.JD, Are for real do some F###ing research it is just a hoax NO climate change, warming,crisis or whatever, this is only to promote wind and solar power they are the ones trying to dupe everyone…….

      • dr jd
        Is that the same concrete evidence used by people like al gore and aoc who are predicting the catastrophe end of the world. This has gone on for over 40 years and not one man made climate change prediction has ever come to fruition.

        The government just worked out a way to tax the air we breathe.

      • AOC nick name is DONKEY.She came from Shithole place just like Ohma,and her body.Nancy Pelocy is going in saint just like her bunch of Liberal Lunatic Low IQ,NEED TO REMOVED FROM GOVERNMENT OFFICE NOW BEFORE THEY WILL INFECTED OUR COUNTRY.WHICH MEAN U.S.A.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • No it is DEMENTIA Donnie who thinks playing with the tariffs, shooting his stupid mouth off and threatening people makes the best trading partners and economy. Now we see why Trump’s professor at Wharton called him “the dumbest G.D. student he had in 30 years!”

    • That will save America….The only pro-American. All the dems, which I was, running on same platform…open borders. Immigrants like my grandmother years ago couldn’t go to America if they had the sniffles! One person hoping Ellis Island would come back in full service!


    • Well said, Jackie… starting in January 2017, the democraps have put 100% effort into OPPOSING our PRESIDENT, rather than mounting their own front. They’re going to be boat-raced in November 2020, by the most dynamic, determined, and successful World Leader in 50+ years. MAGA !

    • Well said, Jackie………..I totally agree. I, too, am fed up with this crap and how the demorats and left wing commies are treating our President. He has done so much for this country and I wish they would let him do his job. God Bless America and God save America.

    • Hey, m. masch, you really need to restudy the past presidential election. The people’s vote was for CLASSY Hilary by a Landside. It was the Electoral Collage who voted CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump in the Oval Office. It’s only because of those IDIOTS that we have a LUNATIC instead of a LADY in charge.

      • Betty – you need to restudy the Constitution so you can understand how a President is elected. Those “idiots” in the Electoral College voted consistently with the popular vote in their respective states, as they are required to do. You’re wanting to change the rules because you don’t like the outcome – pretty immature reaction.

        • Trump will win in a landslide! Then Trump JR. and Candice Owens or Ivanka Trump. He has done more for all American than any other President. He has uncovered the Democratic Party for what it is. Stupid, hateful, uneducated, mean. How they got elected I wish I knew. The Democratic Party will never have power again. Wait until the Barr investigation comes out they will go down down to GITMO

      • Betty you can’t count all the fraudulent votes. Trump won no matter how you look at it! Suck it up and shut up, fool!!!!

      • Hillary is looking at prison Betty. What class are you talking about? She has killed many people, that is classy? She is the worst human in the World

    • Well said, I agree!!! And I just want our president to do his job, which he IS, without the hate Trumpers every day of his presidency!!! MAGA, 2020.

  13. LMAO! The link s are resorting to cannibalizing because they can’t put a dent in President Trump’s achievements. It’s rather entertaining watching the dems go crazy(er)

  14. The Democrats are really confused. The openly hate white people – especially straight white men. They have also openly shown their hate for Jews. So – who are their 2 frontrunners? Two old straight white men and one is a Jew. That shows you even the Democrats don’t have much respect for the other 20+ candidates they currently have.

    • Mike, you are totally wrong. Democrats have no problem with straight white males or Jews. They welcome people of all groups. Jews particularly vote largely for Democrats because they are very educated and are afraid of fascists like Donnie and his father (arrested at KKK rally). If Trump was not president, he would be behind bars and indicted right now — virtually no one, except idiotic cult followers, want a criminal running the country.

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