Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed this awful plan to ban guns in America

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the most dangerous Democrat in America.

The freshman Democrat from New York is channeling the Left’s support for socialism into a movement to turn America into another Venezuela.

And she just revealed this awful plan to ban guns in America.

The Second Amendment prevents the government from banning and confiscating firearms.

But the Democrats just view it as an obstacle they need to work around.

That’s why leftists such as Ocasio-Cortez are pressuring banks to cut off lending to gun manufacturers.

Politico reports:

Progressive freshmen like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) are joining with veteran lawmakers to try to shame the lenders into taking a stand on some of the country’s most divisive issues: climate change, gun violence and immigration.

The lawmakers are leveraging seats on the powerful House Financial Services Committee and a huge following on social media to confront finance industry executives and discourage them from funding oil pipelines, firearms makers and private prison companies that operate immigration detention centers. Like-minded activist groups are helping amplify the message.

Ocasio-Cortez, who has nearly 3.8 million Twitter followers, received more than 30,000 retweets this week for three posts targeting JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and not everything has to be done through legislation explicitly,” Ocasio-Cortez told POLITICO. “We can also use the tools that we have here to pressure change in other ways as well.”

This is a stealth gun ban.

Private companies are free to do what they want.

Liberals are leveraging their ability to create social media and pop culture “shame” campaigns to force banks to stop lending money to gun makers.

Banks refusing to lend to gun manufacturers doesn’t violate any discrimination laws.

And if gun makers can’t finance their production, they will go out of business with no legal recourse for the companies or Second Amendment supporters.

Corporations have a weak point in the American system.

They depend on their “brand” and liberals know if they can make companies think their “brand” will go in the toilet, that companies will eagerly implement liberal policy goals rather than face any risk of losing revenue.

Liberals are executing this playbook online where they pressure social media companies and payment processors to ban conservatives for “hate speech.”

After seeing the success of this playbook, liberals are now using these intimidation tactics to silence one of their most hated foes: gun manufacturers.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The reason our founding fathers created the second amendment was so we could protect ourselves from people like Cortez and from others who would try to steal our freedoms. Sooner or later, Americans WILL wake up and say enough and I feel sorry for those like Cortez that make the mistake of standing in their way.

  2. They are using these school shootings that happened to take good citizens guns. We all pay school taxes and they are very high here in Texas. Why do we have secure courts and not secure schools? The school districts make enough money to put medal detectors and exray machines in, instead of going after good citizens. We all k ow all to well what HAPPENED in Chicago, gun free zone and the highest rate of murder in the whole country. Good people are helpless and the bad rule the city, and I still fear and death!

    Say you want a Revolution? Our second amendment is to PROTECT US from tyrannical governing like yourselves.
    You all forget that you ALL work for WE THE PEOPLE, we hired you, we can sure as hell FIRE you.

    Say you want a Revolution? Our second amendment is to PROTECT US from tyrannical governing like yourselves.
    You all forget that you ALL work for WE THE PEOPLE, we hired you, we can sure as hell FIRE you.

  5. It is unconstitutional to confiscate our guns. Missouri has a mandatory militia and may soon make it a law that everyone over 18 who is qualified under the law to have one.

  6. doing away with our gun rights in any means leaves us open to Tierney! in a short time later, look what Hitler Did…..

    and that’s what the dem’s want!

  7. When the “blowback” occurs … which (I believe) is inevitable, should the Left be successful in their deceitful and diabolical scheme to disarm America, will be a match between the armed (skillful warriors) and the pacifists (the clueless). I, currently, do not own a weapon, but increasingly feel the need to remedy that situation with proper training and an acquisition. The warning signs and blatant declarations of intent are there ! To ignore them is to fool yourself … and I’m no fool !


  9. The left just won’t stop! Their ultimate goal is to force the country into another Civil War, with a total disregard, of the outcome, which in all honesty, wouldn’t help their cause. Should they cause another Civil War, they think they would be able to force gun confiscation on the public! THAT would only result in the useless deaths of anyone trying to take guns from their owners. just more proof the democrats don’t care about the American people just their power!

    • Exactly….. They say if taking our guns can save one life, it’s worth it, meanwhile they slaughter millions of innocent babies! Their illegals murder, rape, bring drugs that kill millions, kidnap our kids, gang members and that’s okay! They are the biggest hipicrits ever! And thier voters are all ignorant!

    • Those who don’t want to push against the leftist are the first to fall. If we white conservatist don’t stand up against the terrorist democrat congress we will end up in worse shape than Venesuela.

  10. These little extortion schemes from the Left are exactly why Avenatti was arrested the other day. This is absolutely no different and Occasional-Cortex should have the same thing happen to her.

  11. Did you all notice in that picture above of AOChh… looks like she is rather high. They got a good pic of the true side of her. HA!

  12. Miss Cortex has a lot of Bright Ideas. Guns are not the problem -mental illness and Communist democrat politicians are the problem. Miss Cortex is the gift that keeps on giving. New York loves her The Poster Child of the Party.

    • What that dangerous idiot and her ilk are planning is rightfully called EXTORTION and for most Americans considered a heinous felony! Throw them in prison where all criminals belong!

    • Every person who owns a gun fight to keep it. When this screwball of a female starts letting in all of her Muslim Communist followers into our country, citizens of America need guns to take them out including AOC

  13. Ocasio is under investigation for campaign fund fraud and using an illegal address to
    qualify for office. Plus she owes back taxes! She is a puppet for some liberal progressive group (possibly Soros or Obama) and is told exactly what do and say on a daily basis.
    She should be removed from office immediately and tried for treason. And Tlaib and Omar
    are also under in investigation for campaign fraud and using illegal addresses.
    These three women are the enemy within ! As well as Pelosi! We must not let this continue.
    Lock and load America! We need to disrupt all this collusion and treason by the current democrat party leaders!! Trump 2020 — our only hope!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Jay, GREAT COMMENT. We totally agree with you 100%. Get that BITCH out of our government. She has NO business being int there. Another DEMORAT POS.

    • Jay, at this point at don’t care if tlaib, Omar and ocasio- cortez are tried for anything , to *me* the easiest and fastest solution is just to get them out of our government now…they, all 3, have UNAMERICAN stupid constituents who had no clue what is going on in this country other than being able to still get welfare.

  14. If White nationalists would quit using guns to murder minorities, women, and children, we might have less concern with you owning them. Clean up your own house and then we’ll talk.

    • ERIC, OMG!!!!! Do you really believe that? You don’t think that DEMORATS or the illegals haven’t committed killings?

    • Eric I don’t do that crap. So I will NEVER comply with any commie gun control. As for minorities getting shot, it’s usually their own kind killing each other. If they act like hoodrats they will be treated as such. They need to clean their own houses.

    • Tell that to the angels moms and dads who sons and daughters
      Were murdered it ain’t whites asshole
      All the drugs that flow into this country guess who

    • How do you know those shootings were not fixed.
      There are drugs these days that can make people do bad things. If you look at the California fires you will see houses completely melted under extreme heat, but the trees and grass next to the house wasn’t harmed. So please get out of your false beliefs system. There are three poisons in life. Greed, hate and believing are thoughts are real and right on the money.
      Must be the American dollar.

    • You know Eric, if you were to ever watch the news, most of the killings in this nation are done by registered democrats and not those on the right. We who carry lawfully follow the law lawfully more than the left liberals. Those that have done the school shootings and church shootings have been proven to be mentally ill and also a democrat. Get it straight

    • White national ideology is left wing. same as The Nazis were. you need to stop associating it with conservatism.I would say your statement is disingenuous but it’s just a lie.

  15. Someday Oliveoil Cortez might be sitting in an electric chair getting ready have her to curl her hair for treason, like the Rosenbergs, with a line up of justice democrat subversives waiting in line for their turn. Guarantee this nation will rise up in civil war if the communist Democratic Party try to disarm our citizens. Cortez is a communist thug telling us we must accept open borders, this bitch thinks we are going to allow her to screw our beloved country over? We do not trust the government after we saw what Obama did to us. Oliveoil Cortez thinks we will accept her communist conrades and sell out the nation many of us fought to preserve.

    • AOC is the crown jewel of stupidity and ignorance. Her being where she is is the fault of the voters, not her. She is more of a joke then a danger, but she will help the Republicans do really well in 2020, and help reelect President Trump.

    • Absolutely Steven, these useless Demented POS should all be rounded up and prosecuted, then taken outback the court house and hung, and done. Any questions

  16. Well over One Hundred MILLION LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS this there should be GALLOWS at the Front Steps of the US Capitol Building in DC, and in front of EVERY COURTHOUSE in America for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of holding politicians, political appointees, Bureaucrats, Judges and any others that VIOLATE THEIR OATH OF OFFICE ACCOUNTABLE!

    They should be built to be very sturdy and to last for centuries as a Constant Reminder that OATHS are not some ‘archaic ritual’.


    • Every time that Democrats open their mouths, cow farts come out. Democrats would be hilarious, except that they are dangerous. They actually believe the bs that they spout and try to impose it on the rest of us.

  17. Ocasio Cortez, I can’t think of all the words that fit you. Lets see, Dumbass, Ignorant, Anti-American, Bird Brain, Moron and many more. You are a disgusting piece of CRAP. You will never take America”s guns. Hopefully you will be the first to feel the Wrath of the American people that you are trying to screw. Do us a favor and leave this country. You are a worthless TURD

  18. You know a Senator can not be sued for what she says on the Senate floor but she can be sued for her actions and mouth outside. Perhaps a class action law suit would be a better alternative until she can be voted out of Congress.

  19. This ding bat Ocasio-Cortez is dumber than dirt. She wants to take guns away from decent, honest American citizens. The criminals would still have their guns. The American citizens would be defenseless! The criminals could commit all kinds of atrocities. I’m an old Naval Amphibious Forces veteran. I know how to handle firearms. Ocasio-Cortez is pro-criminal. She hates decent, honest citizens and loves criminals!

  20. This is the type of tyranny our forefather fought to escape. Our Constitution protects us from idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Our 2A rights will be enforced by each patriot standing his/her ground against enemies foreign or domestic AOC is a domestic terrorist.

    • Actually we should keep our money in the banks, and encourage them to increase their efforts to invest in these. corporations. After all its your money in the banks. Not some politician that has no clue or really didn’t earn their degree.

  21. There’s also more than one way to trim pussy!
    Go back to tending bar. One ideologue in 8 years was enough to ruin this country; we don’t need the female version!

    • Amen! She looks like she had too many drinks already in the featured picture. I hope she chokes on her horse teeth! What is going to happen to our country with all these angry, dumb birds in Washington? They aren’t there to help anyone, just make everyone miserable because they don’t like our President.

  22. All she has to do is come and get mine…through my hail of bullets. This nitwit is embarrassing to all Americans. She says she is the BOSS…just goes to show you how deep her delusion goes.

  23. I loaded my gun 4 years ago and it has never gone off. NEVER BY ITSELF! The gun does not kill. People kill. If not by use of a gun? Maybe, a knife, a “FORD”. a “CHEVROLET”, “LOUISVILLE SLUGGER”, a 9-IRON, Rolling Pin, how about a pencil? All of these things should be removed from THE EARTH! THEY’VE KILLED PEOPLE! Dumb- asses, no they haven’t. People have!

    • To prove a point about guns, I loaded everyone of my guns, put them all outside last night in my yard, woke up this morning, all were where I left them, not a shot was fired, and no one was hurt. I trained my guns well. They only fire when I pull the trigger, not when they want. So to you demented idiots that believe otherwise, gun control is using both hands, and don’t miss, being a Marine War Veteran, missing dose not compute. Any questions A-Holes…Semperfi

  24. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the result of open borders and the U.S. allowing Democrats to register illegal aliens to vote. She is their champion and a direct threat to freedom in these United States?

    • Ya that’s the truth don’t let them reproduce. There is too many dumb ass morons on this planet. Neither should the Democrats.

  25. 2 wonderful ideas!:

    Ban Cortez herself

    She can have my guns if she can pry them out of my fingers … come try it sweetie.

    Did you all know that the s’tereotypical dumb blonde’ is now telling Cortez jokes?

  26. Fortunately for us, AOC has to get this one through committee, then the Senate, then President Trump. Kinda like measuring AOC’s mental skills: 0% Chance!

  27. I have guns that I will never disclose what or where they are. Other businesses can refuse to do business with anti gun organizations. The Supreme Court will end up with this problem. That’s why elections matter.

  28. If she is successful with her plan, guns will be made overseas and imported into this country where they would be readily available at gun dealers. I’m sure other countries would be very happy to pick up the slack including Mexico. The Second Amendment protects our right to bear arms so no one would be prosecuted for purchasing them.

  29. they should have never been allowed no where oh about guns try baby theres probably millions pointed at u daily everytime ur face is seen anywhere… problem we are just wishing that a piano would fall on u understand

  30. I will keep my guns. But I don’t need a gun to kick her in her horse teeth. Just a good pair of Red Wing Boots. She won’t be able to run her mouth when it’s wited shut. F-ing commie.

    //// BUT ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  32. Such a dumb individual that need to be silenced. Congress get a set and step up and condemn this ignorant woman before she infests the entire country. Loser.

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