Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed this scary plan for the U.S. military

Democrats have their eyes on fundamentally transforming the U.S. military.

That’s bad news for America.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed this scary plan for the U.S. military.

Right now America faces a rising Communist China.

The communist government in Beijing believes it will one day eclipse the United States and that it will develop military superiority.

There are currently worries that Communist China can launch a military invasion at any moment to seize control of the nation of Taiwan and the American military would be powerless to stop it.

In fact, war games from the U.S. government show the Communist Chinese military defeating the American armed forces in any conflict over Taiwan.

Despite this reality, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and admitted that far-left Democrats plan to cut the military budget when Congress debates spending bills for the fiscal year 2022.

“[W]e’ve got appropriations season coming up, funding and critical agencies that progressives want deep reform in. We’ve got the defense budget coming up. We’ve got DHS coming up. We’ve got a lot of these different big bills, that have — from agencies where there have been lots of concerns. And so, I think we’re pacing ourselves right now. Because progressives do want to bring down the military budget. We want a $15 minimum wage. We want to make sure that we expand Medicare and that we lower — at bare minimum lower the age. I would like Medicare for all,” Ocasio-Cortez stated.

This is the true definition of America Last.

Communist China is a growing threat to not just America – but the rest of the world.

It’s highly likely that the Communist government is covering up evidence of a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that began the coronavirus pandemic.

Communist China’s expansionist plans depend on their growing military might.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans to meet this menace with retreat.

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