Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told this big lie about Trump that instantly blew up in her face

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez escalated her feud with President Trump.

But her scattershot approach to politics just came back to bite her.

That’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told this big lie about Trump that instantly blew up in her face.

Ocasio-Cortez and other gun-grabbers were delighted over the tragedy in El Paso.

Liberals saw an opportunity to put President Trump on the defensive on both guns and immigration after the shooter posted a racist manifesto online.

Ocasio-Cortez falsely accused President Trump of using rhetoric that inspired the shooter even though the shooter’s manifesto explicitly said his feelings on immigration predated Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Ocasio-Cortez took aim at the president during her remarks at a vigil in Brooklyn paying tribute to the shooting victims of El Paso and Dayton, Ohio.

“I’m tired of the questioning if the president is racist. He is,” Ocasio-Cortez told nearly 500 attendees, reported the New York Daily News.

The far-left “Squad” member then claimed white supremacy is a global “international terrorist problem” that must be stopped.

“There are so many different issues that are weaving themselves into a braid of violence into our country. One of them is white supremacist terrorism,” she stated, seemingly referring to the Christ Church, New Zealand gunman, who killed 51 people in two consecutive shooting attacks at mosques. 2020 White House hopefuls Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) have also attempted to tie the president to the shooting.

By taking this route Ocasio-Cortez left herself open to charges that she was ignoring her own role in inciting acts of domestic terrorism.

Recently a left-wing terrorist attacked an ICE holding facility with firebombs and used the “concentration camp” language Ocasio-Cortez deployed to describe detention facilities for illegal aliens.

No one in the media or elected office blamed Ocasio-Cortez because ultimately the blame for these acts of madness lie with the terrorist.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Congressional investigation into her campaign transfers and her involvement with her x-chief of staff (Bernie’s old buddy).

  2. She is the racist one and should be put out the door when she opens her mouth against our a president. She’s stupid.

  3. The Real M
    Not to toot my own horn, but these angry little wimps couldn’t bully me in any way, even on my worst days, I will wipe the floor up with them!

  4. COLLEEN LA ROSE, WOOOOOHOOOOO! Touchdown girl! You go!!!!
    All these bullying overbearing dodo’s need to be straightened out!

  5. Cortez your like a squirrel. You wake up in a different world everyday. The only good thing that you have done in your life is you have shown all of the world how stupid and deranged that you are. You will never be or do anything good because of all the stupid thoughts that goes on in your mind. There is mental hospitals all over the world and you need to be put in one before you go insane and hurt someone. You act like one of those idiots that just killed those people in Ohio and Texas. Your true colors have not come out yet but they are there within you.

  6. Will
    Ok President Trump is the grand poopah of the KKK, & I recon that means he hates negros, mexicans, women….blah, blah, blah.. But golly he has a bad way of showing this, I mean after all since he has become the 45th President…all these people he hates have benefited tremendously by all the reports I have read. Darnit maybe someone should tell him to stop improving the lives of all these people he hates!!

  7. Agreed Terry Cortez is an idiot…Period.. DNC knows it, GOP knows it. She’s merely entertainment,& that’s why they don’t get rid of her. She & Omar are a Smokescreen. Something Media can write about, & draw our attention away from the real issues.

  8. Wrong! Trump is and always has been a racist and white supremacist. It’s in his family blood. Goes back to his grandfather and the KKK at least.w

  9. What does President Trump and AOC have in common? They both like to sleep with many women! The lesbian AOC sleeps with more women in a week than President Trump has slept with since he married Marla Maples in the 90s!

  10. Linda, you are also correct. The goal of islam is total world control. Either you serve allah or die. There is a lot of ignorance of islam in this country. We need to educate the ignorant on the danger. Dems think muslims are on their side. They are very mistaken.

  11. Trump is not a racist but you Cortez damn sure are a racist . you and the other Democrats are the scum of this earth. you are the reason for the tragedies happening. you a liar a thief a racist you are so disgusting i don;t see how you can stand yourself.

  12. when is America going to learn that countries that are governed by blacks or Hispanics end up in civil war are they are with out an economic or food or meds. Look around people and think do we need more 3rd world countries. When is white America going to vote with common senses and not for gays or blacks or any thing else that they are trying to keep happy, All you here is how the whites mistreat the minorities but the minorities are the ones on welfare, they have children they can not support and cannot afford homes but yet the white race is to blame for the troubles, if we are so bad why do they continue to come here –it is the democrat’s and all of the government free stuff.

  13. It’s time to hold her accountable for insulting the office of the President, spewing disgusting lies, farting in public places and continuously disgusting our Nation by her snarling ugly snout…

  14. Exactly Pj , use common sense , don’t get caught alone , go in a group , the Thugs like to prey on single individuals , there day is coming I’m sure , they’re going to be messing with the wrong Man and get there butts sent to HELL’S Kitchen on short notice , yes be prepared , better to be , than not to be , you have your 2nd amendment right , use good judgement and safety , God Bless America

  15. Maybe if enough people say the same thing she will really do it. According to her that is what people do.

  16. Feel the same way about her but her rhetoric exposes the far left as the real problem both her in the U.S. and the world. By direct connection the rest of the democrats are being dragged into the same gutter and if reports are to be believed a majority of Americans are really sick and tired of their BS. Given the Dem. candidates for Pres. Ocs looks to be doing them no favors.

  17. She really should go back to doing what she does best…
    Cleaning toilets and slinging beers.
    I have seen vegetables with more intelligence

  18. The dems own the shooting of Steve scalise, the El Paso and Dayton tragedies. She owns the attempted one at the detention center. I wish she would go for a long walk off a short pier

  19. I completely agree the Cortez is a parasite and worthless as a Congresswoman. Her true mission, as a Muslim, is to take over America and make it a Muslim country. The plot started with Obama (Muslim) and the so called squad is following his que however, they too have the Muslim mindset. If you have never read the history of Muslims, please do. It is a real eye opener. I never considered myself racist but what I have read, thou not the writers intention, left me wary of Muslims as they seem deceiving. Maybe not all, as a race, but something to consider according to their religious beliefs.

  20. The Real M
    Please come soon whatever is in store for these thugs!
    Is it just me or are others having problems posting on these sites today?

  21. We’ve done great! We have been a bonafide country for 243 years without a total collapse. It’s time!

  22. This is what happens when you force tribes on other tribes. Not racist but true and if you want to label this remark as racism then so be it. America is not different than any other country in the world it’s just we jones the party hundreds of years later and we already knew how to do everything perfectly. Arrogance has killed us. And if you don’t think the continued badgering on The View, CNN, Bill Maher, MSNBC isn’t the causing these outbursts then your are an idiot. You know exactly who is non stop antagonizing?

  23. Scott will sit back and do Nothing. He seems content with as is politics. I Will however STAND for Our Constitution and Rule of Law. I will fight to my last breath to see that Our Country survives.

  24. This little “lady” thinks she has a fight with Mr. Trump. She is no more than an irritant, a little fly on the President.

  25. It is vitally necessary for the left to keep pounding on the “Trump racist” fiction all day every day, otherwise minorities might realize that Trump has done more to benefit them since Abraham Lincoln.
    If the left should lose the minority vote, they’ll never win another election.

  26. Actully there were 37 mass shootings under Obama. He fiddled with the statistics by calling them work place violence. He also forbade any one to say they were muslims who did some of them.

  27. I’m with you, but IF they do not go down for these crimes, are you willing to fight? Because no convictions means it will be civil war. We the people will march on them and there will be no more trials, there will be many hangings. This is not a game on the web, this is do or die.

  28. I did not see any of these Democrats standing next to Ms. Parks receiving an award for the civil rights movement I did however see President Trump. So who is the true racist?

  29. OAC is a racist against white people, and the squad has said more hate then any other people that are in service of our country. I wish people would stand up and check out the truth that the left are trying to do to America.

  30. Dan T., Stand by, think you are going to hear some news you will like about the masked rioters and “destructioneers” before long. Think they made a huge mistake threatening an attack on our border patrol, and other things.

  31. Dan T., I think antifa will be declared a domestic terror group very soon! I have heard some stuff, ssshhhhhh!

  32. I just turned into FOX to find Biden lying about Trump and giving no agenda just suddenly praising the U.S. Trump did not start the KKK, the democratic party did hiding themselves in hoods. Trump didn’t start Antifa, its the democratic favoring Antifa with its hoods covering their faces. Trump people never have showed up at a democrat’s rally chasing people trying to hit them in their heads to stop them from listening to Hillary. Soros who backed these people closing roads and beating up people by paying these people, busing them into Trump rallies along with democrat mayors and police made no attempt to stop this illegal activities while Soros poured money into Hillary’s campaign. Soros is a communist kicked out of countries because of his communist activities. Did any democrat say anything against these criminals attacking people to the point of unlawlessness, NO making the democrats the racists and anti Americans communists.

  33. Norma Michelena, Of course you are right! If you will read my comment again you will see what I stated pertains ONLY to AOC! The rest of “the squad” are more dangerous especially the two Islamist with ties to terrorists groups. The black Rep is just a typical Democrat liberal.
    If we only knew how many violent radicals are out there, ready to strike if given the opportunity, it would probably frighten us to death!

  34. NOT Dipsticks, Traitors Donald. They are preparing to disarm the American people by doing these mass killings of innocents. These incidents are NOT going to stop unless or until they get what they want.
    What do they want? They want Gun Confiscations. They NEED Gun confiscations because they want to TAKE complete control of America and turn us all into frigging SLAVES! Remember, The Democrats ARE the Party of SLAVERY, the KKK Night Riders, Murder, Theft and Tyranny.

  35. One would think Kotex wouldn’t have a problem with concentration camps as much antisemitism as there is in the DUMMIECRATIC PARTY. Not belonging to either party I see it like this, we have a bunch of right wingers that talk tough and lie just as much as the left, If anybody thinks Hildabeast, Commie or anyone else is going to do time or even brought up on charges is just fools gold. (What a joke)

  36. I totally agrees with many of the comments on here about the radical anti Americsn Muslim, ! She is a objectionist, evil, obnoxious misfit!! She needs to be removed, deported! It is her , the commie Dromo’s that are causing all the riots! Violence!
    Bunch of dispicable , hateful bunch!

  37. Patricia, The Dayton guy made no bones about himself and what he represents. Everyone needs to go online and read what the El Paso guy wrote. His reasons are far more complex and everyone needs to and should read it, you will be glad you took the short time to read it.
    Note: I wrote more in depth but, was censored and it disappeared, maybe this one will do better.

  38. Patricia, I just read the El Paso shooter’s manifesto, based on it and what I already knew about the Dayton shooter, I say without reservation, the Democrats own more blame for both of these mass murders than we do! Of course the Dayton shooter proudly proclaimed his Democrat links and he was just a liberal lunatic and killer! The El Paso shooter’s reasons are far more complex, he blamed both parties but, the things that pushed him over the edge was the day to day operating policies and agenda of the Democrat party. He had no political party affiliation listed.
    Let me encourage everyone to go online and read the El Paso manifesto. Just enter “El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius manifesto”. It is not that long and everyone needs to and should read it. You will be glad you took the time!

  39. great remarks–but please dont forget who is actually behind all this
    its the NGO’S –all of them funded by GEORGE SOROS–the billionaire–he’s behind liberal state politicians and liberal federal politicians they take his $$$$–shoe them the money

  40. Cortez, the weasel Castro, orourke the great dunce, are all young people
    Who truly believe in agenda 21. They are doing everything in their power
    To hook you by any means possible. Trump came along and blew up
    The whole liberal plans for a one world government. You go president
    Trump. I’ll always support you

  41. Dark humor competition if a light pole with hooks (1) or (2) or (3) in total. I think we all know who finished the dark humor competition with uncertainty of why it was said to begin with. Gruesome. Atypical genitalia

  42. Eunice; you touched upon something that needs to be said. I suspect the “squad” is communicating with Antifa to take action in the event Trump wins 2020 (that will happen). ALL, be vigilant, be prepared. I suspect all heck will break loose when Trump wins his 2nd term in office.

  43. Really shocking that there is so much stupidity out here – don’t people fact check or just listen to CNN and go uh huh uh huh. Trump had noth ing to do with anything, 102 people died in 3 mass shootings during Obama – where is the outrage there???

  44. She, the squad and the rest are total dipsticks, and I do not mean checking the oil, for oil is better than any of these psychopathic morons of DC and congress that is so full of nothing but PIGS and PIG CRAP.

  45. Of course the fake news media wouldn’t accuse this simpletons rhetoric of causing violence only if it was Trump! Well that little dimwit is in for a major surprise because with her poor ratings and having a challenger against her, her days are numbered!



  48. The Real M, are we really safe though? I agree with you, but I am afraid there are many out there like her or worse so we cannot let our guard down. This woman and the other 3 are as evil as the devil but they’ve warned us for now and we will be ready to fight them should they threaten our freedoms again. We need and must keep Pres. Trump in the WH!!

  49. Ah, Julio (or whatever your name really is), please stop writing. The blatant stupidity and lack of intellect is challenging and unbecoming of a civilzed, intelligient discourse. But, then again, that has become the sole purpose of your existance.

  50. Who have been the most outspoken with a garbage mouth?? I think you would have to say that is the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party have become so crazed that they will do anything and everything to get a win. I think we have some sinister people behind the scenes doing anything they can to guarantee America’s freedoms are taken from them. If you do not want to be controlled by big government now is the time to stand up. You have to remember we have a lot of crazy people out there and these two shootings were committed because of the Democrats language. Use your brain Cortez instead of sitting on it. Your team should be called dumb and dumber.

  51. You are correct in what you said……but even worse than that, the muslims want control of our government and our country & we are giving them “easy access” to both!

  52. I wish her KOTEX would blow up while shes wearing it. hehehehe What a mess. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHH

  53. He sure is…. deaf and blind and doesn’t care to be controlled by the left…. WAKE UP AND BE SMART!

  54. Ass-OC needs to shut the hell up and go away. Not necessarily in that order. Also, what about her lies, she started her political life with a lie. As we learned over her first couple months, she’s not from the Bronx or anywhere in the 5 boughs. She’s from Westchester and a well to do family and went to upscale schools…

  55. Little Miss Occasional-Cortex needs to keep her mouth shut about matters she doesn’t know anything about! Next year, she’ll be back to bartending! By the way, I’ll have a gin and tonic, easy on the gin!

  56. What the dems want is total control of our government and they can’t do it unless they get our guns. They are very dangerous.

  57. She ALWAYS lies. PLEASE name ONE lie that Pres. Trump has told. Hillary lies every time her lips move, but that is fine with you. Obama lied his way into our White House illegally. But that is fine with you. YOU are a fool.

  58. AOC is the scum at the bottom of the barrel always trying to divide the country with her Moronic comments

  59. I’ve wondered if they are connected. Interesting they don’t touch the Chicago killings. Even if they get our guns nothing would change there. They want lots of killings to push their agenda.

  60. Dan you are right! I would not be surprised if the Liberals & the commie squad paid the shooters to shoot people. They should be careful of what they say. God only knows what could happen to the liberals & the squad.

  61. If AOC had enough brain power, she would be a terrorist! Thank the Lord, we are safe from this idiot! I am happy she has brought her racist bigotry and hate into the sunshine for all to see AND NOBODY pays any attention to a thing she says unless they have her low IQ intellect!

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