Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was caught on video making one terribly racist remark

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is feeling the political heat.

Her “Green New Deal” is the subject of nationwide ridicule and Democrats worry it will lead to Donald Trump’s re-election.

Ocasio-Cortez tried to put a stop to this growing crisis by going on camera, but she made things worse when she made this terribly racist remark.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is political star because of her social media use.

So she tried to use that to her advantage in defusing the criticism surrounding her global warming hysteria and the “Green New Deal.”

The New York Democrat compared people mocking her claims that the earth only has 12 years left to segregationists that protested blacks being able to eat at the same lunch counters as whites.

This – of course – is ludicrous.

The planet is not in danger.

Humanity has more than 12 years left before crossing the point of no return.

And people that oppose a 93 trillion dollar government takeover of the economy are not the equivalent of police officers that blasted civil rights marchers with fire hoses.

The simple fact of the matter is there is no evidence to substantiate any of Ocasio-Cortez’s outlandish claims.

Global warming alarmists have claimed the government only has ten years to act going back to the 1980s.

It’s a fake news hoax designed to allow the Left to impost socialism on America.

As more Americans wake up to that fact, Ocasio-Cortez and her allies become more hysterical.



  1. How about putting the feed bag down while your spilling your fat lies! Like I want to see you stuffing your face and listening to your drivel!

  2. I was around when the march on Selma happened. It was common knowledge that the town would be looted and burned. The protesters did every time, if not stopped by the police, just as they did in Ferguson and Baltimore . To portray the police as turning water hoses on protesters as a racist action is entirely false. They were there to break out windows, loot and burn.

    • Obama/Biden admin bombed more countries than any president since WWII; 100,000 bombs & missles. Obama recently said Dems need new blood!!

  3. she is so dun she can’t learn from vic. p. down to the out for money globalists
    giving 12 yrs end of the world b.s…….

  4. This is what happens when you allow children to be elected into public office before they reach adulthood. We don’t need an ideology that’s a proven failure to be sold to the x,y,z and millennial generations because although they have a high ratio of very successful children, they also have a very high ration of under achievers with high debt and they will more than willing to be looking for a handout. Hitler got his foothold under extreme circumstances but we are today faced with a different set of extreme circumstances that she is saying can be provided if you follow my ideas. The same ideas that have been proven wrong many times but the end results turn into Venezuela.

    • Rickey, ‘we’ In Trbl. Not Good.
      POTUS put a ‘band-aid’ In some areas.
      & GOOD, FOR SURE. BUT, ‘some’ Cannot
      SEE the ‘train coming Down the Tracks’
      in the not too distant future. POTUS
      0nly 4 more yrs. At Best. & Then ___
      (sorry to say – Don’t think Pence
      Can Handle ‘it’. ) Trump ALREADY has
      his ‘hands tied’ In Certain Venues.
      He really Doesn’t Have a ‘choice’&
      you etc. Should ‘Know’ what i’m talking about.

    • She never said that the world would end in 12 years. She said we have 12 years before it becomes irreversible. And I never heard anything that was remotely racist. Why even on your comments do you have to “opinion” lie? God if it’s one thing these right wing websites do very well is conspiracies,hearsay and just flat out lie.

  5. Only pitty AOC = miss kotex is someone as stupid as you running there mouth while stuffing things in it trying to talk about things you know nothing about nor can u.s. afford it! Your ideas might half work in 2050,but it still has to be paid for and it will never happen letting border jumpers and camel jockeys in this country wasting our money! Alot more things more pressing to worry about than some over rated go green deal! I could suggest sticking something else in your mouth but you would still try to talk!!

  6. The democrats have a bunch of nuts in thier party, this should scare the living hell out of all of us! Not just nuts, but also nutty jihadist! Wake up fools!

  7. The lamestream media has an infatuation with stupidity because like the quote goes, “birds of the same feather flock together!”. The present libi”turd” history as studied in the future, the historians will have to ignore anything the lamestream media printed knowing the reputation of the jackass party is nothing more then a pile of shitz!

  8. The reason she is stupid is her brains are without oxygen because azzhat so deep no oxygen gets to brain plus she is dull normal on the lower side of 100 IQ

  9. “The internet documents everything”….yeah, it showed us AOC was never taught manners, eating and talking at the same time, makes less sense every time she does speak, and can’t make a relative comparison….if she ever had grandchildren they’d be so proud. I’m at a loss as to who she’s trying to appeal to, because her image is sad, pathetic, and as deranged as her ideas. The more she talks the lower she gets. Disappear, little girl, you’re no leader in any stretch of the imagination.

    • I was talking to my dog because she makes more sense than AOC and she doesn’t wear bright red lipstick that makes her look like a fish.

  10. NO 0NE ‘IS’ Calling her (AOC) 0UT,
    Does it matter ??? (Anymore?)
    > Better Get Ready, folks.
    boom. hit you like a rock? Duh.
    good luck? ‘betty’et al.

    • Speaking of Blond Jokes, the Worst Blond Joke of all Times is that Brain Dead Blond Orangutan Ape In The Oval Office!


    • O.k. Let me see if I can summarize all the comments here so far:
      The legitimacy of her degree in economics is questioned due to the fact she promotes failed political and economic policies. She is vulgar in both her actions, mannerisms, speech and use of vocabulary. Her social skills are pitiful. She basically is preaching hatred of the white race and has shown herself to be antisemitic. She believes that the national borders should be open and again, any attempts to control the flow of immigration is due to again white racism. She favors the abolishment of 2A. She believes again the foundations of our nation is built on white racism. She is totally ignorant of U.S. history and the history of her party. She is immersed with the ideas of free housing, free medical, and a guaranteed government income, even if you don’t want to work. Miss anything. I can be sure I missed a lot. We just can’t keep up. Summary; We are dealing with a white hating antisemitic ridiculously ignorant semi educated transplanted banana republic Latina of low intelligence promising exactly what her more than likely preponddrance of illegal voting immigrants in her district want.

      • Bob,
        . . . . I think that you pretty much hit the nail on the head. She is a typical brain fried commie pot head that hates our country. Oh, I forgot that she is also a criminal that has stolen from her campaign contributors. Since she is a US Citizen that means that she is a Traitor. High Treason during Wartime is a Capital Offense.
        American: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • Janice Hamman,You need to see, The Brains Behind AOC Part II. They are going to run Dems like AOC on the Republican ticket. Know who you are voting for. Don’t vote for them just because there is a R beside their name. They are starting with the District Att. Office and up. They said we were to lazy to check out who is running. They also said that we would vote for anybody with a R beside their name. Let’s prove them wrong.

      • She is only the tip of the pimple. Her handlers have paid the New Democrats to find a good distraction from the other Criminal behind the scenes, namely the Democrats the lost the Black vote when they found out that the Democrats have been using them for over 50 years, and need new slaves to vote for them. She is just a distraction, and we should ignore them and focus on the real damage they have in store for us Citizens. We are in trouble if we can’t convince thes stupid people to leave the real smart people make the vote for Trump. This is all lies that the Democrats are using and the FBI, CIA, and DHS are in bed for the Elite who pull the strings. Congress is the real enemy of America as they have all Traitors in place and most of them are not even American Citizens like that Fake Obama.

    • Well look at all the front corporations that were the Obama friends, all the Solar companies went out of business or filed bankruptcy right after getting government grants. Even Nancy Pelosi had given a grant to her husbands brother, and that went belly up too, so Yeah all of the democrats are traitors and slave owners. Why don’t you ask a Democrat why they did not vote to abolish Slavery. Just ask them and see all the fake answers they give as false news

  11. Ocasio doesn’t has a brain equal to that of a gnat!
    She should never be allowed to speak in public!
    I think she basically has a puppeteer who tells her what to do and say on a daily basis!!
    The fact she won a house seat is complete insanity!! Or voter fraud!!
    God save America !
    Trump,2020. Our only hope!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Mueller needs to investigate Boston college and see why they would give this bigoted, racist moron a degree in economics. Are they handing them out like street tacos (3 for a dollar) or did some one there get caught in a compromising situation. It has had more racist comments coming out of her fool mouth Re whites than I can count. Is she really trying to get people killed or maimed with her hate speech? Or, oh, I forgot we are dealing with a Latina female so she can get off Scot free. Last time I checked her rhetoric is against the law. Last I heard Twitter, Facebook and other social sites would ban you for this. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. Her comments were directed at white people so she should be applauded and given an award. All I know is the Democrats keep pushing and shoving people around and they are NOT going to like the results. Cause/apparent why they want to do away with 2A.

        • Patrice
          Woops! I stand corrected. I really do try to be factual in my mad rantings and ravings. So now with jaundiced eye and furrowed brow I can turn to BOSTON UNIVERSITY and ask, “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?” Thank you.

    • Jay
      As a matter of fact she does. THE NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND GEORGE SOROS.
      Banana Republic Cortez just regurgitates what she is told. Watch the eyes. Not smart just sneaky in a rat like way. And like a rat, when cornered she gets mean and lashes out. Yep, a smart, cool headed independent woman like her should DEFINITELY be making decisions affecting our nation. Right.

    • She comes across as an uneducated person. Has she never been taught it is rude to speak with her mouth full. Discusting and disrespectful to her audience.

    • I dis agree. Let her speak. The more she chews her cud while speaking and the treasonous remarks she makes the better it will be in the next round. But we do have vet everyone we vote for. She is a puppet.

  12. Miss Rag Head is a special kind of stupid. Every time she opens that big mouth, my President, Donald Trump, ratings go up, great!
    What are these Congress people afraid of? Get rid of her, Impeach her. Send her back to her tent.
    I am so upset to see people, (Demacraps) Trying to rip this country apart. Full of hate towards anyone that does not agree with their Commie thinking.
    God Bless America, Donald Trump and the Republication Party

    • The Democrats lost everything they had on the fake Russia deals that Clinton made and gave 20% of our Uranium to Russia and her foundation got a sweet bonus right after. Trump was not even in Office and they were running for the hills, soon you will see them leaving this country to get away from all the indictments that are on the horizon.

  13. Why is this idiot AOC still talking about the voting rights of blacks. That is done and over with. Everyone has the right to vote, red and yellow black and white. Some just DON’t. So AOC get your facts right, people are starting to think you don’t have much upstairs.

    • STARTING? Are you kidding me she is full frontal idiotic with every new insane rant. A drunken video ? She’s pathetic

        • Linda,
          . . . . You are so correct. This is what marijuana does to the human brain. The communists aka democrats are pushing legalization so that they can turn our children in to zombies.
          American: Love it or Leave it!
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Frederick,
      . . . . Se is a communist and like all of the communists aka democrats she doesn’t about the truth.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  14. Hopefully there are enough folks who remember that in the late seventies, we were supposed to be facing an ICE AGE within 30 years, as supported by these same wack jobs.
    Of course these same wackadoodles will still collect federal funding for their next agenda.
    Trump wants to save money, there’s a start…
    As to this “aoc” freak, I guess if she hears it on radio or tv it’s true.
    – Hope she never saw “true blood”, or a vampire takeover will be next.

    Guess she DOES think she knows all about being black too.
    – She tried to talk like a southern black girl at Sharpton’s “give us reparations but hate whitey” conference yesterday, and got called on it. 😉

  15. I am so pleased that this totally, flaky bimbo does not represent me. She definitely needs to be removed from any form of Government office and placed in a secure mental institute. God help America if this idiot is the future.

    • Dave,
      . . . . Because this brain fried commie pot head is in the US Congress she represents all of us. If she was the bimbo in the NY State Legislature then she would only be Representing the people of NY.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  16. I don’t know about you, but her eating and munching, while describing “Climate Change”, 12 years until the apocalypse, and challenging all White Americans that their ancestors were bigoted against blacks, made me SICK! She’s truly off her rocker…if she’s hungry, then get off the danged floor, and eat, BEFORE YOU SHOOT VIDEO. Rude to eat when in debates, making heartfelt videos, and when talking on the phone. She has zero manners. No brains either.

    • No brains is right….and the Bible says that nobody will know the exact time the world ends (but the Lord God) and that we should watch for the signs (which are revealed in Revelation) but the Lord will come as a thief in the night…when we least expect it…so we all should be ready for His coming again. Not for AOC to tell us this! She certainly is not God!

  17. Y does the media give this fuctard any credence 4 the ignorance that leaves that void below her nose????
    U know if the media ignored her dumb ASS she would hopefully fade away!!
    Has anybody else noticed the resemblance of these Demo-stains like Assault On Commonsense/AOC or her girl Mullah Omar and finally that DOUCHE BAG,BUTT STAIN O’CORK the Mexican leprechaun they all have ASS faces just like there party mascot an ASS??

  18. Almost everyday, AOC makes a stupid, ridiculous comment or she says something racially derisive or Anti-Semitic. Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives all know that her 15 minutes of fame are over yet the radical left continue to praise her as the second coming. There are so many websites that say that she has no business being a Congresswoman representing any state, city or neighborhood. She is a danger to the Men and Women of America. Read the comments we all write. We are all saying the same thing: This woman is an idiot. She is a racist and a Jew-Hater along with her other Freshmen congresswomen. She has to go and the quicker the powers that be see and understand this, the better we will all be.

    • AOC was someone that was interviewed for that job…She was a bartender and Bernie supporter prior to her win… Of course she is being given marching orders and talking points because there is no way she can fit into that role that quickly

    • EVA she is from a voting block that is like 98% Latino all she had to do was show up & spew the same no think dribble to them because they believe it and via her, DC has to hear them . . . Look too this is seed stock that will be planted. This is only the start of DIVERSITY give it 10 yr time & you will want H-R-C to be the president . .

  19. AOC is only as relevant as you make her to be. She has no message to deliver other than to display her ignorance and anti-American posture.

  20. Who let this girl out of her padded room ?
    What people of the JACK ASS PARTY told her to rip this lie on lie !

    I know she is way too young to know squat of the summers of 1964 – 1965 – 1966 – 1967 – 1968 in all of them every summer Large Blue on Blue Towns ( Jack Ass Party Towns in Jack Ass Party States )
    America had 3 to 5 riots per summer the names are easy Chicago, Detriot, Philley, & More, like I said the Blue of the Blue . . .
    In addition, it was Blacks ripping the TREATMENT & None TREATMENT of the JACK ASS PARTY to them . . . So not whites in said RIOTS

    As far as whites in riots that was students of LIBERAL JACK ASS COLLEGES riping the DRAFT in the same summers with such great slogans like ; ; ;
    ” Make Love Not War ”
    ” Draft Beer Not College Students ”
    ”Hell No To Viet ~ Nam We Won’t Go ”

    In all that mess A O~C I recommend that you read the NEWS of the very summers I’ve listed . . . Better yet don’t! You just keep on running your mouth your almost as good as former POTUS O’BamYa . . . There goe’s 500 votes . . . there goe’s 750 votes . . . there goe’s 1000 votes

  21. I received a e-mail with a picture of a little girl who says: “MY LITTLE BROTHER ATE ALL THE SCRABBLE TILES AND HIS S**T MAKES MORE SENSE THAN ALEXANDRA OCASIO CORTEZ.” And that really makes sense.LOL!

  22. Yes she is a racist just as is Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton, and David Dukes. And none of them is worth a plug nickel! I am sixty years old College Graduate and have a mild form of Aspergers Syndrome and Dyslexia. I am a racist I believe in the human Race all else is man made manure. I also have a major problem with stupid people like Farrakhan, a d David Dukes.

  23. If we are lucky this moron won’t have any children at all.She makes a good case for abortion.We also won’t have to worry about her having grandchildren.I can’t believe there is anyone out there stupid to marry this fool.

    • But Howard it’s a proven fact that you Can’t Fix Stupid & in particular . . . BLUE JACK ASS PARTY STUPID . . .

  24. GOD’KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL. No one knows the day or the hour when JESUS CHRIST will return.” (Matthew) THIS IS GOD’WORD WHICH IS TRUE, AND POWERFUL. THERE IS NO TRUTH WHEN OAC or anyone else SAYS THE earth only has 12 YEARS left. I renounce and rebuke all statements that are oppsite of GOD’WORD. In JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE.

  25. She’s in an unfurnished room that looks like in also is unfinished. I guess it takes longer than I thought to build a padded cell. Also noticed no strait jacket. I guess the idiots that voted for her all ready have the ones in stock. Come on, UPS! Hurry up with that new shipment. AOC is over due for one.

    • She could be one of the many reasons why President Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Te demokRATS have fallen under the spell of this idiot-imbecile. She has to be in the news all the time, showing her frog eyes and huge mouth. Sometime I wonder what she learn in school.

  26. As you said AOC “the internet documents forever”. Why did you prove to the World that you eat out of the dogs bowl? Or was it the cats bowl? Guess it doesn’t matter, but one of those animals are pissed!

  27. Very classy. Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full? She’s like this nightmare of a blind date that never ends. You’re sitting there, listening to her go on and on, and you can literally feel the IQs of everyone within ear shot dropping just a little, as they get dumber and dumber for having heard her, and you want to slit your wrists just to get out of the restaurant, but it would lack originality because that’s what the last 3 guys did, and that’s one of the reasons for climate change and you’re a racist and there’s 3 chambers of government and they all need bartenders running them and you think, “Why didn’t I get that concealed carry permit when I had the chance? Then again, if you had, everyone would be trying to wrestle the gun from your hands to use it on themselves and then she says, “You didn’t order a BURGER did you?”

    • A RATZ MAN I was going to try the jar of 4-inch cockroaches after I had the Steak & Lobster with after dinner sweets & $500.oo wine bottle before I let the cockroaches out of the jar . . .

  28. Yeah, AOC is definitely mentally deranged. And she won the seat … you have to wonder what she is going to do next. She did crazy things everyday. Everyday …


    • Timothy,
      . . . . The thing is is that she is Caucasian. That means that she is a so called white. The thing is is that none of us are white unless we are an albino. She is a brain fried commie pot head traitor and she should spend the rest of her miserable life in GITMO along with her 30+ million comrades.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  29. I don’t know what a ” bizzaro ” world is but it sounds like perhaps life on a planet that is upside down and spinning in reverse. Words coming out of the bartender’s mouth
    is emanating from that planet. On this planet ( Earth) it would be considered ” nuts”.
    On her planet it might be considered normal. If that be so, please, beam her up to her planet. This planet has a full complement of “crazies.”

  30. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that this woman is dumb beyond belief. I hope that all of the stupid people that voted for this ignoramus are ecstatic.

    • They really aren’t ecstatic. There are complaints from her district that no one is at the district office, no takes calls. They are starting to realize she is simply not present physically or mentally. They feel that she has forgotten them already, except when she came home one weekend to grouse about how she could hardly wait to get out of DC. She is like all the other talking heads who sneak out of DC on Thursday and complain about they have to toil for three and a half days in DC.

  31. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this chick is a nut-job Douchenozzle. Also, why is she on the floor and eating while broadcasting this???

  32. Gosh AOC is deranged. What does her claim that people protesting that the earth has only 12 years have to do with the segregationists protesting blacks and whites eating at the same lunch counter have to do with anything. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Gosh, let’s pray that this is the only term she has in any government position.

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