Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on Fox News and started one scandal that could ruin Democrats

This was the day no one ever thought they would see.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on Fox News.

And Ocasio-Cortez blew the whistle on one scandal that could destroy the Democrat Party.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Bernie Sanders’ biggest supporter in Congress.

Days after Sanders lost five of six primary contests on “mini-Tuesday,” Ocasio-Cortez made her first ever appearance on Fox News to discuss the state of the race.

Under questioning from host Brett Baier, Ocasio-Cortez claimed the real reason Sanders lost badly in the key state of Michigan was voter suppression.

“I think one thing that isn’t being talked about is the rampant voter suppression in this country. Right there in Ann Arbor where we had that rally, those kids were waiting three hours in line to vote in Michigan. When we talk about who’s turning out and who’s not turning out,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed.

Baier pressed her on this point and Ocasio-Cortez did not back down.

“Absolutely. There’s more that we need to do in terms of turning out youth voters. We need to make sure we are inspiring young people to turn out, but when you do turn out, you should not be waiting three, four, seven hours in order to vote,” Ocasio-Cortez.

This was a Democrat primary.

Ocasio-Cortez is accusing her own party of suppressing voters and rigging the election in favor of Biden.

These comments demonstrate the chasm that exists between the Democrat Party establishment and Bernie Sanders supporters.

If “Sleepy” Joe Biden can’t bridge that gap in time it will spell doom as Sanders supporters will feel they were cheated for the second election in a row and stay home on Election Day.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. When Fox News puts Demwits like Occasional Cortex on their shows they reveal to us Deplorables a lot of valuable information.

  2. Tony the Democratic Party is suppressing voters, by not allowing id cards so illegal (Democratic)voters and dead people are their mainstay voters……..Plus her, if she can find her way.

  3. Let me get this straight, we can send probes to Mars, land them on asteroids, put man on the moon, cure deadly diseases, etc… but can’t establish a secure, efficient, universal voting method? WTF.

  4. “Ocasio-Cortez is accusing her own party of suppressing voters and rigging the election in favor of Biden.”
    It is known as the “Chicago effect” That was being done before the party went communist.

  5. Ms Loony Bit is right, the milennials did not vote because noone waited in line for them, and they actually had to get up from playing video games to vote, and we know they should not have to work that hard. Hell the dead people who vote every election don’t have to move to vote. DNC was so frightened that Bernie might win because Bloomberg got blown out of the water in his first debate, and they had to go back to Biden. There has never been that quick a recovery in any race since Truman and Dewey.

  6. I’m not a fan of AOC, but she is very likely correct about the voter suppression aspect, which was used a lot in NY 4 yrs ago. Clinton and the DNC DID do the exact same thing to Bernie voters in 2016 primaries! They used every trick in the book to nominate her! Voting machines across the country come from a company owned by George Soros, who is a major contributor to Democrats, and were designed to be hackable if necessary, by certain party members, which they proceeded to do to change existing votes and/or change party designations to Republican so they couldn’t vote Dem at all! They used election fraud, voter suppression, hid hundreds of plastic bins full of early voter ballots for Bernie, (these were found in many CA locations all around the state, after the Convention, of course) and lastly they physically removed names of previously registered voters from the printed lists of eligible voters. As usual, none of this was ever reported by the fake news media, but there were so many exit polls that couldn’t be reconciled, it couldn’t be ignored, and eventually was looked into long after the fact and proved all those methods were used in various largest population states.

  7. Ocasa plays on the black-white thinking of children in her statements: she doesn’t portray the maturity of an adult politician in that she offers this divisive rhetoric to rally “young” voters. She leaves no gray zones in her approach, which is what adult thinking is like. Seems to be her way to attract “young” voters: It must be our way or we will scream and whine and maybe even get violent to get what we want. This type of rhetoric reminds me of “The Lord of the Flies”, where the children got violent and even murdered to get their way, rather than find compromise. It also sounds like how the Democrats responded when Trump beat Hillary: they complained of election hampering, rather than accept the outcome of the election, and then, like children, spent the next three+ years trying to go after the person they lost the election to. Look how they promoted “he’s not my president”, and went as far as an unfounded impeachment. The same childlike thinking that can become dangerous, rather than healing, is the criticism leveled against Kim Jong-un in North Korea: they claimed he was dangerous because he thought like a child and the world thought he was too young to lead a country successfully. That is why Trump tried to negotiate with him, but had to back off because of Kim Jong-un’s “childish” stance on things (all or nothing). If NY citizens have any desire to vote this next election, they will see Ocasa is ruining her own chances to become a leader by her own “childlike” thinking (after all, her advisory think tank are all very young people, who are smart, but not mature.)

  8. I don’t like Chinese food. OMG. I’m a racist. I like Japanese food, Italian and Mexican. Ok. So I’m not. I’m confused.

  9. If you support and believe in a candidate (any candidate) enough, you should be willing to do whatever it takes to support them. Standing in line for what might seem to be an inordinately long period of time should not be an issue. Doesn’t say much about you or your fortitude. Her argument is weak, and she’s just making excuses. Again.

  10. Let me get this straight. If I don’t eat at a Chinese restaurant I’m racist. Now if I do eat at a Chinese restaurant will I be guilty of “cultural appropriation”?

  11. I’ll start to pay attention to Always On Crack aka AOC when she has figured out how to operate a garbage disposal.

  12. The girl AOC and her Girl Squad failed in their attempts to help Junior High Sanders win in Minnesota, Michigan and Massachusetts. These three states were swept in a victory by Corn Chowder Biden. Even on last nights debate Corn Chowder Biden was straight on focus with the current situation of the virus. Junior High Sanders was many times off the point and following his strict ideology. AOC and her girl friends are NOT able to help a man NOT responsive to the immediate needs of the public. The Girl herself is just an ideolog not able to handle the practicalities of life.

  13. “Ocasio-Cortez is accusing her own party of suppressing voters and rigging the election in favor of Biden.”

    Of course the democrats are rigging the elections, that’s common knowledge.

  14. Gary, I still stick to Fox. Since their motto is “Fair and Balanced” they have to have some lefties on the air. Chris Wallace, Marie Harf. At least Shepard Smith is gone. If he didn’t say at least once a day “Trump lied” (without backing it up) I was disappointed. So disappointed in Alisyn Camerota. She went from a “Fair and Balanced” anchor at Fox, to just another Lib at CNN.

  15. Umm i believe voters are told when polls open and when they close. If masses of people couldnt be bothered to show up any sooner than at the end of the day…theyve gotta wait in line but it was their choice to wait til the last minute. That being said polls wouldnt close until the last voter that was there at closing came through and their vote cast. People showing up past poll closing were too late to vote even if the lines were still backed up. Their faults…not poll workers. Be mindful of the clock people and just know the last hour of the day at the polls is usually the busiest!

  16. Democrats only to rule us for profit in their wallets. How many have come to office with little money but walked away filthy rich ? Graft pays if your a democrat .

  17. Pauline Kasper, I am convinced that AOC is memorizing phrases given to her by her handlers. Maybe ones Biden plagerized years ago – and she means to ensure Bernie doesn’t win. I believe Bernie can achieve that on his own.

  18. Wyatt, WHEN Donald Trump IS re-elected, the word Impeachment will be the first words out of their mouths. But they’ll wait until after he’s inaugurated this time, since they won’t believe, with their stellar candidate, that he will be re-elected. Poor babies.

  19. Voter suppression seems to be the democrats latest catch phrase. This is as bad as shouting racism if you don’t get your way. If your claiming voter suppression, show me the numbers, the witnesses or any other vetted facts and also your reputable sources. Can’t do it ? It figures.

  20. I think the whole virus is fake news it is the blue team trying to steal the election from the red team I think we just need to get our guns out and start utilizing our 2nd amendment rights against the blue team who is with me.

  21. Obviously Ms. Cortez doesn’t remember back, when standing in line to vote was the norm, 4, 5 hours was not out of the question, I know because I’ve done it, but this was my decision to make, and being a patriot to me, means standing in line for how ever long it takes, to have me place my vote is what America is all about. Too bad the youth of today are “WIMPS”, and unpatriotic to the USA. They are “gimmee” sissies, who need a cry room, because they can’t handle daily lifes’ issues, which is not always smooth. BOO HOO!

  22. People unwilling to wait in line is not voter suppression, as it is a voluntary choice made by those individuals.
    While I certainly acknowledge that it is a grave disservice to the Citizenry, bureaucratic incompetence does not equate to some sinister plot.
    To put this complaint in context, the same people have and will in the future go to places like Walt Disney World and ~repeatedly~ stand in line for an hour or more for a less than five minute amusement ride. They are ~committed~ to going on that ride. If they choose not to show the same level of commitment
    to exercising their full franchise, that is a personal decision.
    Veritas Vincit

  23. Cortez is only speaking the commiecrats agenda. It was going to come out sooner or later. The idiots in that party doesn’t run on facts. Just allegations of cheating. But they are the ones searching the obituary columns during election season.

  24. If this nut is the best Fox can do as a guest, I will look elsewhere for news. Fox is slowly turning left and soon will be no different than CNN. If Brett can’t do any better than looney toon he should do something else and get off the air. Having to put up with Donna B. was almost to much but Fox seems to think this is being fair and balanced, but they have it wrong. We can get this crap any day of the week on other channels. Giving this loon time on Fox is just what she wants. NO MORE or you will lose your viewers FOX!!!!!!!!!

  25. Put the democrats AKA communists in charge of the Sahara desert and very shortly there will be a shortage of sand. We certainly do not want to let these clowns anywhere near our money.

  26. Have you noticed FOX is attempting to mainstream more and more leftist, liberal, progressive, and communists on their channel, giving them a platform to disseminate ignorant propaganda. Paul Ryan is hard at work there now.


  28. Well, I have no idea whether her statements about time spent in line to vote are true or not. Many of her statements are exaggerations, or simply “her opinions “ given as fact, or show her lack of veracity (lies or not fact-checked), or displays of her stupidity, etc.

  29. Does anyone with any intelligence believe what Ocasio-Cortez says? If so, they should see a Psychiatrist immediately!

  30. “How to kick pelosi in the head,☺️😆aim for her ass!!!”

    Roger, Pelosi is ALL “ass”. How can you miss.

  31. And yet 10’s of thousands will line up for two days ahead of time to get into a Trump Rally and thousands will remain outside in overflow unable to get in. For republican primary for a president that has already won. Hmmmm under AOC’s
    Logic that is Republican suppression of the vote???

  32. She can’t accept those loser Millenials will show up for protests, it’s their social life, but show up to vote? They’re too lazy to do anything that requires time, organization or initiative. Maybe if you gave them all free cars, gas, weed and paid their mommies to drive them there, they’d show up.

    Not that I want to give them any ideas.

  33. The irony from a legit prostitute of communism who appeared on the national television to talk about a vote suppression, while Nicolas Maduro from Venezuela is currently imprisoning his own political opponents, while claiming to be under the ruling of democracy.

  34. so, sAlamandraOccasional-Cortex blames the camp of the DNC pushing Biden for the nomination

    Biden plays fast and loose with Ukrainian/Communist Oligarchs and Chi-coms

    wow, maybe it’s just about the Russians? after all; they sure did mess up the political scene in 2016, right?

  35. Cortez is an idiot. People standing in long lines to bite them deciding the wait is to long so they go home isn’t voter suppression. The people that walk away and don’t bite do to long lines make a decision that voting isn’t as important than going home and playing on their PlayStation.

  36. Be that as it may, Poopio is freakin gay. I bet his refrigerator box he lives in, smells like feces & cum. Huh, Poopio? From Big Mike packing your Fudge. Hey, Poopio. You have some kinda cream cheese dribbling off your lips, you know, you blowing hole. Also, your walking funny. Did Big Mike Obunghole pack it too tight? Well, that’s what ya get for being a phaggot.

  37. In fact, we all need to think about that very seriously. how to save our children from the corrupting influence of the communist Sanders and his rabid followers AOС, Tlaib, Omar and the like, and also from the elites of the Democratic Party, the gulf between Sanders and these elites is greatly exaggerated.

  38. LOONY TOONS, LOONY TOONS. Dear God why is she ever asked a question. She’s a left wing nut job. Thank God she’s on their side….

  39. Is she kidding? These BorgDems will say anything to get one outraged and truth has nothing to do with it. Yes, they want Biden because the vultures want to rule. Pelosi wants to rule. We know it won’t be Biden. The Deep State will thrive and we will be doomed. God Bless President Trump.

  40. Well AOC is telling the truth about waiting in line to vote it doesn’t matter to me I’m a Trump voter

  41. That was obvious that Demos are rigging the election toward Biden. They will do the same in November. They were just trying out their stunt to see if it works. They will try to rig the November election too.

  42. AOC is a big mouth and is not fit to be in the office she presently occupies. why any new organization would give her print is way beyond me.

  43. “Julio, go & do something constructive, like swat flies at the local landfill”.Trump 2020.

  44. Liberalism is a form of mental defect such as that displayed by AOC and having liberalism should prevent anyone afflicted with it from holding office, any office or any position of responsibility! The crazy fuggers have NO BUSINESS being in charge of ANYTHING!

  45. Little Ms. No-Clue is at it again! There is one thing wrong with this picture. Her foot isn’t in her mouth!

  46. Don’t vote for any Demoncrat! Even after Trump was acquitted they still HOLLOWING impeached! It either you want to move forward or you want to go backwards!

  47. She said they need to get young people to VOTE! Going after the ones like her! Can be a danger time!

  48. The cat is out of the bag. It is not as if every one did not suspect it is so. That they are turning on each other shows they are more fragile than United.

  49. AOC is a moron wrapped up in an idiot. She makes no sense at all defending her Commie loving boss, Bernie! Bulging eyes, bared fangs.and spouting nonsense while making excuses for the old Hippie losing the race.

  50. Another poor excuse from the barmaid…I believe Ann Arbor is Debbie Digell’s district, not like Detroit where Tialb hays out with her anti- Israel t-shirt…Mostly Biden supporters in this area, but rats always turn on each other anyway…

  51. We know for a fact that democrats engage in voter suppression because that is what they accuse republicans of doing, and everything democrats accuse republicans of doing they do themselves. We’ve seen it time and time again. Like clockwork.
    If you want to know what democrats are up to just wait and see what they accuse republicans of doing then you will know.

  52. just another loony liberal trying to make herself more important — if anyone cheats again and it is a proven fact that they have it will be the loony liberals thinking they know best and we all know that they dont

  53. No, little girl,,,not allowing non-citizens to vote is NOT voter suppression. You wanna see voter suppression, wait till November and watch what your cohorts try!

  54. The darling of the commiecrats has accused her own commie party. If there was voter suppression the republicans wasn’t involved.

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