Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s world came crashing down when she got this very bad news

The bad news continues to pour in for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez turned herself into the biggest star in the Democrat Party with her social media use and socialist policy proposals.

But her world came crashing down when she saw this nightmare news roll in.

Last week, a national poll dropped showing just 31 percent of Americans held a favorable view of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It is rare for a member of Congress that is not the Speaker of the House to generate that kind of reaction.

But Ocasio-Cortez’s radicalism made her a national figure and the people do not like what they see.

However, and it’s not a red state-blue state divide.

Even in heavily Democratic New York, Ocasio-Cortez’s approval is underwater.

Democrats in her home state are not over the moon with her either.

That same poll found just 47 percent of Democrats in New York held a favorable opinion of the self-described Democrat socialist.

Democrats believe Ocasio-Cortez’s agenda represents the future of American politics.

But are they deluding themselves?

If Ocasio-Cortez and her agenda are unpopular in New York, then Democrats running for President attaching themselves to her policy proposals could be doomed to defeat in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Lets just remove the triplet (AOC,OMAR,TALIB) and send then packing out of our country. We have had our fill of their filth and anger, it’s time they lose everything they came here for and they get no more money.

  2. she appears to be on drugs of some type because only ” a crack head ” would come up with such lunacy…………….
    WE ALL NEED TO REMEMBER THAT THE DUMBOCRAPS ARE going to commit VOTE FRAUD IN 2020 to try and cheat ” we the people ” out of our legal votes and the re-election of President Trump. And they need to stopped at ALL COSTS

  3. Thank all of you who agree with me. IM also a female and some of you were right, There are a few good women in office but I feel there are more bad than good. Some of these women who I mentioned started out ok then started down the wrong path and have gone so far left I think they left their brain behind. And just to protect our country I do not want to vote for another female to add to any of the political parties as IM so afraid they will start down the wrong path as well, not saying that the men will not do the same. AS there are some of the men that need to go bye bye as well. Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff just to name a few. I just wish everyone could get along and allow everyone to do their job that they have been assigned to do without slinging mud about EVERYONE. But when these women and men want to pull our country down to gain power, and not do what is right for our country then it is time to kick them to the curb and get someone else in who will do our Country great justice. Right now we are so divided it is scary.

  4. You must be a left wing dummy.Maybe a swamp creature. In any case your hate comes through loud and clear

  5. Do read the BIble. So many people cite it to confirm their biases without ever taking the time to actually read it.

  6. Satan’s rule is but temporary. So says God. Read the bible, especially, if you want to quote it. To all the rest of you, insane women aren’t the only scourge in our government. There are plenty of, power hungry, insane men as well. Just take a look at Schumer, Booker, DeBlasio, O’Rourke, Coumo, and the list goes on and on and on. Pray for the children, good men and women, our service members, our President, ourselves, and our Country.

  7. Every dem wit when asked about anything O proposes are going to be obtuse in their responses. To me it is lying pure and simple. Vote them all out and pay attention the rinos as well. The dirty dozen has to go in the GOP as they surface for reelection.

  8. I agree with you there are a lot of nut cases running around. As far as AOC she ill not be 35 yrs old in 2020 so she could not be president [GOD IN HEAVEN FORBID}.

  9. Jim:
    Surely, your statement is correct – there’s no argument there. But what really amazes me are the number of people who write in (in particular to criticize how these people in politics are so dumb, stupid and ignorant, yet so many of these posters appear to have not even finished a fourth grade education. The spelling, and the verbiage is just so very far out. Yikes. And we wonder how those other Bimbos got elected? Hmmmm, wonder no more.

  10. GODS’ promises are coming true,GOD does not lie, so people if you believe in JESUS, keep praying because JESUS is the only answer to our worlds’ problems. All other religions are cult and controlled by satan, only JESUS IS THE ONLY RELIGION WE NEED.

  11. You can’t lump all women into the crazy group just because of a few wacko’s. There are plenty of women in Politics that make me very proud for example Nicky Haley. That would be like saying all men are cheaters, abusive to their children, with ego’s as fragile as a soap bubble. I do agree all those you named individually need to be removed from office they are definitely deranged.


  13. So true. God is in control but the nuts in the democratic party don’t believe in God so they will never learn what evil they do now will judge them one day in the future.

  14. They can’t help it; they’re still adolescents in mind. They are just having a temper tantrums because they didn’t win. They’re nasty because they don’t know any other way. Pity them and pray for them.

  15. That’s not very fair to those women that actually serve admirably. I do agree that the women in the democrat party and a few in the Republican party are imbeciles.

  16. You talk about morons. Just look in a mirror jack wagon. But were not the party for murdering children, taking most of what you earn working, catering to criminals who break our laws, seeking absolute power over those that are stupid enough to vote democrat. Let me know when one of your family members are murdered by an illegal. But with a name like yours maybe your an illegal, oops I must be a racist. Finally shut your liberal trap.

  17. PM I totally agree with you. These women are crazy loons and should be deported from this country.You named quite a few but I am surethere are more that need to go and go NOW.

  18. Talk about looney toons, you right wing morons don’t know when the Trumpmonster has pulled the wool over your narrowminded brains. Just maybe you might want to stimulate a few more brain cells and wake-up.

  19. If aoc gets her way,your freedom of speach is over along with the constition does not matter muslim or not shes is crazy. I love my usa way of live. I will stand for usa every time.

  20. Beto is just as crazy as all these women. He is sick in the head. I do not care if he wrote that paper as a teenager, but to say he ran over children and heard them crunch how sick is that. The man is definitely a loony tune like Pelosi, Cortez, Omar, Harris, Waters, and all the other crazy women in office. They are all a few logs short in that so called brain of theirs.

  21. We need to clean house of ALL the women serving in any political office. Start with Pelosi and all her followers. Cortez, Omar and ALL Muslims, Harris, Waters,and the list goes on and on.. We definitely need to start with Pelosi as she is a few logs short and all the women following under her are turning out the same. I will NEVER vote for another women to put into ANY Political position. They get on this high horse and think they can rule over everyone and they are trying to take over our country and turn it upside down. If all these airheads continue to serve we will loose everything that we have worked so hard for. I sure hope everyone can see how CRAZY all these women really are and lets figure out a way to get them all out, and to NEVER put another one in any political office ever again.

  22. Someone said, “Team her up with Beto. That should be an interesting ticket. They are both Motor Mouths!” Hummm, my sources say and all agree they’ve already teamed up in bed of course, when AO Cortez gave Beto a down and dirty price of 10 bucks per trick, so he took her “UP ON IT”, pardon the pun. Both of them taken combined together have an IQ beneath a rock, apologies to Mr. Rock. My sources, better then CNN I promise you inform me Beto and AOC are both homosexual’s the fiddle around with an occasional child molestation every now and then, they both say they’ve found young meat very hard to distance themselves from. I can’t say if that is true or not, my sources claim that it is, but I stay uninvolved so if you want to know more about the Bobzi Twins you’ll have to investigate them for yourselves. I simply report the news as I’m told it, it remains up to you to decide for yourselves what to believe!

  23. Really, Kevin? How many of the “rank and file” have you asked? Seems that she is scaring the crap out of most of the “rank and file” because she is so extreme. She is scaring the voters; you know those that vote to elect that rank and file. Ray Charles can see that and he is blind, deaf and dead!! Most interesting statement on your part. Show me your research. I have my research in hand (well actually on computer).

  24. She is another of Marxist George Soros’ financially backed anti-Americans. Kick God out and man will run the world. Ha! God sits up in Heaven and laughs (Psalm 2).

  25. I and most of the rank & file back AOC. But more important look who’s commenting “Hotline Josh” and “Judicial Watch”. Both hard right propaganda rags.

  26. AOC Is bad news for Congress she is a actor for the group call the new Congress she just a puppet for them she really is ignorant with out them telling her what to say it’s a dam shame she won’t wake up because they just use her to push there ways of getting control of congress

  27. They are hateful and stupid,I agree 100%!Also,they are dangerous to the American
    way of life!They should not be allowed in this country!!

  28. Her, Omar, and that Palestinian idiot all need to go! Laws also should be changed, and refugees have no right in our government period! They all three, even though Cortez was born here, she’s really not American at heart, they must go!

  29. She is a loser so she could only do harm to whoever she would run with. I say let try BETO since she and he have close unpopular numbers.

  30. Yeah right!! Two IDIOTS together do not make one smart duo!! They make IDIOTS out of the whole Country!! But good for a soap opera TV show for Hollywood IDIOTS mass consumption.

  31. Un-education plus stupid = Brain Yellow. As same as communist. I wonder whoever voted for her need to go back to school.

  32. The communist demonrats have no clue of what they are talking about. Get about 20 big ships and cast them away on them to go wherever they want as long as it isn’t here.

  33. Remember dems are the party of distract and obstruct especially when it comes to their favorite celebrity Donald Trump so no logic ever applies.
    Maybe a few years in prison for her ethics crimes with some psychiatric help will rehabilitate AOC.
    Am hopeful her celebrity status earned enough to pay those back taxes before she goes away.

  34. That’s 31% of Democraps. Has nothing to do with conservatives. I think she has a zero percent favorable rating with conservatives.

  35. More bad neeeeeeews … but she’s still around. The Democrat Party still protect three freshmen idiot trio that keep feeding extreme propaganda to millions of uneducated young people that may never been taught their own constitutional history & rights. “Dumbing down” the education for the last forty years. Some schools don’t even grade their students in fear of offending them. Liberals!

    Let MAGA!

  36. She is UN-America! She should move to Cuba or North Korea where she could lives her life as she DREAMT of having, that is why she is pushing hard here for us the Americans! Thanks! We the Amerians, we do not want that! She is free to leave and go to wherever that place is which is alredy practcing the LIFE STYLE she is pushing for us the Americans! We REJECT that, we reject HER!

  37. Read the “Satanic Verses” of the quran (the so-called holy book of Sharia compliant Islam) to understand why Salmon Rushdi applied that label to them!

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