Alina Habba had one message for Trump haters that no one saw coming

Alina Habba is one of the lawyers representing Donald Trump against the Democrat Party’s lawfare.

Habba’s been a fixture in the media as winning in the court of public opinion is just as important as winning in the court of law.

Alina Habba had one message for Trump haters that no one saw coming.

Habba slams The View co-hosts over disgusting comments about Trump civil fraud judgment 

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum, Habba took the ladies of The View to task over their giddy reaction to Trump’s lawyers announcing no bank would loan him the money to post the $464 million bond in Letitia James’ civil fraud suit.

Not posting the bond by March 25 means James can start collecting on the judgment by seizing Trump properties and selling them off.

Habba blasted The View co-hosts for celebrating an obvious scheme by a partisan Democrat like James to carry out a political vendetta through the courts.

“They are poster children for Trump derangement syndrome and they should seek help,” Habba began.

Habba took the high road saying she hoped the show’s left-wing co-hosts found peace through church as she couldn’t ever carry that degree of hatred around.

Trump’s lawyer also told MacCallum these comments were especially sick because everyday people work in those Trump properties and The View co-hosts celebrating James seizing these properties also meant they were cheering people losing their jobs.

“I hope they go to church and pray on that or whoever they pray to because I don’t hold hatred like that toward anybody frankly,” Habba added. “And I think that people say disgusting things like that on national television, and not care about the people that work there, not a care about the jobs they create a really sad state of affairs.”

The View co-hosts celebrate attempt to destroy Trump financially

The three left-wing co-hosts on The View were beside themselves over the idea of James seizing properties like Trump Tower – and potentially Mar-a-Lago – to satisfy a judgment in a case where James never even bothered to claim there was a victim.

“I don’t know if I’m laughing or crying,” co-host Woopi Goldberg exclaimed.

“I can’t wait to see the chains on Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. I’m kind of excited about it,” co-host Sunny Hostin added.

“I guess he didn’t make enough money in the golden sneaker thing or the Trump University or the Trump steaks,” co-host Joy Behar declared.

From top to bottom this case was about punishing Donald Trump.

James campaigned for New York Attorney General on a promise to investigate Trump.

Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron leveled the $464 million judgment precisely because no financial institution would put up such a bond, which would then allow James to seize Trump’s assets.

And the Left is predictably beside themselves with joy at James carrying out their political revenge fantasies against Donald Trump.

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