Alina Habba let Sean Hannity in on a secret that will blow your mind

Alina Habba stood by Donald Trump’s side every step of the way while the Democrat Party waged lawfare against Trump.

But now the verdict is in.

And Alina Habba let Sean Hannity in on a secret that will blow your mind.

Alina Habba reacts to sham trial and its rigged guilty verdict 

Democrats made sure Donald Trump never stood a chance of receiving a fair trial.

A Soros-funded prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, filing charges for contrived crimes, a Joe Biden campaign donor judge pressing his thumb down on the scale for the prosecution, and a jury filled with residents of one of the most liberal cities in America ensured that Donald Trump faced the type of kangaroo court regime opponents in countries like Cuba or North Korea stand in front of.

Alina Habba reacted to the verdict with a mix of fury and sorrow.

Fury over the injustice done to Donald Trump by weaponizing the justice system against him.

But also sorrow for the fact that Democrats corrupted an institution that is essential to a functioning democracy.

“Let Americans vote for who they want,” Habba said in an interview with Sean Hannity.

“And you know what they don’t want? What is going on right now, I assure you,” Habba stated.

There is scant public polling data on a Trump conviction.

But a poll from NPR and PBS Newshour showed Democrats could be playing with fire.

That survey found 15 percent of independents would be more likely to vote for Trump in the event Bragg’s show trial ended in a conviction, compared with 11 percent who said a guilty verdict would make them less likely to vote for Trump.

Habba let Hannity in on the fact the reaction she encountered on the streets matched the sentiments found in the poll.

Habba revealed that she knows the people are with Trump “because when I walk in the streets of New York, by myself, I am praised and loved. And I will tell you, President Trump, what we saw today was people streaming up and down the streets waiting to see him to give him a thumbs up.”

Habba said America is “under siege” as Joe Biden and Alvin Bragg tried to leverage the courts to stop what polls show will take place in America – and that’s Donald Trump returning to the White House.

“We drove down and down and the numbers just don’t lie.” Habba continued. “Look at the polls. Sean, we are in a serious state of affairs. America is under siege in a different way than I ever thought was possible.”

As a lawyer, Habba also said it was particularly disheartening to see members of a profession she loved cast aside their professional ethics and obligations to turn America’s justice system into a vehicle for the Democrat Party’s political score-settling.

“And I never thought it would be people with a law license that would be doing it. Judges that would be doing. It is a disgrace,” Habba declared.

America is now facing a crisis like never before, where the tactics of third-world banana republics threaten to become normalized.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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