Alina Habba warned Donald Trump was the victim of this horrible crime

Donald Trump is under attack from all angles.

It’s getting out of hand.

And Alina Habba warned Donald Trump was the victim of this horrible crime.

Habba slams Stormy Daniels testimony 

Stormy Daniels wrapped up two days in the witness stand in the political show trial of Donald Trump brought by Soros-backed prosecutor Alvin Bragg.

The testimony backfired on prosecutors as an unhinged Daniels veered into salacious territory by graphically describing an alleged sexual encounter between her and Trump in 2006.

Jurors and even the Democrat judge in the case looked visibly uncomfortable as Daniels offered up irrelevant testimony designed to publicly humiliate Trump.

Habba discussed this insult to the law and democracy on Fox News with host Dana Perino.

Perino asked Habba about Judge Merchan’s absurd claim that wished something Daniels testified to being left unsaid, but allowing Daniels to take the witness stand anyway knowing you can’t unring that bell once the jury hears something.

Habba agreed.

“Yeah, this is the problem here. And the judge did try and put guardrails with the prosecution and say that these are the guardrails,” Habba began.

But Habba wanted to get back to the heart of the matter, which is about how absurd this case is.

Habba destroys Bragg’s case

Habba reminded viewers that Donald Trump is on trial for trying to steal the 2016 election in 2017 and 2018, labeling it as a “legal fee,” a payment to a lawyer who negotiated a legal document.

“Let’s just go back to basics here. This is about books and records keeping. This is about somebody in Trump Tower who registered a legal fee as a legal fee payment. Okay. That’s it. A payment to Michael Cohen, who was an attorney. To reimburse him– was a legal fee. That’s what this case is about. Where was President Trump? In the White House,” Habba stated.

Habba also added that Trump was the true victim of a “complete extortion situation.”

“And they’re trying to now make this a very salacious, you know–. It’s a– it’s a complete extortion situation!” Habba added.

Habba hinted that the only reason Daniels came forward in 2016 was because it was her maximum leverage point to extract money from Trump.

A nondisclosure agreement is a legal document, and a candidate paying an individual to enter into one isn’t a campaign finance violation.

But Bragg – thanks to an activist Democrat judge – spun up a fictional criminal conspiracy out of Donald Trump following his lawyer’s advice and then paying his lawyer for his legal services.

This case is election interference 

Habba also reminded Fox viewers that the purpose of this case was to keep Donald Trump off the campaign trail and hurt him politically.

That’s why the judge allowed Daniels to make this case about sex – when it’s really a dispute over bookkeeping –  because Democrats think the image of Trump as a predator who sleeps with porn stars will hurt Trump with female suburban voters.

“And they’re using their hand for the Biden administration to, number one, slow him down so that he can’t go on the campaign trail. Number two, get headlines that they think will damage him. And it’s just very clear. And the judge was trying to prevent that. But I can tell you, I just thought the prosecution completely disregarded the guardrails, didn’t care. And that’s why we moved for a mistrial yesterday,” Habba concluded.

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