Alina Habba went on the attack after this Democrat judge hit Trump with the worst ultimatum

Alina Habba was furious.

Joe Biden’s weaponized justice system is twisting the screws to Donald Trump.

And Alina Habba went on the attack after this Democrat judge hit Trump with the worst ultimatum.

Judge threatens Trump with jail

Democrat Judge Juan Merchan – who is also a Joe Biden campaign donor – threatened Donald Trump with jail after fining him $10,000 for ten different violations of the unconstitutional gag order Merchan imposed.

Merchan – a Democrat activist – put the gag order on Trump in accordance with Joe Biden’s campaign message that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy because his speech incites violence.

Sean Hannity asked Trump legal spokeswoman Alina Habba – who was in court when the Democrat judge threatened to jail the Republican nominee for President – if the dual standard of justice has spun out of control.

“It has. It has, Sean. There is no other way of saying it,” Habba stated.

Habba said Hannity was right in pointing out how the witnesses Bragg plans to call run P.R. campaigns in the media attacking Trump, but Trump can’t respond.

“We’ve seen it time and time again as you’re seeing with the comments you made,” Habba added.

“We’ve got witnesses that are allowed to go on MSNBC – or MSDNC as my client calls it – CNN, talk about my client, talk about this case, but for some reason he can’t talk about it. That doesn’t make any sense,” Habba continued.

Merchan’s conflict of interest 

Habba blasted Merchan for being a highly conflicted judge.

Merchan’s daughter helps run a political consulting firm that’s raised over $100 million for Democrats like Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris.

Habba noted that even Merchan admitted this case was highly political by the fact that he could very well end up jailing the future President.

“And then you layer it with a judge who has clear ambitions and political motivations. He’s threatening to throw a former President – and as he acknowledged most importantly in the courtroom while I was there – this is probably going to be the future President. And for someone who is left-wing to say that was shocking,” Habba stated.

Merchan – however – wouldn’t let that Rubicon-crossing moment stop him, as he warned Trump he would put him in jail for exercising his First Amendment rights.

“But he did. And he recognized it and then threatened to put him in jail for speaking,” Habba declared.

And to show how absurd this whole thing is, Habba explained that the gag order “violations” largely consisted of Trump reposting things other people said.

“He didn’t even speak, Sean. He posted things other people said, and that in and of itself he called contempt,” Habba explained.

The danger for America 

America exists as a successful experiment in democratic self-governance because the law and the police are separate from politics.

That’s no longer the case as Joe Biden and his Democrat prosecutors conscripted the legal system to serve as Donald Trump’s chief opponent in the 2024 election.

Habba described this as a “state of crisis.”

“We are looking at a serious dual system of justice. We are in a state of crisis when it comes to our judicial system,” Habba told Hannity.

Biden leaned on the justice system to keep Trump from campaigning because that was the only way Biden could win the election.

“This is election interference so that he cannot campaign because Biden can’t win if he doesn’t hold him in court,” Habba concluded.

Hannity agreed, lamenting the fact that Americans are now “living in a third-world country” where a “kangaroo court” threatened to upend the 2016 election and calling it “sad times for our country.”

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